Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Cardinal Cross Pinball Machine

Eclipse season is always powerful under ordinary circumstances but this one, with tonight's Lunar Eclipse and the Solar Eclipse following in a couple of weeks, is extraordinary in that it is happening in skies that are currently playing host to a Cardinal Cross. 

The image I keep getting of this Cardinal Cross is of a diamond-shaped pinball machine with a hard-hitter planet in each corner: Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus and Mars. We are playing the part of the pinballs, just trying to find our way through this maze of life. The light is shining down on us from all angles, making us see and feel every nook and cranny of ourselves and others. Sometimes this light is too bright, too intense, too confronting, and so we try to run and hide from our self, from others, from our potential, from our fears. 

The Cardinal Cross is one of many cosmic events lately that is essentially saying: no more hiding, not on our watch! If we are shying away from our assertiveness or we're exploding with anger inappropriately, Mars will ping us straight to Pluto for a lecture about how we are using, or misusing, or repressing our power. If we are avoiding Jupiter who is trying to get us to step into a bigger version of ourselves, he will slingshot us all the way to Uranus who has an unexpected mack truck waiting for us to remind us of who we came here to be. 

Just as we think we can't take much more, (or are totally loving the thrill of the ride), here comes the Full Moon eclipse, like a giant helicopter shining a mega spotlight on us, complete with loudspeaker: Are you ready to surrender to who you are yet? Are you ready to have a healthy relationship with your inner Masculine and inner Feminine now? (This is a Huge theme for the year, highlighted by this eclipse being in Libra). Are you ready to be whole?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014



  1. Hey Dana, great post! I appreciate your positive approach to life.

  2. Hey Dana, greeting from The Flipster! Great article. I appreciate your positive approach.

  3. Hi David, lovely to hear from you! Hope you and your family are all well!