Saturday, August 04, 2007

August Monthly Visions

What’s Happening this Month: August 2007
Embracing Global and Astro events to help Create your Reality, written by Dana Mrkich.

28 July-11 Sep – Venus Retrograde in Virgo/Leo
Venus continues her backwards trek throughout August, primarily affecting those with natal planets around 2 degrees Virgo, or 2 degrees Pisces by opposition. You can generate a free chart at to find out if you’re in the firing line.
Venus rules love, relationships and money, and our sense of self-value. If any of these areas of your life are due for review then you can be sure that the Universal Examiner will be paying you a visit during this period. If you’re doing well and heading in the right direction, you’ll get a nice tick and he’ll be on his way. If not, you’ll be asked to pull up your boot straps and change a few things: face your relationship issues and do what you need to do, have some long overdue deep and meaningfuls about what you truly need, want and deserve, learn to finally love yourself after much avoidance, get sorted with your money issues etc. Love-wise, for some this change will come in the form of a renewed relationship, for others it will come in the realization that it’s time to let go and move on.

With the eclipses happening during the Venus Retrograde phase you can be sure that whatever is removed from your life right now has come to its timely end for a reason, and whatever is being turned upside down and inside out is actually being put back the right way round in alignment with the true needs of your soul. If Venus is making your emotional ocean a little choppy right now, get yourself a piece of rose quartz and have it near you day and night. Ask that the transition you are experiencing unfolds with as much love, grace and ease as possible. Ask for the rose quartz to help your heart with gentle healing, and ask your guides and angels to send you higher understanding so that you may move through this time with inner peace and blessings to all involved.

13 August – New Moon Leo

It’s a bit of strange New Moon. It’s happening in the sign of Leo while Venus is retrograde which is kind of like finally getting to the opening night of a play in which you’re the star, the curtain draws back, the audience is waiting, and you realize you have no idea what your lines are. Or you get a bout of stage fright and start asking yourself "Am I good enough? What if I can't do it? What if the audience walk out because I'm so terrible!!" All your motors might be revving right now making you feel like you are ready to throw yourself into some new creative project, romance, job or other undertaking. Meanwhile the pit crew are scrambling around you changing tyres and giving your engine a last once over before you are allowed to accelerate forward. Thank god for the pit crew though because they’re there to make sure that when you finally do catapult forward you are in as good a shape as possible, and know that you ARE good enough! So, get your vision boards happening and know that if things don’t take off till mid-Sep (Venus goes direct) or even mid-Oct (Venus comes out of her shadow period) it’s all okay, there is a reason!

28 August – Full Moon Pisces/Lunar Eclipse 4degrees Pisces
Lunar Eclipses, for better or worse, tend to be about the letting go of something, or someone: usually feminine or emotional in nature. There is often much sadness involved, yet a lunar eclipse can also be liberating. It can free us of that which it was time to say goodbye to. On a positive note many inner shifts happen at this time, allowing us to let go of old beliefs, behaviours and emotional or energetic obstacles that are blocking the full expression of our true essence. For some it will be intense, for others subtle, either way it will be powerful and ultimately beneficial for the higher purpose of your soul. Look to your natal chart to see where 4 degrees Pisces lies, or 4 degrees Virgo by opposition, (also check to see if you have planets in that area including a few degrees either side) to get some idea of what area of your life might be affected.