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The Final Stages of Preparation

Continuing on from my last post, I would like to share the following from Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

Hang on, this too shall pass. I know
people are going through many
challenges at this time, but there is
a purpose and a reason for it. We
are in the midst of an incredibly
intensified cleansing process.
Humanity’s old, obsolete behavior
patterns based in greed, selfishness,
corruption, and fear are responsible
for the global economic crisis. This
distorted level of consciousness is
no longer a viable option and it
cannot be sustained in the 5th
Dimensional energies that are now
flooding in.

Each and every one of you who is
reading these words is intuitively
aware of the need of the hour and
your part in this unfolding Divine
Plan. If that were not the case, your
I AM Presence would not have
drawn this information into your
sphere of awareness. Know that
you have been preparing for a
very long time to assist Humanity
in quickly moving through this
unprecedented purging process.
You already have everything you
need within you to accomplish this
mighty feat. Listen to the inner
promptings of your heart, and
you will know how you can most
effectively participate.

The archetypes for the New Earth
have been anchored in the
physical plane. These are the
templates for the patterns of
perfection that will exist on this
planet when we complete our
Ascension into the 5th Dimension.
The archetypes that are being
activated most powerfully at this
time are the patterns of God’s
Infinite Abundance and Eternal
Peace. The greatest need of the
hour is for Humanity to reclaim
our Divine Birthright. Without these
aspects of Divinity being securely
established in all of our lives, it will
be impossible for the rest of the
patterns of perfection for the New
Earth to be sustained. This is precisely
why awakening Humanity is being
asked to redouble our efforts in this
endeavor. We are being called to
fulfill our purpose and reason for
being on Earth !

It is critical that we all stay focused
on the bigger picture. What is
happening, in a very practical
and tangible way, is that the
archetypes for God’s Infinite
Abundance and Eternal Peace
are expanding through the
physical, etheric, mental, and
emotional strata of Earth. This is
causing everything that conflicts
with these patterns of perfection
to be pushed to the surface to be
healed and transmuted back into
Light. Any person, place, condition,
or thing that is ‘outpicturing’ the
obsolete behavior patterns of
greed, selfishness, corruption and
fear is crumbling away. All we have
to do to confirm this fact is watch
the news or read a newspaper.

There is no destroying energy. We
cannot just say cancel, cancel and
eliminate the past. This distorted
energy, these human miscreations
that have resulted in the shameful
and inequitable distribution of
wealth on this planet, must be
transmuted back into Light. The
only way this will be accomplished
is for Humanity, the Beings who
created the problem in the first
place, to invoke the Light of God
and project it into the surfacing
negativity. This has to be done
powerfully and effectively enough
to raise the energy, vibration and
consciousness of these obsolete
patterns into the frequencies of
God’s Infinite Abundance and
Eternal Peace.

This may sound like an impossible
task, but it is exactly what we have
all been training to do for thousands
of years. This is our moment, and as
the Hopi’s say, “We are the ones
we have been waiting for.”
Because of the urgency of the hour,
the cleansing taking place on Earth
is being accelerated to warp
speed. This purging process is more
complicated and more intense
than anyone imagined. For this
reason, the Clarion Call for Divine
Intervention has gone forth from
the hearts of awakening Humanity
and our heartfelt pleas have been
heard by the Company of Heaven.
Through the unified efforts of every
person's I AM Presence and the
Company of Heaven, the energy,
vibration, and consciousness of
Humanity’s bodies are being
accelerated the maximum we
can withstand in every 24-hour
period. This is causing some stressful
sensations and unusual symptoms
in our bodies. However, our I AM
Presence will never give us more
than we can handle.

The Divine Intent of this acceleration
that is taking place Being at an
atomic-cellular level, is to prepare
us to withstand the highest possible
frequencies for the Activity of Light
that will take place during August’s
Harmonic Convergence. Twenty-two
is the master number that reflects
power on all planes and the ability
to change the course of history. So
it is not by chance that, 22 years
after the initial influx of Light that
catapulted the Earth and all her
Life a quantum leap up the Spiral
of Evolution, we are experiencing
our most intensified cleansing.
Daily and hourly we all need to
deliberately be the Open Door for
the Light of God. We must do whatever
we can to assist in raising our
vibrations and to function from the
harmony and balance of our I AM
Presence. Our unified efforts will
help Humanity move through this
intensified purging process - and
these tumultuous times - as quickly
and as painlessly as possible. The
goal is that this cleansing will be
victoriously accomplished in a matter
of months, not years. You will
know, in your heart-of-hearts, your
specific role in this Divine Plan.

Lies, Half-Truths and Manipulations

Intense and challenging times are upon us. Channelled messages are coming with lightning speed through many people I respect, given to help us through this evolutionary transition period. Some I resonate with more than others, and out of those a few are very similar to the messages I have been receiving - so much so that I feel called to pass it on here on my blog. Both the Message from the Hathors, and the Observations from Tom are, from my perspective, spot on.

Please note, to re-iterate what is made clear below, these messages are not about predicting doomsday scenarios nor are they fear-based. They are more of a practical heads-up with very empowering solutions, a call to all conscious people to get our butts into gear and start turning our individual and thus collective wheels to higher and higher consciousness so that we don't have to crash so spectacularly. Old reality systems are going to crash, but the whole of humanity does not have to go down with the ship!! We choose, right now we are choosing, how this particular chapter ends and how our new chapter begins. I love the analogy Tom uses below, if someone tells you that you have low tire pressure and are heading for a flat tire you don't just sit down with your head in your hands and say woe is me or get defensive toward the person for being negative. You use the information in front of you to do something resourceful like getting your tire fixed.

Now is the time to get conscious, get empowered and steer ourselves and this Earth ship we are on safely through choppy seas!! Simply put, I don't trust that certain elements of our media, governments and corporations have our best interests at heart. Certain elements DO have our best interests at heart, and those that don't are, to put it mildly, not happy Jan!!! (You have to be an Aussie to get that phrase but I think you get my drift). Add to the mix more and more people every day who are awake and conscious and no longer playing the game, and you get a flailing old dragon who is very upset that the people are making a break for freedom. The old system has been set up to basically keep people enslaved to jobs they don't like, to pay bills for resources that could be provided freely, to beg for medicine that treats symptoms not causes of dis-ease, the list goes on. Enough is enough. This is NOT our natural state. Incoming higher energies are waking everyone up NOW. This is making the old reality 'forces' for lack of a better word very unhappy, and the result for a while will be chaos. Don't let that stop you or discourage you or make you feel all is lost! Own your freedom, own your power, listen to your instincts and stay in your HEARTS!! This strange 'battle of energies' is also causing a lot of strange physical symptoms, mood swings, fatigue, weird dreams, anxiety, feeling like you are no longer connected to much of anything, feeling almost like you are floating in another reality. This is all a part of the process, we are very literally smack bang in the middle of a reboot phase of our evolution.

So, on that note, the following is being shared for the purpose of empowering you. Please use your own discernment, so if it isn't resonating with you just stop reading.

Many blessings,


Lies, Half-Truths and Manipulations:
A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon

We wish to speak with you about a dangerous and treacherous passage that you are now entering. We spoke to this in our last communication when we discussed Chaotic Nodes.

From our perspective you are getting closer to the manifestation of such chaos.

There are several reasons for this, which we wish to explore.
But first we wish to affirm to you our belief in the sovereignty of human consciousness. We believe that you can, as individuals and as a collective, change your destinies, even as they unfold before you.

Therefore this message is not one of doom, but a call to presence and spiritual mastery.

As we view it, the H1N1 Virus, commonly called the "swine flu" has been genetically engineered and created. It is not a natural mutation. It is a conscious attempt by the hidden forces behind your governments to control and manipulate you.
It is a social experiment, with dire consequences if they succeed.

The lies, half-truths and manipulations of information concerning this virus are very convoluted. But whatever the outcome, it is clear to us that this was initiated by human consciousness.

And it is also clear to us that it can only be undone by human consciousness. Fear of survival is one of the greatest tactics used to manipulate, and these dark forces shall use every means at their disposal to ensure that fear increases over the next several months (much less years).

As spiritual masters, your task is to transcend this collective mind control and find your own personal pathway through the chaos that will ensue. There are no specific guidelines on how to manage this. It is up to you and your own capacity for discernment. From our perspective, it will appear as if a rift is torn through the very fabric of your social consciousness.

There are those who will side with fear and insist that radical actions be taken including, but certainly not limited to, inoculations. Each of you must make your own decisions regarding this, for you are the ones living in bodies, and it is you who would be most affected.

But we must say to you, from our perspective, that we view these inoculations to be highly suspicious. They are contaminated. They will not protect. They will, in fact, damage the health of many, and they contain crude mind control devices, formulated from a scientific field in its infancy called "nano technology."

Again we cannot, and will not, advise you as to what you should or should not do in this situation. It is your sovereign choice. We are only reporting to you what we see and how we view the situation.

Your economic problems are not over. Some elements of your economy have been stabilized by furtive actions made behind the closed doors of those who hold the reins of economic power. But the system is riddled with time bombs and the stress of increasing economic distress will add to the chaos.

There are many other elements that will escalate as you approach what we have identified as chaotic nodes. But the main purpose of this communication is to present a pathway through the treacherous and dangerous transition that is now upon you.

These are not times for the weak-hearted. These are times that call upon your greatest reserves of courage, insight, and intuition.

Our words are intended for those who sense the truth of the hour. If what we say to you seems too far-fetched for your imagination, then there is no reason to continue reading.

Our words are intended for those of you who know that the hour has come, that the need for true mastery has arrived, and despite whatever fears may dwell within your minds and hearts, you know that courage will rise within you, for all life depends upon your choices.

As the fear increases through collective mind control, it is vital, indeed mandatory, that you transcend this; that you bypass the misinformation corridors that will be open to you everywhere you turn through the media, through social pressure, through possible governmental interactions and interventions.

We have spoken in many previous communications about various means to accomplish this. We would refer you to previous messages about "Ecstasy and the Heart," the "Holon of Balance" and especially the "Holon of Ascension." See links below for these pages.)

But these are techniques, inner technologies for the mind.
They can and will assist you to transcend the mind control.
But there are simpler methods we now wish to discuss. They are aspects of your very nature.

This "secret of secrets" is quite simply that you are creator beings (both human and divine). This knowledge, as to your nature, has been purposefully hidden from you by your religions and some of your philosophies.

These secrets are, of course, forbidden fruits, for were you to partake of them you would gain knowledge of your own divinity, even as you live in materiality. You would gain the knowledge that you are creating your future in this very moment and in every moment of your life: through your thoughts and your feelings, and by what you choose to think and feel about yourself and each other.

The "secret of secrets" frees you from the imprisonment of human limitation. It frees you from the constraints of your time, place and circumstance. It does this by opening the doorway of your own mind, freeing it from the mental imprisonment projected onto you by those forces which would contain and manipulate human destiny, for their own selfish ends.

The "Secret of Secrets" has four aspects.

One is your ability to attain spiritual insight, or vision, i.e. to see through the lies that are being projected onto you. And to see the "right path," even in the greatest darkness.

Two is your ability to feel. This is the core of the secrets.
It is your greatest treasure, although it is also your greatest quandary. Those who wish to control and manipulate you know that freezing, or paralyzing, your ability to feel anything but the lower emotional spectrum will serve their end.

The third aspect is your ability to speak your truth. For many of you the coming times will demand that you speak your truth clearly, even when it is diametrically opposed to those around you.

And the fourth aspect is your ability to take action. These four aspects are rooted together and are the source of your freedom.

Within the nature of your heart is your capacity to feel and this is the deepest secret of all. For this allows you to change your vibratory field and this is the key to transcending collective mind control.

Although it sounds ridiculously simplistic, the essential truth of these secrets is what you call joy, appreciation and gratitude. Discover the things in your life, the situations, the people, your own thoughts and feelings, whatever gives you a reason for joy, appreciation and gratitude. Cultivate this like a precious garden in the midst of poisonous weeds, for then this garden will grow and give you sustenance.

Paradoxically on many levels (not just emotionally and psychologically but spiritually and even physically) when the power of joy, appreciation or gratitude reaches a certain amplitude or strength, it can literally cause manifestations of physical reality. And so even in the darkest moments, if you hold the spiritual mastery to transcend fear and cultivate joy, appreciation and gratitude, unexpected auspicious moments and situations will present themselves to you.

And, finally, we wish to be clear that these dark times can be your grandest hours. You hold within you the Secret of Secrets. Use them. Pass through the veil into the new world that awaits you. And may your path to this new dimension of being be strewn with auspicious blessings.

The Hathors
August 10, 2009


Observations from Tom

First of all let me say that the Hathors are, in no way, telling any of us what to do. They are simply sharing what they see in the current world situation.

Prophecies are strange animals. Their purpose is to alert us to possible future outcomes, but they are not written in stone. I sometimes use the metaphor of a nearly flat tire to describe what happens with prophecy.

If you are driving your car and someone brings to your attention that you have very low tire pressure and are on the verge of a flat tire, they are giving you a prophecy. Now if you were to respond to this the way some persons respond to prophecy, you might say "Oh, my God, I am going to have a flat tire and there is nothing I can do about it."

The truth is that you would then be limiting yourself to a very narrow view of possibility. Another more resourceful possibility would be to go get your freaking tire fixed (or at the very least re-inflated). Then you would have changed the prophecy.

Prophecies are, by their nature, meant to be altered. And the power to change a prophecy (no matter how dire it may be) is through our ability to make choices.

But first of all, we have to know that we even have the possibility to make choices.

This is the crux, I think, of what the Hathors are saying here. We have the ability (whether we realize it or not) to choose different vibratory fields than the collective might choose. And higher vibratory fields such as joy, appreciation and gratitude will lead us to different destinies (outcomes) than will fear, anger and hostility.

One of our great challenges is that we have been duped into believing that we have less ability to make choices for ourselves than we innately possess. The Hathors clearly level their criticism for this situation upon the shoulders of religion and some of our more self-limiting philosophies.
These have robbed us of our inherent sovereignty by passing on our responsibility (spell that response-ability) onto some mysterious force beyond our control. The result has been a decrease in our response-ability that has led us, I believe, to our current cultural impasse.

For eons, we have followed our religious and political leaders to the edge of an abyss without questioning. If we continue on this path of blind subservience (without thinking and choosing for ourselves) then we will, I think, enter a deeply dark period of human history. The signs of this are everywhere, if we but open our eyes to see past the mass hypnotic spell that is being cast upon us.

Once again, the Hathors are reminding us to use the methods they have shared to transcend the limitations of our time, place and circumstance. These include Ecstasy and the Heart, the Holon of Balance and the Holon of Ascension.

I can honestly say from my own experience and from the reports of many persons around the world, these methods work.
But we must use these inner technologies in order to gain their benefit.

In this message, however, the Hathors are also sharing a simpler way of stepping free of collective mind control. They call this the Secret of Secrets, and I personally found this section to be most interesting.

I wish I could honestly tell you that I have mastered these, but then I would not be speaking my truth. My truth is that I sometimes accomplish the attainment of joy, appreciation and gratitude and sometimes I fail at it miserably.

I have noticed, however, that when I am in the vibratory field of joy, appreciation and gratitude, I am somehow insulated from the swirling madness of our time. It is as if I am suspended above the conflicts that I was so engrossed in only moments before. And I have also noticed that if these feelings continue long enough, my external circumstances reflect this vibratory field. In other words, reasons to feel joy, appreciation and gratitude pop up all around me through such things as serendipity, and odd coincidences (i.e.,
synchronicities) that assist me.

When I succumb to the lower vibratory fields of fear, anger and hostility (often after watching or reading too much of the news, or simply indulging in my own bad habits of imagining worst case scenarios), I find myself immersed in a world of conflict. Serendipity and joy disappear, and the world that was so full of magic and possibility evaporates before me.

But I am clear that this is all my own creation.

I think the Hathors are sensing a deepening rift between those who choose to live upward in the vibratory states of joy, appreciation and gratitude and those who choose to live in the vibratory states of fear, anger, and hostility: the dominant emotional states currently being projected upon us by our mass media and political agendas.

It remains to be seen what will transpire around these issues in regard to our collective destiny, but those of us who are striving to live upward will, no doubt, find these to be interesting times.

Another way I personally think about all this is as a dance between the art of ascension (living upward) and that of descending (living downward). If I may extend the dance metaphor a bit further, I would say we are all pretty much caught up in the Great Mambo.

Although the Hathors didn't mention this directly, I think one of our greatest allies in these times will be a well-honed sense of humor. After all, from at least one perspective the whole thing is one big cosmic joke, the joke being on us. And certainly those of us who manage to keep our humor intact will have many opportunities to laugh at ourselves, the pathetic stupidity of our leaders and the great dance of Maya (the world of illusion) as she waltzes from the Old World into a new reality.

Tom Kenyon
August 10, 2009

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The Holon of Balance

The Holon of Ascension

Lies, Half-Truths and Manipulations

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August 2009
What's New this Month!

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August Monthly Visions: All Men are Created Equal

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness - Thomas Jefferson, Declaration of Independence, 1776
This would have to be one of the most intense months I have energetically experienced, with one part of humanity wanting to go one way expanding options for everyone, and the other wanting to keep the status quo as is or worse, restricting freedoms even further. Authentic Empowerment vs Ego based Power is battling it out on our inner and outer stages.....Read more:

Soul Sessions: Available via Phone, Skype and Email

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August Monthly Visions: All Men are Created Equal

August Monthly Visions: All Men are Created Equal

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness - Thomas Jefferson, Declaration of Independence, 1776

This would have to be one of the most intense months I have energetically experienced, with one part of humanity wanting to go one way expanding options for everyone, and the other wanting to keep the status quo as is or worse, restricting freedoms even further. Authentic Empowerment vs Ego based Power is battling it out on our inner and outer stages.

Although I am from Australia, I have spent a lot of time in the last year or so in the US and have made an interesting observation. The privileged classes of our society (and sadly, we do have a class system), those with the most rights, seem to be the ones offering up the most resistance when the subject of extending those rights to others comes up, or allowing others rights that are different to what they think is ‘right’. Universal health care is a raging debate here right now with people saying they don’t want it – people who either can well afford to keep their private cover, or simply don’t understand the concept. Universal health care gives all people health care options they wouldn’t otherwise be able to receive.

Another raging debate here is about same-sex marriage. Making same sex marriage legal won’t interfere with any conventional couple’s marriage, but all we hear from those opposed to it is that it will somehow threaten the institution of marriage, although how exactly, is beyond me. The common factors in both of these issues seems to be this sad reaction from a minority privileged class that by extending basic human and social rights to all people, they somehow will lose their rights. What will they lose?? They will lose their class status of being privileged along with the sense of power (or actual power) that comes with that. So are they afraid of the supposed foundation of this country: “All men are created equal?”

There seems to be a 'privileged paranoia' anytime anyone non-privileged just asks for the basic right to exist with basic rights. I'm going to extend that to the right to keep ones culture, ones land, ones ceremonies etc. I was visiting a Native American reservation last month and had a talk with a native activist. Did you know they are STILL having land taken away from them? Treaties and promises made are still being broken. They have invited Obama to come in to dialogue with them and hopefully rectify situations caused by past governments.

I looked at all these issues and wondered, what is the common key here? Same sex couples aren’t asking for everyone to be gay, they just want the same right to marry the person they love. Universal Health Care isn’t asking everyone to accept the same standard health coverage, it is simply offering that basic right finally to all people. Native Americans aren’t asking for financial compensation, (their land was never, and still is not, for sale) they just want the right to live and practice their sacred ceremonies on the land that was promised to them. They aren’t trying to force their ways on anyone, nor were they ever, yet it was made an offence to practice their ceremonies from the time they were placed on reservations in the 1850’s right up until the 1970’s. With land still being taken away, they are afraid that soon they won’t have anywhere left to go.

The common key seems to be a certain element of society who feel threatened by anyone other than them being empowered or even receiving basic human rights. When they see a minority group stepping up to claim, or even retain, a right, their reaction is one of fear. Logical or not, they fear that someone gay getting married somehow lessens their marriage. They fear that someone poor receiving healthcare somehow takes from their excellent healthcare. They fear those with different religious or spiritual beliefs, seeing them as a threat to national or personal security. I don't think these fears are necessarily conscious, but it certainly seems to be in the ‘white man’s’ cellular memory to fear the freedom and growth of others especially if the ‘other’ is of a different class, colour, lifestyle or religion.

If you are still with me, thank you. It can be hard for some people to go into the murky energy of social injustice, especially when they are wanting to read something ‘spiritual’, but really our social issues are excellent mirrors showing us where we are at in our collective consciousness. There is a rebalancing of energy that is happening right now, and that rebalancing is not just about more people becoming aware of their spiritual nature. Our awakening has a greater purpose than merely a personal one. It is a time of realising that as individuals, every single one of us is playing a part in a massive major overhaul with the way in which we have run our planet. The rebalancing is primarily a shift in consciousness from one level of being and awareness to another, yet more than that it is having a dramatic effect on our physical social systems, structures and relationships.

We have clearly tolerated a massive imbalance between those who hold the power, and those who suffer the consequences of the abuse and misuse of this power. This Monthly Visions isn’t just a social rant or random history tour I’m taking you on. This imbalance is happening now in 2009, yet it cannot continue for much longer. It isn’t my idealistic proclamation or wish that it can’t continue. It is prophesised within every major indigenous culture that it can’t continue beyond a certain date, and certainly if we look around us we can see that whatever is not in an authentic state of empowerment and balance seems to definitely be in a state of chaos.

We are only three years from the date we have been given, a date still being given to those who listen, a date given as a deadline: do things in a good way with the Earth, with your fellow brothers and sisters and with yourself. It is as simple as that.

Energy is rebalancing herself like it or not. Change is here, with more to come, like it or not. Earth and all on it – every individual, every system, every pattern, every belief, everything – is being moved into a greater state of balance and the results are that those things that are out of balance (our economy, health system, indigenous rights, people’s priorities, social issues etc) are swinging violently between where they need to be (all are empowered) to where a select few want them to be (few in power, overpowering others).

The momentum is increasing toward balance and authentic empowerment, thus the resistance is getting more tense and seemingly louder (tacky reality shows are everywhere for example keeping people in a state of mental numbness) yet all of this will snap off eventually and not too far in the future.

Why is it getting louder? Whenever someone or something is about to make a gigantic shift, the opposing force always intensifies in strength. Why will it snap off? Just like trying to hold a lid down on a saucepan filled with boiling water, there is only so long you can do that. The time of the few overpowering the many is over. The many are getting larger, stronger and more in alignment with their true nature, and we are now entering a time where ‘true nature’ will prevail over anything inauthentic or unbalanced. The resistance we see from the old guard, the fight against universal health care, the scare tactics to force people into taking questionable and not adequately tested vaccinations for H1N1, attempts to resuscitate a dying Wall St are futile. The energy plugs are being pulled out of the old reality, and the ego-driven aspects of our human nature are being voted off the island.

Right now we are very much living in the middle of a huge demolition site. It is more important than ever that we stay in our hearts now, regardless of what is going on externally. It is like a huge tug-o-war energy battle is happening, but it is my feeling that authentic empowerment will emerge the winner. The time of having a small elite group of people control the rest of humanity is over. All men (and women) are created equal and it is time to honour each person as an equal member of humanity. Equal doesn’t mean the same, our uniqueness is our gift. Equal does imply harmony and connectedness, respecting each other’s differences, and working together as a unified, complementary whole.

Our connection to our hearts and our level of consciousness will influence the way in which we respond to the coming years of change, which in turn will determine whether we unite as a humanity to help where needed, or turn against each other in panic and confusion.

On a personal level, when you look around it can be hard not to feel disheartened and discouraged by what you are seeing, yet know that this chaos is a sign that something greater than we have ever known is being born, disrupting the status quo. We are not in a time of ‘business as usual’, nor are we meant to be. Renovations are rarely neat and tidy nor easy, yet we do them anyway because we want the better feeling and better looking space. Some of our visualisations and manifestations seem not to be happening as quickly as we would like. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have a block or aren’t doing it ‘right’. It can be very hard to manifest anything new in the middle of a demolition or renovation. Some of us are being asked now to just press pause on our ideas, to go read a book, walk on the beach, do some gardening, spend time with friends. The time to get out there and start re-building new places and spaces will come soon enough. Let the process happen in right order and timing. Listen to your intuition, follow and act from your heart, and use the knowledge that a great balance is occurring as your strength to keep going.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2009

Dana Mrkich is a spiritual intuitive, inspirational writer, radio host, author of A New Chapter (Zeus Publications), and creator/teacher of online course Your New Chapter. She offers Soul Sessions via email, phone and Skype to clients all around the world, containing the guidance and healing insights you most need at this time as you step further into your true self and new reality. Subscribe to Dana's Monthly Newsletter Visioning the Dream Awake for Monthly Visions, articles, interviews, courses and more or please visit:

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Your New Chapter Online course starts next week!

Hi All,

The next Your New Chapter online course is starting in a week on August 10! Although I'm mentioning it in the August newsletter (out soon), I thought I better send you a reminder now in case you wanted to book as the date is coming up quickly!

All the info you need about what's included or how to book is here:

Here is some feedback from participants who just finished the last one:

I have very much enjoyed your online course - thank you!! It has facilitated in me further self awareness/discovery and reminded me to 'enjoy' the journey in my own healing (not become obsessed with the desired destination). I enjoyed the structure of having this information presented in a course style, it kept me on track to keep going for the 7 weeks and do the exercises, whereas with a book it's easy not to do them. - David

I have been journaling and getting more out of my thoughts. With the meditations I was pleased to receive images and thoughts, the course has enhanced my intuition, and I must say it has been very positive, there is so much more to life out there, and I seem to be learning to grasp it and hang on tight for the fabulous ride. Very special Dana, gives all of us the encouragement to do well and look for our bliss, thank you for your guidance - Tanisha

A quick note to say THANKS for this great course!! You are truly amazing and have such a wonderful gift... Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I feel very blessed. Great value for money - Deanne

Things came up for me every week that were addressed the following week, it flowed so well. I loved it and would definitely do any future courses you bring out. - Amanda

Thanks for the inspiring ideas in the course each week. There is lots to think about, inspire and challenge. I am enjoying and learning. You have a direct and practical perspective blended with uplifting wisdom. - Alice

Old suppressed feelings I thought I had dealt with well, resurfaced and I couldn't see a way out. Obviously they needed to be addressed again, so after completing the little exercises you sent the light bulb suddenly switched on! You cannot believe what a surprise this was to me!. It gave me control back on my life. ME. I want to thank you Dana these issues did need addressing again and I am no longer afraid of them. - Alison

This 7 week course will guide you to explore your spiritual, emotional and mental 'creation' fields to find out why you have the reality you have (in every life area), and how to create the reality you want! For more info and to book please go here:

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