Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Solar Winds and Finding your Anchor

As if the energies of the Lunar Eclipse weren't enough, we've been feeling the affects of an 'electron storm over the past few days! A couple of days ago Space Weather wrote:, "In the past 24 hours the flux of high-energy electrons swarming around Earth has increased more than tenfold. The source of this "electron storm" is a 600 km/s stream of solar wind buffeting Earth's magnetic field." 

Many of us have felt this as racing hearts, adrenalin pumping, feeling like your body is plugged into an electric socket, feeling wired, highly strung, experiencing nervous energy, feeling more tension and less tolerance/patience. Add to this a large coronal hole that is set to send more solar winds our way over the next few days through the weekend. 

It is always so interesting to me to pick up on certain energies, and then discover what is going on with the solar activity. It always corelates with what we're feeling. Just like a ship on the ocean, you can't stop the waves from coming but knowing what's going on at least makes it feel less like you're drowning/hyperventilating for no reason and more like you're just doing your best to stay on an even keel or at least afloat. 

When you feel panicky, anxious or off balance, close your eyes, imagine your centre inside you as a golden ball of light and breathe it into you. This is your anchor.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013

Friday, May 24, 2013

Frozen Aspects and Emotions now Thawing!

Whatever aspects and emotions of ourselves that we put 'on ice' because we didn't know at the time how to adequately deal with them are now on thaw mode, melting, melting. And when I say now, I'm meaning specifically now, today, tonight, this week, and tomorrow with the energy of this very powerful (is there any other kind?) Lunar Eclipse!
We can either open the door to them gracefully and let the water (tears, energy, old desires, emotions, repressed aspects) flow, or we can keep the door shut and then they'll flood the room, break the door and wall down and come at us like a tsunami!
Right at this minute we don't need to know the specifics of what is behind each door. It is enough to say:
"I am willing for the door to open to all of the aspects and emotions within me that are now ready to come out, to be seen, to be heard, to be expressed, to be loved, to be healed. I ask that this happen in a gentle and easeful way. Thank you."
(c) Dana Mrkich 2013
Dana Mrkich is an Energy Intuitive, Author of A New Chapter, Creator of E-course Create a Life you Love and an inspirational teacher, writer and speaker. For more info, please visit her website, join her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius: Freedom and Power

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius: Freedom and Power

As our global awakening intensifies, and as our awareness of all kinds of truths increases, it is only natural that any energy that feels threatened by that or has fear around that, also increases. We always see this on a personal level whenever we are ready to jump into a new level in any aspect of our lives. Our inner doubts, fears and any remaining remnants of old patterns flare up in response to our decisions to commit to new actions and pathways.  

Energy works the same way whether it’s an inner personal experience, or an outer collective one. So, we are seeing this type of response now on a global level with the sense that the net of control around humanity and human behaviour is feeling more and more like a choking stranglehold. The increase in this type of energy is always a good sign, not a negative one (even though it can feel very unpleasant). It is indicative of the degree to which something is expanding in its nature, the degree to which something has outgrown its old form. The ‘stranglehold’ we are seeing and feeling, is an attempt by those collective aspects of us to retain an illusion of control, to retain a sense that all is ‘business as usual’.  This is making people feel more than ever like they have no choice in anything, and no power. Now, more than ever, it is important to look deeper and realise that this ‘stranglehold’ is not a sign we have no choice and no power – it is a fear response to the growing realisation that we DO have choice and we DO have power.

This is not about an ‘us against them’ tug of war. We are all part of the one energy. The collective manifestation of humanity is exactly the same as the inner manifestation of our personal aspects, only amplified. So when we see this stranglehold occurring it is helpful to realise, oh okay, I see what’s happening. That is exactly what my old wounds were trying to do that time I tried to get up the courage to leave my job or change a relationship pattern. 

Very often when old issues flare up people get very disheartened that all their inner work has not been working, when in fact it is a clear sign your inner work HAS been working. The intense flaring up of fear is a clear sign that something has shifted on an energy level and is about to quantum leap on a physical level. It is important of course to address the fear response, but at the same time don’t jump in and let it suffocate you into thinking that is the dominant or expanding reality. It is the old reality leaving.

Now is a time to keep holding your focus on the reality you have committed to, and act accordingly in whatever ways you are choosing to do so. This week we have come across some information about an ingredient in certain foods, so we are immediately changing the brand we choose to buy.  We all have choice. We can all say no to things, we can say yes to other things. Despite appearances to the contrary, we all have freedom of choice in what we do, say, think, eat, consume, in how we live.

The Lunar Eclipse this Friday night/Saturday depending on your time zone is in Sagittarius. Lunar Eclipses are about letting go (to let in something new) and Sagittarius is the freedom loving adventurer and truth-seeker. So this is a perfect time to let go of any fears or illusions you have that you are not in control of your life and reality, and that the powers that be are tightening the reins more and more every day.  You have choice. You have power.  You have freedom. Take it, own it, and use it well.

If you are free within yourself no amount of bars and guards can make you feel imprisoned. Likewise if you feel imprisoned within your own mental constraints and self-imposed restrictions, you will not feel free anywhere, not in your home, or workplace or relationship, not in the largest field or widest ocean.

-          Dana Mrkich, A New Chapter


(c) Dana Mrkich 2013

Dana Mrkich is an Energy Intuitive, Author of A New Chapter, Creator of E-course Create a Life you Love and an inspirational teacher, writer and speaker. For more info, please visit her website, join her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.






Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Funny Backdrop to the May Monthly Visions

Hi Everyone,

In all the years  of writing these Monthly Visions, this month’s has definitely been the most challenging. Usually there is a very clear overall theme being experienced by the collective, with us all as individuals expressing variants on these themes in our own personal ways. This month it has been almost impossible to pin down a clear collective theme, at least in the usual way it comes through.

The hilarious thing is that I've emerged with a HUGE Monthly Visions, so much so that I had to split it into two parts. Which is in itself funny because I talk a lot about the seeming polarisation we're witnessing lately. The good news is, each part ended up being 2644 words exactly - what are the odds? So I take that as a sign that no matter how chaotic things seem out there it's all going to come to a place of balance and harmony!

May 2013 Monthly Visions Part 1:  Intensification and Polarisation

May Monthly Visions Part 2: The Disconnection prior to the New Connection

This month there is no video version because I've just upgraded to a new laptop, but my old video camera isn't compatible with it so I have to re-think how I do my video's. Which again is funny because I also talk about the transition we're all experiencing from our old 'audio and video' connections to our new.

Life is becoming more and more like a living experience of being in the movie 'The Matrix' or 'The Truman Show'. I've always felt that, but now it's gone up a couple hundred notches!

For anyone needing a Soul Session at this time, I am now taking bookings for June.

Much love to you all,


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May Monthly Visions Part 2: The Disconnection prior to the New Connection

May Monthly Visions Part 2: The Disconnection prior to the New Connection

Video Version is here

I’ve never before felt the energetic phase we are in right now. We could really say that every month these days, but this is different. Where before it felt like we were turning pages, moving at ever increasing rates from chapter to chapter, we’re now in the phase where it feels like we’ve jumped into a new book.  I have written about aspects of this, talked about things we may expect, but it’s another thing entirely to be here experiencing it.
As is always the case, the living experience of something is very different to the knowing of it. We can have visions or inner messages or read about something to come, and think that’s a way of being prepared – and to a degree it is. Yet there is that ‘unknown’ factor – how the living of it will make us feel. We can’t know that until we’re going through it.
The best way to describe this new phase actually came through in a Soul Session last week and with my client’s permission I’m going to share some of it here.  The question she asked is one I know a lot of you can relate to right now: “I feel like I have arrived - somewhere! Now what? Feel freed and lost all at once.”
The following came through and as I wrote it they were saying that really this is what everyone is in the process of going through at this time. The information totally aligned with something I had written years earlier in my book about our new cycle reality, so it is very exciting to see that people are actually experiencing it now:
“They are showing me this vision of you on the planet, as if the Whole of you has just landed. Of course your physical body has been here the whole time (since you were born), but various energetic and emotional aspects have been downloading gradually. They’re saying it was done in a way so that you wouldn’t ‘short-circuit’, so that you wouldn’t go into overwhelm, but at the same time it was done at a pace that kept you moving forward even if that sometimes meant being outside of your conscious comfort zone.”
            This aligns with the information that always came through about the Shift – that we are actually in a process of ‘descension’ as much as ‘ascension’. The planet is shifting into a higher vibration and we are shifting up with her, but at the same time this higher vibration is allowing more of our higher consciousness to download into our physical body. We are not going to float up anywhere with our bodies, we are becoming living embodiments of our highest truth and potential right here in our physical body on Earth.  In finally being able to receive more higher consciousness, which was not able to happen in the old density phase of our time here, we are able to ground the Light and manifest it into physical form. This will be evident in everything from greater health and longevity, to more conscious relationships, more conscious ways of living, more sustainable food production, more sustainable everything production, more natural, eco-friendly building practices, the utilisation of free energy, more conscious education, an overhaul of our political and financial systems, every aspect of life and society will transform for the better.
As with everything, positive transformation is most often preceded by collapse and chaos. It is a natural part of the process. This collapse and chaos does not have to mean destruction in a traumatic way. The most common trigger in these times will be the massive increase in awareness, the revelation of things previously kept hidden or secret, the ability for more people to see and know more truth.
The session continued: “That whole time (as everything was downloading into you) you were connected to a Source. They say this matter of factly, as if they are saying ‘the whole time your vaccum cleaner is on, it is connected to a source’.  The vacuum cleaner is of course connected to a socket in the wall, and the electricity makes it work. Well so too they are showing it like that, like a cord that has you connected to a Source, and that Source feeds you energy just like the electricity feeds the vaccum cleaner. Feeds in this context is not about nourishment, it is about ‘sending energy through so that the vehicle can work.’ The vehicle being your physical body and life here on Earth. 
They are saying that this Source is something you are a part of. When you go back ‘home’ you go back home to this Source. This Source in turn is connected to The Source. So it feels like the Source you are directly connected to is a high vibrational dimension, they are actually showing it to me as existing in the physical but to our eyes it is made of light because it is vibrating at a much higher resonance than we can see.”
To clarify, this Source was referring to what happens to be ‘home’ for this client. Some of you reading this may share this particular ‘home’, others are connected to a different ‘home’, but all are ultimately connected to the One great Source which is really home home for us All.
Now even though the below information relates to the home world of my client, I am going to share it here because a lot of you will resonate or at the least find it interesting, for some it may awaken information within you about your own galactic origins, and for all of us it describes the current change we are experiencing regarding our Connection to Source/our home worlds/the higher dimensions we’ve been receiving guidance and downloads from our whole lives whether conscious of that process or not.
            “I can’t quite make out if it is an extremely large ship or another planet, and they are saying it’s hard for them to explain it in our words. The best way I can describe it to you is, imagine a place that has as we have a main city, bustling people, offices, parks, etc, but those words don’t really match the vision I’m seeing.  The city is ultra futuristic, the people are ultra high vibrational, of light, and much taller than us, the colours are different, the energy is different. It is a very real place, existing right now.
            This place exists elsewhere, and when I ask where they show me a fast forward zoom into space. It’s outside our solar system, and even feels outside our galaxy in a whole other galaxy. It feels very, very, far away but at the speed of light (and I literally mean that) it’s just a quick zoom woosh and you’re there.”
            For those reading this, some of you will resonate 100% about being from another Star system or planet. Others know for sure they are not connected to any other planetary race and go direct to Source. Others feel home is the Spirit world. So when you read the info below, apply it to wherever you feel Home is for you. The main point is, all of us are going through the below transitional experience with our various ‘higher connections.’
            “So this is home for you, and these are your people. You have been connected to them always, and as you’ve journeyed through this Earth business they’ve stayed connected to you. They are showing me like a connection hose type thing going out of your crown and that’s how they send energy and information and also retrieve it from you, because you are also involved in reporting back whatever you are experiencing here and whatever is happening here. There are millions of others down here doing this or similar.
Now what’s happened lately is, the Whole of you that had to be download has been downloaded, and it’s like you are moving around getting used to being in a new suit. The connection hose I was seeing before is no longer, but they are saying you are still connected only now it will be different. You need to be fully 100% grounded here in order to do your job, (the mission that is really only just now properly starting for you, and for the others as they are saying).  But this 100% grounding also means that to a degree, as soon as that happened, you felt like you were in the dark.”
Okay, so the next part of the session is what really made my ears prick up because it so adequately explained why so many people are feeling disconnected, lost, ‘blank’, numb, unclear and unsure as to what their next step is supposed to be after years of feeling on a mission with a purpose.
            “They are saying that there is a term used by undercover agents – ‘we’ve gone dark’. That means they have gone in somewhere without their usual communication devices, no wire, no audio feed, nothing. They can’t hear the team in the van outside, the team in the van can’t see or hear the undercover agents. It is a scary and risky thing to do, but sometimes it is necessary. Of course, only the most experienced of the experienced undertake something like that.
            They are also giving the example how when a space shuttle re-enters the atmosphere there is a period of about 12 minutes when it goes ‘dark’ – there is a communications blackout between the spacecraft and Ground control. Then they break through the atmosphere and they are back online.
            They are saying that in the process of this shift, this transition from one cycle to another, from one vibration to another, each of us will have a few moments of ‘going dark’ ie feeling offline and disconnected from our peeps upstairs, as we breakthrough into the new vibration.”
The new frequency is very different to the old one – much like an upgrade on your television you will have access to more channels (greater connection with your ‘home’ peeps, more synchronicity), clearer audio and sharper vision (heightened intuition, telepathy and ability to see/hear other dimensions). “They are saying this will happen at different times for different people, and when they say it takes a few moments they mean their time! For us it can be days, weeks or months.”
            This is what many of you have been experiencing. “You have gone through the transitional tunnel, and have emerged out the other side. But this doesn’t mean immediate clarity. They are giving another image and saying you know how when vision and audio have been out, when it comes back it doesn’t always come back perfectly instantly. The vision cuts in and out, clear, static, clear, static. So too with the audio, clear, garble, clear, garble. Well you are in that phase.  You are adjusting your physical body to the new frequency but it takes a little time.
            It reminds me of the process people have to go through when they get a cochlear implant in their ear to hear properly. They have to go in each month for a year to keep tweaking it, it takes that long to fine tune it so they can hear normally as opposed to hearing beeps and high pitched sounds and garble.
            So this is to shed some light on why you feel liberated and lost at the same time. You are free of the old cycle and any old contracts, but you are in a very new domain with a new frequency which you are still adjusting to. 
Where in the old cycle much of your efforts were spent on downloading more and more energetic and emotional aspects (and experiencing life events to trigger those processes), the new cycle is about going forth with all of your aspects intact to fulfil your purpose. They are showing me an image of a warrior, but a light warrior. Not a warrior with weapons or anything like that. A warrior referring to a being of strength and courage, equipped with the skills, tools, emotions, knowledge, love and support/connections required to do what you have to do.”
Many of you ask about your purpose.  In the old cycle most had to get through personal purposes first – exploring themes related to power, self-worth, self-love and other important Soul aspects. Toward the ending of that cycle, it then became important to clear any old karma, wind up old patterns and contracts and release any remaining emotional debris gained from all our years of exploring.  I’ve previously used the analogy that in the old cycle we went about collecting and perfecting the ingredients to make our cake, then we had to clean up our kitchen, and now that our cakes are out of the oven it’s about all the cakes working together to create a really awesome bakery aka world.
In this new cycle, and this even applied to some in the old cycle, while some people have a very specific purpose, most have a general purpose whether that is to help awaken others, be of positive influence simply with your Light, have a healing or reassuring presence or share knowledge. How you choose to do this is up to you.
            “They are saying your role is not one thing, it is many things. First and foremost it is to be this Light Being that you are, embodying the Light Warrior energy, and standing in the light, for the light. This all sounds very ‘new agey’ but it is not meant in that way. It feels very grounded, very much about standing up for the truth, very much about staying true to what you know to be good and right and true. It feels like when everyone is down and upset, having a hard time understanding what’s going on or going through a major challenge, you are there to help them, to offer a different perspective, to offer a cup of tea, to offer a hug, to offer an ear helping them feel less crazy and less alone, whatever you do is enough. It all counts and it’s all part of your Light Warrior mission.
            They are speaking in quite a loud booming voice now and saying Do not underestimate the importance of this. They are saying we underestimate how much it helps the ALL when we help even one person through one emotion or difficult moment.
            They are saying you have gone through your rocky patch, but there are those who are only now going through that part of the waters. Your job is to help them in the best way you know how in any given moment. How do you know who to help?  Help the ones who are asking. It won’t be the obvious. You may have family members who you believe are primary candidates for ‘help’ but they are not ready. Meanwhile you may be the light a random stranger in a shopping centre needs one random day. But it will not be random. They are saying everything is so perfectly designed. You will go where you need to go, without even knowing that you are being ‘sent’ until afterward you’ll realise, hmmm I wasn’t going to go get milk until tomorrow, but something made me go today, and because I went today I had that conversation with that girl, and I think that conversation may have just changed her mind from a not good place to a more hopeful place.”

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013

Dana Mrkich is an Energy Intuitive, Author of A New Chapter, Creator of E-course Create a Life you Love and an inspirational teacher, writer and speaker. For more info, please visit her website, or for regular energy updates join her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.




May 2013 Monthly Visions Part 1: Intensification and Polarisation

May 2013 Monthly Visions Part 1:  Intensification and Polarisation
Video Version is here
In all the years of writing these Monthly Visions, this month’s has definitely been the most challenging. Usually there is a very clear overall theme being experienced by the collective, with us all as individuals expressing variants on these themes in our own personal ways. This month it has been almost impossible to pin down a clear collective theme, at least in the usual way it comes through.
At first glance the energies seem disjointed and fragmented, like jigsaw puzzle pieces all floating around either unable or unwilling to put themselves together into one harmonious whole. Many pieces are experiencing a magnetic ‘pushback’ from other pieces, and this is happening on multiple levels.
We are all experiencing this ‘pushback’ on an inner level to one degree or another regardless of the amount of clearing we’ve done – but it is definitely manifesting in a more chaotic and difficult to deal with way for those who have remained unconscious to their own energy. For those who haven’t spent a lot of time clearing their emotional and energetic debris this ‘pushback’ is generating extreme emotional and mental turbulence that is being expressed outwardly as erratic, unpredictable behaviour, and internally as severe mood swings, anxiety and feelings of panic, or a complete retreat into numbness. This is happening to so many people that it is highly likely that even if you aren’t experiencing this within yourself you know someone close to you who is, (or many someones) and in some cases may find yourself being directly affected by the ‘whitewash’ of their inner washing machine spin and rinse process.
If you have done a lot of work on clearing your energies and are still feeling this way (albeit in a more mild way) keep reading – and in the meantime spare a thought and some compassion for the ones who are feeling this turbulence without knowing why. Knowing what’s going on energetically doesn’t make us immune from any aspect of the shift, but it does help us navigate our way through it, and our past experience at least has given us tools to know how to cope more easefully. The more that you can stay in your centre, not only will it help to make you feel more sane but it will also serve to help others find an anchor of support when they need one.  Extend compassion where you can. It is easy to judge and think “well everyone had the same opportunity as we did to wake up, so why didn’t they?” The density of this planet (until now) cannot be over-stressed. To be here, and to have awoken prior to the higher frequency energies associated with this Shift period, was no easy task. It most likely means that you are part of the wave that is here to support the masses that are undergoing their awakening now. I don’t want to go all woo woo on you but writing that brought a wave of gratitude from upstairs and tears are welling up in my eyes because they are saying to all of us “Thank You, you cannot possibly know what it is you are achieving just by being there with your Self, with your Light.  Please know the Great service you are performing by being there for the beloved Planet Earth, Gaia, and your brothers and sisters residing there at this time, along with your brothers and sisters watching from elsewhere. You are needed. Each and every one of you. Thank you.”
For those among us who are very sensitive to energy – and that includes most everyone reading this – it is easy to pick up on and absorb what those around us are going through, mistaking it for our own feelings.  They’re showing me this image of when something is giving off a lot of electricity. When you are around something like that you can hear the buzz and you can sometimes even feel that zhoozy, electricity feeling in the air.  So as we’re all walking around, in our homes, workplaces and communities, we are feeling all the ‘electricity’ going through people that they are having a hard time processing. Where a person’s inner aspects are waking up and trying to get their attention, but are continuing to be ignored or repressed, that energy isn’t flowing as it should be. It keeps circulating around the body, generating the turbulence. So on some level, a sensitive observer can feel this, like it’s a combustion waiting to explode, or a dam about to burst. Sometimes we are aware we are picking up on the other person’s ‘stuff’, other times we don’t realise until later.
It helps to say something like: “if this is not mine, please go back to your rightful owner with love.” The more we’ve cleared our stuff, and the more we know who we are, the easier it becomes to distinguish what is yours vs what is not. 
Every aspect of us is awakening right now, ready or not. There is a popular ‘new age’ saying – “we are never given more than we can handle.”  In a way that’s true, but at the moment people are definitely experiencing more than they consciously think they can handle. This is because the reins as it were are now in the hands of our higher selves, greater selves, Souls, whatever you want to call it. This is not a separate energy to us – it is US. We’ve been living within a very small version of who we really are. The greater ‘who we really are’ is now incoming, downloading, activating, awakening. We are expanding, and fast. The greater ‘who we really are’ IS ready, whether we consciously are ready or not. The greater ‘who we really are’ can’t wait anymore for us to be ready, because if it did wait there are some who’d never be ready. I’m sure there are examples in your life where you weren’t really consciously ready for something but the universe pushed you into that experience anyway. I’m never ready to upgrade my technology. My laptop and phone are usually on their last legs before I upgrade. I really have to be forced into the new when it comes to technology, but the change is always amazing and I think why didn’t I do this earlier?
This ‘pushback’ is also manifesting externally, on the community, media (including social media) and global level. Opinions and beliefs are polarising to their absolute extremes, which is leaving a lot of people feeling very alone, misunderstood and isolated.  For the many who are consciously aware that we are now in the time we have been waiting for – a new cycle, a time we associated with greater awakening, more peace, harmony and unity – there is a sense of sadness and frustration with the perceived lack of awakening occurring. There is a sense of anger about the shenanigans we can still see going on, shenanigans that appear to be increasing in brazen disregard for the average person’s health, wellbeing and intelligence levels.
The obvious question (and the one I certainly had for ‘them’) is: why are we seeing this polarisation? Aren’t we coming out of polarisation and isn’t this time meant to be all about unity and harmony?
They are reminding me that awakening is about awareness, a word we often associate with being more conscious but at its root it means to have something be made known. In the short term, expanded awareness of previously hidden truths and awakening of previously dormant aspects can cause chaos as everything re-shuffles itself in response – and that response can be one of allowing and going with the new flow, or one of resistance.
They are saying that this time is intensifying everything within us, to bring it to our awareness, so firstly they would more say that we are in a period of intensification rather than polarisation. However because everything is intensifying, we are seeing more clearly and feeling more strongly the stark differences between different aspects of ourselves, between different beliefs and opinions. More of us are feeling the need to express that which is coming up within us in more ways. These differences, understandably, feel like a polarisation is occurring. However the problem with that word is that it conjurs up images of an ‘us’ and ‘them’. It suggests that the world is being divided in two, with one group of people headed in one direction with their beliefs, and the other group headed into another with their beliefs. People have spoken about a potential for the Earth to splinter off into two different Earth’s, and so could look at the polarisation and say, see, it’s happening. Only, it’s not happening.
You see, there is no ‘one group’ of people who all share the same beliefs about everything. You may be experiencing lately that you are totally in harmony with someone when it comes to the subject of consciousness and awakening, but then when it comes to the latest global hot topic you passionately disagree. You may be stunned to realise that the person next door who you thought you have nothing in common with, who has never entered the world of ‘self-help’ or ‘conscious creation’ and thinks it’s all a bunch of hogwash is completely on your page when it comes to talking about ufo visitations or a so called conspiracy theory. There is no neat little package where we ship one type of people off to one Earth, and another type of people onto another new Earth. There is no ‘one type’ of people.  We have differences with those we have much in common with, and we have things in common with those we really thought we were very different to.
What is happening is that the intensification process is generating mini-polarisations within every possible belief, topic and issue. Let’s call these polarisations the pink team and the yellow team. On one topic you are team pink, but on another you are team yellow. Overall, you may identify more with team pink on most things so it can be easy to look at the overall polarisation happening in the world (the result of billions of mini-polarisations jostling for air-time) and think: Oh wow, the world is really dividing into team pink and team yellow! Go team pink! But if you look at the world, and yourself, from a bird’s eye perspective you’ll actually realise that the world is not dividing into team pink and team yellow. We are all holding some team pink and some team yellow. Actually it’s more than just team pink and yellow – there is team blue, green, orange, turquoise, lime, red, white, coral and so on – and we all hold some energy from all of them!
So that’s why, from that perspective, there is not a Polarisation of humanity happening. There is an intensification of everything within us, with each thought/belief/aspect within us holding a particular energy in a strong way, and when that is highlighted against an opposing energy, this looks like polarisation.
Why are they stressing the distinction between intensification and polarisation? Because polarisation suggests everyone and everything is moving further apart. Whereas intensification is about moving everything into clearer, sharper focus. It is neither about moving things closer together or further apart.
When things are in clearer, sharper focus, then we can make more conscious decisions about how we want to live, energetically, mentally, emotionally and physically. 
Okay so how will this intensification process continue to unfold along with their resulting ‘mini-polarisations’? At the moment it feels like people are being called to intermingle with smaller and smaller clusters of like-minded people. Again, this isn’t to say everyone in each of those clusters is on the same page about everything, but certainly to a degree it feels we are being more drawn to spend more, or most, of our time with those we feel most in harmony with. You might have a family cluster composed of the members of your immediate and extended family that you feel most ‘you’ with. You might also have several community/social clusters composed of friends or some group that shares a common interest. You might have a work/soul-oriented cluster composed of people who share your mission and calling. You might have a social media cluster composed of certain web pages or forums where you feel you can speak truthfully and be heard.
Moving throughout those clusters is you, the you that is becoming more and more the greater version of You. So amid all of this intensification and mini-polarisations going on, the best thing you can do for yourself is to be with your Self.  Be true to you. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t – for you. If something doesn’t feel good, it probably isn’t - for you. More and more you’ll find yourself saying no to things that just don’t feel good to you, and yes to things that do.
Many of us have already been on this journey a long time, and so we’re already finding ourselves spending most of our time in our harmonious clusters, and able to be (most of the time) within our truth and heart and centre. Even so, it can be difficult to watch others go through their journey.  It’s always harder to watch a loved one jump out of a plane than do it yourself, or sit back while your child goes out clubbing even though you did it hundreds of times.
So I’m asking them the question does this mean we all end up in small clusters, fairly isolated from other clusters who aren’t on our page? They are showing me the image of a rubber band being pulled more and more tightly. There is only so far any intensification or polarisation process (mini or otherwise) can go before it reaches breaking point. That breaking point is happening a billion times a day, right now, to all of our thoughts/beliefs/issues as a result of our newly expanding awareness. We are being flooded by revelations in every aspect of our selves, lives, society and world. The curtain is being pulled back to reveal that which is illusion and that which is truth. As this happens, clusters will become larger, and we’ll find that the world of unity and harmony we know we came here to help create is being created. We are riding an unstoppable wave right now toward that world, only our focus for so long has been on that which we will create we perhaps didn’t look at what the ‘resistance’, ‘intensification’ and ‘mini-polarisations’ part of the process would look and feel like.  It is easy to now get overly focused on that part and think it’s all gone to &#&@ and we give up, but it is more important than ever that we focus on the job we came here to do, and do it in whatever ways we feel called to do.
It is quite the irony that on our way to some sort of global unity and harmony, the journey toward that includes an intense process of individuation. It’s not individuation as we knew it from an ego perspective. It’s individuation as known by the Soul. It is an expanded awareness of everything we have ever been. It is an intensification of everything within us, to be further expanded or released. This is necessary so that we truly embody who we really are on this Planet, so that we can step into our new roles for this next great cycle.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013

Dana Mrkich is an Energy Intuitive, Author of A New Chapter, Creator of E-course Create a Life you Love and an inspirational teacher, writer and speaker. For more info, please visit her website, or for regular energy updates join her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.