Monday, October 30, 2006

International Day of Action on Climate Change

4 Nov – International Day of Action on Climate Change

Taking action on climate change is no longer a choice; it is a necessity if we want to continue living on this planet beyond the next decade. Join others in a peaceful walk urging your government to take action now. This day of climate action coincides with UN talks and rallies all around the world.


Howard Government 'frozen in time'
October 30, 2006 10:42am
- Reuters, AFP, AAP

"THE Government has been urged again to act on climate change on the eve of the release of a ground-breaking report that says a failure to act will devastate the environment and damage the world economy...

Labor's environment spokesman Anthony Albanese said the report concluded that early action would be far cheaper than waiting until the full effects of climate change were felt.

Mr Albanese said Australia must immediately ratify the Kyoto Protocol, introduce a national emissions trading scheme, increase the renewable energy target and reassess transport systems and building sustainable cities.

"Climate change is the greatest challenge facing not just Australia but the global community, and we have a government that refuses to take action," he said.

"The Howard Government is frozen in time while the globe warms around it.

"It is just an absolute abrogation of responsibility that they have."

Read full article here:,23599,20668082-421,00.html

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Soulmate Reunions

I feel we have many many soulmates, all of whom we connect with on this life journey to help each other awaken and remember who we really are and why we are here. We teach and learn from each other, share our paths for a minute, month or lifetime, and move on forever changed. These soulmates come in the form of friends, lovers, partners, family members and workmates, always remaining connected even when the physical connection may end.

As we move into the energies of our next evolutionary cycle many are re-uniting now with their twin souls, or divine complements, with whom they are destined to create a conscious relationship; one that usually has a planetary purpose for connecting as well as a personal purpose. It is a sacred union for a higher purpose, and is taking us into a new paradigm of relationships.

I would like you all to know about a new book just released written by the wonderful Ariadne Green, shaman and good soul friend, that offers much enlightening information about these soulmate unions.

The book, "Divine Complement: The Spiritual Terrain of Soulmate Relationships" is available on Amazon. For more info please visit:

Quite timely, yesterday and today the Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus all moved into the same space in the sky in Scorpio. (It's very rare to have a quadruple conjunction like this.) Mars and Venus together represent the masculine and feminine, as do the Sun and the Moon. With them all joining together like this in the sign of Scorpio ruling transformational relationships, something big is happening in the Cosmos to create/support the space for our new paradigm of relating. How exciting!

Thank you to all my soulmates that I've connected with so far. You all play a part in my awakening/remembering journey, I feel very blessed to have that and to be aware of it. Much love always xox

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Climate Change

Cool the Globe Online Petition

Good on Australia's Sunrise program (Seven Network). They have launched an online petition to stop our government from phasing out solar electricity rebates. In these times of climate crisis, the use of solar energy should be encouraged not reduced. I believe that humanity united, with the help of the emerging conscious media, will help save the world from the nutters currently running it!

Sunrise's Cool the Globe Online Petition - Sign here:

An Inconvenient Truth

If you haven't already seen it, please take a couple of hours to watch Al Gore's film An Inconvenient Truth. Bottom line is, if we don't do something about our climate crisis now the prediction for the Earth is beyond gloomy. It is all over red rover for the big blue planet we have come to know and love. Done. Finished. The positive news is that we can do something to change the ending and hopefully live happily ever after, but we have to act now. Embrassingly Australia is only 1 of 2 industrialised nations not to be adhering to the Kyoto Protocol, created to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Apparently Bush and Howard fear the effect this would have on our economy, but A) there are plenty of environmentally healthy alternative ways to create wealth and B) What use is a healthy economy if there is no Earth left? At this point I don't think we can move to another planet - word out in the Universe is that we are REALLY bad tenants!!

What can you do?

Friday, October 06, 2006

Awakening Now

Awakening Now
A Film by Jerel Mani

I recently met Jerel Mani on his journey of letting people know about the upcoming film premiere for Awakening Now. This looks to be a dynamic and insight-filled documentary featuring some of our leading visionaries including What is Enlightenment Magazine’s Andrew Cohen, and Australia’s Isira Sananda. If you are in Sydney on October 19, I hope to see you there!

Awakening Now:

Explore The Possibility of Another Reality

Wellbeing Manifesto

Politics has had a bad rap over the years. Anyone involved in this game is immediately distrusted and seen as a bad guy. Is it the game or the way it is generally played that is askew?

Is a new political system possible, one that is genuinely working for the people, in harmony with the needs of society, country and our environment? I believe it is, and so do the people at The Australia Institute who have come up with the Wellbeing Manifesto.

Here's an excerpt from their site: Many Australians feel that the political system has let them down, and that governments are not responding to their real concerns. We seem to have lost sight of a vision for a better society and to have entrusted our future to wherever the market takes us.

This website presents a new manifesto, one that takes as its starting point the belief that governments in Australia should be devoted to improving our individual and social wellbeing.

If you are interested in reading more or signing your name to this worthy ideal, visit them here: