Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thank you to Annabelle Drumm for a wonderful interview! We covered a lot of great topics including our non-physical energy fields and how they contribute to creating our reality, the growing consciousness on our planet affecting not only our personal lives but every aspect of society, and the increasingly powerful solar flares!

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

An almost X Class Flare that feels...Soothing!!

Who says Solar Flares can't feel lovely! We had an almost X class flare today and unlike the usual rollercoaster ride of intense emotions brought on by most flares today's felt positively soothing. The energy today felt much like having a really nurturing reiki healing or massage. It felt like it brought an extremely high vibrational wave of the 'feel good' energies we are to expect more of as we move forward into 2013 and beyond, full of creative lifeforce bringing rejuvenation on every level - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This rejuvenation will manifest in whatever way you most need it: a broom sweep through the mind cleaning up your thoughts, a release of old emotional energy that you might experience physically as feeling lighter, an inner sense of calm knowing everything is going to be okay, and fresh inspirations around plans and projects for 2013. 
            You may also be feeling like you can literally take in more oxygyen, breathe easier (especially compared to last week's heaviness) and feel lighter around the heart chakra/chest area. Prior to this wave, last week we experienced a very heavy energy with a lot of very, very old stuff coming up that you may not have had to deal with for years or even decades. Positive shifts are almost always preceded by a last minute clearing of related old stuff so if you happen to still be there know that the dust will clear soon. More than likely this old stuff is nothing you need to still work on, rather it has come up to make you fully realise 'Wow, I've so moved on from that!!' Reminding yourself who you really are will help you to feel this new wave of energy.

 (c) Dana Mrkich 2012

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

October 2012: Hearts Opening, Birth Push Time and The Divine Feminine Roaring to Life!

October 2012: Hearts Opening, Birth Push Time and The Divine Feminine Roaring to Life!

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“There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power.
They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues.
They are messengers of overwhelming grief.... and unspeakable love.” – Washington Irving
Finding yourself crying over the nightly news lately? Feeling the grief and heartache of people you don't even know? Feeling outraged when you hear of someone being abused or bullied or treated disrespectfully (or feeling outraged like never before if these things are happening to you)? Our emotions are set to super high right now as more and more high frequency energy/light floods the planet, intensifying everything. Our inner humanity is awakening, allowing us to truly experience the emotions we need to feel in order to extend ourselves to help the humanity around us.
We are coming to know that as long as any one 'other' is suffering, that is part of us that is suffering, and we will no longer be able to ignore it as something that is happening to another. There is no 'other'.  This is what oneness and unity truly means. We are all pieces of one jigsaw puzzle. If another piece is hurting, we are now feeling that hurt more than ever before.  This is not a time to 'rise above' the emotions. Our emotions of grief, sadness, heartache, anger and frustration are perfect right now because they are telling us: this is not how the world should be, this is not the world we deserve, this is not the world we came here to create. These emotions are creating the catalyst for mass transformation in every area, and platforms like social media are creating the opportunity for people to have a voice, to gather together, and work together to create positive change. 
In Australia last month, tens of thousands of people marched for peace and millions more joined them with their thoughts and tears, after the tragic loss of a beautiful young woman. The public response to the abduction of Jill Meagher and to the subsequent taking of her life, was unprecedented. The whole country it seemed was grieving, with nearly everyone saying “That could have been me/my sister/my girlfriend/my wife/my daughter.” This isn’t the first time that this has happened to someone, but it was the first time that the masses responded in the way that they did. A similar outpouring of collective grief is occurring in Wales for little April Jones.  Hearts are opening and unity consciousness is spreading via those open hearts out to whole communities, whole countries and our whole planet.
For much of this year there has been a cocoon type bubble around us a lot of the time.  Yes, every solar flare and eruption has definitely triggered highs and lows of emotion as we’ve cleared any remaining old issues, yet in between times we’ve had this feeling like we are floating in our reality. In the world but not of it. Observing in a kind of detached way, watching as so much around us unravelled and unfolded, with a very distinct ‘hands off’ feeling, as if we weren’t supposed to get too actively involved in any dramas occurring around us.
For much of 2012 (and 2011 and even earlier for some) we have been in an energy similar to that which is called labour land for women in labour, where you experience a state of deep rest and relaxation in between contractions, almost bordering on hypnosis with no sense of time or space. The solar and cosmic waves are our ‘contractions’, and we have definitely felt those as they’ve squeezed out the remainder of all that is ready to be released and bringing fresh energy to assist the birth of the new.  We have also moved into an energy that is similar to that which is called the transition phase in a woman’s labour – the last stage just before her body is ready to start pushing.  This is known as the most challenging stage, and it’s when many women feel they can no longer go on and think they just can’t do it anymore! Hands up who has felt like that much of this year!!
The days leading up to the September 23 Equinox brought a huge shift in energy and in the weeks following one thing has become apparent: we have finally reached the pushing stage in this process of birthing our new world.  Some people are still in labour or transition, while others reached the pushing stage earlier, but the Equinox surge definitely moved hundreds of millions of people into this next phase.
This will come as a welcome relief to many, because a lot of us experienced the ‘rest’ energy as almost a depressive, numb energy. Projects sat there unattended with a lot of ‘what’s the point’ thoughts going around.  It was paradoxical really. On the one hand we weren’t interested in anything much other than the simplest of things which can be a really joyful, healthy space to live in. However, if you have spent a lot of your life knowing you are here for a reason, or are generally a very work-focused person, always needing to be busy with goals and to do lists, it was hugely disorientating to suddenly feel yourself sliding into a gentler flow, predominantly focusing on very simple matters of day to day life.
This gentler flow felt very peaceful and we received a much needed re-balancing as we moved more into our feminine and heart after lifetimes of being predominantly in the masculine and head. Yet at the same time, for many it was a hugely shocking space to find oneself in, creating a lot of disillusionment for those of us who’d spent almost their whole lives waiting for this time in our lives. Here we were in 2012 and rather than jumping up and down with excitement, or getting busy with action galore, we almost felt like we’d been retrenched from our services one minute before showtime. We began to wonder, is there even a showtime? Is this whole thing just a fantasy I dreamed up to get me through this life?  
For some this gentler flow felt very uncomfortable in other ways. It is uncomfortable to move deeper into your feminine and into your heart if you are used to living predominantly from your mind and masculine energy.  To clarify, masculine energy is not the bad guy here, pardon the pun!  Our energy seesaw has been out of balance, with the masculine dominating the feminine resulting in a warped version of both our masculine and feminine energy on both a collective and individual level with both aspects co-creators in that dynamic.  We are now shifting our seesaw to a balanced state. As we move deeper into the Divine Feminine, we simultaneously allow the birth of the Divine Masculine, moving away from an unbalanced, divisive ‘the strong dominates the weak’ paradigm, to a balanced, unity oriented ‘we work together as one’ paradigm.
            Back to the pushing stage news. In the days leading up to the Equinox we started to feel sparks of excitement, adrenalin and inspiration returning after a long period of feeling flat, unmotivated and in limbo. We may not have had clarity yet around what exactly we might like to do next, but at least we could feel something in us coming back to life.  We had a few days of feeling particularly light and happy, happy for no reason kind of happy, and happy and grateful for everything in our life kind of happy. During the Equinox our hearts were opened to a whole new level. Then came the feelings. Ours. Other people’s. We were either crying at the drop of a hat or feeling like we wanted to cry.
“You can close your eyes to the things you don’t want to see but you can’t close your heart to the things you don’t want to feel.” – Johnny Depp

Our hearts have been opened, and this will continue, allowing us to feel more deeply not only our own feelings but those of others. Many intuitives and lightworkers have tended to always see things from a higher perspective. While this higher perspective view offers inner peace, calm and a safe space from which to understand our own journey's and the journey's of others, it has also removed us from deep emotions. We're feeling those emotions now, and it is like swimming (drowning?) in turbulent waters that are quite unfamiliar. Yet these emotions are also offering us the opportunity to connect with new levels of empathy and compassion, and will provide the impetus to take action on social, humanitarian, environmental and global issues that we may otherwise have avoided with our 'everything happens for a reason' outlook. Rather than always say 'they chose that' when witnessing a challenging situation or crisis or injustice, is it not possible that 'they chose that' to give us an opportunity to ask ourselves: in the face of watching our brothers and sisters struggle, what are we going to do about it?
            It is no longer the case (if it ever has fully been) that someone’s situation is purely because they have abundance issues or worth issues or personal karma to work out. We are going to be confronted by the sheer force of our emotional response to situations new and old with the urge to do something about those situations. We are going to be confronted by the knowing that in some cases an individual has chosen a particular situation not because of their own personal issues, but as a tremendous soul offering, exchanging their comfort, wellbeing or even life for the purpose of awakening the rest of us, igniting us via our emotions to take action and to ensure that whatever happened to them doesn’t keep happening to others.  This is not to be mistaken for helping those who do not want help – that is a different category altogether. We are not here to ‘save’ people from their lives if they are quite happy to continue in drama and misery. We are referring here to those who are appealing for support and help, to the voices and cries that have gone ignored and unheard.
            Many of us have had a predilection to suppress and ignore the things we don't want to feel and unfortunately we have found ways to close and ignore our heart. However, our usual 'escaping feelings' mechanisms be they living too much from a higher perspective or numbing ourselves via other distractions and addictions, are not working anymore or at least not as effectively. The high frequency energy flooding this planet is flooding our hearts and thus over-riding whatever it is we've usually done or are still attempting to do to ignore/suppress/repress/numb our feelings. It's like, you can run, you can hide, you can meditate, you can drink or stick your head in the sand, but these waves of energy are still going to find each and every one of us.
There is increasingly a sense now that the tide has finally well and truly turned. Those who have been in power over our planet are no longer, and the people have taken back the reins. As you know there is a lag time between vibrational shift and physical manifestation. The physical reality we are witnessing today is a creation of our PAST thoughts and former vibrational reality. Our collective vibrational reality has been gradually changing and is now rapidly changing and so we will start to see major physical evidence of that in our collective reality in our not to far away future. We are already seeing the signs with the economy and political situation in multiple countries in disarray as old corrupt systems collapse, revelations, truth and transparency occurring with facts and conversations being made public that were not ‘supposed’ to be heard by the public, and people being held accountable for what they say and do. Recent examples include the “47%” comment by Mitt Romney and Australian radio broadcaster Alan Jones losing all advertising sponsorship after his comments about the Prime Minister and her father were recorded during a political dinner function.
As we approached 10/10 the Divine Feminine started roaring to life in a big way and 10/10 put a double 'ten' in intensity!!! Old personal issues may have been triggered within you around feeling disrespected, disregarded, unsupported, undervalued, misunderstood and totally sick and tired of feeling that way. You may have felt like a She (or He) Dragon, bellowing out: I have needs!!! I have rights!! If so, great! It is time to acknowledge to yourself that you have every right to get those needs met (in a good, respectful and healthy way). It is time to stop apologising for who we are, for what we believe, for what we want and deserve. On a micro level this is about our personal lives. On a macro level it is about our lives together as a society, as a country, and as a global community.
If you are yet to watch it, check out the video that has global commentators talking. (You can read transcript here). It's Australia's Prime Minister Julia Gillard unleashing years worth of emotion and facts about the way in which she, and other women, have been treated and spoken about. She is standing up for herself and women, essentially saying enough is enough. Regardless of your political beliefs, this speech is a powerful and historic one because we have never before seen a woman in parliament stand up against the old masculine paradigm with such emotion and brilliantly articulated passion. Of course we haven't. So often when women do this in any area of life they are labelled 'hysterical' or a 'bitch' or told to get over it. This comes from an absolute lack of understanding about how it feels as a woman, or as any person, to be treated disrespectfully and to then be expected to accept that treatment as 'that's just the way it is.' It comes from an archaic misinterpretation of the old masculine, which believes that it is okay to treat others in demeaning ways. Well, the Divine Feminine is back in the hood of Planet Earth and she is saying enough is enough and it is not okay! Millions of people all around the world, men and women, are riding on the Divine Feminine wave shouting out no more, I will not be treated this way!
This will bring up a lot of anger and rage, and rightly so. Our rage will push us to throw off old shackles and restraints and unleash the long repressed creative force and power that lies beneath. It will be an unstoppable, uncontrollable wave, but ultimately one that will be used in a positive, constructive way because we will be less inclined to push against the old, and more inclined to push forward toward creating the new.
Watch out anyone still living in the old paradigm run by unbalanced masculine energy that thinks it is okay to speak or act disrespectfully to women or to anyone for that matter. Abuse, violence and bullying is no longer being tolerated by the community at large and we are coming out in large numbers to make this clear.  For those deeply entrenched in the old ways they will think the world has gone crazy. Most of the bullies are not feeling awful about being confronted at all. In fact they are feeling completely confused, shocked and even angry wondering what's got into you that you are responding in the way you are whether your response is to stand up for yourself or cut them out of your life or confront them for how they are being. Their reality is their entrenched reality. For some yes, the response of others will serve as an awakening, but for many it will feel like an attack because the ego always believes it is right - and that's what the the old masculine energy runs on: ego.
Meanwhile we will be cheering that finally things that have felt so upside down are finally being turned right way up. Although we will be seeing a lot around how women are treated, this is just the beginning of a complete shift in the way we are all treated and treat each other regardless of gender, sexuality, race, so called social class or any other previously divisive label. We all have the Divine Feminine within us, and so on some level everyone has been influenced by the repression of it. 
As our hearts open and our passions stir, more and more of us will be feeling the urge to leave our work and do something different. Greater numbers from the mainstream will be moving into the healing and natural therapies fields, while many lightworkers who have perhaps been in those fields for years if not decades will start gravitating more to humanitarian endeavours and new social systems, building the new in very real, practical ways.
We have had some rest and down time this year, unexpectedly so, but we are now being called to put on our boots and get ready for action. The doors may not yet be fully open, but tie up your shoelaces and get dressed, they are opening. 

(c) Dana Mrkich 2012.

Permission is granted to share this article freely on the condition that the author is credited, and this byline is included. Dana Mrkich is an Energy Intuitive, Writer, Speaker, Teacher and Author of A New Chapter.  Join her on Facebook or Twitter for regular energy updates.