Thursday, February 27, 2014

Stop the planet, I (sometimes) want to get off!

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Knowing something and living through it are two different things entirely. For years, decades even, many of us have ‘known’ that as we make the shift into the new (meaning new ways of living and being, new systems and structures taking the place of old ones, new awareness entering our consciousness), humanity would go through a turbulent transition period. I can’t remember the amount of times I (and others) have written something along the lines of ‘everything not in alignment with the higher frequency energies will collapse or transform’.  I’ve also written, which I have to laugh at now, things along the lines of: ‘Don’t focus on the demolition dust.’  Ha! Easier said than done when we look around at the moment!
Our lives, the lives of families and friends, our social media newsfeeds, our sources of news, are filled to the brim with one story after another about the intense transformative period we are all in right now. We are seeing the extreme lengths governments and corporations are taking to tighten the noose of control over society, and maintain their power. It is sickening and stomach-churning, and it’s all very well to know that it’s part of the process, but at the end of the day we are human, with hearts and feelings, and it is mind-boggling and emotionally challenging to witness the most dense aspects of our humanity confronting us in such vivid colour, with such constantness.
            So, knowing something and living through it are very different things. Knowing it means using an analogy like this, as I must admit is my fave way, to explain to people what is going to happen: “Anytime we want to give our house or attic a spring-clean, it always looks a whole lot messier during the clearing process as all the rubbish and clutter comes up, but it looks fab once we are done.”  Great analogy, but you know what, quite devoid of the actual fricken emotional reality of going through massive change!
            Living it meanwhile looks like this: “Holy &#@^ why is this taking so long? How long does it take for a planet and humanity to wake up already? Stop the planet I want to get off! No really, let’s go somewhere else. Who’s got a rocket handy? Oh I can’t get off? Oh *#&#!!! Well what do I do? I think I’ll share this post/video/petition and this one and this one! Oh man, there are so many stories happening today, this is overwhelming. I need to get off the internet! Oh god, there was another solar flare, and now we are feeling them a thousand times more intensely, how much more of this can we take? Okay okay, calm down, this is part of the process. Everything of the ‘old’ is going to rear its head, we knew this. Whether it’s an inner issue or an external power structure, we knew this was going to happen. But oh my god, this feels like crap and it looks like crap, because humanity WE DESERVE BETTER THAN THIS!! And oh my god, why is this taking so long??!”
            So if you’re feeling like this, you’re not alone. We knew transformation was coming, but really I think we wanted it to happen overnight, or at least over a faster period of time. And I think we really under-estimated the ‘resistance’ there would be, as the ‘old systems’ not only dig in their heels but go into over-drive. And it’s more in our face due to the internet. But on the positive side, I have never ever ever experienced SO many people awake and awakening and conscious and out there changing and transforming and taking action whether on a large scale or on a smaller scale just changing the products that go into the family shopping trolley.
Huge change IS happening, and it is a really wonderful gift to be here at this time, and from a mind/higher perspective the injustice we see always triggers the call for positive action. Yet our hearts are opening, and so now we are seeing from our hearts more than we are seeing from our minds and higher perspective. This heart opening is a double-edged gift because on the one hand it makes us feel more connected and more compassionate, but on the other hand it makes it all the more difficult to witness injustice, corruption, repression and so on. We feel everything more deeply, including what we perceive as our own personal failings or wounds.
            Today, as we despair and rage about the state of the world, it’s also a good day to take a moment to realise: Well, the very fact I am feeling this, and the very fact millions of people seem to be feeling like this now around the world, tells me that our hearts are opening. And if millions, if not billions of hearts are opening, then maybe that is the gateway that allows us all to move into and create a whole new world, with new ways, new systems and structures. This is a good thing, but the process of it is not an easy thing. A lot of grief, feelings of futility, sadness and anger are coming up for everyone as we go through this gigantic shift together. You are not alone in this. Just by being here, you are helping. Oh god, that sounds so airy, but really it’s true. Your light, your presence IS helping. Hang in there!!!  

Something I find that always helps is to just take a deep breath and stop the feeling of urgency, stop the racing around mentally and physically. Know that in THIS moment, all you can do is whatever you are doing in THIS moment. Our mind can get carried away with all the things we 'need' to do be it on our daily to do list, or our life to do list, or on our 'mission' to do list. We have been wired for so long to focus on what we don't have, or haven't done yet, instead of appreciating all we do have, and all we have done, and all that we have become. We are human as well as soul super beings...and the human part of us can only do so much each moment and each day. Stop, revive, and thrive....empty the mind, take a breath, appreciate what you have within you and around you right NOW...and as the saying goes, it's all okay in the end, and if it's not okay, it's not the end. 

© Dana Mrkich 2014

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bye Bye Masculine on Steroids

Lately, a lot of us have been feeling a strong re-emergence of the Divine Feminine both within us and around us. So many qualities that have for so long been seen as weak (expressing our emotions, feeling compassion and empathy for others), less valuable (creative artists and traditional 'feminine' roles like teachers and nurses (not) being paid what they deserve) and disregarded (our intuition as a source of knowledge) are now coming to the surface from the spaces that they have been hiding in and pushed down into. 

As this happens, the Divine Masculine is by default becoming more balanced. The patriarchal system we've been living within has been the Masculine on steroids. As one side of the see-saw goes up, the other side must come down. Yet it is a healthy down, a retreat toward a more balanced version of the Masculine, one that plays a positive supportive role toward its loved ones instead of suffocating and restricting them like an overly-authoritative parent. 

We are not swapping Masculine authority for Feminine, only the Feminine qualities are receiving a lot of focus now because they are experiencing an uprising, while the Masculine is gearing down, as we attempt to get this healthy balance happening. 

The Masculine on Steroids within us - and externally within our social systems - for the most part doesn't like this gearing down at all, and the Feminine is pretty pissed that she was repressed for so long, so you might be feeling and seeing around you explosions of anger that come out of nowhere. 

A very beneficial exercise is to get in touch with your inner Masculine and Feminine: what do they look like? How are they feeling? What do they want to tell you? 

They are changing form rapidly these days, so this is an exercise you might like to do regularly or whenever you feel particularly explosive to help yourself understand where your inner energies are at. 

This exercise will also help if you are feeling numb or frozen - as we undergo our balance process we are literally shifting our sense of who we thought we were and this identity shift and the fear it brings up can result in a temporary 'energetic/emotional/action paralysis' type feeling.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Friday, February 14, 2014

The PowerFULL Presence of the Divine Feminine is Here

The Divine Feminine is weaving her magic all over the place! 

It is as if barricades have been up within us and externally, for thousands of years, stopping this Creative, Intuitive, Wise, Emotional, Wild Energy from flowing freely. The barricades are coming down now, and with it the Waters of our Feminine Energy (regardless of gender) are both passionately roaring and gently trickling into all the areas that have been dry and parched, lacking love, attention, respect and value. 

All around me I am seeing Women who usually don't create waves, be it in their relationships, workplaces or social/political arenas now rocking boats. Women who are usually polite and quiet, are now saying F this and F that and I'm done with not saying how I really feel! Women who are no strangers to rocking boats are jumping ship altogether and saying this boat isn't getting us anywhere, I'm gathering my tools and building a new ship over here! 

Has anyone else felt a massive increase in the Grounded, Real, Physical and PowerFULL Presence of the Divine Feminine this month and gathering momentum this week?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014


Friday, February 07, 2014

Q & A: Are we at the mercy of solar flare energies?

Great question from Dan: Isn't it rather draining to assume you are being thrown around at the whim of these energies? Wouldn't you rather believe you are master of your own destiny/creation? 

My Reply: My take on it is, we are not separate to influences around us be they relationships, global happenings, solar or planetary movements. I see it like we are all drops in a huge ocean - movement and activity in one part of the ocean affects other parts of the ocean. 

I find this knowledge empowering, not draining, because when we know why something is happening we can then take even more responsibility for how we choose to respond to it. Yes we are creators of our destiny, but I feel it's important to acknowledge we are co-creators, working within a big soup containing many other ingredients. Being unaware of those other ingredients can mean we're cooking 'blind' at times so to speak. It is when we don't know why something is happening that we can feel drained, tired, stressed or whatever for reasons we know not, and that's when people start feeling confused and to the extreme in absolute depths of despair feeling like something is surely wrong with them that no traditional reason can explain. 

I don't ever advocate 'oh there's a solar flare, you're going to feel like crap, just stay in bed' (although if that's what you truly feel like doing and you have time, then there is nothing wrong with resting when we need to). I see every influence as activating opportunities to be more awake and more conscious - key to truly being a master of your own destiny. 

I agree with you completely that if we feel thrown around at the whim of external energies, without recognising our opportunity to use those energies for our highest good, then yes that leaves us in a victim mentality and very drained - so I just want to clarify to people that I discuss these energies to empower, not to encourage victimhood.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014


Thursday, February 06, 2014

The Feminine Soul: Awakening and on Fire!

I just finished a day of Soul Sessions and a common thread wove through almost all of them: the awakening of the Feminine Soul. 

She is tired of hiding, being shoved under a carpet, told to be quiet, advised not to make waves, or cause trouble, don't grow in case other people feel threatened, don't say anything in case it upsets or offends. 

She is tired of apologising for her Self, and she is definitely done with repressing her needs, her feelings, her desires, her passions, her intuition and her creative LifeForce that calls to be embodied and expressed. 

She is tired of playing second fiddle, or being ignored entirely, in favour of the Rational Mind and 'see things from a higher perspective' Spirit. She wants us to know her through the Body and Heart, and to know that being in the Body and Heart doesn't have to cancel out the Mind and the Spirit. You don't have to choose between aspects, or compartmentalise yourself into scattered pieces. 

She is the one within us that laughs and cries and loves and rages and desires and won't tolerate anything less than our full and total awakening - shadow and all - and our full and total Presence as we Embody All of who we are! 

As women especially, but men also, we hold a lot of shame around her, and distrust, thanks to our collective ancestral stories, both the true and untrue. Well guess what, she is awakening, and she's on fire! Giddy up!!!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

The Rrroooooaaaarrrhhhh Flares of February

Six days into February and we've already had 14 M Class Solar Flares. 

They've triggered a lot of anger and violent happenings, with bows and arrows being slung back and forth everywhere from personal relationships and intense physical body/health eruptions to government decisons and Hollywood stories spilling out onto the real life world stage. 

All of this energy is due in part to a) not owning something within you and projecting it outward or b) receiving someone else's projections because they are not owning their stuff, which feels like being punched repeatedly or hit by a truck as it reverses all over you. 

Breathe in your own Lifeforce. Ask that anything that is not yours be sent back to its rightful owner. Ask yourself if you always feel that something is your fault? Where does that come from? Do you feel responsible for other people's troubles, or do you blame other people for your own? 

There is a lot of energy flying all over the place as we strive to find the right balance with our boundaries and responsibilities. Where are we healthily handing down a rope to help and where are we jumping into holes to try to push someone up that doesn't want to budge? Where are we healthily holding someone accountable and where are we holding onto bitterness, anger and resentment that keeps festering and holds us back? 

Today is a good day to shake it out: go for a walk or run, dance, scream and shout with the music turned up. Let out your Rrrrrraaaaoooaarrhhh in a good way! 

How are you all travelling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Saturday, February 01, 2014

When a Mad Man is at the Helm

One of my favourite quotes is by Leslie Parrish-Bach: "Suppose they gave a war and no-one came."

I am being reminded tonight of the way in which people give away their authority to the person in charge, usually for fear of losing their jobs or status or lives or sometimes just because we are taught not to question a leader. 

As our political leader here in Australia is making one detrimental decision after another I feel like saying to the members of his party: "When a mad man is at the helm, stop rowing the boat!" 

Can his party not vote this guy off the island already??? Many in his party disagree with his actions but oh yeh, he has forbidden them to speak to the media without his approval!!!!!!

Approval today was given to start dumping waste in our precious Great Barrier Reef. 

Our federal government has also asked UNESCO to strip Tasmania of 74, 000 hectares of World Heritage Protected Forest.  

Please sign one of the many petitions online at Change.Org or Getup.Org and/or please send prayers and visualisations that all of our world's water is clean and pristine, and that our protected trees remain so.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014