Friday, March 07, 2014

Stop, Revive and Thrive (or at least Survive!)

As the whirlwind of transformation continues around and within us all, it's a timely reminder to take time to stop, revive and thrive...or if you can't do thrive right now, then at least survive! 

As the high frequency energy increases, our sensitivity increases. We feel our own feelings and those of other people's more acutely, we feel solar activity, we feel events that are occurring on the other side of the planet. Some days it feels like your hand is stuck in an electrical socket, while other days you just want to hide under a blanket and say wake me when it's over.  It is important to connect with our own personal 'eye of the storm' within...that quiet, clear, still place where we can just detach from the chaos, stress and hectic-ness around us. 

Everyone has their own different way of doing this. For me, I'm not one who has ever been able to stick to a meditation routine for long, but I've been receiving the message to make time for a little meditation time every day, even just for a few minutes a day where I do nothing more than focus on my breath. For you, it may be something else you are receiving the message to do more of...or less of. One thing I know: when your body and soul start talking to you loudly it is past the deadline to start paying attention! 

So, if your body and soul are saying to you, as mine are at the moment: stop, slow down, breathe....I encourage you to do that in whatever way is possible. This week, Jax and I skipped his swimming class, and I didn't do my workouts as usual, and I feel so much better for just allowing us that time out of the usual go go go schedule!

Stop. Revive. Thrive. 

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

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