Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Bicycle: A New Reality Real Life Story

So many people are resonating right now to the leap of faith it takes, as we jump from our old realities into the new. I'd like to share this short story written by a client, that as she says, captures how she feels after the transition. If you have a story of your own to share, please email me at: dana@danamrkich.com and we can post it here to help inspire others to make their own shift.

Bicycle by Kiara

Both rain and the wind are belting me from different directions. I have just reached the point at which the last thread of my clothing has become soaked. I feel like a giant sponge that has been suspended in mid air and placed upon this devilish metal contraption that taunts gravity by its forward momentum. However, this momentum has become somewhat impeded by the raw forces of nature that are playing with it as capriciously as a small child. Sometimes they let it fly free into the ether, and at other times they force it to a glacial pace at which even the slowest of snails would overtake me.

Is it sweat, is it rain or could it even be tears that are flowing down my face? It could be a conglomerate of all three, yet it doesn’t really matter because the night is dark and there are no stars to illuminate my trials. I shall not allow this to beat me and my ideals. I envisioned that this trip would bring with it a feeling of emancipation, and freedom from the constraints of stagnation that were eating away at me in my prior safety shell. I needed to crawl out of the place of security, familiarity and consistency, say adieu to the mundane and prosaic and step off the cliff with the knowledge that the parachute will inevitably open.

Today as I am being put through my first major initiation, I can see why people tend to be reluctant in taking the leap. I feel as if this is my first test, and I wish to fly instead of falling and thus I shall persist. As a final test of strength, the rear tyre has gone flat. I pull over and get out a map from my soggy backpack. I still attempt to maintain an air of indifference and a matter of fact stance as I leaf through the tattered pages.

Finally I realise that I am even further from my end goal than when I started, and a feeling of helplessness overcomes me. My spirit has just deflated to imitate my rear tyre. I wish nothing more than to hurl the rust bucket into the nearest canal, yet my early idealistic visions flash before my eyes like a silent black and white movie. This is my future, this is the new reality that I was seeking, and this was the risk that I was willing to take in order to move beyond the status quo which left me numb and uninspired.

So what if I am lost in a large city, at night, with rain, wind and a flat tyre? In reality I am still much better off than safely at home wondering why life is passing me by. I suddenly feel alive and realise that this constitutes living in the moment. I am not contemplating what I shall do in the future or reminiscing about the past, I exist in the present moment. I can smell the mud below my feet, I can feel the icy wind and rain whipping my face and I can see smudged lights that together comprise this city. It matters not that I am lost. What matters is that I stepped outside of the self perpetuating cycle which epitomised security, stability and certainty. I am free and thus I shall pedal on.

(c) 2008

Kiara is a client of Dana's who has made the leap from her old reality in one city to a new reality in another city on the other side of the world.

Monday, April 07, 2008

April Energies: Feel the Heat...and do it Anyway!

What’s Happening this Month Embracing Global and Cosmic events to help Create your Reality, written by Dana Mrkich.

April Energies: Feel the Heat…and do it Anyway!

Before you start reading this month’s energy report let’s take a moment to take a deep breath in. Hold it for five seconds, and now let out a BIG exhale. How did that feel? Did you feel like you just released some tension? Good. Did you get a feeling wash over you that says it’s going to be okay no matter how stressed/pushed to your limit/exhausted/full of fear you have been? Well, it will be okay. It actually already is, even though we might not exactly know up from down one minute to another these days!

Here’s the strange thing about these changing times. It’s like we’ve been running a marathon for a really, really long time. We’ve always had our supporters by the sidelines cheering us on, some who we see clearly and others we don’t. We’ve also had another crowd off in the distance who haven’t wanted us to do very well in this marathon, but mainly they didn’t pay us too much attention. This crowd have occasionally sent obstacles and false detours our way. They’ve had a few great laughs watching us sweat it out and get emotional about this endurance event we entered eons ago, not remembering why. Mainly they’ve pre-occupied themselves with other things, never in a million years anticipating that we, the Earth people, would ever come close to getting over the finishing line. You see this crowd under-estimated the strength of the human spirit, which is driven by the desire to move ever forward and discover our true potential.

This crowd have been laughing at us hurling ourselves ever closer toward the finish line, marked on our Earth calendar by the date December 21 2012. “You think you’re going to get there in one piece?” they shouted down from the viewing hills. “You can’t even run a mile without abusing each other or yourselves,” they taunted “Give up now people, the show’s over. Go home.”

The more they taunted, the faster and further we ran. Yes we humans are a crazy bunch. The more someone says we can’t do something, the more defiant we get, the more stubborn, determined and driven we become. “You think we can’t finish this race? We’ll show you a finish!”we shouted back. We looked around at each other nodding and affirming ourselves, meanwhile thinking “Oh man, we’re in trouble. We’re not in good shape at all!” So, we had a big meeting. We could either keep tripping each other up and get nowhere, or we could band together and as a team help each other get across that line, no matter what it took.

So, several years ago (yes it’s been a long long marathon), we started to work together. We started chanting positive affirmations toward each other. We threw books to our teammates that we felt would help them with their technique and running style. One by one we all started turning into the little engine that could, puffing ‘I think I can, I think I can’ as we put one foot in front of the other.

The crowd started paying a bit more attention, but still didn’t take all this motivational stuff too seriously. “I mean, pffhh they’re human for god’s sake. How much more can they take?”

But we kept going, and finally we got to the marker that the crowd never thought we’d reach. The marker of 2008. Alarm bells started going off, and a buzz spread throughout the crowd. This was completely unforeseen. Never in a million years did they think we’d get this far, and still be on our feet, still be in a state of moving forward. They decided to start getting serious with their sabotaging tactics. They started throwing energy balls at us targeting our most vulnerable areas: our belief in ourselves, our faith in humanity, our confidence in our ability to have a dream and a vision ahead of us and muster up the courage and strength to go for it, no matter how hard it gets, no matter how big our doubts grow, no matter how much our fears feel like they are enveloping us.

Right now we are feeling two extremes of polarity at the exact same time, and it can be hectic! We are so close to the finishing line, the supporters lining the route are growing in numbers and their cheers are getting so loud. With each mile we are being given a glimpse of what awaits us at the finish. Either through visions or awakened hope or remembered dreams or actual changing situations we are being shown a whole new reality that includes our most perfect soulmate relationship, connections with our most dear soul family and friends, work that we love that supports us in every way and helps to uplift and empower others, new homes in new locations that are more in alignment with our new selves. The momentum of the new carries us forward and helps over-ride the burning feeling in our muscles that is crying out for rest.

Rest one day if you need to, then get up and keep running!!

Simultaneously the energies that don’t want us to get to the finish line have gone into a frenzy. We are ducking and weaving trying to dodge gigantic balls of doubt and fear. We are trying to shut out the voices telling us it’s too late, telling us we can’t make it, meanwhile trying to tune in to the constant vibe of support humming around us affirming to us, it’s not too late, you can do it, you’re nearly there, keep going, keep going. Half the time we feel like crawling up in our doona’s and sending out a message to the rest of the team: “Wake me when it’s over.” But we know we can’t do that, and nor would we want to miss out on all the action, as crazy as it is, and still is yet to get.

Right now you might feel like all you’ve ever wanted is right there in front of you, closer than it ever has been before. At the same time, you might be feeling more fear and doubt than ever before about actually reaching out and stepping into the life that you came here to live. Some days you feel like you’re running toward the home stretch with wind under your wings, and other days you feel like you’re jumping hurdles. Keep jumping, keep running.

I read a great quote once, that said “When one door closes another one opens, but it’s hell in the hallway. Don’t stop in the hallway!” It’s interesting that I’m currently hearing about a lot of dreams people are having to do with fire, volcanoes, intense burning heat and explosions. It might feel like we’ve jumped out of the frying pan into the fire (sorry, old boring analogy but kinda appropriate here!), but this is not a time to sit down and cry about how hot it is getting! Okay then, have a cry, but then when you’ve had a good bawl, get up and keep moving. We need all hands on deck, to help each other cross that finish line and prove wrong anyone who thought we couldn’t do it. This is what you came here for. The entire marathon up until now has been like a warm up. Your muscles have been stretched, your fitness is at it’s peak, even though you might feel you are at your most weary.

If you have a vision in your mind about what you want, or even have a pretty good idea about what you don’t want, then let that motivate you to keep moving forward. When the fear and doubt come, treat them like a hurdle that you just have to jump over.

Onward, upward. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do what you came here to do, or be who you came here to be. Not at this point of the game. One by one we all need to cross the finish line. Your running team, your fellow humans, need you. Get up and keep moving toward your true self and best life. You can do it.

© Dana Mrkich