Monday, September 30, 2013

30 September CME: A Release of Energy

Today had a very strong, clear energy around it. It felt like the sun came out together with a rainbow after weeks of feeling like we were in a pressure cooker and sure enough the Sun finally released a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) after what I think has been weeks of relative quiet. 

The feeling of 'ah, progress at last' is in the air. For some this may come in the form of a lovely surprise or unexpected opportunity after months of feeling 'stuck'. For others it may come via an overwhelming confrontation with all that there is to do, in order to finally achieve some goal. Even if this feels frustrating, it's actually very positive because this confrontation is allowing you to truly see what needs to happen: what needs to be let go of, what needs to be changed, what action steps need to be taken. 

It feels like the energy of procrastination and obstacles have been removed for a moment, allowing us to swim through yet another tunnel, so that we can reach yet another new level of ourselves. If you haven't already over the last few days, I highly encourage you to think of one thing you have been procrastinating about and just get it done already. We did a major spring clean a couple of weeks ago and it feels like we've moved into a new home! The house clearing also cleared our heads and energy fields, adding fresh motivation and clarity to a few things. 

How are you all feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Onward and Upward LightWarriors!

Video Version with Commentary here

We often associate Light with positive qualities like love and joy, and so many of us were looking forward to more love and more joy – especially in the world at large as well as in our personal lives – during these times of increased Light as we move into a new vibration and enter a new level of consciousness. However Light is truly neither positive nor negative. Light amplifies that which is. Light shines a torch, offering clarity to things we haven’t seen before. Bright, white light contains All the colours, and thus gives us access to an entire spectrum of emotions, qualities and experiences that we may not have had access to before, or been ready to see/feel/embody/embrace earlier.
            The more Light that is on the planet, and within us, of course the more love and joy we will feel and see around us. We are seeing more people awakening, wanting to connect to life in a deeper and more meaningful way. We are seeing waves of people getting active, demanding greater rights for humanity, for the environment and for all living things on our planet. We are also seeing a huge amount of resistance to this growing wave of Light. We are seeing conservative elements of society and governments dig in their heels even more. We are experiencing the beginnings of an Internet Filtering system that seeks to prevent people from gaining empowering, uplifting information.
            This resistance can make it feel like we are being attacked, as if there is a literal war going on between ‘light’ and ‘dark’, between those wanting to awaken and those wanting the masses to stay asleep.  The message came through this morning that it is so important right now to rise above engaging in a huge game of tug-o-war. This does not mean to just sit back and let things unfold…no, no, no. ‘Lightworkers’ have done enough of that! It is time for Lightworkers to become Lightwarriors, only our definition of warrior needs looking at.
            Engaging in a tug-o-war, as you may have literally felt over the past few weeks (months, years), creates a lot of physical, mental and emotional tension. It creates a ‘twist’ in our hose to our Higher/Source energy, so that everything good stops flowing to us. Many of you may have been wondering lately why ‘the flow’ seems to have halted be it your usual insights, motivation, guidance, abundance or usual magical synchronicities. It is because as the resistance has tightened it is our natural human inclination to want to pull back. ‘Lightworkers’ and ‘Starseeds’ and the like are not natural fighters, but we are addicted to wanting everyone to awaken, to be free and happy. So when we see things not going that way, our tendency is to pull energetically and say ‘C’mon, this way, this way!! You’re going the wrong way!!’ Yet have you noticed that these days when you do that you get a little cosmic slap on the wrist?
            Pulling on something from a space of panic, fear or distress these days is tending to generate more panic, fear and distress – and more stubborn resistance from that which we are pulling on. It is time to rise up and really, really, remember why we are here and remember how exactly to do what we came here to do.
It is time to use your powers of remembering: remember the world we came here to create? Yes you do.
It is time to use your powers of knowing. You know this is a done deal. That is why so many of us are here. Remember? Okay.
It is time to use our powers of visualisation and e-motion (energy in motion). See the world living in harmony, peace and freedom with everyone receiving all that they need particularly when it comes to health, nourishing food, clean water, sustainable housing and empowering education. Visualise and feel your own life as you wish it to be. Go through every area in your mind’s eye every day. See it and feel it: your health, your relationships, your home, your work, your flow of abundance, your dreams and goals.
Absolutely take action if you feel inspired. Create your own projects and initiatives. Sign petitions. Participate in protests. Call your elected representatives – remember they are our representatives not our dictators! Only do it from your Lightwarrior authority space. Do it from a place of knowing that we as a humanity deserve better. Do it from a space of clarity and assuredness that we will create a better world and are already creating that right now. Do it from the place inside you that knows that growth always prevails over suppression. Always. Eventually.
Finally, exhale all the tension that so many of us have been holding lately. Inhale all the support that is available to you, seen and unseen. Exhale the feeling of being attacked. Inhale the knowing that we are free. Exhale the fear that we will fail at this task. Inhale the knowing that with every breath you are contributing positively in some way to the creation of a better world. Your presence alone is helping. Exhale old memories of old lives where we were persecuted and where things went pear-shaped. Inhale a new reality where good prevails, where we have more power than ever before to really make a quantum leap this time, thanks to the huge amount of people here to create that, thanks to technology connecting us all, and the amount of Light flooding the planet right now.
Onward and upward Lightwarriors!

© Dana Mrkich 2013


Monday, September 23, 2013

A New Kind of Monthly Visions

This year I have often wondered if the previous month’s Monthly Visions was the last one.  I have been writing them for almost 7 years now because they have helped me, and a lot of you, make sense of what’s going on, wrapping up present themes in a summarized package. Only something has shifted this year, and it keeps shifting, and that something (among other things!) is Time.
A Month now simultaneously feels like a Year on one hand, and a Blink of an Eye on the other.  Mountains of transformation are happening constantly and quickly. Where each Monthly Visions used to contain a fairly prominent main theme, we are now moving through major themes in days not weeks. There was a time where if you didn’t see a friend for a while you could catch up over coffee and get a run down on what each of you had been going through. Nowadays, how many of us are finding it impossible to catch someone up on what we have gone through emotionally/physically/spiritually/energetically in the past week or weeks – or even remember the hundred shifts that have taken place! We are increasingly becoming a different version of who we were a week ago, let alone a month ago!
Yet the energetic summaries and forecasts are, I feel, important. They help us understand why we feel how we feel and why certain personal or collective experiences are happening. They offer insight as to how we might best navigate our way through this very new and unknown territory and give us glimpses into what we might expect up the road ahead. I love writing them. I love connecting the dots, seeing how things are connected, and uncovering the meaning behind what’s going on. I love sharing all of this with you, and receiving your comments and stories about how you resonate with what’s come through.
So, just as green is the new black, letting go is the new expansion and weekly appears to be the new monthly.  Over the past few months I’ve started writing blogs several times a week describing the energetic current of the moment and posting updates most days on social media. These blogs and posts have become a kind of Mini Monthly Visions. This month it has become apparent that they are now officially my new direction in energy reporting.
The energy reports will now come out whenever they need to come out, approximately a few times a week, more or less, long or short, depending on what’s happening. Sometimes they’ll summarize the theme of the moment, other times they’ll be covering whatever topic most needs highlighting at the moment.  It feels like this will allow a more ‘living in the now’ approach.
I’ve received lots of great feedback from those who love the video versions, so I will aim to keep that up as often as possible – especially for the longer reports.
            To keep updated with these reports you can follow them here:

They are also shared across lots of forums and sites all over the net, and I appreciate all the wonderful people who do that. Thank you.
Thank you for following the Monthly Visions all these years, and I hope you enjoy this new, more regular format as the coming months unfold!

Lots of love,

Dana xo

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013

Sep 23 Equinox: Soothing Balance Balm Needed

Happy Equinox all! Traditionally today is a day of Balance, and we really need that right now! 

At the moment it more feels like the see-saw is at stomach-churning extremes, with each 'side' on a billion different issues holding tight onto their position. This is creating a lot of tension which you may be feeling emotionally or energetically are trying to process through your physical body thus many reports of tummy upsets, nausea, purging (trying to find a nice word for it!), splitting headaches, back pain and so on. 

Last week we had a huge Harvest Full Moon in Pisces along with several intense astrological configurations and it was enough to make one want to just crawl underneath the blankets and say wake me when it's all over! So right now we are all very much needing some soothing balm just to get through each day, and may today's Equinox provide it. 

Today is a special day for our family - it is my partner Christian's birthday and the 11th anniversary of my Mum's passing. One of Mum's greatest joys was healing others and she always wanted to help 'more people, bigger, bigger'. She was like a second mum to all of our friends and I just know she is in the higher realms now with her many jangling bracelets sending healing, love and light to all who need it. So if you need a bit of a warm flood of goodness, please feel free to ask Miki to send some down. She will be the one giggling her head off xo

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Internet Filtering on Esoteric Sites

UK Internet Filtering on Esoteric sites may have already started with some people experiencing difficulty getting onto my site and other similar sites. Internet security comes up with a message saying the site may be 'dangerous' and is 'non-trusted'. Okey Dokey! 

The good news is, you do have the option to 'opt-in' which I guess means you enter the world of 'esoteric' information at your own risk - whether it means you're placed on a 'Salem witch watch list' I have no idea! The more people that are aware this is happening the better, otherwise one can just assume that specific sites have internet virus issues and this is certainly not the case! 

Everyone has choice no matter how crazy things get. I for one will opt in to continue to read from my favourite sites (and protest this decision, see link below). Has anyone experienced the filtering yet, either going onto someone's site or with others going onto your own? 

Onward and upward!

You can lodge your protest about this internet filtering here

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Blanket of Depression

Many people think of depression as sadness, but depression has many faces including numbness, overwhelm and inexplicable anxiety. While there can be many factors at play, including chemical and hormonal imbalances, nutrition issues and lack of vitamin D, when we look at the energetic and emotional causes depression is like a big, heavy, grey blanket covering some emotion or aspect of us that for some reason we have been unable to freely feel or face. This can include repressed anger, frustrated passion, or denied expression of some part of you - whether that means your present adult self, past self of 10/20/more years ago or even going back to your child self that is still alive and well within you often with some unfinished business! 

What do you want to express that you haven’t been allowed to or had the opportunity to? 
What are you passionate about? 
What makes you feel excited? 
What makes you feel angry? 
What do you regret doing or not doing? 
What do you regularly (or always) deny yourself? 
What would you spend more time doing if you were given an extra day (or hour) a week?

Just allowing yourself to think about, or write down, the answers to these questions can start to make you feel better because whatever it is that is under that blanket feels it is finally being heard, and is being given the opportunity to express itself. If you can take some action from the answers that come, even better. 

Sending some sunshine vibes to all out there that need it xo

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013

Friday, September 13, 2013

Manic Friday the 13th September

Today's energy has been extremely manic - heart racing, adrenalin pumping, hard to focus, and a lot of extremely emotional events happening to so many people I know! Hope that everyone who is feeling this way is finding a way to take a breath, chillax and relax on this Friday the 13th. 

This date is thought of as 'scary' by Western Society but actually has so many positive associations particularly with the Divine Feminine. It is thought by some that Freya's Day was the origin of the word Friday. Freya was the Norse Venus, and a Goddess of Fertility. The number 13 was a very powerful, magical number for the ancients, and there are 13 moons in the Lunar Calendar which follows a similar rhythm to a woman's 28 day moontime cycle. Thus, historically, when Friday fell on the 13th day, it was cause for celebration not fear! 

It is a day to celebrate our inner wisdom, intuition and knowing so if today has been crazy, topsy turvy or unpredictable connect with that part of you that is at peace with what IS and ask that part of you to guide you through the wild waters today.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The interaction between Mars, Pluto and Chiron in the skies this week means that a lot of stuff is coming up around healing old wounds related to our childhood and ancestral energy - particularly in relation to our sense of power, assertiveness and our expression of masculine energy (regardless of gender). 

This healing can happen many ways including the triggering of old wounds so you can see them more clearly, insights that come like a flash of light, or being placed in a situation/experience/environment that gives you a major deja vu moment of something in your past. This influence has been creeping up on us for a while now. 

The other week I was driving along and my little boy was asking for water over and over again. We were 10 min from home, and usually I'd say we're nearly home but something made me pull over, stop the car, and get out to go give him his water bottle. As I opened the front door of my car and stepped out I found myself facing my first childhood home where we lived for the first 4 years of my life. Directly facing, I could not have been more in front of it. I'd been having some insights and memories in the days previous regarding my childhood so this was yet another of those wow moments, as in seriously, are we all participants in a galactic version of The Truman Show? Sometimes I think yes! 

On the world stage we are seeing this influence play out so clearly with the Syria situation - the US is determined to go to war, but out of nowhere something happened where they are now being forced to address the situation in a more peaceful way. 

Every astrological influence these days is being heightened ten fold (a hundred fold) as we are now in a completely different energetic cycle, so it isn't just the astrology that is at play here, but it always fascinating to me how energetic influences are always confirmed by current planetary placements and solar activities!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013