Thursday, April 03, 2014

High pressure conditions

This 'April is starting with a bang' energy continues with two significant earthquakes in Chile focusing many people's energy, and fears, on the 'Ring of Fire' region. Increased attention is also going onto Yellowstone National Park, home to a 'supervolcano' after footage was taken of bison running from the area for no visible reason. 

Earth is a living being, and needs to shift and release energy just as we do. Fear of an event can leave us feeling powerless and hopeless, while experience has shown us that the tools we need to survive any given event often don't show up until we are actually experiencing it. How many times have you heard or read about someone surviving against the odds, or rescuing someone, and saying: "Something came over me. I just did what I had to do." 

I'm not saying it is easy to go through intense Earth shift events, nor am I making any predictions here, but I do feel it's important to say let's not get into a fear frenzy as current natural events as well as the hyper-intense (and at times stress-full) astrological climate of April can cause people to go into emotional over-drive. 

Diamonds are created under high pressure conditions. Highly stressful situations can make us or break us. If fear is present in you, ask it if there is any practical action it would like you to take right now to make you feel more at ease. Eg many people feel better when they have a few days of water or food stored. Otherwise, trust that you are well equipped, more than you realise, to deal with whatever life brings our way. 

Let's take a moment to send love to our beautiful planet Earth. We are so lucky to live here. Also, remember that in times of crisis, more often than not, we see the best of people, and people really do take care of each other. The old myth of 'it's every man for himself' when it comes to survival just hasn't been true when we look at the largest natural events in recent years and people's responses. 

Love to all in Chile and those feeling vulnerable wherever you live.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

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