Monday, May 26, 2014

Aligning to your best future traintrack

What if you knew that the visions you have of those dreams that are dearest to your heart weren’t just daydreams, but in fact were photos sent to you from your future self? 

What if you found out that the existence of these photos is evidence that these visions of your future are actually a done deal – already existing in a potential future timeline? 

In your journal write a date in the future, that is close enough to make you feel excited, but far enough ahead for it to feel totally possible and realistic. 

Next, write a journal entry as if that day was today. What happened? What did your day look like and feel like? Be as emotionally and physically descriptive as possible. For example: “I am so excited and happy that I have finally met the one! We have been together three months now and are more in love and connected every day!” 

This exercise reminds your energy that your dream isn’t just a dream. It is a done deal, one that you are moving closer toward every day. 

- Excerpt From Let Love In, 28 Day Intensive Online Course.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Monday, May 19, 2014

Unity and community connection

Where do I start with the amount of unity and community connection going on right now? 

Troops and donations are being sent from all over to help Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia as they face unprecedented flooding with tens of thousands of people having to flee their homes. These people have suffered more than their fair share of hardship, usually under circumstances of war, and one heart-warming thing about this situation is that the focus for the entire region is on helping and saving as many people and animals as possible. Please see The Novak Djokovic Foundation here and here for further information. 

In Australia tens of thousands hit the streets yet again in the 'March in May' to protest the decisions of our current Government. Every single promise that was made prior to the election has been broken and turned on its head. This is not surprising to those who didn't vote for him, and it has enraged many who did vote for him. The result: people who usually are on opposing sides joining together for a common cause - calling for a more honest, fair government that truly represents the people instead of embarking on a system of governing more suited to a dictatorship. 

Also in Australia, my friend Dean's petition is almost at 25,000 supporters with many of those leaving comments about their own struggles with mental health or unfair insurance company decisions, along with their total appreciation for our emergency service workers.

All of this is happening in our greater community, on top of what feels like a growing swell of healing, sharing, empathy, emotional connection and heart-opening occurring in our smaller circles of family and friends. Have you been feeling this?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What is my purpose?

One of the most common questions I get asked is "What is my purpose?" 

Sometimes our purpose is just to be who we are, to shine our light wherever and however needed. Other times it is more of a lifelong calling, urging us to express our creativity or to teach or build or whatever it may be. Then there are times when our purpose - or at least a huge part of it - is connected to a set of circumstances that may not have happened yet. Many a tragedy, injustice or obstacle has become the catalyst for change, triggering social movements, amendments to laws, and voices speaking out. 

Too often, especially in the spiritual arena, something happens and the first thing we do is look in the rear view mirror as to what issue in us may have caused this situation. Today however, with a new evolutionary cycle upon us, things are changing. While the need for inner clearing is still a factor in some situations, in others an event or crisis may actually be better understood by asking it: what might this be a catalyst for? Is this a trigger for me to change something? Is it a push for me to initiate change on a greater level, on a community level? Is it an opportunity to practice, and then share with others, a new way of healing or living? 

In this past week my friend Dean is on a wave that was started by him simply sharing his truth and his heart on his personal facebook page. From that moment on, a movement started and it is clear that some force is guiding and supporting him to be the face and voice for much needed change when it comes to how our firefighters are treated when seeking the disability pension they are entitled to after being medically retired due to PTSD, depression and anxiety. 

Since his initial post, not only firefighters, but all branches of emergency services along with ex-military are sharing their similar stories. There is a quote by Victor Hugo that goes along the lines of 'Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come'. Sometimes you seek out your mission, and other times, at the perfect, right time, your mission finds you. 

If you would like to support Dean, a link to his petition is here.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Monday, May 12, 2014

Scorpio Full Moon

The Wednesday Full Moon in Scorpio has got to be one of the most powerful I have felt in a long time - starting days ago! 

Scorpio is known for taking us to the depths of the abyss at the bottom of the ocean for healing only to help us rise to the surface like another of its primary symbols: a phoenix rising from the ashes. 

You may be feeling more emotional than usual, bursting into tears out of nowhere or experiencing real life triggers that send you into unexpected places, but as much as this Full Moon could easily find sponsorship with a tissue company, the tears and the triggers are cleansers for the soul. 

Scorpio helps us to go deeper into our soul, ultimately so that we can fly lighter with our hearts. 

How are you all feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Friday, May 09, 2014

More about this Oneness feeling

Here is an excerpt from a really beautiful session I recently did that many of you may resonate with: 

"Your ‘original’ and authentic energy is of a very high vibration. You come from a place where there was no real sense of ‘I’ or ego or anything like that. There was a tremendous sense of oneness, and knowing around ‘we are all connected.’ “What you do to me you do to yourself”, and “What you do to you you do to me” were basic concepts that everyone recognised and lived by. 

So the idea of intentionally hurting someone was unheard of because ‘what you do to someone you do to yourself’. Likewise there was no sense of jealousy because ‘what you do to you, you do to me’ so if someone experienced great love or great joy or great happiness, everyone did. Yes you all had your individual bodies, but it is like an extreme version of the energy of twins – you often hear that when one twin feels something the other twin feels it too. It is like this where you are from."

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Oneness and constant vigilance!

This 'Oneness' energy is tricky business. The boundaries between us all are dissolving, and our sensitivity to each other's feelings and energy fields is heightening every day. 

On the one hand this increases our sense of compassion and connection with each other. On the other hand, because we are feeling so much more we need to be extra vigilant with what is 'ours' and what is not. That is: Are these my feelings or someone else's? Are these my thoughts, beliefs, doubts, worries and fears or someone else's? 

People who have been 'intuitive' or identified as an 'empath' have had to be conscious of this for a long time, otherwise you end up walking around like a human sponge! Now, millions of people are moving into a higher vibration and thus 'feeling' and 'receiving' on a whole new level. We have all always been affected by other people's thoughts and feelings - especially those that are being directed toward us. Now however we can FEEL those thoughts and feelings. We may not experience it as a conscious direct message "Oh Jane is thinking xyz about me today" instead we might experience it as an amplification of anxiety or self-doubt.  Now we have to be in extra-high integrity around our thoughts, because for better or worse they are affecting our environment and those around us (and even those at a distance).

Thoughts and feelings can also be projected toward us intentionally from those who really know what they are doing eg mind-control operations. Some spiritual folks don't like to delve into the black-ops side of life, but it exists so we may as well acknowledge it so we can put on our gold warrior gear and energetically say no to it. (On that note, one of the reasons the elite have had so much power on this planet is they are nothing if not focused!! We need to UP our focus, and that includes remembering who we are!!!!) 

Your power is strong, and you have the ultimate authority over what is in your energy field. Our 'weak link' as it were is that many of us don't realise the degree to which we are being affected by, and even bombarded by, external thoughts and feelings. So today (or even every day) is a good day to say: "All that doesn't belong to me, please return to your rightful place now, and all that is mine please now be returned to me. I am 100% (say your name) nothing more and nothing less. Thank you." 

The planet and humanity need you firing on all of your cylinders right now! 

Another great affirmation I say all the time is: "I am connected to my best possible self, my best possible reality and my best possible movement forward on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, cellular, DNA, ancestral, etheric and all the chakras. Thank you." 

How are you all feeling lately?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Kaleidoscope of wholeness

As a writer, sometimes a phrase comes out that makes you want to jump up and say yes love that!! "Kaleidoscope of wholeness" was one such phrase that emerged onto the page as I was writing my Let Love In course (current intake underway, next intake will be August!). 

Here's how it came out: "If you want a healthier, deeper, more connected love relationship, one of the things you are really looking for is to experience authentic emotional intimacy with someone. You want someone who can see you, the real, true you, and who isn’t afraid to see the wounded you. You want to feel safe in showing your kaleidoscope of wholeness to someone, which consists of a whole cast of characters and related issues. Likewise, you want someone who is willing and able to show you their wholeness." 

 The kaleidoscope of wholeness honours that we are all works in progress on this evolutionary journey!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014