Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Aries New Moon: Warrior Energy Month!

Video Version with Commentary is here

Happy April everyone! I am loving the energy that the New Moon in Aries brought in. It's like the solar flare on Sunday was a firecracker dropped into our energy field, exploding outward anything that needed a bit of a shake up/wake up/healing release - clearing our field in preparation for this new month ahead. 

People often get tired and ask 'when does all this clearing end?' "Who knows?" is the honest answer but...we shower daily even though we've showered every day up to today. Mowing the grass today doesn't mean we'll never have to mow again. Energy Maintenance is similar to all those physical things we do to keep our body, car, home, desk, lawn etc clean and clear. Rather than look at it as something that 'you should surely be done with by now', perhaps look at it from the perspective that it's like a spiral. We go round and round, but we are not going round in circles. 

On our spiral journey we are always increasing in awareness and understanding from the last time we 'mowed that particular patch of grass'. We become better energy gardeners, more efficient at this life thing, sometimes it's exhausting, other times exhilarating. It may seem like we're going over the same thing over again, but if you look closer you'll see you're dealing with things just that bit differently, moving through issues faster, feeling more solid and whole within yourself with each big shift. 

When enough people have moved up to a certain place in the spiral that's when we experience quantum leaps of change in our community and on the world stage, and we've been feeling that the latter is due for a long time now. I have faith in 'we the people'. Our leap has got nothing to do with what the 'elite' are doing or not doing. Yep, they have made things harder, but they do not own the keys to our evolution. Humanity is evolving, we are crashing through the old prison walls, breaking through ceilings, and daring to look behind the veil to see what greater reality is possible for us. The Aries warrior energy is really bringing this out of us this month!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014


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