Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Equinox!

Happy Autumn Equinox to all those in the Southern Hemisphere and Happy Spring Equinox to everyone in the Northern Hemisphere! Equinox always tends to bring a feeling of harmony and balance. Day and Night are the same length on both sides of the globe during the Autumn/Spring Equinoxes, with a 12 hour day experienced on every place on Earth. Down Under our days are now going to start getting shorter as we approach winter, while our friends in the Northern hemisphere are now going to get longer days as you move toward Summer. 

Mother Nature reminds us that everything has a perfect order even when we can't understand it, and everything has a way of balancing out, somehow, someway, eventually. This day of balance reminds me of the quote 'Everything is okay in the end, and if it's not okay it's not the end.'

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Checking your Emails from Your Self

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get daily emails from your inner self, soul, energetic aspects and past life selves? Imagine if these daily emails let you know what a certain issue is all about, why a particular pattern keeps recurring, what you need to do to let something in, or shift something in your life?
            Imagine if you could get daily emails from your physical cells letting you know why a health issue has manifested or whether some of your beliefs have actually been inherited via your genes from your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents?
            Well guess what? You can receive these daily emails. The only thing is, you have to show up and be kind of like your own ‘secretary taking dictation’. Our spiritual technology hasn’t yet got to the stage where we can wake up, press a button, and out comes our daily report of where our personal energy is at! So, this is where a journal comes in handy.
            Some people think that journaling is writing about what happened today, like the sort of diary you kept as a kid. And if it’s that for you, and you enjoy it, great! However, journaling can be so much more. For myself it has been one of the most powerful and effective tools I’ve used to uncover the roots of issues, heal old wounds, reveal helpful insights and gain clarity.
            It sounds like a cliché, but it is really true that within us we hold all the knowledge and wisdom we need to get through life. This sounds like a pretty vague or mystical concept, but it starts to make sense when you realise that we are made up of multiple layers of energetic fields. Those fields include our thoughts, beliefs, physical cells, ancestral history, emotions, feelings, memories, soul potential, past experiences and a myriad of soul aspects and energy centres; your inner child, masculine energy, feminine energy, all the chakra’s, not to mention our connection to the collective consciousness, and to physical and non-physical soul family.
            All of this provides a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and guidance for us to draw on, however we definitely weren’t taught in school how to tap into it – nor even that it’s possible to do so.  We all have the ability to do this, it just takes practice much like anything else in life.
            When you journal with a higher intention, you are essentially letting yourself get out of your own way and stepping aside so that the answers and clarity you need can come to you. Your subconscious gets a chance to speak to you directly, as opposed to trying to get your attention in ways that are potentially sabotaging your relationships, work, health and other life areas.
            Someone asked me recently is it like automatic writing or should you stick to your focus? Definitely the former. More often than not, your journaling will take you somewhere completely unexpected. You show up thinking a certain person is the problem and end up writing about something that happened when you were 6 or 16. You might show up seeking relief and clarity as to a current emotion that is uncomfortable and end up having an amazing conversation with a part of you that has felt ignored and unloved. So much healing can happen in one journaling session.
            Sometimes we’ve hidden a part of ourselves away so well that it takes pages of journaling before we finally start getting to the root of an issue. Many if not most of our issues are multi-layered so we might find ourselves writing about something we thought we covered ten or a hundred times already.  As we open up to more of ourselves, likewise we also expand our ability to go deeper into ourselves, gaining deeper insights about the same situations.
            How to start if you are new to this? If you don’t know where to start, an easy question to start with is: What do I need to know about .....?  If you have a very specific issue you can ask things like: What part of me wants this situation? It’s confronting to ask this because most people would answer “None of me wants this!” Okay you can believe that and continue to feel stuck. However it is so much more empowering to consider, “Hmm, well if a part of me does want this then perhaps I should go find out what this part of me is, and why it wants this!’ It is very empowering to dialogue with the various inner aspects and energetic parts of yourself that come up.
            It is helpful, powerful and entertaining to name issues and feelings you want to address. Somehow it is much easier to talk to Sammy Sadness or Fred Frustrated than it is to journal to your general Self. If you’ve been sitting in a feeling for a while, go in, have a chat to it, ask it what it wants to tell you.
            There is no right or wrong way to journal, there’s no step by step rulebook to follow. The main thing is to trust what comes. Don’t get caught up in “I’m making this up” or “Where is this coming from?” By all means, if you want to be sure you aren’t receiving information from sources that aren’t good for you say a little prayer or affirmation beforehand. Ask that you receive guidance from your highest sources of truth, love and light, and that all information is aligned with your best possible self and reality. From there, let the pen take you where it wants to take you.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013

Dana Mrkich is an Energy Intuitive, Author of A New Chapter, Creator of E-course Create a Life you Love and an inspirational teacher, writer and speaker. For more info, please visit her website, join her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.

Riding the River in Whichever Way you Choose

We are in such a different energetic situation to last year. Last year we were being affected by near-constant waves of energy thanks to the Solar Flares. They acted like the contractions of labour, bringing up from within us all the last remnants of whatever needed to be released before we entered a new level of ourselves in this new evolutionary cycle. Now that we're in the new cycle, it is like the dam walls have burst allowing us to ride the wave into parts of the river we haven't accessed before. 

In any given day, and in any given moment, it is our choice as to which part of the river we are swimming in. We spend time in the old part and the new part and neither is actually better or worse. In the higher realms, high vibrational souls go 'down' to 'lower' levels to help souls go 'up' the levels all the time. Sometimes the souls don't want to go 'up' because they are comfortable where they are, or they are needed where they are or they are not yet ready to go 'up'. Try not to judge where you are or where anyone else is, because wherever you are you have landed there because on some level some part of your vibrational reality was attracted to that level. 

If you don't like it, take a minute to get conscious and ask yourself ok, why am I here in this part of the river, in this situation, in this pattern? Your soul might have an answer for you completely different to the one you were expecting. You can ask your Soul these kinds of things in meditation or via journalling. Journalling is a great way to check your emails from your own Soul/Self!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013

Note about March Monthly Visions

Hi Everyone,

I've been writing the Monthly Visions for about 6 years now and love them - and will continue writing them. Yet there is a powerful, transitional energy in the air this month. It felt time for a pause while some sort of energy re-boot takes place. For myself personally the transitional energy is being triggered by a milestone birthday - my 40th on 11 March. For the planet, it's being triggered (among other things) by the upcoming March 21 Equinox, a stellium of 6 planets in Pisces today* (Sun, New Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Neptune) and an interesting increase in the number of asteroids and meteors whizzing so closely by us - or at least a definite increase in our interest in these events.

The two Fish of Pisces symbolize our choice to escape our responsibilities with addictions and distractions (which modern society has perfected to a T) and thus self-destruct, or to rise up with an awakened consciousness, elevating ourselves to a higher reality. As a humanity we have been faced with that choice, and I believe on a higher level we have collectively made our choice. We all turned as one onto the new train track a few months ago, and this month feels pivotal in helping us to see even more clearly what more needs to be done not to get onto the chosen train track (as we're already on it), but to stay on it and thrive on it.

I look forward to re-connecting with you via the Monthly Visions in April but in the meantime I am still very much here! I'll still be posting regularly on my Facebook page, and still writing my weekly blog (and of course doing Soul Sessions. Next available is currently the last week of April).

Have a wonder-filled March!

Much love, 


* Originally posted in March Newsletter written 11 March

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Car that Wouldn’t Sell...until I got the Message

The Car that Wouldn’t Sell...until I got the Message

I love it when things happen in life to remind you that everything is energy, everything has a perfect right timing, and everything has a reason. For years and years I had my ideal car (at the time) on my vision boards. Finally, 2 years ago, I bought the car only a few days before my birthday. The registration date happened to be on my birthday, and the girl who I bought it from also had my birthday!  So it was all meant to be, right?
Not even a week went by before I found out I was pregnant, so I knew that my shiny BMW had a relatively short lifespan in our soon-to-be larger household. By mid last year it was obvious we needed a more spacious car and so we put it up for sale. It felt like I’d just needed to buy this one thing for myself and once I had...well I was more than happy to let it go and move on to the next wonderful chapter of parenthood and the world of SUV’s. didn’t sell. Month after month went by. No calls. Almost 6 months went by and still nothing. It’s as if it was invisible. (First clue right there!!!) I knew it didn’t have anything to do with ‘the slow market’ or anything like that. Everything is energy. If it wasn’t selling, there was a reason. Maybe the person who was going to buy it wasn’t ready yet, or maybe on some level I wasn’t yet ready to let it go. I thought and thought about what I could possibly still be holding onto but came up with nothing. Finally my aunty asked me something that I constantly ask others: “Have you journalled about it?” Ummm no, no I haven’t!
I have this theory. When you journal, it’s fairly impossible to continue to avoid an issue or aspect of yourself. Likewise if you’re avoiding journaling (especially if you’re usually a regular journaller, or are receiving little nudges to journal) then it’s probably likely you’re avoiding having to look at something. So off to my journal I went.
Well, clearly this was a very deeply embedded, stubborn issue because I must have journalled for about 4 pages before I finally started to feel that I was cracking through beyond really surface stuff. When you’re journaling about an issue, you really want to keep going until you get those lightbulb moments, that feeling of oh my gosh sudden clarity rush through you. It’s like being a miner, digging, digging, until you hear that ping that tells you that you’ve hit something.
My issue went all the way back to my newborn self, to my Birth Day. Sometimes I think our peeps upstairs must shake their heads at how long it takes us to get the message! Here they were giving me all these signs with my car, to look at my actual Birth Day, but I had only seen the references to my birthday! As was often the case 40 years ago, my dad wasn’t present at my birth and guess little newborn self took on all sorts of beliefs as a result! As a conscious adult I felt clear of these old beliefs, but there was still some part of my newborn self that was still feeling and holding them. These beliefs were around being seen (hello invisible car!), waiting for my dad’s approval and acceptance, and waiting for permission to own my own worth and value and right to be here!
Throughout my life I’ve been aware of the many layers of my birth and dad (and other) issues, aware of the many ways they have manifested and have eventually cleared most of it. However, as is the case with 2013, it’s just not possible to carry even one speck of our old beliefs and baggage forward with us into our new reality. Bless the car sale delay – it was forcing me to look at the last remnants of old issues and beliefs that I really thought I had cleared. Perhaps I had cleared them, only now we’re dealing with deeper layers as we are called to move into higher versions of ourselves.
10 pages of journaling later, the phone started ringing. That week 6 people called – but still, no-one came to see it!  Okay, now what?  A couple of weeks went by and a good friend asked me “Is the car still on your vision board?”  I had to laugh. I hadn’t updated my vision board since before I bought the car, and lately it had been falling off the wall – and I’d been trying to stick it back up only to find it on the floor again the next day. So, a new vision board is definitely on my current to do list, but in the meantime I took the BMW picture off the old vision board. I went and sat outside with the photo, and did a little burning ceremony with it while I expressed all my thoughts of gratitude around what this car had been trying to show me. I blessed the car and the sale delay, because it had made me look at old issues in a new way. It had really called me to step up into a new level of myself and embody a new feeling around no longer waiting for permission to own my worth and value and right to be here (if indeed I was doing this, which apparently according to my birth self I was on some level!)  I reclaimed my authority over my own self, I reclaimed my power, and I told my newborn self she was loved and worthy and of value and had a right to be here – not for anything she did or was or had, but just because she was her little divine self. What I really loved is that the car just couldn’t sell, and wouldn’t sell, until I had done this!
A few days later, two days before my 40th birthday which is today, a lovely family called. They came, they saw, and they bought the BMW!
So if there is something in your life that is frustrating you right now, some delay or issue or recurring pattern, take out your journal and ask: What are you trying to tell me? There is always a message – and bless those things that are the messengers because as difficult as they can be to deal with they are hanging in there, holding on to the tough situations, even if we get upset, until we get their message! Now that’s love. 

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013

Dana Mrkich is an Energy Intuitive, Author of A New Chapter, Creator of E-course Create a Life you Love and an inspirational teacher, writer and speaker. For more info, please visit her website, join her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Energy Update: Feeling of Compression

There is a feeling of pressure in the air, as if something is about to (or needs to) burst, explode or release. You may be physically feeling this as a pressure on your chest (heart area). Emotionally you might be feeling like you're on a short fuse, walking on a thin wire between keeping it together and feeling utterly frazzled.
Visually I'm seeing a huge amount of 'new energy' coming in and compressing the 'old' energy, forcing it up (from under the carpet) and out. This is a positive thing, but depending which part of the wave you are surfing in any given moment it can feel either very suffocating and restrictive, or incredibly exciting and liberating. There is no right or wrong with whatever you're feeling. The fact of the matter is that everything that is not harmonious with the world we are here to create is being pushed up into greater awareness right now. 

We are energetic beings that are realising our interconnectedness with all things. We are emotional beings that are in the midst of expanding our hearts. We are spiritual beings that are increasing our sensitivity and intuitive intelligence. It is not as easy as saying 'oh rise above it' when we find ourselves sitting in the part of the wave that is experiencing compression. Our awakening is not just about riding the crest of the wave, it is also about opening our eyes and hearts to the WHOLE wave, even the parts that don't feel so good, and especially the parts that have been limiting not only ourselves but our fellow humans and all living beings on this planet. Awakening to our wholeness can be intense. Birth IS intense. But it is essential for life to continue to evolve.

If you are finding it very difficult to go through this particular phase, hand it over to the part of you that DOES know what it's doing. In birth, your body knows what to do. In this intense evolutionary phase, your soul knows what to do. Hand the reins over and ask your soul to help you and guide you. Do this last thing before you go to sleep as that's when we get out of our own way!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013

Originally posted on Dana's Facebook Page, 6 March 2013. Please join Dana on Facebook for regular energy updates.