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Sep 2011 Monthly Visions: Transforming our Density

September 2011 Monthly Visions: Transforming our Density

The days leading up to the beginning of September brought a very heavy energy, plummeting sensitive types into what felt like a thick fog of sludge. This was experienced both physically – literally feeling like the air around you is somehow ‘thicker’ or harder to walk through – and emotionally, feeling a sudden ‘what’s the point?’ come over you out of nowhere.
            Interestingly enough on Sep 2 there was a ‘coronal hole’ – this is the term used when a part of the Sun’s magnetic field opens up, allowing the solar winds to stream outward toward the Earth. Coronal holes are 100 times lower in density than the rest of the corona (the outermost layer of the Sun’s atmosphere). According to the official space weather science people we’ll feel the effects of this on Earth around Sep 5, but a lot of us  have felt it already (and felt it before it ‘officially’ happened) because we are no longer limited by old 3D time/space rules. This sudden rush of super dense energy feels a bit yuck because it is acting like a magnet pulling out and up from within us any of our dense energy. It is pulling up and out from within others any of their dense energy, which in turn triggers ours even more! While challenging, ultimately this offers us a fabulous opportunity to give ourselves a good vacuum!  We can get to those nitty gritty sides we forgot about or avoided, and deal with that pile of dust in the corner. As always, as with any part of the shift, we will emerge feeling lighter and shinier. Also it’s good to keep in mind that even though the denser moments are feeling denser, we are moving through each wave faster – and the very fact the more dense waves feel SO blagh is a really good and positive indication of just how high we are vibrating these days!
            Coronal holes aside, we are generally experiencing quite a few meetings with density right now on the personal level and the global/collective level - we’ll see it continue to play out politically, economically, in the media and socially. Why? Although we are experiencing more higher vibrational light on the planet than ever before, this light is also making any denser (lower vibrational) energy more obvious.  The distinction between our lower and higher vibrations are becoming more obvious, more confronting, more intense.
If you have always found it quite hard to be around certain people or situations, now it may feel like you can barely breathe and are suffocating in that energy.  For those who are still more attached to the denser energy, and for those aspects within us that are still in density, they are needing to work harder to push against the increasing ‘lighter’ energy.  That level of resistance is exhausting and physically debilitating, yet as long as we hold any fear of our higher energy we continue that story. Who would fear, or why would we fear, higher energy? Many reasons – some associate moving into a higher vibration with a loss of power, loss of comfort zone, loss of pre-conceived notions of stability and security. Some of us resent aspects of our own higher energy because we hold false beliefs that we aren’t abundant or worthy and never will be. So when we come across examples of that higher energy in others, it can trigger tsunami waves of emotion and violence.  The rage we saw in the London Riots was a perfect example of a ‘vibrational uprising’ – density can no longer remain dormant, ignored or swept under the carpet. Our souls are magnetically being called to our highest possible level of vibration, and when we feel we can’t have that we either retreat further inward into our density, or explode with fury.  Everything is shifting to a greater balance, and the degree to which it was out of balance will be the degree to which seeming chaos ensues as it undergoes it’s balancing process.    
So don’t be surprised to see more people getting very angry and lashing out verbally or physically ‘from out of nowhere’.  We’ll see this ‘lashing out’ in personal interactions, and also on the political stage, in the media, more social civil unrest etc – just like higher energy isn’t compatible with dense energy guess what, dense energy feels suffocated by higher energy!  We feel suffocated by that which we fear within ourselves and thus fear in others (be it dense/high, light/dark, good/bad) – and so the solution is to own that which you fear, because until you do it is suffocating you in one way or other.
Life isn’t a black and white deal and nor are we. So while we feel we can generally put some people into ‘dense’ energy category and others into ‘higher vibrational’ category, we ALL have both these energies within us to a greater or lesser degree. Very few, if any, people on the planet are 100% vibrating at the higher level. Likewise, very few if any are 100% vibrating on the lower dense level. So, even if you consider yourself more ‘higher vibrational’ you still have some density within you, and it is that density that is in your face right now, being brought up for you to acknowledge and transform. It is that density that creates the ‘suffocating’ feeling if you are in the presence of certain people. You are not feeling it because ‘I must be taking on their dense energy’, you are feeling it because something about the density in the room (be it within that person or within the dynamic between you) is triggering any density in you.
What is density anyway? Vibrationally, it is that which is heavier and lower than that which is lighter and higher. Energetically, in the context that we are in the process of a quantum leap in our evolution leading to us embodying who we really are here on the earth plane, it is the degree to which we have covered, or can’t see, the ALL of who we really are.
Thus, if you are uncomfortable in the presence of a certain person or situation – whether it’s their miserable attitude or their happy joy that is triggering you – the questions to ask yourself are: What density within me is this triggering? Do I fear that someone else’s miserable attitude or lack mentality will somehow rub off on me? If so, is my density actually covering up part of my inner power/knowing that I create my own reality? Is it covering up part of my abundance mentality? Is it covering up my ability to have strong boundaries? Is it covering up my gratitude for my own wonderful life?   Do I fear that someone else’s happiness or joy somehow diminishes my opportunity for happiness and joy? Is the density I feel when around that happiness and joy actually covering up my desire for happiness and joy? Is it covering up my innate knowing of exactly what I need to do to allow that happiness and joy? Is it covering up any passions, desires and needs within me that once acknowledged would lead me to my own happiness and joy? Is it covering up that part of me that knows without a doubt I have a right to feel good!
Density really is like the clouds that come over a green field, covering up the sun temporarily, creating a shadow.  Density is our shadow – that within us that we haven’t owned. So, when you are feeling density (emotional heaviness), know that transforming it is as easy as asking “What are you covering right now within me?”
The next question to ask yourself is then: why am I covering these things up?  Journalling is a fabulous way to get some insights for yourself into these questions.  Trust what comes. Many people who are new to journaling feel like they are ‘making it up’ when insights come. You are not making it up. Look at it like your higher, wise, authentic self is sending you emails via your pen! Once you have some clarity, it’s time to move on to the next stage of transforming your density which is to uncover that which has been covered. 
There are lots of ways to do this depending on the level of density/the thickness of the covers/how much work you’ve already done on it.  If you’ve never worked on a particular issue before, you may gravitate more toward having a healing session or some EFT or NET sessions.  Otherwise, you’re probably self-equipped enough to get some affirmations and visualisations happening to help re-activate and awaken these covered aspects of you. If you have been there done that and are feeling stuck, your next step is to walk your talk and embody the new aspects which usually requires making a conscious change in your thoughts, feelings and actions.
Does how you think and feel on a regular basis match your newly uncovered abundance mentality?  Do your actions and behaviours match your newly uncovered inner power? Hold yourself to account, and really notice when your thoughts, feelings and actions don’t match who you now know yourself to truly be. No need to beat yourself up or go journaling a hundred pages again, just acknowledge that new patterns take time to embody. Stop yourself in your tracks when you realise what you’re doing, take a breath, and re-route your train.
As we experience the final pages of our release from density we will see more ‘dramas’ unfolding around us – again personally, socially and globally. It is important not to get caught up in those dramas. They are like black holes sucking anything dense into them with a strong, magnetic gravitational pull. In personal situations, put your offer of help on the table if you need to but then take a step back. This is not the time to get yourself into an emotional frenzy, exhausting yourself trying to get your mother/best friend/work colleague to see that they are in a toxic marriage/relationship/job meanwhile they continue to stay where they are. This is not the time to join the ‘the sky is falling’ bandwagon as the economy collapses and the earth’s weather gets more unpredictable. Don’t get caught up in the demolition dust thinking there has been some sort of colossal universal error. Transformation requires that certain things collapse before new things can be born.
Some folks will hold on to the old for dear life fearing that collapse equals the end. We were not taught about the natural cycles of death and rebirth, and so we fear transformation even though it always leads to something better.  One of the most constructive things you can do during a transformation – be it your own, your loved ones, or a global situation – is honour the process. Honour that what may seem to you to be ‘she’s stuck in a miserable situation’ is the very situation that person needs right now to trigger what they need triggered. Remember that if you cut a chrysalis open to try to make it easier for the emerging butterfly, the butterfly won’t be able to fly. Getting itself out of the chrysalis is an initiation. What looks like a struggle is actually strengthening and preparing the butterfly wings for flight. This is why our galactic brothers and sisters haven’t come to ‘save us’ – we have to do this ourselves otherwise we will have defeated our entire purpose for being here. 
People mis-understand ‘non-interference’ to mean ‘do nothing’.  Be who you are, shine your light – that is far from doing nothing. In doing so it is like you are holding up a torch, helping others find the switch to their own torch.  Speak your truth, convey your message, share what you know. Wrap a blanket around someone who is shivering. Give food to the one who is hungry. Let people know you are there for them.  Throw a rope down a hole for someone to climb up, but don’t go down there and push them up with all your might if they are resisting every push! This is your clue to step off.
This balancing process will gather momentum as we approach the Equinox on September 23.  Pay special attention to those moments when you are feeling a surge of panic, overwhelm or like you’re hyperventilating – you are caught in a ‘rip’ of your own dense energy.  It’s drummed into us here in Australia with so many of us living close to the beach, if you’re in the ocean and are caught in a rip the best thing to do is relax, stay calm and flow with the current. Lifeguards will tell you that staying calm is the key to your survival.  So, if you find yourself feeling emotionally triggered over the coming days and weeks, take a breath and instead of fighting against the density, go into it consciously for a few moments. Ask yourself: What part of me is seeking balance? What part of me is asking to be uncovered? What part of me am I resisting that is now calling me to own and embrace it? From there you will emerge out of the rip. Onward and upward!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2011. Permission is granted to share this article freely on the condition that the author is credited, and the URL is included. Dana Mrkich is an Energy Intuitive, Writer, Speaker, Teacher and Author of A New Chapter.