Friday, February 14, 2014

The PowerFULL Presence of the Divine Feminine is Here

The Divine Feminine is weaving her magic all over the place! 

It is as if barricades have been up within us and externally, for thousands of years, stopping this Creative, Intuitive, Wise, Emotional, Wild Energy from flowing freely. The barricades are coming down now, and with it the Waters of our Feminine Energy (regardless of gender) are both passionately roaring and gently trickling into all the areas that have been dry and parched, lacking love, attention, respect and value. 

All around me I am seeing Women who usually don't create waves, be it in their relationships, workplaces or social/political arenas now rocking boats. Women who are usually polite and quiet, are now saying F this and F that and I'm done with not saying how I really feel! Women who are no strangers to rocking boats are jumping ship altogether and saying this boat isn't getting us anywhere, I'm gathering my tools and building a new ship over here! 

Has anyone else felt a massive increase in the Grounded, Real, Physical and PowerFULL Presence of the Divine Feminine this month and gathering momentum this week?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014



  1. Absolutely!! I've had this same conversation with a lot of my friends. Love your blog and videos. Keep it up Dana. BTW-You look fantastic!

  2. Thank you so much Dana! For the last 2 weeks I have been diving deep within, and all I found was anger, rage, self-hatred and so other words: I have been feeling EVERYTHING that was still standing in the way of allowing my wild and beautiful feminine energy to come out of the closet again! Thank you sooo much for clarifyint this!! Much love from Belgium

  3. I felt for awhile this whole century is the emerging of the divine feminine, but now that u mention it Dana, this past week demonstrates that well as I'm a blogger and my latest blog was about a sexual experience I had which went a long way to bring out the divine feminine. I usually don't write about about sex because I'm celibate for 20 yrs. yet the subject matter is no longer taboo for me! it was a story about how sex can be spiritualized w/o even the use of the body. anyhoo, it's still a revelation to me!

  4. Hi Laughing Rain,

    Have you read God's Callgirl by Carla Van Raay? A very fascinating autobiography about a woman who was celibate for about that long also, as a nun in a convent, and then left and became a 'sacred sex' prostitute. Really interesting reading about her journey with sex and divinity and healing.

    Love Dana