Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wednesday Wisdom Seeds #3: Are you hiding from what you want?

Today’s topic is about Hiding Yourself from what you really want.  A comment came through where a guy, let’s call him Matt, wrote that Fear has stopped him from allowing other people to get too close. He wrote that he can see how he even chose to live in a geographical location that has made it easy for him to keep his distance from others.

We are all good at hiding in some way. We become experts at hiding who we really are when it comes to certain situations or areas of our life, and most often we do this subconsciously. We create patterns of behaviour or habits that we often don’t realise we keep doing, or we do but we think we can’t control the pattern because it often looks like something that keeps happening ‘to us’.

For some of you this might happen in love relationships preventing true emotional intimacy or commitment, for others it happens in friendships or around family. It can happen with our professional life, our business and our creativity, interfering with our success and prosperity.

No matter the area of our life being affected, or the particular pattern we have set up to keep what we truly desire at arm’s length, there is always a common factor at play:

And that is:

Fear that is directly related to a core wound, and this fear has created a big story about something. It might based on a past memory, experience, observation, ancestral history or a bunch of other possible roots. While it can be useful to explore some of those roots, we can lose a lifetime if we spend our lives trying to dig them all up before we allow ourselves to be free of the fear.

The big story of your fear says: If you do this, then that will happen.

That person will eventually leave you, or hurt you. You will lose yourself. You will get criticised or rejected. People will laugh at you. No-one wants to hear what you have to say.

It is no wonder we find ways to stay hidden in our caves. It seems a lot easier. Until it isn’t. One day, our hidey spot comfort zone starts feeling really uncomfortable.

It takes courage to encourage ourselves out of our hidey spot comfort zones.

The irony always is that once we're out of our caves we think oh wow how good is this! Our fear makes us think that emerging is like stepping out into the biggest, darkest, most scary place. But in reality, emergence into more of our selves is more like stepping out into a big grassy field with lots of sunshine. I’m not going to lie. Grey Clouds do float by out here sometimes. There are ouchy things that you may sometimes step on. But to experience the wonderful new space the other 99% of the time is worth it.

Your fear just wants to protect you. But the difference between the fear and the reality is like the projection from the Wizard of Oz. The fear appears large and overwhelming, but in reality it is something you can deal with if and when you actually meet it face to face out in your sunny field.

What part of you is hiding in a cave?

What are your Fears about emerging?

Ask your Future Self to give you the courage to encourage you to come out from hiding.

Ask your Future Self to be your teammate, helper and guide.

See your Future Self extend his or her hand out to you and draw you toward them in the best possible way, helping you to emerge into the new space that you so rightfully deserve to be in now, and are so very ready for.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Solar Flares, Wifi and Bees

Over the last 5 days the Sun has released a very strong solar flare every day bar yesterday. Everyone will experience this differently. You might feel energised by it, with lots of adrenaline pumping for no obvious reason. You might feel increased anxiety, irritability or like you've had too much coffee.

We feel flares like there is electricity in the air, so we can find it hard to get to sleep or stay asleep. Something that I always intend to do, and forget, but really I need to remember, is to turn off the wifi at night. This is a good general rule for every night of the week, giving our bodies a bit of a break, and it helps out the animals and anything living around us that is so affected by it, especially bees!

Maybe one household doing it isn't going to make a huge difference, but imagine if lots of us got in this habit, or it was an overall social norm to turn wifi off at night. I wonder what positive affect it would have on our personal energy which is wifi'd to the max these days, not to mention all living things. 

It's also a good idea to turn our phones off at night which similarly have an effect on human, animal, bee, plant and all living energy. We use them as our alarms but as I write this I know we need to change that habit. I love my gentle harp music waking me so definitely don't want a beep beep beep alarm! What do you all use?

Interesting reading:

Wireless Devices & Wildlife -The effects of EMR from wireless devices on wildlife


Turn off your WIFI at night for our environment's sake and your health

(c) Dana Mrkich 2016

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Wednesday Wisdom Seeds #2: Moving beyond Doubt

Today's topic is doubt. It’s that little voice in your head, or feeling in your tummy, saying, I don’t really want to do this, or go there. It also might say I can’t do this, or I’ll never get there!

How do you know when doubt is your own wise instinct speaking to you, or your fear making you feel not good enough?

When you feel doubt, for whatever reason, it is an orange traffic light moment.  The doubt is saying slow down, pause, take a moment.  Taking a few seconds to listen to your doubt is important because this is where you will get clear.  Is the orange light naturally moving into red, wanting you to stop, or say no to something? Or is the orange light temporarily flashing, while it encourages and helps you to move on to the green go light? Maybe it wants to tell you there are a few physical action steps you need to take first before proceeding. Maybe it wants you to clear some emotional beliefs before going further. So, a red light that turns to a green arrow.

Trying to make a decision without respecting the orange light usually results in either surging forward feeling anxious and unsure, which is not the best foundation on which to do anything, or has us sitting on idle, feeling stuck, unable to move forward but not really at peace with staying where we are. We feel frustrated, meanwhile are potentially missing new signs like a green arrow saying, turn left here! Or we choose the red light, but end up feeling guilty.

Getting some clarity with your red or green light, before choosing either, helps you move through those lights with more peace. The green may still have its challenges taking you out of your comfort zone, the red may still make you feel a bit sad that that you couldn’t say yes to something or someone, but the mental angst and anxiety is reduced.

If you feel doubt about something, whether it’s something you’ve been invited to, an errand that needs doing, or a big dream that keeps tapping you on the shoulder, sit in silence for a few minutes with your orange light. Feel into the part of you that wants to go forward or have a certain reality manifest, that knows it is possible. Feel into the part of you that isn’t ready or doesn’t want to or thinks it can’t happen. Allow each part to speak to you. Feel how your body feels with each response.

Out of your red and green light messengers, one group will feel more true than the other, for this moment. If the red light is more true, allow it to be, knowing it will open up to a green arrow indicating a different direction, or maybe a detour taking you to your destination a different way.

I will be recording a meditation and putting it on the site soon if you want some guided help with this.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wednesday Wisdom Seeds #1: Sending Light

We often hear people ask, well if the planet has more light than ever right now, and if this light is supposedly increasing, why all the craziness? Light amplifies everything. Light shines a torch on everything inside us and outside us. So we can see our sabotaging beliefs more clearly, and we can feel our potential in a greater way. We see the crap and corruption going on around the world with more transparency, and we are more aware of alternatives and solutions.

So this brings up a question. If Light amplifies everything, then what is the best thing to do when thinking of a crisis area or a location that is about to be affected by a storm? A lot of people say 'send light' but if light amplifies then sending 'light' can potentially increase the chaos. Sending light to someone with some major issues, without also sending in a therapist, could heighten their unresolved anger without providing a healthy outlet for the expression of that anger.

This brings up another question - is then light different to consciousness and awareness? Can a person be exposed to 'light', which is energy of a certain vibration, but their level of consciousness determines how that light is received by them, physically and emotionally?

So on this topic of energy regarding people and situations, is sending love then a better option? Or sending a general prayer for best possible outcome? Or do you prefer to just mind your own energy as it were, and know that simply doing that will affect the whole in the best possible way?

What are your thoughts on all this?

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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Has your life been stuck in traffic?

With the New Moon in Aquarius and the Chinese New Year starting this week (Red Fire Monkey - how good does that feel!), and Mercury finally out of shadow next Tuesday, we can really get moving with our plans for the year ahead.

Even though Mercury went direct a couple of weeks ago, he still has had to come back over all those degrees he reversed over during the Retrograde phase. So while yes the lights have been green, it's been a bit like there's traffic preventing us from moving forward at full flow and speed.

So maybe you found a new place to live, but haven't been able to move in yet. Or you did move in but the sink needed fixing, and the plumber is finally coming on Friday. If you've had things on your to do list that have had to wait for random reasons, then you should see some things starting to shift this week and particularly from next Tuesday on.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2016

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Thursday, February 04, 2016

Chaos and Power

We are seeing a lot of chaotic energy around at the moment. Weather has gone haywire. Schools all around the world have been receiving bomb threats on a daily basis for almost a week. Misinformation and fear campaigns are out in full force.  Distraction efforts are at an all time high.

The energy of 2016 has the most power of any year I've felt before, and feels to represent a completely new phase to the years preceding it. As mentioned in the year ahead forecast, it is numerologically a year 9 (2 + 0 + 1 + 6). So we are seeing the end of a period that started in 2008, and we are being given a taste of the 2017-2025 chapter ahead.

2016 feels to be a year when millions of people are deciding or choosing or feeling compelled to step it up a level. Individually and collectively, more of us are stepping into our truth, and stepping into our power. We are taking inspired, conscious action be that walking away from old jobs, to changing the food we eat, the products we buy, the media we watch and the activities we engage in.

If the preceding phase was about masses of high-frequency energy entering and pouring onto the the planet from every direction, that is, power coming IN from some higher-vibrational source, then this current and incoming phase looks visually to me to be like a ball that is expanding OUT.

This ball feels to represent all the people on this planet who have received this influx of energy, and thus had it activate, and continue to activate, our soul memory, our innate gifts, our potential, and our power. As our memory/potential/power continues to be activated and expressed, it of course expands and increases, both in terms of volume (numbers of people), and our combined power potential/ability.

Imagine for a moment that this ball is in the middle of a bigger circle. The bigger circle represents our world and our old paradigm/reality structure. As the ball expands and grows bigger, it is naturally pushing out the old paradigm/reality structure. The old paradigm/powers that were obviously don't want to be pushed out and so they are fighting back - the result is a chaos type energy. The result is increasing attempts to control this oh so very annoying growing ball of awake, conscious souls who, gasp, think that they actually have power (or, oh crap, they are remembering they have power!!).

Yep we are those annoying souls who think we have power.

We are those pesky souls who actually have power and are remembering our power!

Damn that high-frequency energy that entered the planet. The powers that were really, truly, genuinely thought they could stop it, or at the very least harness it and use it for their own purposes. (C'mon, that's basic Energy Magic 101!)

Sorry. No. Not this time.

Look, I'm having a bit of fun right now with this us and them business.  It's really all light and shadow. We have it within us, and we have it in the world. We have it in the cosmos. The powers that were represent our own disowned power. At the end of the day, and at the end of this very long game, we are all brothers and sisters of the light. We will sit around the Sun one day, and have a bit of a laugh together:

"Oh, you played the corrupt corporate dude so well!"
"Why thank you, and however did you manage to act so powerless for so long??!"

We'll argue over who is the most deserving winner of the Galactic Oscars.

"You deserve it!
"No you do!"

We'll hug and acknowledge how great we ALL are, and how much every role on this planet was needed to get us where we needed to be.

Back to the ball. It's growing, it's expanding. The energy that is being nudged out is creating tension, static and chaos with its resistance.

We don't need to fight it. We don't have to ignore it. We just need to stay in our ball and play our part in growing it and expanding it.

If something outside the ball annoys you, do what feels best in relation to that.  If certain food or product production methods upset you, spend your dollars on locally-grown/made, eco-friendly goods. If a behaviour upsets you, ask yourself if you have that inside you and make a commitment to embody the opposite of that, or embody the same in a more positive way. If you feel called to shine the light on certain info by sharing links do so.

If you feel your job more involves you increasing the light within the ball, then do that. Do what feels right and true for you. You and only you are coded to be who you came here to be, and to do what you came here to do.

There is too much telling others what to do. "Don't get political", "Don't eat this". No-one but you knows why you are here. No-one but your soul knows what your specific role is. It might not be right for your friend to post controversial things, but for you it feels like part of your living and breathing purpose. We all have different purposes, and we all have different ways of helping the collective awaken. We are not here to add to the chaos by creating it inside our ball!

The ball is not a golden bubble where nothing difficult happens by any means. Maybe one day it will be. What it is is a place of truth, love, transparency and authenticity.  At the start, as we get used to it, we will still experience those things that make us sad and disappointed. But over time, and I don't know if that means decades or centuries, we will evolve past that because we will at that point be adept at this conscious creation thing.

For now, up and down emotions and all, if an expanding ball of truth, love, transparency and authenticity is where it all starts, then I'll take it.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2016

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