Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Truth, Truthers and Boston

Truth, Truthers and Boston

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

 ~Martin Luther King Jr.

There is a topic that is weighing increasingly heavy on my heart lately. Well truth be told it has bothered me for a long time, but it has reached a loud crescendo over the last couple of weeks. It is that anyone who questions the official stories and statements laid out by those in positions of ‘authority’ – the government, law enforcement officials, mainstream media to name a few – are automatically labelled crazy conspiracy theorists, accused of not really caring about the victims of the event being discussed, accused of siding with terrorists and directly or indirectly fear being put on some sort of watchlist or at the least losing a whole bunch of Facebook and Twitter followers.

Throughout history we have always had those who risk their reputations and even lives to speak out, to share truths, to ask questions and demand answers. We’ve also had those who are quick to vilify, punish, ridicule, dismiss or fear anyone who has an opinion different to that of the established order. As we’re now living in times where everything is super-intensified, these two sides of the fence are each becoming louder. Both are equally playing a role in ultimately having the truth revealed, but the jarring polarity between the two is creating so much tension and can bring up a lot of emotions that are really challenging to be with.

 The latest term meant to describe the most crazy of us is: Truther. According to mainstream media, it is a very bad thing to be a Truther. This term was originally coined to describe those who rejected the official explanation for 9/11. It has now branched out and is used in a derogatory tone to describe anyone who questions the official explanation for anything. Because you know, the government has never lied or covered up the truth, law enforcement officials have never purposefully jailed an innocent person and the media is always correct and always tells you everything you need to know.

Truthers and conspiracy theorists are called crazy despite the fact that they are providing very strong photographic and video evidence to back up their ‘theories’ and are contributing far more investigative reporting than the majority of mainstream media who sadly seem to be alternating between making things up and reading off a pre-prepared official statement without questioning or researching the contents.

I think the whole term ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ is so outdated and misleading. It paints a picture of someone plucking unlikely ideas out of the air when in reality most offer reams of information, facts and evidence that truly get your mind thinking. So this move to the new term ‘Truther’ is far more accurate, even if intended to offend, so thank you mainstream media for the evolutionary upgrade there. Yes of course, there are some theories out there that are absolutely not the truth, and there are outstanding journalists who are doing everything they can to report in a balanced, fair and well-researched way.  The point is, we somehow need to find and trust our own inner compass when it comes to not believing everything we hear just because it comes from an ‘official authority’ and opening our mind to possibilities we may not want to believe that come from alternative sources. There is a LOT of information out there right now about every topic imaginable.  You have choices. You can do your own research and seek out information, you can trust your own gut feelings about things, or you can allow yourself to be fed a version of every topic that toes the official line. 

Truthers are accused of not really caring about the victims if they suggest that the accused may not be the guilty party. I would think that those passionate about uncovering the truth and making sure the real perpetrators are brought to justice care deeply about the victims of any event. From the ‘Hunger Games’ type manhunt and response to the capture of ‘Suspect Number 2’ in the Boston Marathon case it appeared that most people just cared someone was caught, trusting that the authorities knew what they were doing.   I’m happy to trust most people straight up, but then if they continually do things to erode that trust then of course you are going to start doubting and questioning that relationship. Everyone, as a young child, starts out trusting those in authority, but if that trust is abused whether the authority was a family member, a teacher, a news anchor or a government representative, slowly your trust evaporates. Actually, before that happens, you start questioning yourself. You wonder, am I seeing things incorrectly, or is this person/group/organisation doing something that doesn’t feel right to me? Those who abuse their positions of power are experts in making those who question them feel wrong or bad for feeling what they feel.

At the time of Suspect Number 2’s capture, the public had received no evidence that this 19 year old had done what the media had already pretty much accused him of doing, even though he was still only a suspect, yet the streets erupted with the kind of cheering one would expect after a Grand Final Football win. What is going on when we cheer wildly “We got him!” and “We can sleep easy tonight.” when we have no real idea of who we actually just got or any real evidence of what he supposedly did?

It was a scary situation. I can’t imagine what that day and night, or that week, would have felt like for most residents, and what the relief would have been like once they thought the perpetrator was arrested. But from the outside looking in, obviously removed from the emotional intensity of the situation, it was like a scene from a Hollywood Blockbuster out of control. Thousands of Police, Military, FBI, CIA, Navy Seals and army tankers driving through the streets, placing a town in lockdown and raiding homes, only to find an unarmed 19 year old in a boat in a backyard! For the first 16 hours of questioning his Miranda rights were not given to him. More cheering from the audience. His repeated requests for a lawyer were ignored. This in a country that prides itself on its Constitution and Democracy. 

I am not a U.S citizen so if you are, you may ask why this is any of my business. I, along with so many millions around the world, feel so impacted by what happens in your country. The decisions made by your government affect so many other countries (and thus people) around the world, whether directly or indirectly. I have beautiful friends and family over there. I have wonderful colleagues and clients over there. We travel to the U.S regularly.  We are all part of one human family on one Earth for goodness sake, and our care factor should not be limited by man-made borders!

 First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out - Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out –

 Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out - Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me--and there was no one left to speak for me.

– Martin Niemoller

There are so many why’s in this case, and others, but we are discouraged from every corner to not say anything. When searching for the Boston suspects, the FBI made a statement saying that the public should only look at the images they provided, as looking at any other photo’s would only be a distraction. When a highly respected spiritual author and teacher posted on her Facebook page that she was very uncomfortable with what was happening (after the capture) and what happened to innocent until proven guilty, she received a barrage of angry, hostile comments. So, we can talk about truth and the empowerment of humanity and the evolution of our consciousness as esoteric concepts, but if we apply them in the real world we are accused of being somehow too political or siding with the terrorists or not caring enough about the victims? Shoosh up and get back to talking about love and light! Really??

            Consciousness within government, within law enforcement, within the media is exactly what we need right now. Yet both sides of the reality fence seem to be repressing it, thinking that the political and spiritual worlds aren’t compatible. We talk a lot about not letting fear override truth, but right now there is so much fear around speaking out – fear around not only the response of ‘authorities’ but also fear around the response of ones own family, friends, colleagues and community.

            Some of you reading this may strongly disagree with some things I’ve written here, and that’s okay. Many will agree openly, and some of you will agree but still not feel comfortable to comment or press like on a social media forum. That’s okay too and I completely understand.  Although you may feel otherwise, I really didn’t write this today to convince anyone of anything. I wrote it because so much of my work revolves around being true to yourself.  I wrote it because I talk a lot about authenticity, and living your truth, even if that means people won’t like it or agree with it. I could not continue with my work if I talked and wrote one message, but lived another.   There are many truths in the world, and we may or may not ever get to discover all of them, but at the very least we can discover and be true to our own.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013

Dana Mrkich is an Energy Intuitive, Author of A New Chapter, Creator of E-course Create a Life you Love and an inspirational teacher, writer and speaker. For more info, please visit her website,  or for regular energy updates join her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.



Thursday, April 25, 2013

April 25 Scorpio Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipses are like a Full Moon on steroids so can be a very emotional time particularly relating to closure and letting go. This one is in Scorpio, renowned for plunging into the darkest depths of the emotional pool so many of you may be experiencing a releasing of very old feelings this week.
There is something very 'Twilight Zone' happening lately with timelines and parallel realities, so something else that's happening is the grieving of parallel realities that could have been but weren't (in this reality). You might be having dreams or thinking about people from the past, or experiencing a sense of loss for the life that didn't happen.
Just like the high tide at full moon, these emotions or memories are like water that rushes up, then goes back into the ocean. They may also be manifesting as physical symptoms around the chest or sinus area. If these physical symptoms persist it can mean you are holding onto something that it is time to let go of or address in some way. Allow whatever is coming up at this time to flow. Some of you may just need to feel it, otherwise activities like journaling, meditating or painting can help you understand what's coming up in a clearer way.
(c) Dana Mrkich 2013

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Eclipses: God Time

The Eclipses: God Time

As I re-read a text message I’d just sent about the upcoming Lunar Eclipse (April 25/26) I had to have a little chuckle. Instead of saying ‘good time for inner healing’, the auto spell-check had changed it to ‘god time for inner healing.’ Indeed it is.    
We’re now in the vortex of an Eclipse period as we gear up for this week’s Lunar Eclipse on 05° 46’ Scorpio,  the Solar Eclipse on 19° 31’ Taurus (May 9/10) and a Lunar Eclipse on 04° 08’ Sagittarius (24/25 May).

Super quick astro lesson for anyone interested: All of the above points are somewhere on the ‘clock’ of your astrological natal chart, which is a snapshot of where all the planets where at the exact moment of your birth, among other things.  You can get a free copy of your natal chart at www.astro.com to see where the above Eclipse points fall for you. Eclipses are particularly impactful on your life if they occur on or very close to one of your natal planets or a significant point in your natal chart eg Ascendant, North Node. However, we are all touched in some way by eclipses because all of us have the astrological degree they occur on somewhere in our charts.

Eclipse periods conjur up images of our ‘Help Team’ upstairs rolling up their sleeves, and saying ever so politely: “Okay, please step aside for a few moments. We have some things to shift in your psyche/life, a few things to improve, a few insights need to be moved up on your awareness radar. Look, you’re doing really well on your own but time is a ticking and your soul has a schedule it needs to keep up with. Every now and again we need to adjust and accelerate a few things, and now is one of those times – it’s God time.”

            Eclipses act like the fast forward button on your remote control. They accelerate parts of your life movie to get you where you need to be, with respect to who you came here to be, what you came here to do and what your soul most desires to experience. Sometimes a very tangible event occurs on an Eclipse that changes your life completely and other times you don’t realise until hindsight that something occurred around that time that ultimately changed the course of your life in some way. Sometimes an Eclipse triggers an inner healing, that ultimately paves the way for outer change.

            One thing is for sure – you can’t run or hide from an Eclipse if it’s supposed to trigger something for you. Just like that quote from the movie “Taken”, it will look for you and it will find you. That makes Eclipses sound like something to fear, and definitely many people do feel some anxiety when they know an Eclipse is going to hit a part of their chart because they don’t know what kind of ‘healing event’ or ‘course-correction’ is about to occur.  Ultimately however, Eclipses are always ‘heaven-sent’.  They help us do what we couldn’t do alone. They give us a push where we were too scared to jump. They make us connect with parts of ourselves we didn’t feel ready to connect with earlier. Sometimes this comes in the form of loss, other times an unexpected gain, but they always leave you with a gift in one way or other.  

            It is helpful to recognise and consciously be aware of anything that is trying to get your attention at this time. Lunar Eclipses occur at the Full Moon, so are more emotional in nature. They are powerful for releasing old, subconscious, self-sabotaging thoughts, beliefs, habits and patterns. Lunar Eclipses are most commonly associated with loss and letting go, but as you can see this doesn’t automatically indicate a ‘sad’ thing. It can be a relief and major inner ‘aha moment’ to finally let go of something that’s been holding you back.

            Solar Eclipses occur at the New Moon and are most often associated with outer events, opening the door to a new chapter.

            Generally speaking, they often occur in pairs (Solar + Lunar) but this Eclipse period contains two Lunar Eclipses on either side of the Solar which indicates a lot of emotional healing will be going on over the next month for a lot of people. Even if you aren’t impacted directly, it is likely that someone around you will be going through a major inner or outer shift. Knowing we’re in an Eclipse period can help us understand that what looks like random chaos or upheaval is actually intricately planned, highly organised soul shifting and transformation.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013

Dana Mrkich is an Energy Intuitive, Author of A New Chapter, Creator of E-course Create a Life you Love and an inspirational teacher, writer and speaker. For more info, please visit her website,  or for regular energy updates join her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Sending our thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by today's event in Boston. It is so easy at this time to think 'oh no, the world is really going to *%#$' but here is what I saw. The flags of countries all around the world flying together. People from many nations running together. Spectators sharing the day together. People running to help when the bombs went off with no thought of the risk to themselves.
Whether it was one person or a group of people that were responsible for this, they are outnumbered by all the good people at that event, and in this world. It is unfair that such a small number can cause such great devastation and our thoughts today are with those whose lives will never be the same.
Today is a day to cry, but it doesn't have to be a day to go into fear. It can be a day to send as much love as you can muster to everyone who needs it.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013

Monday, April 15, 2013

Moving into our Power

Many of us who have been sensitive, conscious, and awake souls for a long time are moving into a period of major Solar Plexus activation. We are being called to move into our Power, to speak out and step up. To stand up for ourselves, our values and the world we know we are here to create. 
            This can feel totally foreign to us and beyond our comfort zones especially if you are prone to taking the 'higher perspective approach - but if there is something that you know you need to do, a conversation you have to have, an action you need to take, know that once you finally step out beyond that comfort zone you will feel so much relief and freedom. 
            I had a spontaneous boxing lesson last week, which is not my natural choice for working out, but you know what - it felt great! It was the perfect accompaniment to the major inner power shifts going on. Doing something physical like that is such a good way to both release old energy and move into new energy. 

How are you all feeling on the power front?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Parallel Lives and Alternate Realities

Last night I received a newsletter from a Homeopathy clinic we go to, and in it they listed an upcoming talk on Hayfever. I thought it a bit strange timing-wise that they'd have a talk on Hayfever as it's Autumn here but was very happy about it as I've been experiencing symptoms of it lately for the first time ever (and yes, I am looking into the energetic roots of that!). Anyway, I called them up and they were a bit confused because they definitely don't have an upcoming talk about it, nor was it in last night's newsletter!! 
            I said I had just read it and remember it clearly almost word for word. They asked me to forward it to them just in case something technical had gone awry with perhaps old info accidentally being sent out. I went to my inbox, found the newsletter and guess what....there is no mention of the talk in it!! It's a completely different newsletter to the one I read last night!! Somehow some alternate reality newsletter came through, prompting me to call the clinic, and here I am with an appointment for next week for a homeopathic consultation.
            I am absolutely fascinated by the idea of parallel and alternate realities. I met a woman once who had an amazing story. An old friend knocked on her door one evening. They hadn't spoken in years, but her friend said she'd come to apologise and she missed their friendship. A little while later, this lady I met called up her friend to say how much she enjoyed the visit and catching up again. Well....her friend said, what visit? She had moved to another state and hadn't been back to her old town in a long time!!! Needless to say they were both a bit shaken by that experience, but ended up having a healing conversation. It sounds like one of those urban myths out there, but this woman told me directly that this had happened to her. It made me wonder, what are my parallel selves doing that I don't know about!?!
Anyone have any similar stories you'd like to share?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013


Feeling Stuck in this New Cycle?

Feeling Stuck in this New Cycle?

Freedom is something we all say we want, but it is an interesting quirk of human nature that receiving freedom can feel more challenging than literally being in prison. According to statistics in the U.S, UK and Australia two out of every three prisoners re-offend and return to prison within 3 years of release. Although the reasons for this are multi-layered, a major issue is the struggle to find jobs and have a stable home and family life. Whether consciously or subconsciously, prisoners are drawn back to an environment in which they at least have structure, routine, a roof over their heads, three meals a day and a close-knit community. This is not due to laziness or ‘once bad always bad’.  It is due, in part, to the fact that freedom and expansion requires support and time to develop a completely new set of living skills.
As restrictive as it is to always be told what to do, it can feel completely overwhelming to suddenly be in the driver’s seat of your life after years of receiving direction. This is one of the reasons, among others, that people stay in unhealthy relationships and jobs.  This is also one of the reasons why many are struggling with direction and movement forward in our new evolutionary cycle.
In our last cycle, many of you will relate to feeling like you had a ‘mission’ or a purpose. Even if you didn’t quite know what that mission or purpose was, you can be sure that in some way you were fulfilling it just by being here. Do not underestimate the effect your vibration and energy has had on others, just by you being you. As the old cycle came to an end, so too did our ‘contracts’. That doesn’t mean we are no longer needed, or no longer have a purpose here. It just means that ‘Part A’ of our incarnation here is done.  During Part A we all worked with our team of guides, or elders in the higher realms, who assisted us with our personal awakening process and also helped us to assist others here on Earth. It was hardly prison, but it wasn’t full freedom when compared to the completely new reality potentials of our new cycle.
As entered our new cycle, and since then, many of us have felt a sense of being in limbo. It’s like we know we’ve reached the end of our old contracts, but we feel like we’re still waiting for our new contracts. In the meantime, we feel like we’re in a kind of suspended animation – partly living and getting on with the day to day, but also partly aware that we’re supposed to be clicking into some new part of us, and perhaps haven’t yet.
Like prisoners, we are getting our first real taste of freedom. We are out in a great endless ocean of limitless possibility and potential. Our guides and elders have let us go, much in the same way parent’s have to let their children go when they go off to college. Just like parents, our soul and star family in the higher realms are still our family. We can still call them, they can come visit, only we’re ‘adults’ now. We are now responsible for what we do or don’t do. We now get to choose which paths we want to take, what areas of speciality we’d like to focus on, what areas of life here we’d like to get more involved in.
Being let go of like this can feel like an act of abandonment and even betrayal. Yet, setting someone free is the greatest act of love. It shows a belief in our ability to step into our power, and create a life and world of our choosing.  What might feel like you’ve been retrenched, is actually a graduation.
For many of us, this is our first real experience embodying our Solar Plexus. We have always worked with the ‘we’ for the ‘they’. This idea of being self-motivated and self-directed and having to ask ourselves “What do I want to do?” is a completely foreign concept to us.  Many of us yes have had to be self-motivated and self-directed in our work, running businesses and so on. Yet ultimately we were being motivated and directed by our higher purpose, our higher ‘team’. It was freedom within a box . Now, there is no box. There is only freedom. And that can feel scary, so much so that we might find ourselves feeling a bit stuck or frozen in that fear.
I was watching my little boy Jaxon walking today and thought how a toddler’s development process is so similar to what we are going through right now.  When he first stood up he didn’t immediately stroll briskly around the place. He held onto furniture as he cruised around finding his footing. Then he gradually started walking holding our hands. It took time for him to feel confident enough to take those first few steps completely on his own. 
We are really in this same boat right now. We are finding our footing, and part of our energy is cautious because the new is unknown. If this resonates, it helps to do something to get your stuck energy moving again. Doing something small every day that you have been procrastinating about is very powerful – cleaning a cupboard or room, organising files and folders, clearing out your closet, getting ‘admin’ type phone calls and errands done, starting on those ‘one day I want to/need to’ projects, framing that photo, planting that herb garden, painting that chair. These kind of activities really help to move stuck energy, and also help to energise the Solar Plexus sending all sorts of “I can do it” messages to it increasing your sense of self-motivation and self-direction. As your Solar Plexus is strengthened, qualities like your self-belief and confidence are enhanced, encouraging you to try new things and set new goals.
We are living in the critical beginning stages of a new evolutionary phase and it’s time for us all to contribute our piece of the jigsaw. Far from our ‘purpose’ being over, our great purpose is just beginning. Only this time instead of working within the confines of karmic ties, wounds and contracts, we get to explore the vast capabilities of our limitless soul and reality potential. Once we get over this initial phase of feeling a bit uncertain with our new energy, we will slowly start walking with greater sure-footedness, heart and soul-driven power, confidence and courage. Given support and time, our new freedom will turn from something overwhelming into something exciting and empowering with a powerful effect on the world around us. 

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013

Dana Mrkich is an Energy Intuitive, Author of A New Chapter, Creator of E-course Create a Life you Love and an inspirational teacher, writer and speaker. For more info, please visit her website,  or for regular energy updates join her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.