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Visioning the Dream Awake: May 2010

May 2010: Celebrating the Feminine, Mothers and Creativity

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- Monthly Visions: Feminine Power Roaring to Life!

- Santa Fe Metaphysical Fair: Sat & Sun May 22-23

- Creative Sessions and Courses in May I highly Recommend

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May 2010 Monthly Visions: Feminine Power Roaring to Life!

Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned / Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned
- - William Congreve (1670-1729)

I’d like to add to the above quote “no rage nor fury like a feminine energy denied!” Whether you are a woman suppressing your power, or either gender suppressing your feminine energy, you will now know about it. The Divine Goddess energy within us, and around us, is awakening and lord help us if we try to keep her asleep! Read rest here: http://danamrkich.blogspot.com/2010/05/may-2010-monthly-visions-feminine-power.html


Santa Fe Metaphysical Fair, USA: Sat & Sun May 22-23

I will have a booth at the Santa Fe Metaphysical Fair in New Mexico signing and selling copies of my book A New Chapter (these will be the first copies of the newly released version – same content but different publisher – more news about that next month!) and I’ll be giving mini Soul Sessions. Christian will also be at the booth selling select pieces of his gorgeous jewellery. I will also be doing a talk during the weekend about The Shift, how it’s affecting us personally and globally, and ways to move through it.

So if you’re in the area, come down and say hello!

Sat & Sun May 22-23

El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe

1615 Paseo de Peralta

Santa Fe, NM


Creative Sessions & Courses I highly Recommend

In the spirit of the month of May – which includes the ancient festival of May Day celebrating the fertility of the land, Mother’s Day, the earthy Taurus influence, and the power-packed Goddess energies currently jolting our creativity awake – I highly recommend the following May Creative Sessions and Creative Courses being facilitated by Art Therapist, Artist and Intuitive Jelena Mrkich (who also happens to be my sister):

Mother’s Day Special for Pregnant Mum’s to be – Pregnant Goddess Belly Painting Sessions


Visual Jam – 6 Week Creative Classes Starting May 24


Jelena now also facilitates one-on-one The Art of Being You sessions: http://www.jelenamrkich.com/sessions/theartofbeingyou/index.html


Soul Sessions with Dana

Bookings are available for Phone and Email Sessions during May while I’m in Taos. If you happen to be in Taos I am also available for in-person sessions here this month only. I’ve also had a flurry of people enquiring if I do coaching type packages for those of you wanting ongoing support during your shifting processes. Yes I do! Fortnightly sessions allow me to give you plenty of homework (I love doing that!), and work with you on specific issues and patterns you are absolutely ready to move on from, into the YOU that you came here to be.

For In person or Coaching packages please email dana@danamrkich.com  otherwise please go here to book an email, phone or skype session: http://www.danamrkich.com/readings/index.html


Create a Life you Love E-Course (formerly Your New Chapter): Pay what you Want

Be guided step by step with my 7 week e-course to find out why you have the reality you have, and how to create the reality you want. Read about this course and book http://www.dailyom.com/cgi-bin/courses/courseoverview.cgi?cid=49


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Relax with a cup of tea and read what people are saying about their current journey or share your story and questions. The Message Boards are a place to give and receive support, inspiration, insights and connection.



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May 2010 Monthly Visions: Feminine Power Roaring to Life!

May 2010 Monthly Visions: Feminine Power Roaring to Life!

“Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned / Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned”

- William Congreve (1670-1729)

I’d like to add to the above quote “no rage nor fury like a feminine energy denied!” Whether you are a woman suppressing your power, or either gender suppressing your feminine energy, you will now know about it. The Divine Goddess energy within us, and around us, is awakening and lord help us if we try to keep her asleep!

We all have both masculine and feminine energy within us. In an ideal world we would be comfortable with both these energies, and express them in positive and healthy ways. Our inner and outer worlds would be a wonderful manifestation of balanced masculine and feminine energy working in harmony together: imagine the majority of people being able to make an abundant living from their natural creativity, prosperous businesses thriving that respect the Earth’s resources, imagine an international governance that ensures all people are housed, fed, clothed and educated. I believe this is what a balanced masculine feminine energy looks like on a collective level. Our history is however a completely different story, one that is now correcting itself ready or not. We cannot have an outer world like that, until we have found that balance within. It would be just as disempowering to have power handed to us, as it has been to have it taken from us. We have to awaken it ourselves from within, and as more of us do this the results in the outside world are in the throes of literally being world-changing.

The current energies are swooping down on us thick and fast helping us get that balance, awakening all that has been asleep. For most of us, and thus humanity, that means awakening, and being comfortable with, our suppressed feminine energy.

Once upon a time, the feminine Goddess energy was honoured as a primary force of Creation. The feminine aspect of the Creator was celebrated. Reverence was shown to the Earth, which was perceived as the Great Mother or Mother Goddess. Pagan festivals like Beltane on April 30 and May Day on May 1 were enjoyed, to show gratitude and appreciation for the coming Summer, asking Mother Earth to bless the people with fertile lands and an abundant harvest. People were connected to the Seasons and recognised that they were living on a living being, that needed to be respected and taken care of. Natural healing and spiritual knowledge was widely used and accepted as part of daily life. While I don’t want to paint a portrait of utopian societies that didn’t in reality exist (certainly most levels of society didn’t have access to all knowledge whether we are talking Old England and Europe, Ancient Greeks and Egyptians, Sumerians, Mayans, Incans or Atlanteans), looking back at relatively recent and more ancient cultures, one might assume we were well on our way several times to a grand awakening and personal empowerment for all.

Yet like a merry go round, we have gone round and round in circles. Great societies have grown and collapsed over and over again, whether self-inflicted or by external force. The common factor has been Power: Having Power over Others vs Allowing Others to be Empowered. To have power over others, you have to suppress their personal and collective power. There are lots of ways to do this: make them forget it exists, instill fear about accessing it, make it wrong, hard or impossible for them to access it and distract them with mundane things. Soon you have a society of distracted, disconnected humans who are too busy working to put food on the table to ask questions or think it strange that after thousands of years of human civilisation and development (and I use that word loosely) we are still living in the dark ages when it comes to health and healing, environmental awareness, diplomatic governance, education, honouring our spirit, knowledge of our true galactic history, heritage and energetic reality, sustainable housing, joyful work and basic human rights for all.

Our human history includes pivotal turning points, when instead of continuing upward into greater consciousness and empowerment, we experienced sharp right turns taking us another way. Events like the suppression of the Old Religion by the Church, and the burning of ‘witches’ (healers and practitioners of magic) at the stake cracked down on any notions of conscious evolution. Imagine if people knew that they had a direct connection to God/Source Energy? Imagine if people were aware of all the spiritual and natural laws, and knew how to use them? We can’t have a bunch of empowered, free humans running around can we? Well, looking around at the world and seeing what’s become of the majority of us, one has to assume not. Our cellular memory keeps us imprisoned even while the physical threat of death or punishment for expressing our innate powers has long gone (from most countries, not all). We keep ourselves suppressed because our cellular memory fears that if we stick our head too far above the herd it will get shot down and cut off. Our bank account fears that if we do or say what we really want, we won’t get paid or hired. Our heart fears that if we be true to who we really are, we won’t be loved and accepted, or that others won’t be able to handle it. We have literally suffocated our souls with suppression, and our souls have had enough.

Our suppression is not natural. It has been orchestrated on purpose because it suits those who love to control and have power over others (the opposite of this repressed feminine energy is a masculine energy on steroids, which is not balanced masculine energy). It is not true that we don’t have enough money to fix our global problems. It is just that we make more money with a problem filled world, (hello pharmaceutical companies, hello weapons and arms manufacturers) than we do were the world a peaceful, enlightened one. A peaceful, enlightened humanity? Empowered and free? That’s the power-mongers worst nightmare and they have done their very best to make sure it doesn’t happen. The years leading up to 2012 are scaring the pants off them, and not for the reasons you might think. Earth changes and Economic Collapse they can deal with. An awakened, empowered humanity being shaken back to life by the Mother Earth/Divine Feminine/Galactic Energies/whatever you want to call it? Now that’s something that has them scrambling and you can be sure that they are more aware of the coming energies than most people on the planet.

With events like the suppression of the Old Religion, came the suppression of the Divine Feminine. All the qualities governed by the Goddess energy gradually became to be seen as weak or something to be ridiculed or not worth much or something to feel shameful about: respect for the Earth, feeling our feelings, creativity (still not seen as a ‘real job), intuition, compassion for our fellow humans, nurturing ourselves, self-love, treating ourselves well, natural healing wisdom, true joy and of course the overall suppression of girls and women were all affected. With the suppression of the Feminine, the Masculine got out of whack too, and so we have a humanity being over-powered and under-nourished, with a huge well of frustration and rage simmering beneath the surface.

We are at breaking point right now. The closer Earth gets to her conjunction with the Galactic Centre, which is blasting us with its high frequency light as we speak, the more this Divine Feminine energy is awakening. It’s awakening in you, it’s awakening in society, it’s awakening throughout the very Earth herself. If something in you is at breaking point, if something in you feels like raging against the machine, is feeling like screaming, is roaring like a pot of boiling water that is about to burst through the lid, is shouting that you have had enough of your frustration/anger/numbness/depression/repression/not getting your needs met, then this is your inner feminine waking up. Listen to her.

• What have you been suppressing?

• What do you deny yourself? What do you not let yourself have? What do you feel guilty for buying/doing/having/wanting?

• What have you been taught you better keep down?

• What inside you have you feared you can’t handle should it awaken?

• What are you scared to own?

• What have you kept quiet or repressed for fear of the consequences?

Let it out! Paint it out, dance it out, write it out, talk it out, scream and shout it out, punch a pillow it out, bake it out, garden it out, love it out, cry it out, walk it out, action it out (do something about it!!) sing it out, create it out! Awaken and re-birth all the parts of you that have been asleep, it is time!

As Earth goes through her awakening related contractions, preparing for the birth of her new self - A New Earth - earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are rapidly becoming the news du jour. It’s not a punishment for how we have treated her (although sending her some gratitude and treating her better would be much appreciated I’m sure), nor is it I’m increasingly inclined to feel a result of ‘global warming’. While the human effect on the Earth has got a lot to answer for, this Shift has been foreseen for a long time and it was always going to happen. Our level of consciousness will determine the way in which the Shift is perceived, and how comfortable we are with the changes ahead.

I’m always amazed at companies who refuse to alter their Earth-destroying business practices, and the politicians that support this behaviour, because of the effect change would have on their bottom line. They don’t seem to have realised that their billion dollar profits won’t be very helpful if they destroy the planet in the process - or maybe they think that just like in the ridiculous movie 2012 they can buy a ticket on a ship out of here should the proverbial hit the fan? I watched a documentary about Native American humanitarian activist John Trudell, and he said something very interesting that I’ll paraphrase here: ‘The Earth is just like any living being. To save herself she will shake off anything she perceives as a virus, and humanity have become like a virus to her.’ This completely resonates with all the messages I have ever received from my guides: We can’t keep going the way we have been. We either choose to change our ways or choose to check out. Earth is moving onward and upward, and it’s our choice whether we go with her.

Regardless of the degree to which Global Warming is human-influenced, the Shift is not an excuse to keep using the Earth as a trash can. It is an opportunity to start treating her once again as the Divine Mother Goddess she is. She ensures life on Earth is sustainable, and we literally can’t live here without her. I was amazed to discover recently that volcanoes are responsible for our atmosphere and gravity! How lucky are we that we can be on this planet without falling off, that we have waters that are perfect for swimming in and drinking, clean air to breathe and temperatures that are just right for our habitation and food production. Yet it took an eruption shutting down half the world for us to even notice that volcanoes exist, and even then we are looking at it as an inconvenient disruption to our modern lives. (Interesting note: Every time the Eyjafjallaj√∂kull volcano erupts, her so called ‘angry sister’ Katla – named after an ancient witch called Katla - erupts soon after, and she is ten times more powerful!)

Appropriately, the Galactic Conjunction of 2012 coincides with an astrological phenomenon called The Transit of Venus: the planet most representing the Divine Feminine and Goddess energy. (For astro buffs: This will be the partner transit to the 2004 Transit, with the next two Transits of Venus occurring in 2117 and 2125). This Shift is a call to reawaken this energy within us, so that we may create the balanced Heaven on Earth we all truly seek. It is possible, and much of this Heaven is already here, but we have become too busy and distracted to notice. We have forgotten how to enjoy it and share it with each other. Please, let this Shift not be yet another ‘collapse and start all over again’ process. We can’t keep forgetting. Use the power of the awakening feminine within you to wake up and stay awake, no matter what is thrown at us this time.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2010

Dana Mrkich is an internationally known teacher, thought leader and visionary in the field of Personal Transformation, Conscious Evolution and Vibrational/Energy Reality. She is a naturally gifted Energy Intuitive, Author of A New Chapter, Radio Host and creator/teacher of e-course Create a Life You Love. She offers her empowering Soul Sessions via email, phone and Skype to clients all around the world, and in-person in Sydney, Australia, containing the guidance and healing insights you most need as you step further into your true self and new reality. Ask Dana your general questions about these changing times, or share your stories, on her new Message Boards. For more info on any of the above or to Subscribe to Dana's Monthly Newsletter - please visit: http://www.danamrkich.com/