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Tune in to The Flip and Money and the Law of Attraction

Hi Everyone,

I have two exciting things to tell you today! Firstly, this week on Visioning the Dream Awake I’ll be interviewing David Rippe and Jared Rosen, co-authors of the revolutionary book The Flip. If you are interested in moving from an ‘Upside Down” world to a “Right Side Up” world then tune in! Last week’s show is now available via podcast, as are all shows around 24 hours after broadcasting.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008 at 4pm Pacific (Los Angeles)
Thursday, August 14, 2008 at 9am Sydney time


The Flip - Turn Your World Around: Jared Rosen and David Rippe

Humanity stands at an important crossroads. Dana speaks to David Rippe and Jared Rosen, authors of The Flip-Turn Your World Around, which describes two worlds existing on Earth today. 'One is an Upside-Down world where people feel stressed out, fearful and powerless . they feel headed towards a hopelessly polluted world where things like unaffordable healthcare, scarcity of resources, and endless war seem unavoidable. The other is a world that is Right-Side Up. People in this world know that emotional and spiritual well-being, meaningful work and feeling connected to others is possible. These people know that their individual choices affect the lives of everyone else . Humanity stands on a bridge between these worlds and must make a choice to go in one direction or the other.' Rosen and Rippe interviewed over 50 leading visionaries including John Gray, Gary Zukav, Oscar Arias and Barbara Marx Hubbard, to help show you how to turn your world - personal and global - around.

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Secondly, Esther & Jerry Hicks and Abraham are launching their new book Money and the Law of Attraction today! The Hicks and Abraham are genuinely among my most favourite authors/channels out there, and I highly resonate with and endorse their material. Their words are the closest thing I’ve ever come across that match the energy and messages of my own guides. Without sounding too cliché, their material is truly and authentically life-changing. I have included an excerpt below from Money and the Law of Attraction, and links to the promo page where you can purchase the book and receive thousands of dollars worth of free gifts (including a free chapter of my book A New Chapter), AND have the chance to win some awesome prizes including seeing Esther and Jerry live in Toronto!!!

Read more about the book here:

In their new book, Money, and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness, best-selling authors Esther and Jerry Hicks bring to us Abraham—the wise and witty visionary nonphysical group of teachers—who will show us how we can deliberately align with the most powerful law in the universe to attract all the wealth, health and happiness that we desire!

Abraham says: "Life is supposed to be good for you. You can be, do, or have anything that you desire."

Purchase your copy today! You'll receive amazing free gifts from Hay House and our sponsors with your purchase AND you can enter to win a free trip to see Esther & Jerry Hicks in Toronto! For additional details, visit:

Excerpt from Esther and Jerry Hicks' new book Money, and the Law of Attraction

Although some people have discovered the freedom of allowing large amounts of money to flow through their experiences, it is more often the case that because you are experiencing far less money than you need or desire, most of you are not feeling free. It is our intention, here, to clearly explain why this financial disparity exists so that you can begin to allow the abundance that you want and deserve into your experience. For, as you read these words and as you begin to resonate with these Law based truths, you will align your desire with the abundance of your world, and the evidence of your newfound alignment will soon become apparent to you and to others who observe you.

Whether you are one who has been working to achieve financial abundance for many years or you are a youngster just starting down that path, the journey to financial Well Being does not have to be a long one from where you are.
And it does not require large amounts of time or physical effort, for we are going to explain to you in simple and easy to understand terms how to utilize the leverage of Energy that is available to you. We want to show you the absolute correlation between the thoughts you have been thinking about money, the way you feel when you think those thoughts -- and the money that flows into your experience. When you are able to consciously make that correlation, and you decide to deliberately direct your thoughts accordingly, you will access the power of the Universe and you will then see how time and physical effort are rather irrelevant to your financial success.

So we begin with the simple premise of your Universe and of your world: You get what you think about. Often people say to us, "That can't be true, because I have wanted and thought about more money for as long as I can remember, but I continue to struggle with not enough money." And what we then tell them is the most important thing for you to understand if you want to improve your financial situation: The subject of money is really two
subjects: (1) money, plenty of money, the feeling of freedom and ease that plenty of money can provide; and (2) absence of money, not nearly enough money, the feeling of fear and disappointment that the thought of absence of money induces.

Often people assume that because they are speaking the words "I want more money," they are speaking positively about money. But when you are speaking of money (or anything) and you are feeling fear or discomfort as you speak, you are not speaking of the subject of money, but instead you are speaking of the subject of not enough money. And the difference is very important, because the first statement brings money and the second holds it away.

It is of value for you to become aware of how you are really thinking and, more important, feeling about money. If you are thinking or saying things
like: "Oh, that is a very beautiful thing -- but I cannot afford it," you are not in a vibrational position to allow in the abundance you desire. The feeling of disappointment that is present as you acknowledge that you cannot afford it is your indicator that the balance of your thought is pointed more toward the lack of your desire than toward the desire itself. The negative emotion that you feel as you acknowledge that you cannot afford something that you want is one way of understanding the balance of your thoughts, and the amount of abundance that you are actually experiencing is another way of knowing.

Purchase the book and receive your Free Bonus Gifts here!

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August Newsletter

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As you know my radio show finally launches this week! It is so exciting and I look forward to bringing inspiring guests to you that help empower and guide you through these shifting times. The show is currently on a 13 week pilot basis an d in order to fund that and continue beyond it I need advertisers and sponsors to support the financial requirements of the show. So if you are interested in receiving further details, please email me.

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I have had the most inspiring week here in LA with the same message being driven home to me over and over again: Let your self have a great life and get out of your self’s way as it moves quite naturally toward this!...


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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

August Monthly Visions - Get out of your own Way!

August Monthly Visions: Get out of your own Way!

I have had the most inspiring week here in LA with the same message being driven home to me over and over again: Let your self have a great life and get out of your self’s way as it moves quite naturally toward this!

On Wednesday we were feeling drawn to go to the Agape centre where Michael Bernard Beckwith (from The Secret) does a service each week. We weren’t sure he’d be there as we’d heard he was due in Hawaii for an event the next day. We’d also been advised to get there about an hour early as parking was apparently hard to find. It was 6pm by the time we made our way back to the car after an afternoon exploring the colourful Venice Beach, about half an hour away from Agape at that time of day. The pre-service meditation was at 6.45pm. I knew we’d make it there in time, so I just prayed to the angels to please take care of the parking for us. I said we’d need to find one straight away, right outside the centre.

Sure enough, we arrived around 6.35pm and were greeted by a parking usher, pointing us toward a space right next to the centre! We strolled inside and received a program for the evening. Michael Beckwith would be there! Not only was he there, but as he stepped on stage he let us know that tonight would be a very special event as they were filming it to be included as a CD in his new book Spiritual Liberation (Nov 11 2008). There was music, dancers, the launch of his single ‘Energetic Shapeshifter’ and of course plenty of motivational, empowering words from Michael!

This man is one of the most powerful, electric, enlightened speakers I have ever come across. Pure streams of consciousness poured out of him at warp speed, light and love and joy and passion seemed to be bouncing through him into the audience, the energy of ‘anything is possible’ was inescapable. This was not one of those mind-driven motivational talks that give you a hit of feel good only to leave you feeling a bit ‘left hanging’ in the morning. His words were coming from a place of Spirit, a place that my essence recognises as home and as truth.
My spirit and essence was jolted awake and reminded: You are here to be in joy, love, peace, prosperity, fun, passion, greatness, light, creativity and anything else you can imagine. You can be in all those things right now this second because that’s what you are, and that’s what you are in if you let yourself be in it, and the only thing stopping you – or allowing you – to be in these things is your perspective. Change your perspective, it will immediately shift your feelings, and as your feelings shift it is only a matter of time – be it minutes, hours, days or weeks – before your outer reality does a quantum leap shift to meet your new vibration.

I was reminded that whenever we are not in these things the only thing stopping us is our own self – our mind, our thoughts, our ego, our worries, our mental chatter, our what if this or what if that, our but’s, our should’s, our can’ts – I was reminded that it really is as simple as pressing stop or eject on all those energies. They do not serve, they do not help, they are not helpful in any way any more. Let them go.

His dance single Energetic Shapeshifter has a few lines that I love: “You might as well give in and be happy, you might as well give in and be great, you might as well give in and be prosperous, you might as well, you might as well.” We choose our thoughts and our feelings and our experiences every day, so why not choose greatness, happiness, peace, why not? Why do we make it so hard for ourselves?

On the weekend I attended the A Call to Awaken seminar by my friends Story Waters and Lee Harris. You can listen to an interview about it on my radio show, or download the podcast. Story said something that repeated Michael’s message: In these times, the universe is so greatly supporting us and pushing us to awaken that even if we try to resist it will be like running downstairs on an upward moving escalator! We’re still going to awaken. We’re still going to move into our higher selves. So we can do it the hard way – kicking, screaming, resisting, putting in front of us all the reasons why we can’t possibly have the life and reality of our dreams – or we can give in and turn around and let ourselves be taken up the escalator into all the goodness that is awaiting us and that is right here right now if only we open up our eyes and ears and heart and perspective to see, hear and feel it!

My guides keep repeating a message to me: let go of all your fear, doubts and worries, allow yourself the idea that the most wonderful, amazing experience/dream/goal/desire you could possibly imagine can come true/happen/come to you. Allow yourself the idea that it can happen within the next month! Allow yourself the idea that what we have planned for you, if you just let us give it to you, is greater than your wildest imaginations!

This whole experience has been a journey of faith. We packed up our lives in Australia and headed here with no specific plan other than to follow our guidance and go where the wind took us. So far, our itinerary has unfolded before us more full and wonderful than we could have imagined. We have received invitations from friends and friends of friends and people we just met to stay with them whenever we are in their town – which we happen to be going to the next day. Synchronicities are everywhere when you open yourself to the direction your soul is guiding you toward.

Lately, I am also realizing it is meant to be a journey of fun. Story channelled through a brilliant piece of guidance which my own guides have been telling me for a while now: let go of the sense of mission and have fun, enjoy yourself! If working for humanity and the planet gives you joy, then do it. But if it would give you more joy to lie on a beach somewhere, then do that! The message was so strong that we decided to include the clip in the radio interview so you can listen to it yourself. His channelling said that at the end of our lives we are not judged on whether we did enough to help the planet, or if we successfully sorted out our issues. We are asked one question: Did you enjoy your life?

So I am here enjoying my life, and part of my joy is to do this work that I do. I would do it even if I didn’t get paid for it and for many, many years I didn’t get paid, but I did it anyway because I can’t imagine not doing it. I just kept doing it, and the universe has always found a way to support me. So don’t think about doing what you love when you have the money. Do what you love and the abundance will come – in one form or another.

So today ask yourself, are you enjoying your life? What is stopping you from enjoying it? Start with the things you can shift right now: your perspective, your feelings, your inner world. We are not here to be stuck in stagnation or live in a density of our own making and choosing. We are here to create a great life. We are here to enjoy our life. I know that these words can bring up anger in people especially when you feel you are stuck in a life or density not of your choosing. Consider that on some level it is your choosing, and ask yourself what would I have to believe to have chosen this? We cannot make a permanent change in our reality, until we know why we have chosen the one we are currently in. Otherwise we will keep subconsciously choosing it!! So find out what you believe to be possible, what you believe to be true, what you believe to be impossible. Change your beliefs if you feel they are not serving you, unchoose your reality and in the words of Michael Bernard Beckwith start to energetically shapeshift your life!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2008