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April 2010 Visioning the Dream Awake

April 2010

What's New this Month!

- Soul Sessions: Upcoming Schedule for In Person Sessions: Sydney, Taos, Los Angeles

- Shifting into Your New Reality Talks &Workshops: Scotland Island Book Now for Sat April 17

- Monthly Visions: Truth, Birth & New Beliefs

- Amazing Story of Healing and Near Death Experience

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- Create a Life you Love E-Course (formerly Your New Chapter): Pay what you Want

- Message Boards: Shifting into your New Reality


Soul Sessions with Dana

Schedule for In Person Soul Sessions:

Sydney: Now to 24 April

Taos, New Mexico: 3 May to 31 May

Los Angeles: 14 June to 18 June

Sydney: 1 July onward

Soul Sessions will as always be available via Email, Phone and Skype also. Email consists of approx 7 pages of written download which you are then welcome to reply to and ask questions about. With phone I call you on your landline (any country). Skype is free for both parties.

For In person please email dana@danamrkich.com otherwise please book here for email, phone or skype sessions: http://www.danamrkich.com/readings/index.html


Shifting into Your New Reality Workshop: Scotland Island, Sat 17 April, 10am-1pm

I have a couple of spots left in the next Shifting into Your New Reality Workshop, being held on Pittwater’s beautiful Scotland Island, Sat 17 April, 10am-1pm. Please email me if you would like to book your place, or have any questions.

Learn more about the Shift and these changing times. Discuss issues that are coming up as you jump from your Old to New Reality. Get to the root of any blocks that are holding you back from stepping into more of who you really are in any life area. Learn more about how you are creating your reality, and find out about your Vibrational Reality - it is affecting every single element of your life and is what the Law of Attraction is responding to!

Price: $75

Upcoming Talks & Workshops

Los Angeles, Bodhi Tree Bookstore – Tues 15 June 7.30pm-9.30pm, Price TBC

Los Angeles, Axis Evolving Healing Centre – Wed 16 June, Price and Time TBC

Brisbane, Mind Body Spirit Festival – Friday 25 June, 2.30 – 3.15pm, Free to Festival Entrants (Festival Entry fees on site: http://www.mbsfestival.com.au/brisbane-details.htm)


April 2010 Monthly Visions:

What a week! The full moon in Libra on March 30 triggered all kinds of feelings of tension, friction, confusion and a general lack of clarity about anything. You may have had one of those doozy of a days, perhaps even felt an unpleasant energy around, but not really known why. As the Earth continues her surge forward into a higher vibration, anything that exists on a lower vibration is being pushed up to the surface and is thus, temporarily, felt and seen more intensely. Read all here: http://danamrkich.blogspot.com/2010/04/april-2010-monthly-visions-truth-birth.html


Amazing Story of Healing and Near Death Experience

In all my years of working as an intuitive, I have learned one thing for sure: everything has an energetic cause and an energetic solution. Last week I received an email from my friend Fred Burks, sharing a story that confirms this about a woman who was instantly healed of terminal cancer during a near-death experience. It is beautiful, amazing and inspiring, and I wanted to share it here: http://danamrkich.blogspot.com/2010/03/amazing-story-of-healing-and-near-death.html


Create a Life you Love E-Course (formerly Your New Chapter): Pay what you Want

Be guided step by step with my 7 week e-course to find out why you have the reality you have, and how to create the reality you want. Read about this course and book http://www.dailyom.com/cgi-bin/courses/courseoverview.cgi?cid=49


Message Boards: Shifting into your New Reality

Relax with a cup of tea and read what people are saying about their current journey or share your story and questions. The Message Boards are a place to give and receive support, inspiration, insights and connection.



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April 2010 Monthly Visions: Truth, Birth & New Beliefs

April 2010 Monthly Visions: Truth, Birth & New Beliefs

What a week! The full moon in Libra on March 30 triggered all kinds of feelings of tension, friction, confusion and a general lack of clarity about anything. You may have had one of those doozy of a days, perhaps even felt an unpleasant energy around, but not really known why. As the Earth continues her surge forward into a higher vibration, anything that exists on a lower vibration is being pushed up to the surface and is thus, temporarily, felt and seen more intensely.

The higher energies consist of love, light and truth. While one might logically think that a planet, system or individual suddenly bombarded by these energies would miraculously start emanating happiness and harmony, this is not, at first, the case. Instead what we have are two polar realities rubbing up against each other. They are extreme opposites in nature. As the energies of love, light and truth increase it is like shining a giant stadium spotlight on the playing field of Earth – all that is unlike that energy, all that has been hidden, is revealed. We are all ultimately divine sparks of love and light, and so as this floodlight shines down on us it activates and awakens who we really are. The more we awaken, the more that anything that depended on us to stay asleep in order for it to maintain control, will flail around like an angry old dragon.

Whether it is our ego used to telling us ‘you’re not good enough’, a lifelong pattern of not wanting to own something within us, a relationship that has only worked because one or both partners have learned to shut down their true feelings and self, an industry that has built its entire success and profits around keeping consumers uninformed or a government that bases its power on keeping people disempowered, it is going to feel increasingly uncomfortable to continue indulging these old energies. These old energies were our ‘old order’ but in order to work they relied on us not being in our power, not remembering who we really were, and living in fear of following our truth. As we awaken, and start to desire and create a ‘new order’, chaos occurs but it’s not a bad chaos. Well it’s a bad chaos from the perspective of those previously in a position of control, without a doubt they get very angry and increase their reins of control once you start making moves to break free, but it’s a good chaos for those who have found a way to kick down the walls of their prison and shift up into freedom and liberation.

So if you are feeling any of this chaos around you, it’s a positive sign indicating that something is in the throes of breaking free, or wanting to break free. The more you react to it with resistance, defensiveness or fear, the more you get pulled down into that dense energy and the more difficult the experience. The more you consciously choose to keep your energy high, keeping your focus and attention on what it is you truly desire and deserve, asking for the best possible outcome, the more positive this powerful process of change can be.

At this point there is no reason to still be in any form of imprisonment or struggle. Any excuses you have been using to delay what your heart and soul are calling you to be or do are null and void. That includes “If I leave I’ll be alone/have no money”, and “I’m not ready because I don’t believe in myself/have low self worth/my parents didn’t love me”. You are free to throw those beliefs in the rubbish bin because they are not serving you anymore.

If you are continuing to believe something that doesn’t make you feel good, continuing to do something that doesn’t make you feel good, or continuing to be someone that doesn’t make you feel good, stop for a minute and ask yourself why? Now, look at the answer you just gave yourself and ask ‘Is this just an excuse I have taught myself to believe, or is it a valid reason?” I can guarantee you that it is an excuse. How do I know that? I don’t know you or your life circumstances or the childhood you went through, but I do know this: we did not come here to be victims. We did not come here to be slaves. We did not come here to be martyrs. We came here to one day wake up, remember who we are, and create the Heaven on Earth this planet is destined to become. We came here to live lives of joyful co-creation, creativity, love and honesty. It is time to do this now. Not in 5 years. Not when you retire. Not when you have more time or money. It is time now, now, now.

This year has many themes, owning our power is a major one. Breaking free of the chains that tie us is part of that. I have always seen who we really are, what our true potential is – and it doesn’t match the reality humanity has alternatively chosen, or worse had chosen for them. This has saddened me and angered me, but most of all it has served as my inspiration and catalyst to help awaken people because when we are awake we have choice. We have the choice to create our lives and our world, consciously. When we are not awake, this choice is taken from us. Our lives and world are then being created for us, and it is not often a life or world that we like. We have been taught to ignore our power and our truth, and even when we start awakening to it, we are discouraged from following it by others and by our own inner (false) beliefs. We have to teach ourselves to follow our truth and step into our power – and at first this can feel totally foreign and overwhelming, yet simultaneously liberating and fulfilling!

We have just moved through the powerful energies of Easter. Easter has its roots in a pagan festival celebrating the coming of Spring, honouring the goddess Ostara/Eostre, the Goddess of fertility, birth, the east and the dawn. Even further back this Goddess was known as Ishtar, goddess of fertility and passion, hence all the Easter symbolism around eggs (birth and fertility) and rabbits (fertility). So now is an exceptionally good time to connect with your authentic power and truth and in the true spirit of Easter birth them, or more accurately rebirth them.

Who are you really? What do you want? At New Year’s we tend to write down our goals and resolutions for the year, but what happens to them? Now is a great time to sit down with your journal and take stock. What is on your goals/wish list? Are you moving toward them steadily, or do you seem to be in a never-ending holding pattern asking for the same things over again but getting nowhere? What would your ultimate life look like? Pick three life areas that you seem to be having a hard time shifting. Ask yourself:

1) What is my current reality in this area?

2) What beliefs must I be holding in order to have this reality I have now?

3) How does this make me feel?

4) How do I want to feel?

5) What would I have to believe to feel this new way?

6) What do I want this life area to look like?

7) What would I have to believe to have this new, better version of reality?

Write down those new beliefs, and let them be your new affirmations. With your new beliefs, you can build a bridge to your new reality. I had a very insightful experience around this with a client recently. She was working on some issues around abundance, and fearing the loss of what she had. I got a vision of Donald Trump, and they showed how he gets from one clifftop to the next – he just steps out as if the bridge is already there. Where we might see a big wide chasm between two clifftops and ponder on how to get across, he just sees where he wants to go and goes there! Because it doesn’t occur to him that there is a gap, that he can’t get to where he wants to go, the bridge literally manifests itself one stone after another as he puts one foot in front of the other. He isn’t praying for the bridge to manifest, he isn’t thinking ‘oh my god, this stone manifested but what if the next one or ten don’t?’ he simply sees the mountain on the other side and decides he wants to go there, so he goes. In doing so it’s like he makes a proclamation to the Universe “Universe, I’m going over there. You better sort out the bridge because I’m starting to walk now!” Now, I have no idea if this is actually how Donald Trump lives his life, but I liked the vision and what it said. Mr Trump is definitely holding the archetype of a man who wants something and gets it/creates it/builds it/has it.

If you get to number 7 of the above exercise and read your new beliefs, and think ‘well I already believe that, and my reality still doesn’t look like what I want it to look like’ it means that you have a conflicting belief that is rubbing up against that belief and over-riding it. If that is the case, you need to strengthen the desire and passion for your preferred belief. If you are thinking “I do have a strong desire and passion for more money! How strong does it have to be?” Note, it isn’t your desire and passion for more money that you need to strengthen, it is the desire and passion around your preferred belief you have to strengthen. Look at your number 7 new beliefs again. Do you feel strong desire and passion when you read them? Do you believe them spiritually/intellectually as a theory or do you truly passionately believe with all your heart and soul? Passion activates your beliefs, turning them into practical tools for reality shifting. Try this with one life area this month and see what happens!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2010

Dana Mrkich is an internationally known teacher, thought leader and visionary in the field of Personal Transformation, Conscious Evolution and Vibrational/Energy Reality. She is a naturally gifted Energy Intuitive, Author of A New Chapter, Radio Host and creator/teacher of e-course Create a Life You Love. She offers her empowering Soul Sessions via email, phone and Skype to clients all around the world, and in-person in Sydney, Australia, containing the guidance and healing insights you most need as you step further into your true self and new reality. Ask Dana your general questions about these changing times, or share your stories, on her new Message Boards. Subscribe to Dana's Monthly Newsletter or please visit: http://www.danamrkich.com/