Saturday, January 10, 2015

False flags and such

Thank you to recent commenters bringing up the topic of what goes on behind the scenes of our society. You are really giving me some food for thought here - not regarding the topics of which I am aware, but regarding why I don't write about them often or in depth.

I used to write about the political side of things, what the elite were up to etc, all the time until about 10 years ago, and had a radio show called TruthSeeker. The more I got into writing about energy, the less I wrote about them as my focus seemed to always want to naturally gravitate toward focusing on what we wanted to create, vs fighting the old. I know it's a fine balance between this approach and sticking ones head in the sand, and hopefully I wasn't doing the latter, but I felt there were so many other researchers doing brilliant jobs of exposing everything week after week so I let that part of my 'cv' go.

Perhaps it is time to integrate these two parts of me in my public writings, as the elite goings on are very much a part of my day to day personal life awareness and research. I have always just been wary of labelling something as a false flag for example unless I know 100% for sure, but here I am now thinking well, why not at least talk about it as a topic to broaden people's awarenesss who may not be aware of that side of things at all? I know that I really didn't want to have to confront all the comments that come with bringing these topics up, yet ha here I am confronting comments for not bringing them up!

Time for some more self-inquiry on this.

Regardless of what I write about, your comments are always welcome as long as they are respectful. I am happy to say that comments on my blog and social media pages always are, and I appreciate that. Every perspective can't ever be covered in any one blog post, and differing comments give us all the opportunity to expand our thoughts and perspectives.  I particularly liked a comment last week when I wrote about the great energy of the new year, and someone had the courage to say they felt pretty crappy! That opened up the doorway for a whole new post and hundreds of commenters saying they felt like that too, making that original person, and all the people, feel less alone and feel less like something was wrong with just them.

Thank you all for your past and future contributions via your likes and comments and sharing of information.

Love Dana x

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015


  1. Thank you Dana for your part in bringing truth to light! I stand with you in Love & light.


  2. I really appreciate what you do, thank you so much. Love and Light from me.