Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Out with the old routine, In with the inner message

Something that is increasing lately is, we are being asked to constantly check in with how we are really feeling about something as opposed to going about our day to day routines on auto-pilot. March was a pivotal month for a lot of people where a lot of things slowed down, for the purpose of really taking a good look at where we may be out of balance. What are we doing too much of? Or not enough of? Sometimes it’s not about doing less or more of anything, it’s about how you do what you do: what are we doing in ‘rush-mode’ as opposed to ‘appreciate and smell the roses’ mode? 

We are moving from a head-based reality into a heart-centred way of living, and that requires throwing out the old manuals of how life used to work. If you are finding it hard to stick to a set routine lately, consider that it may be because your energy wants you to be in balance, whatever that means on any given day or week. Our old lives were ruled by the clock and our diary schedule, while this new energy supports a more organic approach. 

Yes commitment and routine can provide structure to our lives and create results, but where it is interfering with the natural flow of your energy, or excessively rigid, it can also create imbalances. Life is doing everything possible right now to help us move into a greater state of balance, and so it pays to listen to your body and your feelings so they can help you do this in as gentle a way as possible. When we don’t listen to inner message after inner message, that’s usually when we are forced to address these kinds of things. 

What are your feelings and ‘inner messages’ telling you lately? 

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014



  1. Hi Dana, I'm a truthseeker (and perhaps a potential "Starseed" too...) from Indonesia.

    although I'm still admittedly honestly pretty 'new' to all these things, what I really urgently and honestly want to ask is only this:

    as wonderful & hopeful as what you've said/wrote in your posts, what proof(s) do you have to prove to the 'ordinary-Joe/layman' people (and perhaps including REAL, GOOD, SINCERE open-minded skeptics) that what you've said all above is really REAL/true?.. and not just merely another made-up human's wishful-thinking/fantasy only?..

    thank you very much.

    -from Indonesia-

  2. Hi Niki,

    Thank you for your question. Which part of the post do you feel is, or could be, fantasy/wishful thinking? I'm happy to respond, but I'm just not sure which bit you are referring to.

    I'm not an advocate of asking people to believe anything. I think that ones truth, and beliefs, ultimately come from personal experiences, as well as from information that is present within our DNA. Epigenetics is proving this.

    I write from my experience, personal and professional, and am always encouraging people to connect with their own inner truth. I would always prefer that someone believe something because they themselves feel it as truth or have come to know it as truth, rather than have it be proven to them. You can read or hear hundreds of stories about how this or that is true for someone, but until you experience it for yourself, be it physically, emotionally, spiritually or in some other way, it is hard to really believe it on a cellular level.

    In the end, your own heart and instincts tell you if something resonates with you or not.

    Love Dana


  3. Hi Dana
    I really resonate with what you're saying here, great to read of others experiencing this too. Sometimes I can get to a Saturday and have loads planned but all I feel I can do is rest. Or I'll end up doing totally different things to that which I had planned because I had to go with what felt right. I only realised I had to do what felt right because otherwise I'd get a sense of anxiety. So now I just have to go with flow rather than against it, and trust that it's all happening as it should :-) (Not always easy admittedly! )

    Always love reading your posts, thanks for sharing them :-)


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