Friday, April 04, 2014

Freedom, Truth and Raging against the Machine

Passionate comments have come through on my last post about Earth shifts, from people who have had enough of the shenanigans occurring on this planet. I liked the comments, and thought I'd share my response here: 

Humanity has been stopped from fully experiencing freedom in all its millions of forms. And you are right - When you know and feel and sense what our reality could be (and eventually WILL be) and already is on other planets and planes of existence, the reality here is hellish! For me, it is like a light at the end of the tunnel when I see that more and more people every day have had enough. I know that millions of people today are convinced of things that years ago was considered conspiracy theory. I remember being told 20 years ago I should write science fiction when I told someone what my absolute inner knowing was around government deals with alien technology. Maybe I should have written that science fiction book and reached more ears ha! 

That particular post was about Earth's movements, but I am fully aware that not all her movements are natural thanks to fracking, mining, HAARP etc, and you can bet that certain elite are EXPERTS in all kinds of mass manipulation, weather control and mind control. And this does create Fear in a lot of people. For others, it creates reason and motivation to rage against the machine. Sometimes it does feel like too many people are still asleep, but then I look around and see how many are awake now. 

Elite or not, frustrations or not, I am driven by the desire for Freedom and Truth to be here on this planet, experienced by as many people as possible. Sometimes it feels like you're knocking your head on a brick wall, sometimes you wonder why you signed up for this gig, but then you look around and see that thousands, millions of people are all joining in the fight for a more harmonious, peaceful, free, just, humane world, and you realise...we are going to have that reality we came here to create. Too many of us have come in with the exact same visions of that reality that is our human right and divine right, for it not to be a possibility. I believe it's more than a possibility, I feel it is our destiny, and our responsibility, to create it.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing:) LOVE and LIGHT.