Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Taking off our illusion glasses

A great comment came through asking why the big forward momentum energy of 2015 was all a go-go for the first part of January, and then suddenly seemed to stop, reverse or slow down. Mercury retrograde influences aside, whenever we take a leap toward expansion, anything within us that is not in alignment with that leap comes up for healing, transformation or release.

We all took a huge leap as 2015 commenced, which was wonderful, but that doesn't mean it's all smooth sailing with no more pebbles on the road. The main difference now however is, it is time to realise that many of our pebbles are illusions, created by our former beliefs that these pebbles have to exist. Stick with me here while I explain.

Of course we can't go to the bank and say "Hey I'm not paying off my loan, debt is an illusion!" (Well maybe en masse we all could but that's another topic!). We can however open our eyes in a new way to see that in the Source Field of Limitless Potential, which we are all a part of, which is vibrating strongly within us and around us now more than ever, yes lack and debt are an illusion - created by our beliefs and false stories about what is real and not real, possible and not possible.

Or it may be more true to say that our beliefs in the necessity of lack and debt, as just two examples, are an illusion.

It is time to take those illusion glasses off and see what is real, true, available and possible. This all might sound like a bit of unrealistic woo woo if you are struggling in some way (and we all have things we are dealing with). I can say this: I have experienced time and again how my thoughts and beliefs manifest what is and isn't in my life - almost instantly at times. I share a lot of examples in my course Create a Life you Love.

(Please share your stories in the comments below if you have had similar experiences.)

I am by no means pebble free and the illusion glasses are not off entirely, but for all of us the glasses are dissolving. Even for those who had their awakening decades ago, there are always yet more levels of awakening occurring, and it always feels like you are coming out of a fog, entering new territory. 

We are getting some very clear insight now around our personal pebbles, those obstacles, beliefs and patterns that keep coming up. We are moving beyond 'Oh this is why I have that belief" to "Oh wow, that belief is actually a false story I have told myself or been told. It is an untruth, an outright lie!'

We are confronting those aspects within us that have lied to us (and thus this is happening in our society and greater world now too). Where previously we spent time engaging with our issues and sabotaging aspects, asking them: "Where did you come from? Which past life or ancestral line did I inherit you from?", now we will be more inclined to just say: "I don't believe your story anymore. It is not my story. I don't believe you when you say that I can't follow my heart and be supported, or that if I have all I desire I won't be able to cope, or that if I speak my truth I won't be accepted."

The above is true for those issues that you have worked with over and over again. For some people who may not have worked so much with certain issues, it may still be beneficial to first work out why it is there. It is not enough to say 'I don't believe you anymore' if there is still a message to be received from that issue or aspect.

Likewise we are confronting and meeting those brilliant, powerful aspects within us that we have until now not been quite ready to embody and express in as full a way as we will be! As 2014 ended and 2015 rolled in, many of us felt or saw a clear glimpse of our next steps of power and potential. We felt the thrill of what it feels like to move clearly, swiftly and smoothly, and then...bump.

Some of us walked into our first 'and this is what isn't in alignment with that' wave of the year. So, because our new expansion is big, it came with a wave of subconscious residue connected to it. Yet, these waves are washing over us faster than they used to. We don't have the same attachment to our old issues, and we no longer believe their stories as we once did.

And we are motivated forward by our initial surges of clarity and energy that informed us: this is what is possible, this is what awaits you, keep going!

How are you going? Remember to share your stories about how your thoughts and beliefs have in an obvious way created some experience for you whether it was fabulous or challenging.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015  


  1. Kaye Bernshaw7:20 pm GMT+11

    In all the infinite wisdom, this blog arrived in my email today and this must have been written specifically for me - or at least that's how it seemed! I was absolutely struggling today as someones story about me tripped me up (just like a pebble in the road) and I'd been to see a friend and she'd helped to break the illusion (or allow me to talk out my grief at recognising the illusion!) and wa la - here is your piece written just for me! I have glimpsed my future self and I love her!! Thank you!