Monday, October 08, 2007

October Astro

What’s Happening this Month

Embracing Global and Cosmic events to help Create your Reality, written by Dana Mrkich.

11 October – New Moon Libra

A New Moon in Libra is the perfect time to address any imbalance issues in the realm of relationship. Libra calls for nothing less than total harmony and equilibrium, so if you are doing more giving than receiving, or more receiving than giving, have a think about what you need to do to balance the scales a bit more. Libra also rules the planet Venus. Today she finally comes out of the shadow of her recent retrograde period. If a relationship has gone through some upheaval over the last few months now is the time for the dust to clear, allowing you to see what it has all been for. For some, it is clear that you can no longer move forward with that relationship in the way it has been going. It is either time to let it go and move on, or make some changes allowing a renewal of commitment built on a sturdier foundation. With Venus involved the key here is self-love and value: what does your heart truly want and deserve? Allow your heart to have it.

12 October – 1 November – Mercury Retrograde Scorpio

With miscommunications happening left, right and centre, issues with cars and computers already starting, mail gone awry and people calling the wrong number, it’s no news that Mercury has started his regular backward trek. All we can do is ride through this period as best as possible. Mercury is the little trickster of the zodiac as well as the communication planet so he likes to play with us sometimes. Don’t expect schedules to go as planned, have a chillaxed approach if someone forgets an appointment with you or you find yourself running late everywhere you go. Back up your hard drives and double check to whom you are sending messages before you hit send! It’s also a great time to revise any documents, manuscripts, contracts or negotiations that were put in place some time ago and now need reviewing. This time will pass soon enough and come November we can all go sailing smoothly forward once again!

26 October – Full Moon Taurus

It can’t get much yummier than a full moon in Taurus! Taurus rules all the good things in life. Think of a decadent Roman emperor surrounded by a sumptuous banquet of delicious food, the finest wine, the most beautiful women, musicians playing, people dancing. That was, for him, Pleasure City. So, what’s Pleasure City for you? Imagine it, then go and do it this weekend. Whatever for you is pure indulgence, total bliss and pampering, let yourself immerse in it and do so without guilt – enjoy every single moment knowing it’s good for you. A happy you means happiness for all around you.