Friday, February 07, 2014

Q & A: Are we at the mercy of solar flare energies?

Great question from Dan: Isn't it rather draining to assume you are being thrown around at the whim of these energies? Wouldn't you rather believe you are master of your own destiny/creation? 

My Reply: My take on it is, we are not separate to influences around us be they relationships, global happenings, solar or planetary movements. I see it like we are all drops in a huge ocean - movement and activity in one part of the ocean affects other parts of the ocean. 

I find this knowledge empowering, not draining, because when we know why something is happening we can then take even more responsibility for how we choose to respond to it. Yes we are creators of our destiny, but I feel it's important to acknowledge we are co-creators, working within a big soup containing many other ingredients. Being unaware of those other ingredients can mean we're cooking 'blind' at times so to speak. It is when we don't know why something is happening that we can feel drained, tired, stressed or whatever for reasons we know not, and that's when people start feeling confused and to the extreme in absolute depths of despair feeling like something is surely wrong with them that no traditional reason can explain. 

I don't ever advocate 'oh there's a solar flare, you're going to feel like crap, just stay in bed' (although if that's what you truly feel like doing and you have time, then there is nothing wrong with resting when we need to). I see every influence as activating opportunities to be more awake and more conscious - key to truly being a master of your own destiny. 

I agree with you completely that if we feel thrown around at the whim of external energies, without recognising our opportunity to use those energies for our highest good, then yes that leaves us in a victim mentality and very drained - so I just want to clarify to people that I discuss these energies to empower, not to encourage victimhood.

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