Thursday, February 26, 2015

Shake it off

It is very easy to write 'don't let other people's thoughts and opinions influence you or define you' - it's a really common phrase and I'm sure I've written it plenty of times myself. However, let's be real: it is one thing to write it or be inspired by it, and another thing entirely to learn to actually be that way.

It is a growth process that can take a lifetime, to be so strong within yourself that you don't sway from your truth and centre when others criticise, misunderstand or judge you. Some people feel completely debilitated by external harshness. Most of us fall somewhere in the range of small, medium or mega wobbling like one of those bowling pin dolls.

Last week I had to wonder if someone had thrown some kind of agitating dust in the air creating mass wobbling because there were more than a few comments happening (anonymously on my blog) mis-interpreting my words and the words of others, creating an atmosphere that felt extremely judgmental and button-pushy.

Since then I have read about other people feeling the same, with one well-known writer saying she needed to take a break from Facebook so intense was her experience. It is one thing for people who aren't really into this kind of material to be critical. Each to their own. But it more felt like a wave of energy triggering conscious awake people to pit themselves against each other. This wave didn't feel like the usual solar and cosmic waves, it felt quite dare I say intentionally disruptive. Divide and conquer anyone? Hmmm.... I don't say that to create any fear about who or what might have generated this wave (if indeed it was generated), but just to say heads up, if you are feeling this way take a moment to brush it off. Or put on Taylor Swift's song "Shake it off" and dance around: very effective!

Image result for dancing

I have to say on the odd occasion of receiving those kind of comments, I have a moment where I feel like disappearing offline, but do you stop your passion and stop connecting with all the people who resonate with you, just because of the few that don't? 

The answer for me is no, but I totally understand why so many people hesitate to emerge in their lives with their creativity, dreams, true self, sexuality, spiritual gifts or whatever the case may be. Not everyone will like you or what you do or what you have to say, and as strong as you may be it doesn't feel good to be on the receiving end of someone essentially telling you that your ideas/way of life/choices etc are 'wrong'. In hindsight you can laugh about it, but in the moment...blagh.

When I had my moment I turned within to see how I could shift the yukky feeling and was guided in this way: Ultimately we are all One. Every individual on this planet is part of the One Source. Based on that, aspects of my own Self made those comments that fired up emotion in me. I thought okay, let's act as if I said those things to my own self. Why would I say those things to myself? What must I believe deep down about myself ?

I highly recommend approaching any similar experiences you are having in this way. It was such a powerful exercise.

This took me to some core false beliefs that have been coming up strongly lately for yet another level of clearing and transformation related to not doing enough (What if I fail by not doing what I'm here to do, what if I'm not doing enough, how can I possibly be good enough in all areas (being a mum, being a wife, being a writer/teacher, being a friend) with only 24 hours in each day?!!)  

So what feels unpleasant can provide the best opportunity for shining a light on ever deeper aspects of your Shadow. Don't let other people super-impose their version of 'right' onto you, or allow their skewed version of you dictate who you know yourself to be. Don't get stuck in those moments, and we are human so they do come up for us all.

You can use these sorts of moments to turn the mirror around and extract some real gold from the emotions they trigger. can just dance around to Shake it off and let it go simple as that!

How have you all been feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

We are all growing together

Last week I featured a guest post on this page, which created a storm of differing opinions. Here's what I know for sure: we cannot force anyone to change or grow, nor should we. Nor can anyone force us to change or grow!

Something I have always been averse to with this whole 'ascension' topic (a word I don't really use a lot), is this notion that a certain group of people at a certain level of growth are all the same, and different in every way to another group of people at another level of growth. Or that a group of people are suddenly all going to be lifted up into paradise and into a new earth that is perfect overnight leaving the rest behind to smoulder. This just isn't true, and I should add, doesn't feel true for me. Look, I might be wrong and if I am I am, but I can only write as I've always seen it and felt it personally.

More true, I feel, is that there are different levels of every aspect of consciousness and awareness co-existing within us all simultaneously. As an example, last week I opened up to a whole new level of clean eating, meanwhile thousands of people have been eating like this for years. I have gone countless times with my sister to the markets while she buys her coconut oil and chia seeds, but had no urge to follow suit. I have loved my carbs, even though I kept getting strong nudges to reduce or even stop them altogether for a while.

A series of very clear intuitive messages and validation with a blood test told me that my immune system needed attention asap. At the same time, three times that week I had seen an article in three different places talking about a recent scientific study that has shown that a 3 day water fast* re-sets your immune system. I needed no more prompting....I started it immediately the very next day....last Wed, Thurs and Fri, hence I have been quiet on here of late.

It has changed me, and I can feel it still changing me. (Last night I was seeing fluorescent lines and swirls along with a shimmering in our bedroom doorway, and yes I have resumed eating...mainly vegies and protein for now). I have HAD to upgrade my clean eating to a level that I just didn't feel I wanted or needed previously, and now I find myself standing in a field where there are thousands of people saying "Welcome, where have you been?!"

Meanwhile those same people might be opening up to new fields in other areas that they haven't previously felt called to visit be it a higher intuition or shadow governments or love or a million other possible topics and life areas.

So you might be standing in front of a loved one, shouting at them about this book or that lifestyle choice or that healing process: but they will not be able to hear you until they are ready. I was not ready for this style of eating before, but my future self pulled me up and clearly put me on a new train track for my own good, and I am grateful. Now that I am ready I can't get enough info and I am loving every moment of this new path!!

So really it is like we are standing in this giant circle that is made up of many circles. And we are really expert at some of those: if you want to know about energy and consciousness, come sit in my circle. Yet if I want to know a bit more about growing my own vegies or how to build a woodfire oven, I will go over and open to someone else's circle and learn from them.

We are headed in the right direction with our evolution, because these types of circles are expanding. Years ago they were very small with few people, but now there are millions gathering in each healthy lifestyle, socially/politically/environmentally/spiritually/etc awake and aware circle. That is a sign of our collective growth. That is a sign that we are collectively evolving. The circles are growing in size by the day.

It is not like school where you learned very specific topics on each level and so by the end everyone was roughly at the same level of knowledge. I can tell you what is going on with your energy field without even seeing you, but I don't know if I could light a fire with no matches or lighter and I would really like to know how to do that. Many people want to ascend...I want to descend! I arrived here connected to the universe....I want to connect with Mama Earth now.

Our next level of evolution I feel, is to embody a higher level of consciousness and awareness right here on Earth in our physical bodies, and incorporating that (eventually) into every system and structure on the planet. This is happening. It will happen on a grand scale. I wish it was going faster, but I am so happy to see and feel it is happening faster now than ever.

What are your thoughts? xx
* A water fast is not to be taken lightly, and is an extreme practice.  Please know the state of your health prior to attempting, and inform yourself on proper, safe fasting methods, including easeful entry and exit in and out of fast periods. Seek a qualified health practitioner's guidance if needed.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Guest Post: No more ladder camping

Sometimes I get a comment that really should be a blog piece all of its own! The following is one such comment, copied here as a Guest Post with permission from the author Cathy. It is a no-holding back, tell it like it is clear perspective related to the post Hi to higher vibrations, and bye bye bridge. There is a lot of interesting food for thought here:

Dana, I'm glad you have sensed this and put out this message. Here's what I have come to know about this over the years.

In the last several years there were more people "on path" than there were "completed" / ascension-ready.

4D is a transition zone, literally a ladder between the levels of 3D and 5D. Odd numbered dimensions are dwelling areas while even numbered are transition zones.

Unfortunately many people got into 4 D levels and decided to camp out there, literally attempting to turn ladder rungs into dwelling places. That was not meant to be and yet there were so many for so long just stopped that in early 2012 a 4D hologram was starting to form. But it was not sustainable and is not truly ascension, so in September of 2014 that got overruled / cancelled /stopped. Since then it is very much indeed all or nothing - either finish ALL of your healing work and truly, fully complete or stay in 3D. No more ladder camping. That was all rather half-*ssed and is still clinging to 3D and limit.

And the result? You said it yourself - stagnation. For EVERYONE. Not just for people camping in 4D but also for those who were ascension-ready and for Gaia and even for those who will continue their growth and evolution work in 3D, for even the 3D timeline has been held up, not allowed to move forward. Very often those who were ascension-ready were holding off the destructive 3D timeline so that all the ascension work done by individuals and Gaia would not be wasted. It was very exhausting and all were still in 3D physical vessels, which can only take so much. The ladder rung dwellers have been a real wrench in the works of this planetary ascension and have literally put the ascension of Gaia at risk with their lack of urgency.

This 'tweener level of people would look at most of the people in the world and see they were not as bad off and mistook / mistake this for being "done". This is not a race but it IS a competition, which, unbeknownst to many, literally means "aim together". And THE absolute BEST way to help this ascension effort is TO DO YOUR OWN INNER HEALING WORK! 

As Marianne Williamson said, you are NOT helping others by playing small yourself. It doesn't matter if anyone else "sees" the results of your inner work, it's about having the sheer guts to do it. It's not about what you do "out there" but what you are doing "in here".

Many who tend to drag their heels have only moved forward when pushed energetically, yes, by solar activity or astrological / cosmic alignments etc., like they need a constant cattle prod or they're not budging. As soon as the peak of such energies fade, then these people let themselves get lulled back into lollygagging again. Folks, this has got to stop. It's long overdue to take the bull by the horns and PROACTIVELY, very INTENTIONALLY commit to your healing work.

Yes Dana, as you say, there is a spiral affect, yes there are active times and times to rest and gather energy for the next push, but one could stand to take some initiative and not wait for someone or something else to push at their backs in order to keep moving forward. ASK for it, then don't resist the work when it is presented.

If you TRULY want to ascend IN FULL to 5D (nothing short of that IS ascension) you all have got to get with it pronto. Yes it very much IS all or nothing. Be wholehearted about it. It's long past time to quit horsing around.

2 things required for ascension

1. Release what is not you.
2. Embrace was IS truly you.

Let me rephrase –

1. Release all disempowering programs, limits, wounds, fears, ego issues, materialism.

2. Connect to your Higher / Divine self and follow its guidance. (Quit dismissing your intuition, no matter how much it beats against the world "out there".)


Guest Post by Cathy.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

No more freezing up

To all those who have a recurring pattern of freezing up when wanting to move forward with something:

Banish the reality this moment of 'freezing up' with your work/love/abundance/anything. The you who froze is an illusion, a concept created by old fears that no longer live in your neighbourhood.

You are flowing with creative water. You are creative water flowing. That is who you are, and who you have always been. The ice is now shattered like the illusion that held it together.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Correct your thinking!

Our minds can get stuck on a loop, repeating phrases that literally keep US stuck! I really noticed this the other day when another mum I met shared that they were planning on having another baby this year. I said: "We're trying too." Only suddenly it struck me - my tone was so gloomy! I may as well have said "We're stuck too, sad face sad face" OMG is this depressing tone the vibration I've been carrying on this topic?! Obviously yes! With fresh inspiration I took a leaf out of her book and re-launched the spring in my thought step. From that second on I decided to choose to correct my thinking: "We are planning on another baby too!" Ahhhh, that feels MUCH better!

Whether it is a thought keeping you stuck, or the thought is a manifestation of an underlying sticky emotional/energetic issue, (and it is ALL being revealed this powerful year) correcting a thought pattern loosens everything up in a good way. Try it right now with something you have been stuck on. The difference in feeling, and thus vibration, and thus what you can energetically allow vs push away is incredible.

Until a new way of thinking becomes your natural new normal, set affirmations can help to re-direct and re-wire your usual thought grooves. Stick positive phrases relevant to you up where you can see them every day. Inject them with feeling - that is: say it like you mean it. Visualise it like it is already real.

If you don't believe this works, say the below examples with feeling....and then say the opposite to yourself. Notice the difference in your body, how it changes, depending on what you are telling yourself.

The following came through in a session for a client the other day, and might be helpful to some of you right now too:

The way forward is now easy and smooth for me.

The doors allowing great changes that help people are now swung open for me.

My voice is heard and encouraged. My ideas are put into action.

Who has used thoughts and affirmations to turn things around? Share your stories here!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015