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May 2012 Monthly Visions: Truth and Transparency

May 2012 Monthly Visions: Truth and Transparency

There is a saying “I can see right through you” and that has never been more applicable than now.  It feels like everyone around us, including us, is becoming more and more transparent, as all of who they/we are – and who they/we are not – is laid bare. This transparency is happening whether we like it or not – it is not as if everyone is suddenly feeling urged to be totally upfront and honest with each other.  It is more like a curtain that was once dense is now becoming sheer, and so there is nowhere to hide. 
As this process happens, we may not always like what we see.  We may have preferred the illusion of what someone or something was, more than we like the reality. Even if we had a fairly good idea of what someone or something was, the in-your-face transparency occurring right now is like someone turning the dimmer light switch up from medium to high. We may have thought we were seeing clearly a year ago or even a month ago, but it’s becoming a whole new ball game now.
The degree to which you are still attached to any specific illusion as opposed to its truth reality, (be it a person, relationship, cultural or religious belief), the greater the emotional trigger as the veil collapses. As something is revealed to you, in some cases for the first time in other cases for the hundredth time, you will feel anything from deep grief or intense anger on the ‘still attached’ end of the spectrum to mildly amused or barely interested observer on the ‘detached’ end of the spectrum.
If you are being triggered, it will be helpful to realise that the ‘truth’ you are seeing is actually serving you in being revealed to you. Your emotional reaction is simply the ego thrashing about, still wanting to be engaged in an old story or drama. However, if you stop for a moment and get back into your centre you can emotionally disengage for long enough to ask yourself a good question: “Is this truth I am seeing really bothering me, or is it actually quite liberating to finally see this?” If you are angry because certain people are acting a certain way, ask yourself: “Do I really want them to act the way I am saying I want?  Or am I being given a gift here? If this is a gift, what is the gift?”
Our freedom lies in realising we don’t have to react, or at least we can consciously choose how or even if we want to respond. Our old karmic ties are ending and so we are not karmically obligated to continue playing out old roles or patterns, or engaging in old relationships and dynamics that are no longer serving us. If someone ‘makes’ you feel not good enough, or ashamed, or judged, know that it is you who is still choosing to stay plugged in to an old story. There is no value in choosing to stay plugged in anymore. It is time to consciously remember that others do not define us.

“What you think of me is none of my business.” – Terry Cole-Whittaker

In the old cycle we needed others to trigger us into remembering who we are, often by others treating us less than. We remembered via overcoming pain, suffering, repression and other difficulties. We had our heads turned from who we are, from source energy, from the fullness of our light, and so we bought into stories around lack, limitation, restriction and disconnection. In the new cycle we are becoming the ‘living awake’ humans. Our heads are being turned forward toward the fullness of our light once again. Image a hose that was twisted and the water couldn’t get through, but now it is becoming untwisted and so the water can flow freely once again. That is what’s happening to us in this Shift. We are stepping into and embodying our divine identity, power and abilities. Our upside down world is becoming right side up again, and just like those snow shaker things the flipping process makes everything look chaotic for a while, but know that things are becoming right way up.
Some of us are grieving the loss or death of people in our lives who never really existed. Of course, the physical being that they are existed and is still alive, but the projection we cast onto them, the identity that we gave them, did not exist. We are seeing that now, and it might be hard to feel and face.
You might be feeling like every day is an exercise in your buttons being pushed, and you are really over it. The only way to be done with this, is to finally actually get over it. Get over needing someone to be what they are never going to be, or not going to be yet, or don’t even want to be. Get over acting like you are responsible for other people’s actions and emotions. Get over feeling like others are responsible for your actions and emotions. It is time to take full responsibility for who we are and how we are, and unplug from the cords we have stuck into others and had others stick into us. It is time to unplug from the projections we have thrown onto others, and had thrown onto us.
One of the biggest projections occurring right now is the one we have collectively thrown over this year 2012. Many either believe it’s the end of the world, or the year that our star family finally come to save us. Both these beliefs deny any sense of self-responsibility or collective responsibility for the world we have created and are yet to create.  As we cross the threshold of Dec 21, 2012 it will be a pivotal, empowering moment for humanity because finally we can be free of prophecies and the incorrect interpretations of them. Finally we can wake up from the illusion that it doesn’t really matter what we do because the world is either going to end or we’ll be ‘saved’. 

“Midnight will come, nothing will happen except some softly falling snow, and people will awake the next morning to a planet that needs to be taken care of. The clearing of apocalyptical belief systems will be exceedingly painful because caring more about beliefs than about the planet must cease.”- Barbara Hand Clow, The Pleiadian Agenda

Barbara Hand Clow was referring to the start of the new millennium, but these words can apply to the end of this year also.  There will be grief as the veil is finally and fully lifted, and people realise that no-one is coming to save us. Those Hopi’s were smart cookies when they said “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”  Our star families are watching us, they are close by, and I’m sure they will come and visit. However to ‘save us’ is to defy the whole point of our evolutionary intention: to awaken, to remember, and to realise that we know how to save ourselves.
To the dismay of the doomsdayers, the only waves that are going to wash over the planet are high vibration energetic ones.  These waves are impulsing us to awaken, to remember who we are, to remember our power and to remember our true, divine, galactic origins and identities.  These waves are cleansing our energy bodies, bringing to the surface anything remaining of the old vibration. These waves are clearing our hearts, our minds and our eyes, making us see and hear and feel more clearly. The waves are not like a magic wand, cleansing and clearing regardless of your own personal participation. They are simply ‘truth-revealers’ – what we each do with our own truth, and how we each respond to the increasing truth we see, is up to us.  
For some, this time of ‘revelations’ will feel like a nightmare. For others it will be bountiful bliss. This is why it has been so important to get as conscious as possible by 2012 – the more willing you are to face all this ‘truth in your face’ the easier the ride can be. It can still be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be painful or scary. If you are feeling pain or fear, ask yourself: What am I resisting? What am I not wanting to face? What am I scared of? Don’t judge or be afraid for people who don’t seem like they are on a ‘conscious’ path. There are lots of spiritual seekers who don’t want to look at their shadow, and so still have a bunch of truth to face, meanwhile there are folks who’ve never picked up a self-help book in their life who couldn’t be more ‘tell it like it is’, know exactly who they are and can see through anyone a mile away.
There will be celebration as the veil is finally and fully lifted, because all those who are ready and willing to take part in the building of a new earth will roll up their sleeves and start (or continue) doing something to make that happen.

“Before Enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After Enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.” – Zen proverb

There are a lot of emotions, and there’s lot of energy, flying around the place right now, and it will become increasingly important to not get hooked in or distracted by that which doesn’t belong to you, or by that which isn’t even real (ie old projections or illusions). Remember that as we move into higher frequency energy, that which is not in alignment with the higher vibration has to come up for clearing so it will be more visible, it will be more in your face. This will make it seem like things are getting worse, but know that these are the very signs telling us that things are on their way to getting a whole lot better.  We can’t know how to make things right, unless we become totally aware of where we’ve gone wrong. We can’t step fully into our power, unless we become fully aware of exactly how and where we have been disempowered.
            On the topic of illusions and projections, there has been a long time rumour that the old powers that were will try to create a false flag event using hologram technology making it seem like we are being attacked by an ‘alien’ race or they’ll project faces of religious figures in the sky just to get some end of the world zeal happening.  We know that they have this technology, we know that they aren’t beyond creating events to trigger fear and assume even more control, so this really isn’t that far-fetched. However, old reality intentions and energy are having a harder and harder time existing with each passing day in the higher energies so I’m not sure they could pull this off anymore. That said, it’s good to be aware that intentions like that exist so that IF something happens you can be prepared.
The best way to be prepared is to be familiar with your own true feelings, and this is yet another reason it’s important to unplug from constantly reacting to what other people are and aren’t doing.  When you hear from one person ‘get on the spaceships if they come’ and you hear from another person ‘don’t get on’, what do you do? Listen to your own heart in that moment.  You know who feels good and who doesn’t in your home or at a party or in the shopping mall, and the same applies here. There is not one type of star race, there is not one type of star ship, there is not one common intention among any visitors who may come. If they come and it all feels a bit controlling or patronising, you probably don’t want to join their party. If you cry joyful tears because you feel like you are being reunited with family, hug away! Listen to your own inner counsel and trust yourself.
            As you witness that which you don’t like being revealed, use it as a catalyst for reminding you what it is you would like, what it is you would prefer. Find some small way to move toward that preference be it changing the way you think or act.  Every single thing that we each do or don’t do right now will determine the kind of world we create with this ‘once in many lifetimes’ opportunity to create a very new reality. We are each one part of a huge 7 billion piece jigsaw puzzle. Your piece counts. Your piece matters. The question now is not: What kind of world are we going to have beyond 2012? It is: What kind of world do you want beyond 2012, and what are you doing with your piece of the puzzle to make it so?

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