Monday, December 29, 2014

Money in the 5th dimension

An interesting question was asked on my youtube channel about whether money will exist 'in the fifth dimension'. The fifth dimension, as I know it, and perhaps as you see it also, is not another place, it is another frequency in this same space. It is a frequency that any one of us can, and do, tap into anytime.

When you 'manifest' something just as you need it - without going out to buy it - you could say that you are manifesting from that higher space of consciousness. That is, someone gives you their spare couch that they no longer need just as you really needed a new one.

Now, manifesting a couch is a long way from money no longer existing or no longer be required, but I do think there will come a day when money as we know it won't exist. I don't know how soon or far away that day is for the collective, but definitely I am seeing more people having a different experience around money.

Nothing to do with having more of it, rather living from the knowing that you can truly receive that which you most need when you most need it be it money for a bill, or a much needed couch, or whatever the case may be. This knowing is very liberating, and empowers you to unplug from the 'grip' that the system has most people living in.

I feel 'abundance in the 5th dimension' is more about receiving what you need, and creating what you want more easefully - as well as sharing and giving more freely. I don't know if money will or won't be around, but if it is I do feel the 'power' it has had over us is changing, where it becomes the tool/servant as opposed to being the master. 

Have you found yourself having a different experience with money?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

New Year intentions

We just spent 4 days camping with no access to phones, internet or electricity. It was bliss! My mind felt quiet without anywhere to rush to. My body felt a sigh of relief that it wasn't being pushed or pressured to go anywhere or do anything. The quiet allowed a peace and clarity that isn't always easy to maintain in the day to day of busy life.

One of my 2015 intentions is to remember this feeling of quiet and to live from it more often, returning to it each time I recognise I'm not in it. I, along with many of you, have been in one way or other working toward living from this space for decades. Like you I'm sure, I've had times where it's clicked and I'm flowing along with inner peace, and times where the inner terrain is more rugged.

As I wrote recently, our evolutionary journey is a spiral, not a straight line so I'm not going to set myself up on a 24/7 inner peace pedestal that I will fall off for sure a few hours in, aim for it more often. Yes that I can do. It feels essential for my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

What are your intentions for the New Year?

(C) Dana Mrkich 2014

Friday, December 12, 2014

Greenpeace and the Nazca Lines

Greenpeace protestors have gone onto the ground of the Nazca lines to set down their publicity banners. My brain cannot compute the level of unconsciousness at work here. 

Almost as mind-boggling is their bizarre 'we are sorry if we caused offence' apology. How can environmental protestors not realise that they have caused environmental damage to a protected site? This is aside from the fact someone thought it was a good idea to grafitti something so sacred?

Terrible things are done every day to our planet, but to be done by a group that say they are serving the planet it is clear that this organisation need to sit down and re-define why they are doing what they are doing. 

When the need to get ones message across overrides ones actual intention, and in fact directly contradicts it, it is time for a big re-think about what exactly you are doing and why.

 #Greenpeace #NazcaLines

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Life is a spiral, not a straight line

Once upon a time we could be out of alignment with ourselves, out of alignment with our heart/truth/higher guidance/Source, and somehow get by. Not necessarily smoothly or healthily or comfortably all the time, but if we wanted to ignore or avoid something we somehow found a way to distract ourselves from our inner truth and highest knowing.

Now however we are dealing with a whole different ballgame. There is a distinct feeling of 'you're either in your flow/aligned, or you're not' with not much grey in between. The 'in your flow' moments feel fab....synchronicities happen, unexpected miracles and abundance manifest, you feel happier and lighter, there is a sense of openness and expansion.

The 'not in your flow' moments feel terrible, and I'm being polite with the wording there. Tightness, tension, chaos, drama, mental anguish, emotional anxiety, physical health issues, it is not a happy place to be. On many levels it is painful, and in most cases it is unnecessary pain.

I've had my share of both moments, and I have learned this: our experience of the moments of our life have nothing to do with what is going on outside us. I have to paraphrase Eckhart Tolle here and say that 'the exception is for maybe 5% of the time when there truly is a devastating occurrence in our lives'. The other 95% of the time our mind is running the show with its script, totally influencing how we feel, and thus completely driving our vibration, determining what we attract, and affecting the way in which we perceive and respond to our days and lives.

I've been thinking about this a lot over the last week or two because I had a series of massive lightbulb moment wake up calls one after the other, all alerting me to the fact that on some level part of me has been focusing on the 'what hasn't been done yet' lists, or on some issue of a situation that isn't really an issue, only my mind is used to focusing on issues and so an issue it will find!

I have been alerted to how much this has physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted me, and how much that state in many ways became my 'normal'.

So I sat with this thinking how can this be? How can a person who has done so much inner work, and had moments, years even, of relative inner calm, come up against what feels like was the Universe's loudspeaker shouting: "Iceberg ahead, you have 5 seconds to turn your ship around!"

And the answer I kept receiving was: our growth and evolutionary journey is a spiral, not a straight line. We deal with things on a conscious level, as I have, and as most of you have. We move forward. Then we reach deeper and higher levels of ourselves, and we recognise and transform the subconscious stuff. We move forward. Then we reach deeper and higher levels of ourselves and we start uncovering ancestral patterns, (as is being proven by epigenetics, a scientific field of study). We release those. We move forward. Higher, deeper, forward. Higher, deeper, forward.

Over the recent years and months, high frequency energy has flooded this planet in a way it never has before in our lifetime, and it hasn't done this here for many lifetimes before that. October and November were mammoth, and I'm sure it won't be the last of months like that. This month it feels like we are dealing with the aftermath of a major influx of light, as we attempt to process, integrate and embody the incredible upgrades we have all received.

If you, like myself, have found yourself up to your ears in stuff you thought you had long dealt with, I hope it offers you some reprieve to remember that you are on a spiral journey, not a straight line.

In my experience, appreciation and gratitude for what is, for all you are, all you have, all you have done so far, all the love that is around you, and all you have to offer just as you are right now, has been the most effective, most rapid 'flick switch' tool, to get me in my zone and in my flow when I realise my mind/emotions have taken me elsewhere. The difference between being clicked on, switched on, connected, centred, whatever words you want to use - or not - is peace vs noise, clarity vs static jumble, abundant flow vs worry and 'not enough' type thinking.

This isn't about getting to a point where your life is perfect, you have millions in the bank and no worries. There will always be something going on: something that needs doing or buying, a system that needs re-structuring, that's life, that's growth and that's exciting! I feel that we have such high expectations for our lives and our world, especially this lifetime. And that is a really really good thing. Yet, if we set the bar for our happiness at 'when that happens I'll be happy' we're never going to be happy because there will always be new goals and new dreams to attain.

So, what is the point of this message today? I guess it is a reminder to all to take a moment (most moments if possible), to congratulate yourself on who you are today, on how far you have come, on all you have in your life right now. This doesn't mean you just sit back where you are right now forever: rather, appreciation for what is sets up the best possible energy from which to move forward in an easeful way.

It is a reminder to not beat yourself up for not doing enough, or being enough, whether it's regarding the small day to day domestic chores, or the big global 'we've got to shift this world' level. Say to yourself each day: I have enough time. I have enough money. I have enough space. I am enough. My wife/husband/family/friends are enough.

Finally, it is a reminder that life is a spiral not a straight line. We are going higher, deeper, forward. Higher, deeper, forward.

Lots of love, Dana x

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving, gratitude and appreciation

Happy Thanksgiving to our US friends. Gratitude and appreciation are everything. Without it you can miss out on seeing what is right in front of you.

We can be such a goal/future focused society, and while it's great to have dreams, if we measure our contentment by what we are yet to achieve/have/do, we tend not to really see or feel the wonderful things around us right now.

As Eckhart Tolle said the other night, we will always have some problem, some issue, some bill, some unattained goal to deal with...that's life. If we wait for the day when we are 100% problem free we will spend our whole life frustrated.

I've had some huge wake up calls around this in the past week and am grateful. For the wake up, and for all I am and all I have especially Christian, Jaxon, my sisters, their partners, our family and friends, our health, the collective awakening we are all part of, and all here who share that journey with us.

Lots of love,


(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Feeling sleepy?

You might have noticed sometimes if you've ever had a really powerful healing session you can get quite sleepy during it or just after. Sometimes too when strong solar flares happen people get waves of drowsiness (either that or we feel hyper-adrenalised!).

Someone recently asked why this happens: Our energy can shift more powerfully when we're asleep and our ego/busy mind is out of the way. So it's like some part of us beyond our conscious self takes the reins by putting us into sleepy time zone during times when we are shifting something, or many things, deeply and rapidly. Energy never fails to amaze me in its innate, automated wisdom.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Some integration time...finally

Aside from a reasonably sized Solar Flare yesterday morning Australia time, former Sunspot AR 2192, now known as Sunspot 2209, has been relatively quiet.

While part of me misses major Solar activity because I can literally feel the energy coarsing through me when the Sun is super active, the other part really welcomes the integration time that quieter times bring.

Several weeks ago we thought we were in for a two week break while 2192 slid round the far side of the Sun, but then another strong sunspot appeared with yet more strong flares. So we ended up experiencing almost a month of intense emotions being triggered, old wounds and patterns coming up, unexpected events and situations forcing us to feel or do things we hadn't planned on and more people we know leaving the planet than I can ever remember in such a short period of time.

I always liken these intense shift months to being like a car wash/rinse/spin cycle. It's hectic while you're in there, but out the other side you feel a sense of being more clear and renewed in some way, with a fresh sense of motivation, passion or perspective, especially where any of those things have been lacking. You may find yourself with a completely different set of priorities than you've ever had before, with old ones drifting off, feeling irrelevant to who you feel yourself to be now.

Your energy is more connected to your true self and your true needs now more than ever. What this will mean is, when you go with the flow of this connection and allow yourself to acknowledge what you really need/feel/want, you will feel rejuvenated and energised. When you don't, you will more than likely feel drained and even resentful or frustrated.

Our heart and soul is taking over the reins. It is becoming more painful and uncomfortable every day to repress our true feelings and needs by brushing them aside with 'I don't have time to do that' or 'I can't just sit and relax, I need to get things done.' While certain things in life of course have to be done, if you keep getting messages to slow down, then it would be wise to listen to those messages in any small or large ways you can. Likewise, if you are getting messages to take some leap of faith around some new action or goal, then go for it in any small or large ways you can: let go of your doubts, and take some steps toward the direction you are feeling called to go in.

I hope that if you found yourself in the latest heavy-duty wash/rinse/spin, that you are feeling some of the "dry, buff and polish" benefits that integration time can bring.

How are you all feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Friday, November 14, 2014

Sunspot AR 2192 Update

Reports of former huge Sunspot AR 2192 seem to be conflicting between 'it's still large' to 'it's bigger' to 'it's in a state of decay' depending on which space weather site you read. Which is kind of odd because it's either larger or it's not! 

There are no reports of major flares, but the energy would indicate otherwise as this has been a rather intense week. Astrologically this can be explained by the Pluto/Uranus square which has added oomph thanks to Mars going right over Pluto. 

Essentially this means Transformation was the theme of the week, likely in an unexpected, out of left field way, and quite possibly associated with some fire-like emotions or compulsion to take action. 

Astrology aside, my computer and electrics have definitely been acting like something flarey is going on!?! 

How are you all feeling? How are your electrics/computers etc?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Large Sunspot Returning

Remember Sunspot AR 2192, the one responsible for all those X and M class Solar Flares 2-3 weeks ago? The Sun's rotation has had it hidden from our view for almost a fortnight, but will be bringing it back into view over the next couple of days. 

Does it still have some huff and puff, or is it near retirement? We'll soon find out! 

This pic tells us one thing: it's still there! 

Pic Source: SolarHam.Com

Thursday, November 06, 2014

#Solar Flares and feeling tired

Just when I think, "I need to take a break from writing about #SolarFlares, everyone must be tired of hearing about them" there are more strong ones, and the energy is just too big not to write about it!

We're at 8 M Class Solar Flares this week from Sunspot 2205, that's 2 a day! And just when I thought' oh wow this one is different, I feel so energised!' - I could barely keep my eyes open this afternoon for about 30 minutes! I felt like someone had given me a drowsy sleeping pill. I had a look online and yep, sure enough, there was an M Flare in progress.

It is easier to have energetic work done on us when we are asleep or very relaxed, so don't feel bad about yourself if you are getting waves of extreme tiredness! We can't necessarily have a nap right when we need to, but if you get that tired wave, and are able to surrender to it by slowing down even if just for half an hour or so, it will help your energy do what it needs to do in response to the incoming energy. Otherwise, any energetic shifting that needs to happen will happen when you are asleep later on and that's great - it just means the tired/drowsy feeling may stay with you longer until that flare's energy is done with you. Hope you are all travelling well x

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014


Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Solar Carwash

So much for our solar flare break! Sunspot 2205 has come around the bend into view with a strong M class solar flare a couple of hours ago - not quite X class but close.

That is the 5th M class from that spot in just over 24 hours, so it seems he's playing tag team with his brother Sunspot AR2192 who is still on the non-visible side of the Sun doing whatever he is doing, unseen by us. (Yet felt on some level!).

The flares of the last 24 hours have felt very different to the ones of the past few weeks. We've been through quite a wash, spin and rinse cycle (and repeat), while today I've felt very clear, energised and focused. 

We're integrating the multiple realisations we've experienced recently, and I'd like to think this sunspot is coming in to support that...kind of like the Polish part of a carwash cycle! Here's hoping.....!!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014


Mass Shifting

"I hear the train a comin', It's rolling round the bend" - that's Johnny Cash speak for there's another strong sunspot coming around the Sun's horizon. It has delivered 4 M class solar flares in the past 24 hours - however according to Space Weather, due to the fact this sunspot hasn't quite come into full vision yet, the flares were most likely stronger than Earth's satellites were able to pick up.

It's called a 'hidden active region' which pretty much describes what these flares have been doing to us lately - and still are! Anything and everything within us - and outside us - that needs to come up and out from under the carpet (and beyond the veil) is being triggered. This includes everything from old wounds being seen in a new way for the purpose of release and transformation, to new (ancient really) potential flaring and ready to be activated.

You may be feeling, sensing or even seeing forms, orbs, shadows in the corner of your eye, or beings around you. We have shifted into a higher vibrational state and so we are going to start connecting in a much stronger way with energies around us that have previously been unseen by us. This can feel disconcerting, so if it makes you feel uneasy just ask that your senses are opened in a gentle way. Know you have the power to protect your own energy field from anything that doesn't serve you. A simple affirmation is: I am filled with love, surrounded by love, protected by love and guided by love.

People often ask starships, other-dimensional beings or those in spirit to show themselves. It is not that they are not here, it is that we have to raise our frequency to a certain level in order to be able to see/feel/hear/sense them. It's just like a radio or tv, the frequency has to be right or you can't connect to certain channels.

There has been a mass shift over the past few weeks, and it is still unfolding so you may feel like everything is just...very...strange. In a good way. In a weird way. In a challenging at times way. But most definitely something is happening. How are you all feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Friday, October 31, 2014

Dodging bullets and catching waves

Okay, so 9 M-class Solar Flares in the last 24 hours is hardly a 'break in intensity' but the Sunspot responsible is creeping its way to the other side of the Sun for a couple of weeks right about now so that's about the best we can ask for in terms of 'conditions easing!'.

It will still be flaring, and we'll still feel it, but these extreme conditions where it has felt like we're dodging bullets constantly (or being hit by them) will hopefully pave the way for a 2 week period of integrating the immense shifts and changes we have experienced over the past few weeks.

I say 'hopefully' like I'm tired of the flares, and in one way yep I could use a break, but on the other hand the absolute priority of the universe, of our souls, of 'the divine plan' as it were, is our evolution and growth.

These Solar Flares are playing a crucial, important, so welcomed and so appreciated part in our awakening and activation process, so most of the time I am very 'bring it on!" I say 'dodging bullets' but of course it's all Light, revealing everything, and for every time we've felt punched and slam-dunked we've also received huge waves of insight, and with insight comes truth, empowerment and freedom.

And ultimately, that's a huge part of this process: to see our greater truth, to remember our power, and to realise we are free so we can do something here with that truth, power and freedom.

Thanks Solar Flares, and thanks for the breathing spaces in between!

How are you all feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

2 week intensity break!

Interesting info from Space Weather regarding AR2192, the sunspot responsible for all the recent strong solar flares. Looks like we are in for a 2 week break from the intensity!:

"In only a few days, the behemoth sunspot will begin a 2-week transit of the far side of the sun, carried around by the sun's 27-day rotation. However, that doesn't mean we've seen the last of this magnificent active region. Big sunspots typically persist for two or three solar rotations before they decay. After it departs in October, AR2192 will probaby return in November." 

More at SpaceWeather.Com.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Sun: my new alarm clock

Another X2 flare in progress right now. 

I don't sign up to solar flare alerts, only so that whatever I bring through is 'clear' rather than influenced by the mind knowing something. I let the energy do what it does and then I verify by going onto the sites to check what's happening, which is the way I've always worked. 

So, that's how I find myself posting this in bed at 2am Sydney time....!!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Monday, October 27, 2014

Sunspot AR2192 just keeps growing!

From Space Weather: "AR2192 is the biggest sunspot in nearly 25 years, and it is still growing. The active region now covers 2750 millionths of the solar disk, an area equivalent to 33 planet Earths skinned and spread out flat."

In the last 24 hours we've had an X2 flare (twice as strong as an X1), followed by 7 M class flares. An X3 (three times as strong) and X1 featured over the weekend. That translates to a LOT of energy coming down onto us and through us. 

Thank you so much to everyone sharing how you are feeling - it is incredible how many people are going through similar experiences!!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Physical Tips for dealing with the solar flares

If you are feeling the effects of the Solar Flares as either exhaustion, pain, or too much electricity running through your body, the following things can help: 

1) Get outside. Find some grass, trees, water, or at the least just have the sky above you. 

Being inside a house or office with all its electrics can make you feel worse (if it's feeling too much), because the solar energy goes through all those appliances and then out to us, on top of the fact we are receiving plenty already directly from the sun. Better to step away from the appliance and electrics/computer influence as often as possible! 

 I'm taking Jax swimming soon, so yes I'm listening to my own words! 

2) Take a bath, thrown in some epsom salts if you have any. 

3) Rest if you get a chance. 

4) Say thank you and be excited because just like labour, which is not easy, this is all leading to new birth and is a gift. Receive it with open arms!! 

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014


Update to the post about three X Solar Flares this past weekend....we've had an M Class Flare every hour for the past 4 hours. 

Sleep is deep or non-existent, the mind is being cleared, the heart is feeling all, the body is feeling lighter (in between feeling heavier during the processing moments). 

Welcome to another week all! x

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Sunday, October 26, 2014

X3, X1 and X2 Solar Flares this weekend

Another X class Solar flare is in progress right now. We started the weekend with an X3 flare, followed almost 24 hours later by an X1, and now 18 hours later this X2. (This is on top of a huge week of flares as you can read in the blog). 

Healing moments and realizations are happening left, right and centre as we receive one shower after another of awakening high-frequency light/energy. You may be feeling blissed out, high on adrenalin, exhausted by all the adrenalin, or overwhelmed by the amount of shifting occurring very rapidly. 

Do whatever best grounds and nurtures you, and if you get any nudges to back up your computer or buy some candles (solar activity can affect our power grids and electronics) then listen to those nudges.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

2012 where have you been for 2 years?!!

Back in 2012 there were, understandably, a lot of confused and disappointed people. Those of us aware of 'the shift' were left feeling a sense of anti-climax as the year came and went without that 'big' feeling we were all hoping and waiting for, the feeling that would confirm without a doubt something was most definitely happening not just to us, but to others also. There was evidence of course if you looked hard enough, but that was just it: where was the in-your-face, can't escape it, oh my god it's happening finally feeling that we had spent years if not decades preparing for?

In 2012 even NASA's solar physicists were left wondering what was going on as the much awaited solar maximum didn't quite max out as expected. Well peeps, wait and wonder no more. This past week has been like nothing we have experienced so far.  The sun is flaring like crazy town, and people are shifting faster than I can say wakey wakey.

It is like someone is coming along with a giant broom and sweeping away all the cobwebs so that everyone can see clearer. We are realizing - real eyes-ing - releasing old patterns in new ways, feeling them slide off us with ease after years of stubbornly holding on. We are having healing conversations, insights and epiphanies. People are owning previously unacknowledged stuff. The most unexpected apologies and forgiveness's are happening. Loved ones, beloved spiritual elders/teachers and dear pets are leaving the planet in what feels like a mass exodus, and I don't say that as any kind of prediction, rather just a statement regarding the last 10 days of soul departures.

Static is being replaced by clarity, and with clarity comes truth, freedom and empowerment. I don't know how long the sun will continue to flare, nor how long we will continue to have days like this that feel like one shift after another. What I do know is this: this past week has been something special. It has changed something for all of us, for the better - even if it has done it via challenging events and emotional outbursts.

Thank you to the Sun for being the portal of this energy for us. Thank you Sunspot AR2192, for flaring and flaring and growing and growing and flaring some more.

It's not all dancing in the streets with happy flags - light brings everything to the surface and so we will see eruptions of violence and anger, we will see those in resistance try to regain a sense of power and control in any way they can.

Yet, this time, finally, finally, the light is flaring back, all cylinders firing.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Healing Solar Flares

Another day, another strong X Solar Flare sending more high vibrational light/energy onto us and through us. 

I can't remember a week when so many people have had such deep, healing shifts whether within ourselves, or within our close family groups and relationships. For most, those shifts have been triggered by something very challenging happening: an explosive argument, the passing of a loved one, or some other unexpected occurrence or emotional outburst. 

The waves have been intense but we are moving through them faster and faster, and as we do so we are emerging into very new energetic and emotional spaces: feeling lighter, feeling a greater sense of peace and wellbeing around whatever your most recent situations have been, feeling a sense of calmness and gratitude for things you may have taken for granted, feeling greater clarity around why things have been as they are. 

Our minds are emptying of silly stuff, ego-based thoughts, beliefs and judgements. Our hearts are filling with more love, more understanding and compassion, along with increasing higher awareness and higher perspective around what really matters. 

This weekend, try to make some time to do what you love, whether with yourself or with those you love. 

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Friday, October 24, 2014

Strong Solar Flares - The Week that was.

Check out today's newsletter to catch up on all the solar flare and solar eclipse related posts of this week!


Scorpio Solar Eclipse and earth-facing Sunspot

The Solar Eclipse today is on 0 Degrees Scorpio! Can you get more intense than that when it comes to getting a glimpse of all that is hidden, be that stuff in our personal and global underworld, as well as that which lies behind the veil between us and other dimensions of reality. 

The Sun has had a huge week (read the links on the right for all the solar flare related posts). The large sunspot responsible for all the recent activity is now Earth facing for the first time since it started flaring at the beginning of the week so we may see increased issues with electronic equipment, satellites, power grids etc as well as continuing solar-flare related shifting!! 

Transformation is a good thing so as challenging as shifting can be at times, better to shift than to be stuck and stagnant. Thank you Sun! x

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Thursday, October 23, 2014

More Flares

It was so good to have a great night's sleep finally last night, but Mr Sun didn't rest! Another X1 Flare followed by another M flare. 

For those asking, the flares are graded from least powerful A through to B, C, M or most powerful X class. Each class is ten times more powerful than the previous class, and has 9 grades of power, except X class which goes on without limit. 

Our bodies and energy experience these flares as blasts of high frequency light soaring through our system. On one hand this can be challenging as all kinds of old residue is triggered, coming up and out for release or transformation which we can feel both physically and emotionally. On the other hand, it is invigorating! More than ever this year, when the sun is flaring I feel alive and full of energy, while when it's quiet I feel quite subdued. 

Get ready for another day of this everyone!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The sun is flaring faster than I can keep up! The expected strong one today happened around 45 min after my last post coming in at a M9 ranking which is the next one down from an X flare. It was followed by another M class a few hours later. 

This week it has energetically felt like the Earth is a swaying ship riding some pretty mighty waves (so far 1 X class, 8 M class and some pretty high C class since Sunday). Everyone is holding onto the railings with that feeling of: "Woah, woah, here comes another one, woah another one up ahead, hold on everyone!" 

We've had physical symptoms like headaches, restlessness, adrenalin, heart palpitations, some people can't sleep, some are sleeping more than usual. We've had emotional releases: old anger, grief, sadness, and deep gratitude. We've had spiritual and mental shifts: huge insights around old patterns and feeling yourself letting go of them finally, increased awareness around whatever you most need to be aware of, vivid dreams and ancient memories are all coming up. 

Whatever you are going through, be gentle with yourself. There is no right way to be feeling. Your body and soul are receiving and experiencing these energies in the best way for you. Trust. You might need to let go of some plans whether little ones in your diary for today, or bigger ones as your soul re-directs you and re-balances you. You might do these things later or not at all. We have to let go of our ego-mind now, of our need to control and to know everything. It is time to trust our soul, our heart and our feelings. 

While the ego-mind or some other inner hard task-master rattles off your to do list, it's time to say, "actually you know what, I feel like not doing that today, I feel like doing this instead". We are also being called to let go of controlling other people. Often when we do that it is a way of saying: "if you do this, it will make me feel better." You are responsible for you feeling better. 

Step away from your computer and devices if you are on them all day. Breathe. Go for a walk. Get out in nature. Eat good food and drink plenty of water. Dark chocolate works for me, as did lemon in my water today.  Do what makes you feel good. 

Jax, (our nearly 3 year old) helped me make mocha/vanilla shortbread twists today for our friend Sam's wake tomorrow. Sam loved loved coffee, and so in went the coffee and I had to have a cup continually next to me while we made them. So there I am sipping my lemon water, alternating with sips of coffee! He was a man full of life, and I can't remember a time with him when he wasn't laughing and talking to anyone who would listen. He would be the first to say: if you feel like a coffee, have a coffee!!! 

What a week, and it's only Wednesday!! How are you feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Heads up

Just after I wrote the blogpost on Monday about the solar flares there were some more strong ones. So that's 1 X class on Sunday, 5 M class on Monday with some C class bordering on being M class and a day of relative rest yesterday, although I use that term loosely! 

There is another huge one building now so just a heads up in case you start feeling super emotional/restless again. Although, with the Solar Eclipse coming up in less than 48 hours this feels like it will be a good, positive-feeling expansive release rather than the slam-dunked kind. 

Stay tuned...

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tribute to Dolores and all who've passed

I just found out that Dolores Cannon passed on Sunday. I found 'home' in her work in so many ways. Sending so much love to you dear Dolores. 

When great people, great teachers, great artists leave this planet, so many of us feel the impact. Their huge presence is physically gone and so it feels like a big hole has been created on Earth due to their departure. Yet actually I think what we are really feeling is not so much a hole but our strong focused awareness of ALL they did, of all they contributed during their time here, of all the ways they touched us. And we wonder who will do that now?? 

There is only one Dolores, one Dr Masaru, one Oscar de la Renta, one Gough Whitlam, one Sam our dear friend. All passed in these last few days. All lived big lives. All have left behind so many gifts for us and in their own ways have raised the bar of our possibilities and potentials. 

Thank you to them and to everyone who leaves their soul print here. It is humbling and inspiring beyond words. 

Be well over there xxx

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Monday, October 20, 2014

Breathing through these strong waves

If you felt like staying under a blanket today, or have had 'came out of nowhere' emotional releases, you are possibly being triggered by the X grade Solar Flare yesterday, (X is highest grade), followed by an M Class today (not as mammoth as X but still mega huge).

This is on top of the fact we are coming up to the Solar Eclipse in 0 Degrees Scorpio on Thurs afternoon/Friday morning depending on your time zone. Ron Laswell of AstroChakras informed me that 'this degree represents the point where the 'veil' is the thinnest' so anything is possible: pay attention to your dreams, visions, insights, nudges and be conscious of what you are calling in from the Universal Field of Potential with your thoughts and feelings. Ron says: "the whole month of Scorpio has a thin veil. Notice how we have Halloween which is more near the center of Scorpio, which I feel explains why we celebrate All Saint's Day during this time."

Not to mention we are still in the fire and water emotional aftermath of the recent Lunar Eclipse in Aries that was both conjunct Uranus and a Grand Fire Trine.

The energy is electric, and potentially explosive (emotional or otherwise). Yesterday I lit the gas on the outdoor burner and wooshka up shot some flames!! To say I had an inner freak out would be an understatement. Christian rushed over to turn the gas off but more flames kept shooting out! So part of me is thinking 'oh god this could explode, please don't explode, oh my god what if it explodes!' while the other part was feeling "'this is so the energy right now."

It wasn't a 'normal' fire that you could just throw some water on (as umm, my non-logical Pisces self discovered).  Being gas, there was an element of unpredictability about it which for a few seconds there was very scary. It was a reminder, as I have been reminded many times, that anything can happen anytime - life can end just like that. Life can change, just like that. We try to control and manage everything, we are all consciously creating as much as possible, but even so: life has a life-force than is bigger than us, and we don't always know what it has in store for us.

We can't always control what happens, but we can to the best of our ability choose how we respond to what is happening. Unpredictable emotions and events are happening everywhere right now. It is part of our human nature to react with fear or panic or an angry bout of words when we are feeling out of control, or feeling that some sort of power has been taken out of our hands. I can't count how many such outbursts I've had lately, some completely irrational inner child moments while others are valid parts of my consciousness seeking to be heard. (This is after not only two decades of inner work, but also after years of feeling pretty calm thinking 'thank god I've moved on from those emotionally explosive days'!!) Yet, once that initial wave of strong emotion has washed over us (as is happening faster and faster these days), we are left with the trust we have developed over the years. We are left with the core truth of how we really feel about something or someone. We find ourselves in a quiet place of calm, clarity, or renewed appreciation.

We are feeling everything so intensely because a)  these energetic waves are releasing ever deeper aspects of ourselves, so that we can shift ever higher into more of who we really are and b) we are feeling other people's states as we move into increased sensitivity and experience a greater experience of unity consciousness. Sometimes it is hard to know the difference between what is ours and what is not, or what is ours and serving us, and what is not, so a general good affirmation to say is: If this is not mine, I let it go. If this is not serving me I let it go.

The waves are stronger than ever, yet our trust, truth, calm, clarity and appreciation is stronger than ever too. My fabulous cousin-in law, mother of four, once gave me a really great visual to help with the contractions of labour. She said to imagine that I'm in an ocean with waves, and that my baby is in a basket out there on the waves, and as each wave washes over me that the basket is coming closer and closer to me. We are all getting lifted and slam-dunked by energetic and emotional waves - and even if those waves aren't 'ours', we are feeling the splash from those around us. We are in this together, we are a collective and more than ever we can feel what so many others are going through right now. One thing to remember as we're bobbing up and down, is that each wave is taking us closer to our 'baskets'.

It doesn't look like it if we only look at the mainstream news, but with each wave we are uniting collectively for, and thus moving toward, global peace, healthier food production, more sustainable housing, environmental and corporate practices, and greater awareness around a multitude of social and health issues. With each emotional outburst, we get clearer about our feelings, we get clearer about the kinds of relationships and lives we want.

It can feel like you are drowning sometimes, or fit to burst, such is the intensity of these times. Ride the waves as they come, or lift your head up and take a breath (literally) to feel the quiet break point between waves where you can find your peace, stillness and truth - and see your baskets all around you more clearly.

How are you all feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Friday, October 17, 2014

In between the Eclipses

The irony of growth is that right before a leap forward, you can often feel a heaviness or restriction. If you can imagine energy trying to expand beyond the space it has previously been confined to, before it can bust out of those walls it has to breakdown or breakthrough them. 

As we find ourselves in the midst of two eclipses, you may be feeling like you are halfway between leaping free of something finally, yet full of frustration, anxiety, mood swings and heart palpitations as the old comes up to be released first - and it keeps coming, and coming and coming.  And this isn't just in the midst of any old eclipses - this is eclipses 2014 style.

We are picking up speed now in our new evolutionary cycle, and as much as you might look around and wonder if anything positive is actually going on with regards to our evolution, it's safe to say we are not in Kansas anymore. Our inner and outer worlds are spinning, picked up by the tornado that is this evolutionary process....where it will set us down and when is anyone's guess.

You may have experienced some restless nights and fatigue filled days lately as these latest energy waves are pushing us like never before to finally break free of yet more stuff - or more accurately at this point, finally break free of any remaining illusions that we even have stuff! In the process this energy is pushing our faces and bodies up against any remaining walls holding up our illusions.

This can feel like physical pressure coming up from within you and surrounding you, and you can often feel it around the chest area, literally like there is a tightness there. (Obviously see your health practitioner for any health concerns).  Our heart, our soul, our entire energy field is expanding, and we can feel it: we feel it physically and emotionally via the parts of us that are being pushed against, being called to expand, break, collapse and transform.

Your soul is saying "Woop, I am coming up and out!!!", meanwhile your mental and emotional defenses are on over-drive, saying "What the heck is she/he doing?????!!! Doesn't she/he know she is going to get herself/himself killed/persecuted/killed/abandoned/fill in the blanks?" Meanwhile the soul is on a roll now, high on high-vibrations, "I'm coming out and I'm talking all your fabulous, owned and disowned aspects with me, woooohoooo, freedom and expression here we come, yee-ha!" 

We have all outgrown our old versions of our selves. Hey, we've outgrown who we were last week, let alone old beliefs and wounds that have their roots in our childhood, in our ancestral DNA, in our collective stories and past lives. Our energy is expanding rapidly, wanting to head out into that big, open, limitless meadow where anything is possible, free of our restrictive stories.

Yet, in the process, we keep bumping up against these walls. They are thinner than they used to be, but strangely enough the frustration and emotion they trigger is tsunami-worthy, because we can see so clearly what lies beyond them! We know now that our beliefs are just tapes we choose to keep playing. We can press stop anytime. We know that our wounds are born from the way we choose to perceive something we experienced, but we can adjust our lens of perception anytime. We know that many of our emotional reactions are old habits and addictions that are holding on for dear life. We know that we no longer have to be defined by anything that doesn't feel good, or right or true for us. We are, at this stage, a little bit like the elephants who have long outgrown their tiny chains - but after so long being chained up we haven't quite realised just how free of our 'stuff' we can be if we choose it.

It is natural for all that isn't in alignment with who we really are to come flaring up for a last hurrah as we shift up and into who we really are. The challenge is this: not to get sucked up into all that dust, believing that the existence of this dust must be evidence that nothing is changing, or that clearly you really are identified by that dust. The dust is a good sign. It's a sign that you just smashed a big hole in some wall, or even demolished one fully. The dust is an opportunity to turn to those suffocating thoughts and emotions that have come up and say: Hey, I don't choose you anymore...thank you for leaving now.

May many of your walls come down at this time.

May you blow the dust away with your breath. I mean that literally, just stop, inhale, exhale, let it go.

Breathe freedom in and out of your heart and chest. Feel that area opening and expanding.

Repeat if you resonate: I am free now on all levels, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, cellular, DNA, ancestral and etheric, across all time, space and dimensions. Thank you.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Friday, October 10, 2014

Post Eclipse Message

If you felt impacted by the big healing lunar eclipse this week then you should start feeling yourself coming out the other side of that tunnel any second now, if you haven't already. 

The Eclipse asked us to let go of old wounds, and it is interesting how the more we let go, the more whole we feel (eventually). The emptier we become, the fuller we allow ourselves to be. 

I hope you're all feeling good, and for those who aren't sending you prayers for whatever you most need at this time x

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Relentless releasing

When strong astro influences come along we can feel like crawling underneath a blanket and never coming out. Lunar Eclipses especially, when they hit your chart, can feel like a pressure cooker of intense emotional energy bubbling up within you, pulsing and expanding until you feel you are about to explode - and you may well have experienced some volatile explosions lately as this eclipse is part of a Grand Fire Trine - not to mention on top of 'don't label me/don't box me/don't restrict me/i need freedom!' Uranus! 

These releases can feel relentless and 'too much', but ultimately we are being called to shed so much of what has been covering and clouding our eyes, minds and hearts. We are being called to see ourselves as we really are: free of old wounds and outdated beliefs, and to let go of these wounds and beliefs once and for all. As part of that process, our wounds and beliefs will flare up big time, becoming magnified, for the purpose of us addressing them and clearing them once and for all. 

This is happening personally and collectively, globally and politically. Our awakening process is not something you do in your spare time after work, it is 24/7, and it is happening in one way or another to all on this planet at this time. It is playing out as activism, it is playing out as resistance, it is playing out as chaos and violence, it is playing out as greater calls for peace and justice. It is playing out in billions of ways, some difficult and some fabulous, but know that it is happening and that's a good, long-awaited thing. 

How are you all feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014


Monday, October 06, 2014

Lunar Eclipse lighting our fire

Holy Moly, this Lunar Eclipse in Aries that's happening on Tues night/Wed morning has been packing a punch for days already, especially if you have any major points or planets ranging in the 12-18 degree vicinity in your natal chart.

Lunar Eclipses are often about inner shifts, realizations and things coming to light that were previously unknown. This Eclipse is conjunct Uranus so this could play out with something really unexpected coming out of left field knocking you sideways. Or, it might just give you a little wobble and you'll find yourself happily surprised to see how far you've come now that things no longer rock you out of your centre quite like they used to.

Uranus also triggers our freedom-needing, rebellious side that wants to break free from any shackles or situations that have made us feel tied, bound or restricted. We need to watch our emotional responses right now because not only is all this happening in impulsive Aries, but it is a Grand Fire Trine to boot! Mars is in Sag, and Jupiter is in Leo, just adding some pep and fuel to a fire that is already crackling with electricity!  You might feel like someone has lit that fire underneath you, prodding you to confront unmet potentials within you, and triggering you to question your life and how you're living it. If you're feeling this, you're probably not feeling it in a dreamy, watery kind of way, but in an urgent, "I need to take action now, get out of my way!!!" kind of way.

With Uranus involved - and the Grand Fire Trine - we have to be particularly conscious not to project any fury and frustration outward at the nearest innocent bystander, or run away from home/our family/job/relationship in the heat of the moment - and there will be plenty of heat/inner fire/explosiveness/anger/frustration/irritability/volatility/passion stirred with all this fire energy.

We want to take a breath, and use this influence to check in with where we are out of balance - or feel out of balance. Where are we neglecting our needs/dreams/desires/fire/creativity/potential, and what can we do about it? How do we want to best express this energy and passion and fire that is awakening from within us? Do we need to shift our perspective? Do we need to discuss a change of schedule with our boss or partner in order to get more time to do what we feel we need/want to do?

None of this is easy. This eclipse and the trine is on my Chiron so for me it's been feeling like someone going back and forth over any remaining old wounds/old beliefs saying: "Do you feel that? Do ya? Do ya? What are you going to do about it?" It's been very challenging to 'just breathe', (and I can't say I've mastered that having quite the emotional releases lately) but at the same time sometimes it feels good to let the inner dragon roar and have a wail and express ones needs clearly!

The question for all of us now is: how to use and express this energy in a positive way rather than a destructive way be that destructive toward self or others. On a global/political level there is mucho projection going on right now particularly of the fiery kind, and if my personal projections have reminded me of anything it is this: while it temporarily feels good to unleash ones pent up emotion by hurling it outside of ones self, ultimately the source of that emotion continues to reside within us until we have addressed it.

Unhealed inner anger is generating so much outer conflict and violence, which in turn is triggering the community's anger, and the vicious cycle goes round and round. It is a natural human response to feel angry at what is inhumane, and yet to stay in anger is to perpetuate a cycling loop that is surely at its expiration date. Anger can definitely be a motivating energy, but we want to be motivated toward good actions rather than fuel the bad. When you feel anger coming up, flip it round and feel it as passion. Ask yourself okay, what is this feeling reminding me? What reality/behaviour would I prefer to be witnessing/experiencing right now instead of what is? What can I personally do about it? If I can't do anything personally right now, what thoughts/prayers/visions/love can I direct to the situation?

This Fire Trine Lunar Eclipse is powerful and in many ways I'm loving it and am grateful for it - in other ways it is most definitely a time to watch your temper, remind yourself to breathe before flying off the handle or taking any impulsive actions (especially with Mercury Retrograde making things a bit pear-shaped when it comes to communication), and bottom line: look within for the true source of whatever it is you are feeling. If fire is erupting from you, excellent - find out what emotion/dream/wound/desire/need within you is seeking attention, expression or balance.

How are you all feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Monday, September 29, 2014

The Sunlit Zone

To help us understand the current collective energies, I was shown an image in my mind's eye.  Pictures tell a thousand words as they say so I searched online until I found the closest match:

I found the above pic and thought bingo! Not only is it a visual match, but the words and meaning are perfect.  This image shows the five zones of ocean water, depicting the different layers according to how much sunlight each layer receives.  The top layer is the Sunlit Zone which gets the most sunlight. The Twilight Zone gets very little sunlight, while the Dark Zone at the bottom of the ocean receives no sunlight although there is some light from the creatures that swim there - and many surprisingly do!. The Abyss is the very bottom - no light, and a lot of water pressure. The Trenches refer to the cracks in the Earth's crust - trenches and canyons. Despite the total lack of light, life including starfish can be found there.
This very basic description of the different layers of the ocean, feels to most adequately describe the strong, contrasting energetic layers playing out globally and personally right now.  Just as all of these layers exist in the ocean, so too they exist on the world stage, and within us. They exist as non-visible, non-physical vibrational waves around us. They exist on the levels of our thoughts and emotions. 

In each moment, we choose which layer of the waves to swim in. We make our choice via every thought we think. We make our choice via the daily decisions we make: the relationships we engage in, the news sources we reach and watch, the activities we participate in, the foods we eat, the work we do, the environment we spend our time in and so on.

Just as we choose which layer of the waves to spend most of our time in, that wave layer influences us the more time we spend there. This is common logic: Spend time with happy people, you're going to feel happy. Spend time with fearful people you're going to feel more fearful. If your current overall vibration is a match to that frequency layer, then that layer will heighten, intensify and expand whatever emotional story/belief/vibration you are holding. If your overall vibration isn't in alignment with a particular frequency layer, you will find it very hard to be in that particular layer and will swim like a fish up or down to some other layer where you feel more comfortable.

Right now, all these layers within us, and on the collective stage, are being lit up like a Christmas tree. Every layer is wanting our attention, and has an almost magnetic pull, drawing 'like' energies toward it.  Down in the Dark Zone and the Abyss, fear is triggering fear, violence is triggering violence, and ancient wounds are triggering ancient wounds. In those zones it feels like the end of the world is here swirling around in a whirlpool of chaos, control and madness. 

On the other end of the spectrum, up in the Sunlit zone, there is a feeling of something new emerging. There is a deeper richness and more emotional connection in relationships - be they family, friends, partners, colleagues or people you barely know or don't even know. There is a deeper sense of connection with your own self. At the same time that there is a lot of density playing out on the world stage, there is simultaneously an increased feeling of lightness and consciousness being experienced all over the world that is undeniable. 

The majority of people feel to be in the Twilight Zone most of the time. We divide our time between feeling good and feeling bad. We have hope then we sink into fear. We strive for the light, then get pulled down into the murky depths by some inner doubt or external event. 

It seems that the darker and denser the layer, the more power it seemingly has to determine the collective focus and conversation. Yet, we can't possibly have come here to get sucked into that vortex. Nor have we come here to live in the yo-yo roller-coaster of the Twilight Zone.  For life to continue and not just continue but to evolve and thrive, we need to lift our game and swim on up to the Sunlit Zone. This isn't an indulgence to feel guilty about when so many are suffering. It is our sacred duty and responsibility to live in the Sunlit Zone whenever possible.

Now, I am the first to say that I love scuba-diving into the Abyss to collect energetic information. Just like the Ocean, there is value to be found there.  Our shadow, and all that we have swept under the carpets, is in these bottom layers. There is so much strength and healing gained from exploring these layers, yet it naturally brings up our fears. The chaos we are seeing globally is in part our collective shadow being revealed. 

A scuba diver gets their deep water gear on, explores a canyon, then heads up to the surface. The archeological excavations you encounter on deep sea dives are profound, but - for humanity anyway - it is not a place to live or swim in for too long.  It is unsustainable. Just as plants grow toward the light, so too humanity's growth is geared to heading toward the light. As much as many fear we are heading into a dark future, it is not possible at this stage of our evolution. We are seeing the darkness and violence clearer because of our light. We are experiencing our feelings more intensely, because of the light. We are experiencing uncomfortable emotional responses to the discord because of our light. The 'darkness' is thick like tar, and loud, and so it feels like it is the majority energy on the planet. However, it is not. The light that exists on this planet, and within us all, is now the predominant energy and it will prevail. In the meantime it will also continue to expose and reveal all that lies in the bottom shadow layers, and thus continue to challenge us with how confronting that looks and feels.

If we have one fault, it is our tendency to so easily get sucked down into the bottom layers and live from those spaces as if they are our 'real' and ruling reality. This not only does not serve us, but we do not serve those layers by living down there.  I am not advocating to stick our heads in the sand. If anything, being in the Twilight Zone and Dark Zone of focusing so much on the 'darkness' and the 'fear' (consciously speaking, not referring to our beautiful ocean), is akin to sticking our heads in the sand. We cannot see clearly from those layers where fear, doubt, worry, violence, chaos and control rule the roost. From the Sunlit Zone we can see and listen clearly, we can act ethically and powerfully.

From this space, we can smile at someone who looks different, or dresses differently, or has different lifestyle choices, instead of hurling abuse. We can switch off from news that 'feels' like blatant disinformation or fear-mongering. We can do as much good as we can, in any way we can, when we can.

Think from the Sunlit Zone. Act from the Sunlit Zone. Visualise from the Sunlit Zone. 


Love Dana

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Equinox: honouring birth and death

September 23 is always a special day for our family. It’s the anniversary of my mum’s passing, and my partner Christian’s birthday. People sometimes ask is it strange to have those two things on the same day. I always say no, it more feels like a poignant reminder of the cycle of life.  People are being born every day, and people leave this Earth every day. Experiencing the death of someone close to you often makes you have a stronger connection to life and living, as you truly realise that your time here is not forever. So this annual honouring of a birth and a death is really a simultaneous honouring and celebration of life.
            Quite fittingly, it co-incides with the Equinox when day and night are equal in length. I like this energetic influence, adding to the reminder that on this see-saw of life we can find a harmony and balance when we look at the value of all things rather than putting them in categories of ‘good’ and ‘bad’.  The Equinox asks us to respect both sides of the see-saw: winter has a purpose, grief can be cleansing and transformational.
Equinox and all of Nature also teaches us that life keeps moving, all the time. Equinox only lasts 24 hours before the days start getting longer (or shorter depending on which hemisphere you’re in).  We are shown that nothing lasts forever so appreciate what you have while you have it. We are also shown that no matter how bad things look or feel, ‘this too shall pass’. Spring always follows winter, and the sun always rises even after the darkest of nights.
Our mum had a big heart, and now in the non-physical I know she has even bigger wings, ready to help anyone who asks just as she did in life. One of her greatest wishes was to make her healings ‘bigger, bigger’, and so most years on this day I say to everyone who needs it: if you need a mum hug, or some healing vibes from someone who had a knack of never judging anyone, ask for Miki upstairs. She’s the one with all the jingly jewellery, giggling away.

© Dana Mrkich 2014