Sunday, March 30, 2014

April starts off with a bang

Video Version with Commentary is here

There was an X1 Solar Flare today that felt like a very short, sharp burst of energy triggering a big inner shift, seemingly out of nowhere. You may have felt an intense burst of emotion, gained clear insight into something, or had someone project their issues onto you which pressed an old wound allowing you the opportunity to experience healing around it.
For those who are sensitive to flares as soon as they happen (even though they don't hit our Earth's field until days later), you may have felt ultra-sensitive to this one as it caused something called a 'magnetic crochet' which according to Space Weather causes a ripple in Earth's magnetic field immediately. So for those energetically sensitive, it's like a double whammy feeling both the flare and the magnetic field hit at the same time. Of course, we don't often realise it's a flare, but then suddenly it occurs to us to check a site like Space Weather, and sure enough, there it is.
According to SW "Unlike geomagnetic disturbances that arrive with CMEs days after a flare, a magnetic crochet occurs while the flare is in progress. They tend to occur during fast impulsive flares like this one."
We are still a couple of days away from the start of April, but the words coming to me are "April is starting off with a bang" and for many of you the April energies may have been coming for a week or so now (What is time anymore anyway?) It feels like a big game of chess is occurring on the global level, and even if we don't know what's exactly happening our energy KNOWS, and our energy is experiencing it as holding our breath in anticipation, wondering what the next move will be.
Aside from the power play chess game going on, there is also our soul plan chess game going on, where we are being picked up and out from one old situation/belief/issue after another, and are being dropped into new situations/directions or into good old fashioned voids where we don't really know where we are!
If you think of it all as a lot of electricity buzzing around re-wiring things (soul plan chess game), and attempting to electrocute things (power play chess game), you'll see how grounding yourself is one of the best things you can do right now to stay centred, calm and sane. Do what works best for you: walking, dancing, gardening, cooking, playing with your kids or nieces/nephews, swimming, resting more or taking deep breaths.

How are you feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Friday, March 28, 2014

Power Up, Projections Off!

Major theme of the day that has come up in today's Soul Sessions and other conversations: 

Just because others project their insecurities and beliefs onto you and thus label you as being less than, powerless, weak, wrong, crazy etc because of some part of your identity they don't like or understand, doesn’t mean you have to accept those projections as part of your identity. 

Throw those projections off like the heavy blanket they are, and own your identity, feel your power, re-claim it, be proud of who you are and don't apologise for being you!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014


Conscious Uncoupling

Gwyneth Paltrow has received a lot of ridicule and triggered anger within people about her 'conscious uncoupling' statement. I think that it's fantastic that this concept is being talked about today in the mainstream. I'm seeing more of it happening among friends and family, and that's a good thing that is teaching us all about new possibilities in the world of relationship endings, especially where children are involved. 

Being 'conscious' about an ending doesn't mean it doesn't hurt, and that there isn't sadness there. Among other things it means addressing your own inner child issues and wounds instead of projecting blame on the other, dealing with things as a healthy, whole, adult and taking responsibility for how you choose to live your life. Sometimes one partner does want to separate consciously, and another doesn't, so of course it isn't always possible to have combined harmony. But good on the couples, and parents, who can do it. 

The fact is, parents need to continue to co-parent their children after divorce and all power to them if they can do that in a conscious, healthy way. I think this would take tremendous inner strength, and we should surely be encouraging this not attacking it! Bitterness toward each other is felt by the children, and affects so much of who the children are and become, including affecting their blueprint for relationships. 

My parents divorced when I was 7 in the days when the judge told my dad it was best to emotionally separate from us, and even though we continued to see each other it affected him and us - which we've done a lot of work on since! (I'll never forget the day Dad watched an episode of Oprah on this topic, called me up, and said "Oh, I get it!!") Thank goodness we are evolving from those days!! 

Divorce isn't easy on anyone, but I have to give my parents credit for never talking badly about each other to us and doing it the best way they knew how. Okay, we didn't all continue to go away on happy family trips such as the one Gwyneth and fam are apparently on right now, but if they are all able to do that and they feel peaceful about it, good for them. 

As a kid I knew divorce was tough, but I have a deeper understanding of how difficult it must be in every way, since becoming a parent myself and watching close friends navigate it every day. Sending love, respect and admiration to all you parents out there who are co-parenting after divorce the best way you can!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Video Blogs

Hello to those of you who prefer video over written blogs,

I just wanted to let you know that these are still happening! I have had a month where for one reason or another I haven't had a chance to record any. I hope to sit down very soon and provide video versions of some recent posts.

Thanks for your patience,

Love Dana

People DO want to know the Truth: in honour of Flt MH370

 When the Malaysian Airlines flight disappeared I tuned in to see if anything came through about where it might be. The sentence I received was: "It is easy to distract those who don't want to know the truth." On the surface that told me that someone knew exactly what happened to that plane, and where it was.  In trying to connect to the energy of the plane and those on-board, it felt like when someone goes missing on purpose - they don't want to be found and so you just can't penetrate their energy privacy shield. It is like the energy is cloaked in a sense. I am not saying that the occupants didn't want to be found (I'm certain they did), but it strongly felt like someone didn't want this plane found because of what would then have to be revealed if it was.  

There are more than enough theories online about what happened to it including: it entered another dimension accidentally or as part of an experiment that went wrong/that went as planned; it got beamed somewhere by a starship; it got shot down accidentally by military; it got hit by previously unheard of electro-magnetic waves causing system failure, the pilots set the course to another airport, ended up passing out from smoke and the plane flew itself into the Indian Ocean, to name a few theories. Any one of those theories emerging as truth would require some serious explaining to everyone waiting for answers.  I don't want to go into the theories here mainly because I don't feel certain about what happened. What I do want to talk about is that first sentence I heard: "It is easy to distract those who don't want to know the truth." and how it applies to the energy of now.
This sentence brought up some irritated anger within me at the still-existing notion that the masses are better off kept in the dark when it comes to certain knowledge for their own good and protection, when the truth is that those who repress truth do it to benefit themselves. This emotion was almost immediately followed by the realisation that those serial truth-hiders have seriously under-estimated the majority of humanity! We are no longer little workabees, bound to slave away while the royalty and high priests of Ancient Egypt lord it over us, keeping all the good magical manuals to themselves.
The feeling right now is that humanity are hitting their heads on the ceiling of the restricted paradigm we have been told is reality. When we hear the media say ‘this is the truth’, most awake people roll their eyes and head to an online forum for more info. We are like Alice in Wonderland who, after eating the magical Eat Me cake, outgrew the house she was standing in. We are no longer content to blindly accept systems, or stories, that don’t resonate as truth. In our attempt to find truth we are doing whatever we can: some are thrashing around, kicking wildly at the old, tight walls around them. Others are stepping up and out to the wider, green pastures around them.  Either way, this is how new paradigms are created.
In the process, fear comes up. We fear that we won’t make it to the new paradigm, or we hold fear that the majority won’t. Those are the moments we need to transmute our fear into passion (or even use anger or frustration as our fuel, when then can become passion). Use this to hold on to your vision of what you deserve, what your family and community deserves, and what our humanity deserves. Use it to speak up, take action, continue praying and visualising, or do whatever it is you do as the unique piece of the puzzle you are on this planet.
Truth-hiders and those who are used to dictating what reality is and isn’t, don’t like truth-seekers or truth-sayers.  One of the big stories in Sydney this week is regarding the Royal Commission into the Catholic Church and Child Sex Abuse, and the fact that the Catholic Church viewed those who said they were abused as troublemakers. Another big story is MediaWatch’s criticism of Australia’s The Daily Telegraph, for not covering the tens of thousands of Australians who protested against our current government a couple of weeks ago in every major city and town.
It is a very old belief to think that people don’t want to know the truth, and that truth is best swept under the carpet or hidden among a select few. I’m not holding my breath for official disclosures when it comes to the many events and activities happening both in front of our eyes and behind the curtains, but thanks to people communicating openly online, and courageous whistleblowers, we don’t have to hold our breath. Truth is coming out and everything will be revealed regardless of how much people try to keep it covered.
You may have found this happening in your own private life, uncovering things you didn’t know about before, or even finding out about things you weren’t ‘meant’ to know about.
My thoughts and prayers go out to the family, friends and all those on board Flt MH370.  This blogpost on deserving to know the truth, and have ones truth known, is dedicated to them.

© Dana Mrkich 2014


Friday, March 21, 2014

Equinox: Time for Balance

I love March Equinox! It's the start of a new astrological year and always has a 'new chapter in the air' feel about it whether you are experiencing Autumn or Spring. 

The past month has had a very 'on pause' feel about it as we've experienced Mercury still in the retrograde shadow not to mention Mars and Saturn switched to 'internal' mode as they too are retrograde. Yet this 'on-pause' time is good for us. It is a reminder to stop, re-flect, re-charge and have a re-think about how you are using your energy, what is working for you in your life, and what is draining you. Too often we get stuck in auto-pilot and don't break from our routine until a crisis of some kind gives us a wake up call, but we don't have to wait for (or invite!) a crisis to take a deeper look at the way in which we are living our life. 

Equinox happens twice a year, March 21 and Sep 23, when the day and night are of equal duration. We naturally feel to bring more balance to our lives around this time, which is why we often find ourselves clearing our physical, mental and emotional space during this period. 

How are you all feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Doing Less...yet Experiencing More

Instead of skimming the surface with a hundred things on our to do list, and not really stopping to smell the roses along the way, it seems that more of us are feeling an urge to go a bit slower,and enjoy the scenery a lot more. 

We may be feeling to do fewer things in our week, yet at the same time feeling to immerse more fully in those select things which are important to us, to invest more depth, passion, heart and soul in that which does call and inspire us. 

 Instead of running like mice on a wheel, we are asking ourselves: Do I really feel passionate about this? Do I feel nurtured and nourished by it? 

Ironically, the more aware we become of our eternal nature, the more we realise that our time on Earth is precious and we are not here forever. From that perspective, what are you feeling to do less of? And what are you feeling to do more of?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Friday, March 07, 2014

Stop, Revive and Thrive (or at least Survive!)

As the whirlwind of transformation continues around and within us all, it's a timely reminder to take time to stop, revive and thrive...or if you can't do thrive right now, then at least survive! 

As the high frequency energy increases, our sensitivity increases. We feel our own feelings and those of other people's more acutely, we feel solar activity, we feel events that are occurring on the other side of the planet. Some days it feels like your hand is stuck in an electrical socket, while other days you just want to hide under a blanket and say wake me when it's over.  It is important to connect with our own personal 'eye of the storm' within...that quiet, clear, still place where we can just detach from the chaos, stress and hectic-ness around us. 

Everyone has their own different way of doing this. For me, I'm not one who has ever been able to stick to a meditation routine for long, but I've been receiving the message to make time for a little meditation time every day, even just for a few minutes a day where I do nothing more than focus on my breath. For you, it may be something else you are receiving the message to do more of...or less of. One thing I know: when your body and soul start talking to you loudly it is past the deadline to start paying attention! 

So, if your body and soul are saying to you, as mine are at the moment: stop, slow down, breathe....I encourage you to do that in whatever way is possible. This week, Jax and I skipped his swimming class, and I didn't do my workouts as usual, and I feel so much better for just allowing us that time out of the usual go go go schedule!

Stop. Revive. Thrive. 

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Thursday, March 06, 2014

"How" to move forward when in a void?

Q from Kathy: 'How' do we move forward when we have felt in limbo or in a void? 

My reply: I've found that the 'how' comes from listening to those very persistent little taps and nudges that we keep shrugging off. We often ignore them because we think 'I don't have enough time for that' or 'how on earth is that going to help me with my situation or question?' when the little tap seems to have nothing to do with our specific concern. 

In my experience, if something is persistent then it is like a Hansel and Gretel cookie crumb, saying "this way this way." We often aren't shown the whole big picture of how to get somewhere but usually, if we ask, we receive some sort of nudge as to a step forward...the tricky thing is it may not seem directly related and that's where we stop ourselves from acting. 

For example, if you keep getting a nudge to clear a certain room, it may not look like it has anything to do with your question around: "what is my purpose?"...but that clearing, will lead to new space and new energy and usually leads to some sort of mental or emotional aha moment. Or you'll hear about something constantly, a certain vitamin or a book or a word. 

Your body/soul/life/the universe is constantly speaking to you. Learning to pay attention, to listen, to trust and to take action on our inner nudges is a tool we all have. Although, sometimes it has to bang us on the head for us to notice it! 

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014