Saturday, May 30, 2015

Now on Instagram

I'm on Instagram yay, so for you Insta peeps out there you can follow me @danamrkich.

It's in line with my need these days for more colourful inspiration and fun with fewer words. Ok so you know a Shift has happened if I'm feeling to use fewer words!! I literally cut my little fingers while still in a cot insisting I had to read the big books haha:) So I'm kinda doing things backwards and feeling younger and lighter the longer I'm here on Lady Earth.

A lot of you may be feeling the same as our old contracts are done. What does that mean? Well in the words of Elaine from Seinfeld, it means whatever the hell you want it to mean. To me it means a lot of things especially: freedom to be whoever you feel to be right now today, free of old programs and old cycle missions, greater awareness of a whole lot of stuff in our inner and outer and higher and lower worlds, and taking full responsibility for the You that you are each day. It's good, it's empowering, it's liberating. X

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015

Friday, May 29, 2015

Ix-Chel, Mayan Goddess

Ix-Chel, Mayan Goddess of Love, Fertility, Midwifery, Medicine, Rainbows and Weaving!

There in the background you can see the ancient remains of her Temple. It is located on the southern tip of Isla Mujeres, Mexico (translates to the Island of Women, so called because of the many carved images of women found there in honour of Ix-Chel). Perfectly positioned (as are all ancient sites!) on the highest point of the Yucatan Peninsula, where the Sun's rays hit Mexico first each day.

For all who sent her a prayer from your heart, or feel to do so now, I gave thanks that she hear all those prayers. xx

Monday, May 25, 2015

Isla Mujeres and the awakening Feminine

We are off to Isla Mujeres tomorrow, Women's Island. There I'll visit the ancient ruins of the Temple of Ix-Chel, Mayan Goddess of Love, Fertility, Midwifery and Medicine.

Image: Sharon McLeod

The island and Ixchel have been calling me like a magnet since we got to Playa just over a week ago. This is my third time here and I've never felt this strong a pull to go there.

I will be taking some offerings for her, and saying some prayers. I invite you to say a prayer for something that is in your heart, not to write here but just to hold in your heart, and tomorrow as I visit I will pray that she hear those prayers in your heart. 

As a thank you that your prayers are answered in a good way, in the best way for all, make an offering of your own to this beautiful representative of the Divine Feminine: offer a flower to the ocean, plant a seed, do whatever feels right to you.

We used to be so in touch with this way of living. Then when we woke up many of us, myself included, focused on our connection to Spirit, to the Masculine aspect of the Divine.

For many of us the Feminine remained repressed or under-valued, yet now she is awakening our bodies, hearts and souls. The continuation of her repression tends to create extremes of depression or explosive outbursts. Our feminine within is seeking release, creative expression, and acknowledgement.

The Feminine wants you to Receive. In receiving you are able to give everything.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015

Monday, May 18, 2015

Mexico and full circle moments

Buenos Dias from Mexico! We'll be based here in Playa del Carmen for the next 6 weeks while Christian gets some dental work done, followed by 6 weeks in the US as he prepares for and completes the Sundance committment we made as a thank you for the conception of our beautiful Jaxon. Sundance is one of the seven sacred ceremonies of the Lakota, with whom Christian has been connected to for 20 years.

We're both looking forward to getting fresh new creative inspiration over the next few months and some re-charging of the Soul. I plan on writing a new course and seeing where the winds of change take me. I've also decided to step away from Sessions for now. There are so many ideas, projects and writings in my heart that I want to give attention to at this time, as we all step into embodying our greater selves in every life area and arena. My passion has always been and will continue to be this ever-unfolding and evolving journey we are all on, understanding the energetic influences within and around us, and supporting others to live with empowerment, freedom, and being true to your Soul.

As I sit here I keep thinking back to my first visit to Playa in 1995. It was during my first long travel trip where I visited the pyramids in both Egypt and Mexico, as well as partying it up in Europe. So much was activated in me that trip and I came home with a much clearer sense of my self, path and purpose. Travel has always done that for me and for those with the opportunity my words are always if you feel strongly to go somewhere then do all you can to go. When you commit to a trip, miracles tend to unfold helping you to be able to do it.

This trip feels like a full circle one in so many ways. 6 years since our last time here, during which time I wrote Create a Life you Love. 6 years since the ceremony we did with a Medicine Man that we are now coming back to give thanks for. 20 years since that 22 year old me was sitting on the swings in that bar I passed last night, now holding hands with our little Jax.

I felt her presence so strongly, as if the two timelines were co-existing in that moment (which they are) and I felt myself say to her "it's all going to be okay, it's going to be great", and I wondered did my 22 year old self feel that? Did I feel my future self walk past that night, giving me a soul hug and encouragement? I think I did because I can't explain this crazy connection I felt to those swings, and I regularly remember them as if they are some hugely significant part of my life memories.

So that's my rambling for the day as this wave of nostalgia is washing through me. Is anyone else having major full circle moments now or this year?

(C) Dana Mrkich 2015

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mercury Shenanigans and Support

Mr Mercury doesn't officially go Retrograde until early next week but he is already causing all kinds of electronic shenanigans with computers acting up, banking/eftpos facilities going down, phones acting strange and so on.

This is partly because we are in the Shadow period ie Mercury is travelling across the degrees he will soon seemingly 'reverse' over. It is also partly because he is doing all this in his home sign of Gemini which is related to Communications.

SO take extra care when emailing and texting people over the next few weeks, making sure before you press send that your message is going to the intended party! If you are writing something that is gossipy, have a think about how you would feel if the subject of your message read it - you might find yourself reconsidering sending that message and instead delete it. 

With everyone's increasing sensitivity, we can all feel thoughts and energy being sent our way even if we can't put our finger on why we are feeling how we feel. So be mindful about what you are saying and thinking about others.

This is a great period in which to re-connect with people you haven't seen or heard from in a while - and this will usually happen quite unexpectedly.

It is a fabulous time to go over conversations that may have happened in the past, where you need some closure or a re-negotiation of some deal or agreement.

It is an excellent time to review some project you had put on hold, brush off the dust and get back into it. Something might come back to you that you had given up hope on, or where the timing wasn't right before.

Mercury is Retrograde 18 May-11 June, with the post-retrograde Shadow period lasting until 27 June.

Has Mercury paid you a visit already?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

The wisdom of our kids

Jax decided he needed to smudge me tonight. He was deliberately spilling water over the floor so I let out an exasperated "Jaxon!" He responded: "Mama, I smudged the angry away when Peita was here (he'd smudged himself after a pre-full moon emotional release), why is it back? I need to smudge you now."

So he smudged me, and smudged the angry out the door "so it doesn't come back". Then at bedtime he says very matter of factly: "Being angry can make you sick, very very sick".

Hearing that from him felt more powerful and humbling than all the knowledge gained, books read and healings had. Being a mum has been filled with daily reminders to 'be' what I 'know'. Children are pure teachers, no ego, just natural wisdom and light, playful, joyful spirits and hearts. 

What pieces of wisdom have your children, grandkids, nephews, nieces and loved little ones said to you?

(C) Dana Mrkich 2015 

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Help legalise medicinal cannabis in Australia

This brave woman is making a documentary to help increase awareness around the effectiveness of medicinal cannabis to help legalise its use in Australia.

Most people think this is about giving patients a joint to relieve pain, but it is also about the cannabis oil which for some families have treated or reduced symptoms of cancer and epilepsy where conventional medicine has failed.

Check out the link for more info. 

Monday, May 04, 2015

The Business of Healing

What a wonderful speech by Carrie Bickmore last night. I'll never forget the moment back in 2002 when we were told by the oncologist that our mum, who just days before had seemed healthy and well, had 6 brain tumours 'oh, and stage 4 breast cancer'. He told us there was nothing they could do, to take her home and enjoy the next 6 weeks, because after that her body would start shutting down. That's exactly what happened. She passed 3 months after diagnosis.

During that time, next to the shock of this news, was one devastating discovery after another finding out that so many potentially life-saving treatment options were illegal or weren't easily available either because they were natural and thus not able to be patented and thus not profitable in their natural state, or the funding for the required studies and research just wasn't there for some strange reason hmmmm. We tried everything we could, as anyone would given those same circumstances, yet still there was more that I didn't know about that I know about now like Cannabis Oil. Who knows if it would have made a difference, but the people using that now to help themselves, their loved ones and their children should be supported instead of being treated like criminals. 

I pray for a day when ALL potential cures are given funding, adequate research and wider societal awareness, not just those that don't upset the current financial and medical paradigm. I don't want to upset those reading this in the medical system who are working with all your hearts and souls to help people, I know you are, and thank you. The problems go way higher. When you hear doctors say "This might help, but you didn't hear it from me" you know that something is very broken in the healing business.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015

May Day/Scorpio Full Moon: Feminine Healing for All

Video Version is here

Every influence these days feels super-charged, as our increasing sensitivity is responding to all things in an amplified way.

The Beltane/May Day* energies of last Thursday/ Friday, along with today's Full Moon in Scorpio, feel to have created a portal of deep and ancient healing around our inner Feminine. This is simultaneously helping to balance our inner Masculine, and ultimately helps to balance the greater collective Feminine/Masculine we see played out in our world.

It has triggered sadness, grief, anger and clarity connected to:

- Times when you may have been a Priestess serving the Goddess, or been a Nun or Monk serving God and Humanity, taking vows of service that had you sacrifice worldly things like having children, being in a love relationship, having material belongings, success and financial support. These vows are honourable when made willingly in a conscious way, however they are sabotaging if they belong to a life and self long past. These vows and committments are holding us back if they are lingering around in our cells and ancestral energy, stopping us from having what we consciously want in our lives today. Enough. If this resonates with you say something like:

"I now release myself from any old vows and committments that associate what I truly want (be it love, children, success, abundance) with no longer being able to be of service, and thus failing the Goddess/God/Humanity/my self. I now see that I can do both, and in fact by embodying my soul and spirit in a life that is authentically aligned with my Heart, by living true to my Self, I can be of greater Service than I ever could be denying myself those aspects of myself that are now calling for embodiment and expression."

This works best when you put pen to paper and write your own words in your own way, from your heart.

It has triggered fear, sadness and passion connected to:

- Times when you may have been persecuted for following your heart, for practicing your innate abilities, for sharing your knowledge. Times when you may have persecuted or repressed others. If your cells associate living and expressing your truth with betrayal, loss, punishment or death, then they will stop you at every turn from living and expressing your truth. Enough. It is time to forgive those who ever stopped you, blocked you or repressed you. It is time to forgive any part of the past, this life or other, that betrayed you. It is time to forgive yourself for doing that to anyone, and forgive yourself for doing it to yourself where you have blamed yourself.  Let it go.

- Times where you have been hurt, harmed and abused as a result of being female, this life or other. Scorpio brings up sexual energy, so old sexual wounds particularly may be coming up now. It is time to love yourself, wounds and all. Scorpio is about Death and Rebirth, so wounds about literal Birth may be coming up: fear of childbirth, disrespect around childbirth, powerlessness around childbirth. Enough. It is time to respect and honour Feminine Knowledge, Nature and abilities.

- Times where those females you love; mothers, partners, sisters, daughters, nieces, have been treated without respect, this life or past generations. Times where you have not valued women, or yourself as a woman. It is time to forgive others and yourself. It is time to let it go. 

Imagine yourself picking up a large rock (yours may be boulder size, go with it) - you may even like to do this literally with an actual large rock. Imagine that this rock represents all that heaviness, all that repression, all that terror and fear, all that has stopped you from freely and fully expressing all of who you really are. Imagine yourself standing at the top of a cliff. Now let that rock go. Watch it drop down into the waters below. Feel the weight of it fall away from your body, heart and soul. Let it go on all levels. You do not have to carry this anymore. It is time to be light and free. It is time to express who you really are. You are needed here now.


*Even though it was technically Beltane/May Day in the Northern Hemisphere only due to the seasonal differences, we all felt the energetic influence on a cellular level. We all have that blood in our cells whether from our ancestors or past lives. We are all connected today energetically. Whatever is felt by the some, is felt by the many.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015