Monday, November 30, 2015

Pink Flowers: what more good things could we be letting in?

Pink Flowers - original post below - was one of the most read posts of this year. It was about the magical instant manifesting that is possible when there's no attachment to the "how". If we could approach everything with the same fun, light-hearted spirit that was behind my joyful thought: "I would love someone to give me a bunch of pink flowers today", what good things could we be letting in? 

What would you love to have happen this week? Pick something that you don't have a whole lot of emotional baggage around. Look at this as an experiment that letting something in can happen in a magical and unexpected way. Once you do it with something fun and light, you realise okay, this is possible, so what else is possible? 

Think of something now! Please head on over and comment on the site if it works, or if you have an amazing magical manifesting story to share. 

From the blog archives of Jan 2015, one of the most popular posts ever, Pink Flowers:

So today I was at the shop and passed a florist. The colourful bunches of flowers really jumped out at me, especially the pink bunch. I had a feeling I wanted to see what I could manifest and thought to myself "I would really love the experience of someone buying me a bunch of flowers today."

I had no attachment to this happening, no agenda as to who or how (Christian god love him doesn't come home with random flowers), and pretty much forgot about it straight away. I did have a genuine appreciation for how the pink flowers looked and felt. Well guess what Christian came home with today!!!!!!!! 

I guess I can't say he doesn't come home with random flowers anymore!

Whether it's manifesting, telepathy or a psychic nudge on his part, this is how the higher vibrations work....clearly and quickly! Especially when there is no resistance, attachment, agenda etc.

Now, that million dollars would be lovely to receive right now too!

Share your manifesting and synchronicity stories here!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015

Friday, November 27, 2015


It's been a big week - this fabulous new online space was finally launched woohoo!! 

I've been working away on this for months, and have had the idea for a conscious lifestyle new kinda media site for YEARS, at least a decade and longer if you count offline versions of this very same idea!!!

It was an idea that kept tapping me on the shoulder and just would not go away, but for some reason it always either felt too overwhelming, or the timing wasn't right, or I had no idea how or where to start. By the beginning of this year things started coming to a head with what my Soul wanted for my future direction. Pluto has set up camp in my life for 3+ years, transiting my North Node, Ascendant and Mars. For those who know Pluto, no explanation is needed. For those who don't, imagine a Building Inspector demolishing anything in your life that has past its use by date, but as compensation hands out a 'Phoenix rising from the ashes' voucher, gifting you with something that you perhaps didn't even know you wanted, or did but didn't think it was possible. 

I've had 2015-17 circled in my mental diary forever, knowing Pluto as I do, and just quietly I was a little apprehensive (okay, bit terrified for a while there), as to what he had in store for me. I knew his speciality was demolishing the outgrown, and so I intentionally made sure my life was as true to my heart as possible. "Ha, take that Pluto, nothing here to demolish, is there?!!" But, Pluto loves a challenge, and, well, you can't outsmart Pluto. 

So far he has vacuumed his way through my health and wellbeing department en route to fertility central, transforming everything from the ingredients in my pantry to the time I go to bed. 

Work and purpose wise, the little taps started to become big nudges.  I had a general idea of my overall vision but I didn't know how to organise all that was in my head into a brief that I could give a web designer. And to be honest I wanted to play with it in much the same way as an artist paints a painting, or a writer writes a book. I knew I would be chopping and changing all over the place until I got into the flow of my new flow. "Build the site yourself!" said Christian. "Build the site yourself!" said my sister and brother-in-law. 

"I can't!" said I. A) I'm not a website designer, or technically minded in the least. B) In what spare time, of which I already have none, might I be building this new site?

The taps and nudges just got louder. I started playing around with it, telling myself that this was just going to be the draft site, something I could show a real web designer once I had finished so that they could replicate it with their savvy design skills.

I started having a lot of fun with it. Once I got the hang of it on the technical side I was like a kid with a new pack of coloured markers at the beginning of school term. Turquoise here! Fertility, Birth & Parenting section there! 

What unfolded was, and is, an absolute online expression of who I am and what I'd like to share with the world. 

One day in the future I may need to call on someone with more tech-savvy savviness to expand where expansion is needed. But for now, I am so proud of myself for perservering, and for just fricken doing it! And for creating something that I absolutely love, and I hope you do too. It is just the beginning, and I am so excited to start unfolding and evolving it. 

If there is something tapping and nudging you, then JFDI. If you feel it is out of your comfort zone, take one step at a time. At the beginning I had no idea how I would be able to do things like the registration form and directing people from paypal back to the site, and all those things that look like they just happen but really there is SO much work involved! Work that my former web designer for 10+ years Jelena Mrkich had always done for me! 

I just kept doing it one step at a time, and whenever I came across something I wasn't sure how to do (which was often), I found out how to do it.  One step at a time - that is key!!! Have your big vision to inspire you, but don't stay focused on only that otherwise you will get overwhelmed as to how to get there.  I once asked a runner how on earth they kept running for so many hours in a marathon? He said "One step at a time. I just kept imagining a line in front of me, only a few steps ahead, and I never looked beyond that line. I just kept putting one foot in front of the other and had my eyes on that line just a few feet ahead." 

To create the time and creative space I needed, I made the emotionally (and financially) huge decision to let go of my Soul Sessions. I knew it was time, and I could hardly tell thousands of people for years to 'jump and have faith' and not do the same myself!

So jump and have faith I did. 

Something that I also want to address is: very often when you see someone come out with a new idea you think 'oh damn, I had that idea! Now I can't do that because someone else is doing it!"

Throw that myth in the rubbish right now if you are holding it. There is more than enough room for all of our dreams. And there is only one YOU who will express your dream in the way that only you can express it. If everyone reading this who has felt the urge to create an online space, or conscious media platform, or run courses, or write books, JFDI, we would still not have too many of those things in the world!!! It is all hands on deck time, and if your hands are creative hands, conscious hands, hands that desire to make a difference, then it is even more important that you get cracking!

Onward and upward!!

Love Dana x


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Monday, November 23, 2015

Fertility & Flowers: blooming in their own way

We have this little flower plant on our front porch. It doesn't bloom very often or for long, but when it does it is so beautiful. It bloomed this week, just as I went to get some fertility tests done. I thought that was a good sign ✔️ As I watched the screen and saw an egg preparing to ovulate I was so excited that my body was doing that!

After nearly 3 years of trying to conceive our second bub, at times it has felt like my body has packed up shop despite every effort to revive the reproduction factory. Then suddenly there it all is on screen. "Uterus looking great, tubes wonderful and clear, juicy egg growing and getting ready to ovulate!" said the sonographer and gynocologist who bless their hearts must see this ten times a day but acted as enthusiastic as if it was the first time ever.

I can see why so many women conceive after having this particular test, or starting the prep for fertility treatment. Seeing the visual on screen of your body doing what it is meant to do, combined with experts by your side cheering your body on, is the fertility equivalent of a basketball game pep talk 5 minutes before the buzzer sounds. It's the coach saying "You got this." As time goes on, the more I've appreciated how long this has taken. I've introduced so many awesome clean, organic, superfoody foods into my daily diet. I stopped working until past midnight and am now tucking myself into bed much earlier. I've chillaxed on the to do list and deleted things from my schedule that were depleting me.

I've realised how completely ridiculous my former worries were about "the sibling age gap" and now deeply trust more than ever that all is unfolding as it should.
I've let go of trying, and I've trekked down a dirt road in Mexico, looking for the local curandera healing woman's house so she can do her famous Mayan Fertility Massage. It was important for me to try everything natural and holistic out there before I could let go of the belief I could never do IVF. If that turns out to be the next step then so be it.

For all you out there on this fertility journey, it sucks and it is special all at the same time.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

A day to Get Up

Days like these show us some things very clearly.

We can see that most people respond with deep empathy and strong emotion when hearing about tragic events. This is the beauty of our humanity. We feel sadness at the thought of what others have gone through. We feel fear at the thought of it happening to us or our loved ones. We feel angry that someone, anyone, thinks it is okay to take someone else's life. We feel a connection with those we don't know. We feel our humanity more sharply on these days than on other, more ordinary days.

We can also see, when we open our eyes, that mainstream media are like emotional puppet-masters, saturating us with one tragic story, while ignoring others, just as tragic. Saturating us with a scripted version of that story that has been provided to all the major western news networks. This is not conspiracy theory, it is fact. Same words, same script. Provided by who and for what reason? These are questions we should all be asking ourselves.

The scripts are saturated with certain key words. A Muslim shooter is somehow always a terrorist, while a white shooter is somehow always just a crazy shooter. Politicians are closing borders while others are shouting 'See, I told you so, we should all close our borders!" Instantly the insinuation is that the Other has brought this bloodshed here to our soil, and so we better keep all the Others out, even though the majority of refugees are all regular people, just like us, escaping the very terror they are being accused of perpetrating.

You may feel that a day of mourning is not the right day to be talking about the murky world that is the mainstream media and global politics, but those invisible people who are hurting and mourning similar losses in other countries, those people whose lives have now been burdened with further discriminatory hardship, might disagree.

Today is a day to mourn. It is a day to pray. It is a day to stand in solidarity with all those around the world that have been hurt or killed by the despicable acts of others. It is also a day to think deeper. To question further. Who is really behind these acts? Is the story we are being told true, or is there something or someone else at work here? Or at the very least stop yourself when you catch yourself riding the wave of a media-generated meme.

Today is a day when you might venture deeper down the rabbit hole. When you ask, and discover, who is funding and training so much of the tragedy we see around the world? Sometimes you can only go so far into the rabbit hole and then you need to surface for a while, to find relief and reprieve. For some, their gift to the world is to give the rabbit hole no energy, while they spread goodness on the surface as much as they can. We all have a part to play, and any part from the heart is much needed now.

Today may have been a day to despair, but tomorrow is a day to get up once again. It is the only way to honour all those who have needlessly lost their lives not only in the past day, but in the past week, month, year and decades, to that which is planned to precision in the rabbitholes of our precious Earth.

With all my heart, I put my vote on the goodness of humanity to prevail. As dark as it is in the rabbitholes, as strong as the agenda is to spread that darkness among our precious humanity, all the darkness in the world cannot extinguish what amounts to the light of 7 billion people, the majority of whom want the same thing: lives of peace, wellbeing and love with their loved ones.

And now desiring those things even more today than yesterday.

And so our collective light grows in the midst of these tragedies.

It is our duty, and responsibility, to keep our light strong, to keep our hearts open, to see what is difficult to see, and to keep going when all seems lost. Remember the saying, it is always darkest before dawn, and our dawn is long overdue.

Will you make a pledge today? In honour of all those across time, whose lives have been taken or affected by the many departments of darkness, in honour of all those children and grandchildren and generations set to inherit this planet long after we are gone, I will keep my light shining bright, I will keep my heart open, I will do what I came here to do.

(c) Dana Mrkich

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

11:11 - A reminder of what IS around us ALL the time

Today/tonight is a perfect time for setting your intentions for the month ahead. It's a New Moon in Scorpio, and as added juice falls on 11/11 for most of the world (Australia will already be in the pre-dawn hours of 12 Nov when New Moon is exact so tonight 11/11 before you go to bed is the ideal time to be thinking about what you most want to manifest in your life or receive help with).

A lot of people are seeing 11:11 on their clocks and wonder what the significance is of it. There is no official cosmic guidebook anywhere that answers this for sure, but generally it's a sign along the lines that you are being taken care of, that someone is around you or watching over you from the higher realms, it can be a nudge to pay attention to whatever you are thinking about in that moment, some people quickly make a wish whenever they see 11:11 as they feel that in that moment there is a special portal open between us and our highest dreams, desires and potential. 

I think that the magic represented by 11:11 is open and available to us all the time, only we are so busy most of the time that sometimes we need something to jolt us out of our busy-ness, to remind us: "Hey you, wakey wakey, remember who you are, remember where you're from, remember what's possible!" And so, we are shown these numbers as a friendly cosmic wink as it were.

So, tonight, for sure use this wonderful portal that is a New Moon on 11/11, yet also know that we don't have to wait for special dates and times. Special dates and times are messengers, representatives, reminding us of what IS around us ALL the time, we only need to remember that and be open to it.

Do you see 11:11 or other number patterns often? What does this mean to you?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Course prices going up with website re-launch: time to enrol is now!

I am very excited to announce that my new website is due to launch in a couple of weeks!! More than just a new website, it represents a whole new vibe and a new focus for me personally. More info to come over the coming fortnight! What I want to share today is:

1) There will be a price increase with the new website for the Online Courses. If you have been thinking of doing either of the current available courses,

Create a Life you Love 


Let Love In 

now is the time to enrol!

** Please note, the current prices are in Aussie dollars, so if you are converting to USD, Euro or the GBP you are getting an absolute bargain!!

*** If you are eager to do one of the courses but would prefer to do it in the New Year once the end of year busyness is over, please let me know in the registration form. We can put a hold on materials until January for you BUT payment must be made now to get the current price. You are of course welcome to wait to enrol and pay in Jan, but it will be with the new price.

2) The Soul Sessions won't be coming along in this new chapter. For 20 years (on and off), they helped thousands of you all over the world, and taught me a lot of what I know today. For numerous reasons, it is time to let them go. There are no more bookings available, no waitlist, just space for more good things. Thank you to everyone who worked with me via a session, for being a part of so much insight, teaching and wisdom.

I am very happy to still get to work with you via the courses. Each one has its own private forum, where I personally respond to your questions as you go.

I will be continuing, and doing even more, of what I most love which is writing. So the new site will be jam-packed with all the latest posts, plus all sorts of other conscious, inspiring, practical info you can use.

So looking forward to sharing it with you,

Love Dana x

Cocoon Time

Jax's kindy project! It's been so cool watching the silkworms plumpen up, and now they are forming their golden cocoons!

I'm sure a lot of you can relate to feeling like you've been in a cocoon in between "who I was" and "who I'm becoming", in between an old chapter and new, in between relationships ending and hearts healing, career paths changing, beliefs shifting.

Only the world doesn't see our golden cocoon, and in most ways we have to keep on trucking through the cocoon process getting on with paying bills, making dinner, looking after the kids etc. 

Wouldn't it be great if we could from time to time hold up a yellow card that meant: "I'm in my golden cocoon, get back to me when I'm out!"

Where do you need to hold up your yellow card to allow yourself some cocoon time? It might mean just acknowledging to yourself, a good friend or your partner: I'm in the middle of some sort of transformation. I'm not sure where it's leading but I'm no longer able to be/do/function as I used to.

During cocoon phases everyone needs different types of support. Some need to be heard, others held. Some need time out, others are in ideas central and have a huge creativity spurt that they need to get out. It can be all these things.

Unsupported, our cocoon breakthroughs stall in breakdowns, and so it is vitally important that our cocoon processes are nurtured and respected not pushed away.

This doesn't mean it's easy to hold that yellow card up. But it is important to ask yourself what that yellow card represents to you. What is it that you need? It makes it a lot easier then for people to give you the support you need, and for you to receive it.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015