Sunday, June 22, 2014

Slam dunk solstice

The lead up to the Solstice was hectic. On Thurs afternoon the energy went haywire and I felt for sure we'd just had a huge solar flare. Nope. Then I found myself in bed for 36 hours with the flu, emerging on Solstice morning to find out that what I thought was a flare was actually a 'corkscrew eruption' sending 'spiralling filaments' out from a sunspot. 

Some people might read that and think huh? Most of you though, those knowing that we are now ultra sensitive to solar energy, will read it and think ah, yes that's exactly what it felt like! 

I keep seeing the period Dec 21 2012 - Jun 21 2014. They are showing it to me like two bookends, labelling this time period "Phase I". I will write more on that in the coming days once I feel healthy again, but for now if you feel you've been slam dunked in the last few days (or last 18 months) know you are not alone! 

I am being shown that scene from the matrix where Neo is seemingly killed and Trinity is talking to him reminding him who he is. She says: "now get up!" That's when he realises he no longer has to dodge the bullets, the bullets aren't even real. He gets up. 

So, from the great Trinity, whoever and whatever that is to you: remember you are one of the ones.

(C) Dana Mrkich 2014

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Delays and Divine Timing

Christian and I have been trying to conceive our second little one for nearly 18 months now. We got everything physical checked out, all good, and from there let it go to divine timing - until the timing we 'expected' didn't happen as we expected it to. 

I'm sure many of you can relate to the myriad of emotions that you go through when you want something that isn't happening, if not in this particular area then perhaps with love or work or a home situation. Trust turns to frustration, anticipation strolls into despair, you talk yourself back up to trust again and basically repeat that cycle a lot! 

Living in that cycle is not fun, so I did what I encourage everyone to do: I asked my energy, and our little soul yet-to-come, to show me what I needed to know. During this time, I've realised things I needed to see more clearly on multiple levels, cleared things I thought were long cleared and released things I didn't even know were there! 

The other day I found myself feeling such gratitude that the conception didn't happen when we thought it would, because the not-conceiving triggered the opportunity for so much physical, emotional and energetic healing and clearing. It feels like we have been on a full circle journey. We are back now at the beginning of letting it go to divine timing if it is meant to be, but we are much transformed by the journey of this past year and a half. 

So if you are waiting for something, or someone, ask: what do I need to know? Ask that question in your journal, get a healing session with a practitioner you trust, pay attention if a few people mention the same thing to you, (I kept seeing the name of a specific vitamin everywhere and it was one of the things my body needed). 

Our energy has a wisdom beyond our conscious awareness. Our energy knows so much about where we are going, what we are ready for, and what more we need to know or experience before we are ready where we are not yet. A wise man on the street in India (true story!) once said to me: "If we got everything we wanted when we thought we needed it, life would have no magic, no mystery, no meaning, no purpose."

Take some time tonight to give thanks for what is. It is all a precious part of your experience, taking you to wherever you are going.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday the 13th Full Moon

A Full Moon on Friday the 13th, how magical! 

It feels very representative of the triple goddess, with all three of these things symbolic of the Feminine Nature honouring the realm of feelings, fertility, creation and our natural cycles. 

After a very intense week of Sun solar flare activity and energy, it is now very appropriate to immerse in the nurturing and nourishing energy of this Friday the 13th Full Moon. 

Take time today or over the weekend to do something for yourself, to indulge in some self-care, take some rest, have some 'me' time, or do something that feels good to you.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

X class flares provide relief

There was such a frazzled energy in the air yesterday, it felt like there must have been an x class flare for sure. Had a look on Turns out they were on their way with two x-class flares this morning! 

The two X class solar flares today are graded X2.2 and X1.5 for those that love a good scientific and mathematical explanation for what they are feeling energetically. X class are the most powerful flares, and an X2 is double the power of an X1. 

Today feels all the better for it as we experience a huge release of energetic and emotional pressure that we've felt building for days without knowing why. These flares made a lot of people feel like all their buttons were being pushed over the last few days, and you should start feeling a lot calmer very soon if you aren't already!! Although that said, more X class flares are expected in the coming days so enjoy the calm while it's here!

Can you feel the relief?


Crackle, crackle, the sun released another X1 solar flare a few hours ago. Add that to the X1 and X2 flares and you have a huge amount of energy moving in these past 24 hours. While the build up was emotionally turbulent, these flares feel to have allowed the release of a lot of inner pressure. You might feel more alive and full of energy than you have in ages, or you may feel as if you've just had a huge healing and need to rest and nurture yourself however possible. 

Do you feel as if you've come out the other side of something?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Finding peace in the wobbliness

Video Version with Commentary

For the last few years we were feeling the affects of regular solar flares. Energetically, it felt like the flares acted as 'couriers' of energy, sending bursts of high-vibrational energy onto the Earth, activating and clearing us as we shifted into new levels of our selves. 

These days, it feels like the waves are horizontal more than vertical. That is, rather than coming down from up or out there, it feels like they are all around us. Sometimes you can even feel them like a literal energy wave, which can make you feel dizzy or as if the ground is moving beneath your feet. Have any of you felt that? 

If we were to put on our Energy Seeing Glasses, the whole Earth is now pulsating and it kind of looks like jelly, as these waves cover every part of it, shifting, clearing and activating everything. All beings. All aspects of society. Yep, there is a lot of yuckiness we can see, but nothing that hasn't been there, hidden under carpets for a long time. Better out than under, so we can sweep it away. 

One minute you might feel like being part of the broom-sweeping brigade, while the next you feel better focusing on creating the new. Other days it's all you can do to just stay in your centre without losing your balance, and wanting to jump overboard this swaying ship. It feels wobbly because everything is in a state of intense flux. Everything is fluid, whereas we have come from a paradigm where everything was so, so dense. 

We look at the situations around the world and we despair that it will be like this for a long time, but we are judging situations by how long they have taken to unfold and shift in the past. Nothing is the same now as it used to be. In your own life you can see that you now move through issues in hours or days that used to take months or years. So too, even the hottest political situations are changing faster than the news can keep up. 

It is important to have an anchor and usually I'd say that anchor is the centre within you, but for many of us it feels like that centre is constantly moving and changing. Who am I today? Who will I be tomorrow? It's anyone's guess, is how it feels! 

So if you can, maintain your centre as your anchor - whether that for you is your Soul, your Heart, God, Goddess, or some other name - yet know that from one day to the next your perception, your awareness and your experience of what your centre/soul/heart/god/goddess IS, will change. We are in a state of rapid expansion, and this can trigger a daily identity crisis, unless we start with the premise: our sense of identity WILL change multiple times as we expand. That is a given. Sometimes multiple times in a month or week lately! 

Change has to be our new best friend, if we are to find peace in our wobbliness. How are you feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Time for a new kind of political power

Sending good vibes to Marianne Williamson running for Congress today in California! 

It is time for true representatives of the people to step into all sorts of leadership roles - political included! Ultimately we can govern ourselves as individuals but just as internally we all walk a bridge as we shift from handing over our power to external authority, to owning our power and inner autonomy, so too our society needs a bridge. We need focused, positive-action oriented voices as we collectively shift into a completely new way of doing things.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014