Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Solstice Solar Synchronicity

Solar synchronicity - the Solstice has occurred simultaneously to 6 M Class Solar Flares occurring so far, and with each one being stronger than the next more are likely to come.

I have lost count of the amount of times I get a sudden burst of writing energy after a period of relative quiet only to discover that the Sun is erupting high-grade Solar Flares after a relative period of quiet. All this energy can manifest as creative drive, but it can also manifest as anger or irritability arising out of nowhere: liken it to being plugged into an electric socket. It's either going to rev you up in a good way, or short-circuit you for a bit leaving you feeling a bit frayed and on edge. 

Neither is better or worse - however you experience the electro-magnetic affects of a Flare is how your body most needs to process that energy at the time. Being aware that Flares are happening can help you deal with them as consciously as possible. So rather than fly off the handle all day toward people, you can just stop and take a breath. You might feel your adrenalin pumping and heart racing (of course always get medical advice if something is concerning you). If you are feeling a bit scattered, be sure to do something to ground yourself: go for a walk, get out in nature, have a bath, go for a swim in the ocean, lie on the grass, or do something creative to get the energy out in good way eg writing, cooking, baking, gardening, art, craft etc.

How are you feeling today?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015

Venus Shadow starts today!

The Birth of Venus, Sandro Botticelli

Today Venus enters the territory over which she will retrograde as of July 25, heralding the start of the 'Venus shadow' period. Venus Retrogrades happen just under every couple of years, and offer a fabulous opportunity to review, reshuffle, rewire, heal, clear and transform all that is Venusy: love, relationships, self-love, self-value, self-worth, our inner feminine qualities, how we view ourselves and others as women (both individually and collectively), our ability to receive nourishment, nurturing and pleasure, and express ourselves creatively.

Venus is most commonly associated with love, but really she stands for the Feminine, which ultimately affects everything from our relationships to our income, abundance, health, happiness and heart fulfillment.

The simplest way of looking at how a Retrograde phase works, including its Shadow periods, is: Let's say you are driving from San Diego up to San Francisco. You pass through LA but a couple hours later in Santa Barbara you realise you forgot something in LA! So you head back there, pick up what you need, and resume your drive up the coast. Eventually you cruise past the spot in Santa Barbara where you had to turn around, and then it's into fresh new territory from then on!

So the patch of road between LA and Santa Barbara is one you will end up driving on three times: heading up the first time, reversing to get your forgotten stuff, and then heading up again. These 3 drives represent the Pre-retrograde Shadow, the Retrograde phase itself, and finally the Post-retrograde Shadow.

Most people know about the Santa Barbara back to LA part of a retrograde, but don't know about factoring in the two Shadow periods to help understand life changes and inner shifts during this time.
Today Venus is at 14 degrees Leo, let's call this spot LA. She will travel up to 0 Degrees Virgo, let's call that spot Santa Barbara. She retrogrades on that spot on July 25 and back she goes.

On 6 Sep she reaches LA (14 degrees Leo), goes direct, and on 9 October she clears Santa Barbara after reaching to 0 Degrees Virgo again, officially marking the end of her Shadow period.

Dates for your Diary:

22 June - 24 July: Venus is Direct but in pre-Retrograde Shadow
25 July - 5 Sep: Venus is in Retrograde
6 Sep - 9 Oct: Venus is Direct but in Post-Retrograde Shadow

How this will affect you will depend on a) where 14 Degrees Leo - 0 Degrees Virgo is in your Astro Natal Chart. (You can view that for free at astro.com) and b) what is most needing to clear/shift/transform/awaken within you at this time Feminine Energy wise.

A lot of relationships tend to go through a review phase at this time, and ex-loves may make an appearance. Rather than look at this as being purely about those relationships the bigger picture is about: what are these relationships/people/dynamics/patterns you've held trying to bring to your awareness about your own Self?

As your Feminine shifts so too will the way you perceive yourself, including your awareness around what you have accepted for far too long (be it re relationships, income, people treating you less than you deserve, over-giving, under-receiving etc). With that may come some grief, sadness, anger or self-blame which is good to acknowledge and release but no need to get stuck in those emotions. The real gold lies in what is wanting to emerge from underneath those emotions: your emerging, strong, passionate, creative, worthy, valuable Feminine Energy. This affects both men and women.

Pay attention to any themes that come up over these three periods as they will most definitely have a message for you!

If you want to use this time to shift any relationship issues that have been or are a pattern for you, then check out my Let Love In Online Course here. 

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Love Dana x

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015

Monday, June 22, 2015

Solstice and Star Ancestors

Happy Solstice from Chichen Itza, Mexico! The Mayan Temple of Kukulkan is one of my favourites, designed with such precision and harmony. It has 365 steps one for each day of the year, 91 per side with the top platform being 365. Each Equinox and Solstice, shadows fall in perfect alignment specific to each of those 4 days. Genius and brilliance is an under-statement.

These sacred sites provide clues as to our ancient, stellar history, our connection with those who came from the stars who will one day come again. Our star ancestors are still here, living on through all of you who remember your star seed heritage...living on also through those who don't yet remember. 

Sacred sites like this activate memory, knowledge, abilities and consciousness. They are like lightning rods for electro-magnetic cosmic, solar energy. My experience has been that visiting them awakens and activates energy within you but with time and space being increasingly irrelevant I think connecting with the energy via thought or visual is the next best thing and who's to say it's not just as effective.

Ask to awaken to your stellar knowledge, ask for your star self to be activated. Ask for all of who you are to now be embodied on this Earth in a good way.

Who remembers their starseed heritage? What are your thoughts on our ancient star ancestors? Please feel free to share your stories and experiences!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015


Friday, June 19, 2015

Relentlessly gay and all things rainbow

The "Relentlessly Gay" Rainbow Jars. Source: Twitter

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
 - Mahatma Gandhi
  • A 'Christian' couple vow to divorce if same-sex marriage is legalised in Australia
  • A woman in the US receives a letter from a concerned neighbour about her "relentlessly gay" yard which shockingly features multiple - yes MULTIPLE I know!! - rainbow coloured jars
These may seem like news headlines from 1950, but nope....they are from this very week 2015. If Gandhi's quote, and the current pockets of fierce resistance are anything to go by, then the LGBT community are up for a huge victory any second now. 
Victory seems like a strange word to use. Victory for having one's identity finally and fully accepted and respected? For having the same rights as your fellow human beings? A person or community shouldn't have to fight for these things but ever since small minds and narrow hearts somehow took control over most social and global systems, this has been the case for every so-called minority group. 
But here's the thing about minority groups - and most of us are in one, of some kind or other, you are just lucky if yours happens to be of the more socially accepted kind - when united together we become the big majority.  Together we have the power to rock the boat, to stand up for and support each other. 
In the past the collective response was more 'your cause is not my cause, so I'm staying out of it', or worse. Today, thanks to a combination of increased consciousness, online information, social media and expanded social circles, we have a greater awareness that we are all in this life thing together. The unfamiliar 'other' is now your family member, your friend, your colleague. And so the collective drum has changed to 'your cause becomes my cause' because we can see with our eyes and feel with our hearts the effects that a warped social and political system has on our loved ones, and on ourselves. Humanity is rocking the boat on this and every other issue that is due for transformation and evolution.

‘If one fails, all fail.’
 − The KeyMaker, The Matrix Reloaded, Andy and Larry Wachowski

The sign that we are in fact in 2015 not  1950 is that even while there are still those who are outraged and distressed by #relentlesslygay things that affect them in no way whatsoever, the majority are more outraged and distressed by the prejudice and ignorance that still exists in our society. The tide has turned. The boat is rocking as it turns in the direction of a new world, one in which freedom to be who you really are, and allowing others the same courtesy, while harming no-one, is surely part of the cornerstone of our new foundation. 

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015
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Love Dana x

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Sacred Feminine Fire

There is a lot of Sacred Feminine healing and awakening about this year. We have plenty of astrological alignments supporting this process, one happening this weekend as described beautifully in this article by Tara Greene and portrayed in her image below.

 We are officially in a new cycle of evolution, one in which the Divine Feminine is coming in like a big Goddess lady riding a chariot. The Divine Feminine influence is one of strength from within, grounded in our bodies and our Earth, connected to knowledge here and among the stars that is ancient as ancient can be.

Yet even as I write some of what her influence is, her nature is to stop me and say "Don't label me. Don't box me. Don't define what my influence is or is not. It is whatever it is for each unique individual. Don't use me to give people yet another energy to follow or conform to. I am what I am, and each one of you reading this are who you are. Don't let anyone define you or give you rules to define yourself by. Define yourself."

This is totally in line with the feeling many of us are having of feeling less called to seek guidance from 'out there' and moving more to being in our own space, in our own stillness and silence, where we can hear a deep wisdom that is simultaneously our own and the whole Universe's combined.

We are feeling a greater pull to live from our hearts rather than our minds. These days you might be saying a lot "I feel like I'm losing my mind!" or "Has everyone lost their minds", which is just a term we all use without thinking about what it means, but really this is pretty much what is happening.

Well, we aren't really losing our minds, but we are losing them as our control centre, and instead moving down into where our Heart is taking the lead. Clear decision making can more easily come now from feeling rather than thinking. Ask yourself: How do I feel? What am I feeling about this action/this job/this person? What is this feeling wanting to tell me?

As more and more of our Feminine within awakens, we can feel bouts of heaviness as the old oppression we've had over her washes through and out of us. We can feel bouts of rage, anger, tears and grief as our body recalls the very many ways we have denied and devalued her, and experienced her being treated beneath her worth by others. We might consciously be aware of what we are remembering, while at other times we will just have these very emotional waves and not be sure why.

At those times let the emotion wash through you, and either just trust that your body is releasing something it needs to let go of, or you can of course ask the emotion: what are you releasing? And the more juicy exciting question is: And what is underneath this that is now ready to come to life?

Are you feeling the Divine Feminine shifting in your body/life?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Floating-free energy and life stocktake

There is a big free-floating feeling in the air these days. The more our consciousness becomes centred in our hearts as opposed to our minds, the more an 'unplugging' of sorts takes place. It is an unplugging of our former paradigm, including an unplugging of old beliefs that held our reality and identity together. More and more our awareness and focus is being brought into NOW, and so you may be finding it really difficult, detached even, to think about the past or future in the same way you used to. Recalling memories might feel strange, and planning for the future might feel like you are grasping at clouds that keep changing every moment.

This consciousness shift - from the mind to the heart - is a naturally occurring process at this point in our evolution. It is a process we can either go along with without even realising, actively participate in and open to, resist, fear, avoid or actively push against.

The unplugging process is ultimately a positive, empowering and liberating one but it can feel very ungrounding because we are so used to being centred in a much denser reality. Our new reality is much more fluid, and while there is a huge amount of freedom in that, it can also feel very disconcerting to not be entirely sure of who you are anymore, where you are headed, or what you are wanting. It can also bring up feelings of apathy or depression as there's this sense of not really wanting to do anything, or feeling like what's the point of it all?

Those feelings tend to come up when a lot is being unplugged at once (within your energy field, including physical reality), and we can feel like we are in limbo or in the void of the unknown. Yet what this is doing is creating space for our new to come online, to be activated, to enter us, to be embodied, to awaken. And when the space is fully clear, and the old has been released, that's when we get these surges of energy and inspiration, sudden flashes of thought and feelings of 'ooh I wouldn't mind doing xyz' or 'hmmm I'm really feeling to now eat this way, or I'm really wanting to spend more time doing abc, or I really have to stop doing such and such, it's beyond time.'

This process goes in waves....unplugging unplugging, feeling blagh, feeling empty.....space is created, old is released, new comes online....ooh feeling joy, feeling great, feeling inspired.....then more unplugging....oh crap, I feel blagh again! Ride the wave.

Unplugging from an old aspect of you isn't easy. It has been your identity for a long time. So a grieving might take place. And you might resist, because certain old aspects of you may be connected to your income, or important relationships, that would need to be let go of if you are to fully let that old aspect go. Your soul will tell you, 'You will be okay" but it can take a while to fully jump because that emotional and physical survival part of you is saying "What are you doing?? What is going to happen to us?"

For myself I have been getting taps on the shoulder for some time to give my crown chakra a rest, particularly in relation to my one-on-one Soul Sessions. Not just for my own health and growth, but also for the growth and potential of my clients. Rather than bring the info through in that way, I am being called to place greater attention on things like my courses and other ideas I have, that help people to bring their own information through and embody the new energies in our everyday lives and world.

I listened to these nudges and cut down on clients a few years ago after Jax was born, sticking to a few a week. However leading up to this trip I got very firm instructions from my Soul - it is time to stop the Sessions now. Is this forever? I'm not sure, but this time definitely feels different to the ordinary breaks from them I've had in the past.

Intuitively I knew that the second I let go, the more space, time and inspiration I would have for whatever new passions and directions awaited me, yet it was still emotionally hard because it's something that comes naturally and easily to me, and helps people, and helps toward the family income. And here I am on a long trip letting go of it! But I can hardly encourage people to jump off the cliff and let go of jobs, and not do so myself when guided to do so!

So as a part of all this, energy messages have also been few and far between. I'm just going with the flow with that. When I get the wooshka rush of one, it will be here as this one is today. It is one of the hugest gifts you can give yourself to allow yourself to step back from your life for a moment, to clear the slate, and ask: okay, from this blank slate, what do I now want to add? What from the old do I want to keep? And what new things want to come in?

You don't have to go on a long trip to do that although it definitely helps to get away from your usual environment even for a weekend, or a week away if you can. I've also done a life stocktake many times at home with a pen and a journal, asking myself: what is it time to let go of? What new things do I want to do/move toward? With current energies in mind, this isn't so much a 'planning the future' exercise, more so it is about connecting with yourself, taking time to listen to your Soul and to hear your heart.

How are you all going?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015

Plasma tubes and Magnetic portals!

It is incredible to think what is hovering above us without us knowing about it! Congratulations Sydney Uni student Cleo Loi!


Yesterday's confirmation by a young Aussie scientist that we have gigantic plasma tubes hovering and moving above Earth sent me on a NASA search to see what they had known about these tubes previously.

Along the way I found this 2008 article that has just made my solar-flare loving self so happy, and explains even more why we can all feel solar activity so acutely so quickly: Magnetic portals connect our Earth to the Sun, and they open every 8 min! How much do you love that?!!! It's no longer a matter of 'imagine a portal linking you to the Sun' ...there IS a portal!!!

"Ten years ago I was pretty sure they didn't exist, but now the evidence is incontrovertible." Space physicist David Sibeck of the Goddard Space Flight Center.

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Standing up for the rights of birthing women

Birthing with a midwife who has been with you throughout your pregnancy and continues to care for you post-natal is considered the gold standard of care. All women should have this right if they choose it, yet in Australia attempts are being made to make it legally impossible for a private midwife to care for a woman unless they are under the jurisdiction of a doctor - yet it is the midwives who have the ultimate training in childbirth!

This particularly affects women who choose to birth at home with a private midwife, yet ultimately it affects all women because essentially it is about a system trying to say: we have a greater right over your body than you do. It is based on an old patriarchal system where the system plays the role of the authoritative father, while women and midwives are treated like children who just don't know what's good for them. 

It is wrapped in the guise of 'safety' and 'protection' but there is nothing safe about taking away women's rights, be that the birthing woman or the attending midwife. The media will tell you that it is not about women's rights, it is about having the end result of a healthy baby, (as if this is some sort of big news that we were oblivious to, you know in our hunt for the perfect candle!). The two go hand in hand...a healthy baby emerges out of a healthy, well cared-for mama.

 Standing up for women's birthing rights is not about selfishly putting our 'birthing experience' ahead of our baby's life and health as the media would have everyone believe - it is about ensuring the most optimum birth possible in whatever circumstances that may unfold during that birth, ensuring the best of pre-natal, labour/birth and post-natal health for both baby and mother. If you want to read more, or support women by signing this petition, please go here.