Wednesday, October 28, 2015


It can be so suffocating when you feel yourself fenced in by emotions, perspectives, thoughts and beliefs that feel like they are squeezing the lifeforce out of you. Anxiety feels like that. Depression feels like that. Energetic sensitivity to difficult weeks feels like that.

I felt that suffocation early last week, and early this week again, yet even while it was happening it was almost like being outside of myself looking in.

Being aware of your old beliefs, doing decades of inner work, even being in a position where you teach others, doesn't mean you are immune from your own crap. It still comes up. The main difference is, when it does come up you are fully aware that you have pressed play on an old movie that you are certain went to the scrap heap a while ago. Only here's another reel of it! Surprise! 

Sometimes the wave is mild, other times (as many experienced this past week), it is a high-pressure system that comes out of nowhere. And we are often so hard on ourselves the more 'aware' we are because we think 'why am I back to feeling like this right now?"

The good thing is, with this 'awareness' comes a backpack of support tools to help you through it, be it breathing through it or journalling or whatever you know works for you.

Even though you have some self-awareness, certain emotional waves can still feel overwhelming because, whether for minutes, hours or days, it can feel like there is no escape. It is like being trapped inside a room being jostled by a bunch of old belief rowdy school bullies! What we need in that moment is a perspective-shift. It is helpful to pick up the phone, or pick up your journal, and express how you feel in a safe space. Often, it is the simple act of verbalising the whirlpool of emotions inside you, that calms the raging river and helps you see what is coming up in a new way.

Closing your eyes and just breathing deeply in and out is another great perspective-shifter that you can do anywhere. And knowing that other people are feeling the same helps too, which is why I so appreciate everyone sharing here, as you all so wonderfully support everyone else who reads through the comments. So if you have been feeling a bit side-swiped by the energies of the mo', please know you are not alone. And if you are feeling like you are riding the crest like a pro-surfer, please share what it is that helps you experience your "perspective-shifts" when a shift is required.

Thanks for sharing! x

Why am I not letting it in?

 Image: Giant Pink Cosmos Flower/Creative Commons

On the surface we might be doing everything we can to achieve our goals or create change in our lives. However if we are holding sabotaging beliefs in our subconscious it is kind of like watering a beautiful flower that has been hurt at the roots.

The bloom will eventually wither, and attempts to grow more flowers are met with no success. Gardeners can bring plants back to life that looked beyond saving. The good thing is, we too can heal our roots. We can create for ourselves a blossoming garden by making sure to nurture a healthy mental and emotional inner ‘root’ system. 

Clues to the status of your roots can be found in your everyday life. Look at your life right now. Choose one major area that seems to be lacking in growth, in which you have a recurring pattern or it’s not going how you’d like it to go. Once you’ve done the following exercise you can repeat it for any other life areas in which you would like to see change.

Write in your journal:

- What is the name of this part of your life? (Eg Income, Relationships, Health, Home, Travel, Work, Family etc)

- Imagine this part of your life going exactly how you’d like it to go. That is, you have your ideal income/relationship/health/travel/work/etc. If 'ideal' feels like too big a stretch, simply imagine something better than you are experiencing right now. You want to be picturing something that makes you feel 'aah that feels better' rather than something that makes you feel even more tense or stressed.

- Ask yourself ‘Why am I not letting this in?’ Sit quietly with your eyes closed for a few minutes. Trust the first thoughts, images and feelings that come to you. Some of you may like to keep your eyes closed and just go with whatever insights and visuals come to you, while for others it will work better if you start writing in your journal and allow guidance to come.

** This is part of an exercise featured in Week 3 of Create a Life you Love. Enrol here.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Earth Turbulence / Emotional Turbulence

In the past week the Earth has experienced two 7+ grade earthquakes (Vanuatu and Afghanistan) and the strongest hurricane on record to make landfall (Mexico). Sending out lots of prayers, and our thoughts to all affected.

These Earth-events, regardless of their cause, are increasingly felt by us the more energetically sensitive we become. Around a week ago, I posted about the extreme turbulence a lot of people were experiencing emotionally, with heightened feelings of anxiety and general off-centredness. Then, interestingly enough, this was followed by three significant, turbulent weather events.
Were we energetically picking up on the coming weather events, much in the same way that animals can sense a storm, earthquake or tsunami coming?

Or, were we energetically responding to some unknown influence, be it some disturbance in the cosmic field or some man-made weather tampering, that as a result had us feeling on edge, and gave the Earth a shake and a stir?

These days, I don't think any of us can be sure of anything anymore as multiple layers of reality are unravelling at warp speed. What I do know is, we are sensitive beings, increasingly so. We are responding in greater ways, emotionally, physically and energetically to everything around us. Not just to that in our immediate environment, but also to those things that are happening on the other side of the world.

It's a Full Moon today. Most people no longer question the effect a Full Moon has on us, yet can still find it hard to believe that we would be affected by something we can't see. The reality of energy influence and sensitivity may seem like woo woo crazy talk to much of the mainstream, but then so would the idea of television, radio, internet, texting and instagram to people in our relatively recent history.

Instant connection. "But how???!!!" they would have said.

Just as those things above are our now normal, so will energy reality and awareness take its place as our new normal. Sometimes we may not know why we are feeling as we do, but it can be helpful to know that thousands if not millions of others are feeling the exact same way.

How are you all feeling?

Shifting your emotional set-point

If your life was a building, with every floor representing a certain emotion that you end up feeling time and again, which floor do you end up spending the most time on?

There is a 'set-point' theory that states we all have certain conditions we naturally revert back to despite any actions we take or dreams we have to change those conditions. Thus it's often the case that the billionaire who goes bankrupt will end up a billionaire again. The person who has spent a lifetime, and generations, in financial hardship, will commonly end up with no money again years after winning the lottery. A person often goes back to the same weight range repeatedly regardless of what they eat.

So too, if we are used to feeling disappointed, rejected or unsupported we will regularly re-invite that emotion into our life. Our eyes may be firmly fixed on an experience we want that exists on the penthouse level. We may even manage to get our lift to take us up there, and mingle in that environment for some time. However, if our emotional set-point is still anchored in some deep-rooted floor below, that anchor will yank us back down, making it hard to achieve, or maintain, our penthouse dreams and desires.

It was a bit of a depressing thought for set-point theorists to think that we can't change our set-point lot in life, BUT studies AND lots of people's experiences are showing that in fact we CAN change our set-points.

We are powerful humans with the ability to consciously un-choose our old emotional set-points, and re-choose new emotional set points. Some of the ways you can change your set point:

- Tapping/EFT/NET
- Energy healing, ancestral clearing, cellular memory release via bodywork/kinesiology etc,
- Shadow work, journalling with your subconscious
- Intentionally changing your habits/thoughts/beliefs/behaviours, catching yourself out when you are hanging out on the old floor and manually re-setting your thoughts/actions to how the 'you' on the penthouse level thinks and acts
- Sticking new beliefs and thoughts up all over the house on bits of paper
- Making a fierce committment to what you place your attention on both in the external and in your mind.

Most of us get so dejected by constantly ending up on our old floors that we give up, or spend decades yo-yoing up and down without knowing why. We often try to get there in one big leap, when it's the little, moment by moment baby steps that will take us there slowly but steadily. Actually, bypassing the baby steps practically guarantees we'll be ejected out of the penthouse within minutes of arriving every time! Just like lifting weights at the gym, we have to train our way there bit by bit.

It's catching your mind throughout the day, and mid-old thought changing the tape. It's focusing on the smallest of things around you right now to give yourself regular tastes of your preferred emotion. It takes conscious effort. It takes perseverance to get to the point where your new emotional set point becomes your new normal.

Head on up to your penthouse level right now in your mind. Step out of the lift onto that floor. Feel into how the you on that level thinks, acts and feels. How is that different from the current you? How is the penthouse 'you' different from the other levels you?

Don't pressure yourself to stay in the penthouse right this minute, just use this exercise to inform yourself:

What is the gap between where I am now, and where I want to be?
What qualities, aspects, beliefs do I need to strengthen?
What emotions would the penthouse me suggest I strive for, on a daily basis, using what I have around me right now, to make my way up here and stay here?
Am I actually ready for my penthouse, and if so is it just a matter of finally allowing myself to declare this to myself and allow myself to step right in and own the me that is there?

Enjoy this exercise!

** If you need support to help shift some stuff in your life, come join the Create a Life you Love group. You will receive a weekly mini work-book filled with powerful info, journalling exercises, meditations and webcasts. You can start anytime.

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Why does the opposite show up when I set a new intention?

Do you ever set a strong, new clear intention, only to have the complete opposite show up in your reality the next day?

From asking for a healthy relationship, to a new job, to committing to a new health routine...all of a sudden, you get texts and calls from multiple exes, your boss offers you a raise if you stay in your job even though it makes you feel stressed out and unhappy, your schedule increases to make regular workouts 'impossible'. All of a sudden you are filled with self-doubt and worry, and berate yourself for not being able to stick to your new 'think positive!' affirmations. 

This kind of response from the Universe and your own self obviously makes a lot of people wonder what is going on. "Did I not set a strong enough intention?" "Is the Universe testing me?"

What you are seeing is a lot like what happens when you set about cleaning a room. At first all you see is a lot of dust! When you set a strong, new intention, anything in your energy field that is not a match to that new intention comes up for your attention, for healing,release or transformation. This is a good thing! Uncomfortable yes, but it is positive. It is not the time to stop or go back - it is the time to keep going!

So next time you set a new intention, and things go a bit pear-shaped, don't despair or beat yourself up. Realise, aha! It is working! My energy field is responding! what is it showing me that I need to address? What thoughts, beliefs, old dreams, fears do I need to release or change here? Say thank you to that dust!

** We address this topic in Week 1 of Create a Life you Love. Please check it out here for more info!:

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Friday, October 23, 2015

Not in relationship vs being 'single'

A really great comment just came through over on the Let Love In private group page. It was regarding 'being single'.

Even though Let Love In is technically a 'love and relationships' course, the deeper issue that is really being examined is our relationship with our own self. It is this relationship that is then reflected back to us toward everything in our outer life: from our love relationships to friends and family relationships, to work relationships, from income to happiness, to health, to life fulfillment. It all comes back to this relationship we have with our self. 

I purposely chose not to use the word 'single' when writing the course. I spent most of my adult life (prior to meeting my now partner) not in long-term relationships. I disliked the word 'single' because it seemed to define me by my relationship status or lack thereof, and so I never called myself that.

You are you, sometimes in relationship, sometimes not. Even if mainly not, you are still you, ultimately whole (or on your way to wholeness) regardless of relationship status. It is the biggest irony that I felt so called to write a relationship course, because I am the biggest champion out there for saying to people, spend time not in relationship to really get to know yourself! I am the last person in the world to view 'not being in relationship' as any kind of failing. It is society that does that, and we feel pressured by it, and feel like something is wrong when we are not in relationship.

I think if more people allowed themselves more 'not in relationship' time, we would likely see a lower divorce rate, and a much higher percentage of healthy, non-co-dependent relationships. And I guess that is why I wrote this course. Not so much so you can attract the one tomorrow, but rather so that when you do attract the one, you do it from a space and a place of absolute wholeness, connection to your self, and love for your self. It is also for those who may be in a relationship right now who want to work on those things within themselves, which make their current union all the healthier, which we can all use a dose of!! x

If you would like more info on the course, please go here. 

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Transformation triggers on over-drive!

Solar flares? Nope. Huge astrological alignments? Not really. Crazy, mega intense, huge, fast and furious energies around this week? Yes indeedy!!!

Heart palpitations, adrenalin racing, unexpected happenings and conversations coming out of left-field, feeling like a Mack truck is slamming into us repeatedly, albeit the "I'm doing this for your own good" kind, and wondering how on Earth it is only Tuesday night when it feels like SO much has changed since Monday morning? You are not alone. 

I don't have any answers as to where this energy is coming from. It's not quite the usual 'Wave: Incoming!" feeling I get. You have to wonder if someone over at HAARP got a little trigger happy: "What would happen if I push this button on High??" Whatever the Source, the good news is that the energy feels to be abating significantly now. The other good news is, as uncomfortable as these past couple of days may have been for some of us, they have been some of THE most powerful days I can remember in terms of positive shifts and leaps forward.

Personally, the past couple of days have felt like I've constantly been squeezed out of my comfort zone in numerous areas, but as a result of that squeeze, have emerged out the other side with massive new awarenesses and a feeling that some huge expansion is now possible if not occurring already. It is like doors have been pushed out from being regular size to being one of those french-style foldout ones that you push out like a concertina, resulting in an 'outside feels like it is inside' effect. More space. More room. It was a quick renovation that surpassed any home blitz reality show in terms of turnaround time, triggered quite the anxiety flares, but here we are with our cup of tea thinking 'well I can see how this view is much nicer." And if not nicer, at the least, clearer.

From deep emotional shifts to breaking through overwhelm about a technical or other issue and finally getting someone in to help, to major productivity combined with putting into practice long over-due nudges be it for more rest or new nurturing practices, this week has had us moving at breakneck speed, clearing stuff faster than we can even consciously process it, and just as quickly and definitely as importantly urging us to EMBODY these new energies.

Yes this could easily describe the past few years, but the last two days, hmmmm, the Transformation Triggers have been on overdrive!

How are you all feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015

Monday, October 12, 2015

Shadow and retro time over, into new clarity!

Woohoo Venus is out of shadow, Mercury is direct and I have 5 copies of my friend Jo Kelly's CD Letting Love In to GIVEAWAY for the next 5 people who enrol in my Online Course Let Love In!

All the course info is here:

Listen to a sample of the album's chillout grooves here:

Coming out of these retrograde/shadow periods is like emerging from a cloud that was making it hard to feel fully 'clear' - or you've been so immersed in getting clear within that you haven't really felt like engaging as you usually would with outer life. That's because those retro times are very much geared toward introspection and review. They are often a time to take stock of where we are at, and look at how we truly feel about our life/work/relationships.

We can be confronted by aspects of our inner workings that are ripe for transformation, and triggered to make changes where changes are due. Yet,even while our foot starts revving the accelerator knowing it's time to get moving in new ways, the retrograde and shadow periods can have us feeling like the handbrake is on, or that the flag guy hasn't yet waved the flag for go time! September was very much like that - a lot was moving and shifting on the inside, but the month was a blur in terms of remembering what we actually did externally?! Anyone else feel like that?

The good thing about planets going direct and coming out of shadow is: handbrake is off, flag is down, lights are green!

All that time re-charging your energy, refreshing your motivation, renewing your clarity, and getting re-inspired is now ready to be put into action!!

If love and relationships are your most desired 'ready for change' life area right now please go to the link at the top of the post and get ready for some serious soul scuba-diving!!

How are you all going? Are you feeling a greater pull to start taking some big new actions? x

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015 

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Truthseeking: Some info to chew on

These days it can be challenging to sort out fact from fiction, regardless of whether you are reading mainstream or alternative news. Recently I came across this blog written by an alleged "illumanati insider" covering everything from 'the big plan' to our galactic history going back millions of years. Over the years I've read a lot on these topics written by all kinds of people, as well as personally and intuitively receiving my own information. Some info you come across is complete rubbish, some is insightful whether based on fact or myth, while other info is bang on the money truth.

There is enough in this blog for me to know it falls somewhere in the latter categories. What I particularly like is even though the writer lays it all bare on the table, it is empowering to read rather than spreading fear, and if you stick with it to the end you'll see that our power really becomes the whole point: as a whole (and as individuals) we all have the power to change this reality we find ourselves living in.

If you do read it, I highly recommend you read it in the order in which it is written from first to last post, otherwise certain blog posts, taken out of context, won't make sense. I also highly recommend you read all the comments, which contain a wealth of information on their own. Think of it more as a mini book, rather than a usual blog, with a start and a finish and an order to the flow of things. It took me at least a few weeks to get through whenever I had a moment, and you often need time to digest something just read. I'm not here to say it's all true, but there is definitely lots of interesting stuff to chew over and it certainly sends a big message to us to wake up, get up, and do anything we can and all we can to create the reality we all know this world and humanity are capable of.