Thursday, February 06, 2014

The Feminine Soul: Awakening and on Fire!

I just finished a day of Soul Sessions and a common thread wove through almost all of them: the awakening of the Feminine Soul. 

She is tired of hiding, being shoved under a carpet, told to be quiet, advised not to make waves, or cause trouble, don't grow in case other people feel threatened, don't say anything in case it upsets or offends. 

She is tired of apologising for her Self, and she is definitely done with repressing her needs, her feelings, her desires, her passions, her intuition and her creative LifeForce that calls to be embodied and expressed. 

She is tired of playing second fiddle, or being ignored entirely, in favour of the Rational Mind and 'see things from a higher perspective' Spirit. She wants us to know her through the Body and Heart, and to know that being in the Body and Heart doesn't have to cancel out the Mind and the Spirit. You don't have to choose between aspects, or compartmentalise yourself into scattered pieces. 

She is the one within us that laughs and cries and loves and rages and desires and won't tolerate anything less than our full and total awakening - shadow and all - and our full and total Presence as we Embody All of who we are! 

As women especially, but men also, we hold a lot of shame around her, and distrust, thanks to our collective ancestral stories, both the true and untrue. Well guess what, she is awakening, and she's on fire! Giddy up!!!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014


  1. Thank you for describing it all so beautifully! This is exactly what I am experiencing!

  2. Thank you for describing it all so beautifully! this is exactly what I am experiencing :-)!