Sunday, October 26, 2014

2012 where have you been for 2 years?!!

Back in 2012 there were, understandably, a lot of confused and disappointed people. Those of us aware of 'the shift' were left feeling a sense of anti-climax as the year came and went without that 'big' feeling we were all hoping and waiting for, the feeling that would confirm without a doubt something was most definitely happening not just to us, but to others also. There was evidence of course if you looked hard enough, but that was just it: where was the in-your-face, can't escape it, oh my god it's happening finally feeling that we had spent years if not decades preparing for?

In 2012 even NASA's solar physicists were left wondering what was going on as the much awaited solar maximum didn't quite max out as expected. Well peeps, wait and wonder no more. This past week has been like nothing we have experienced so far.  The sun is flaring like crazy town, and people are shifting faster than I can say wakey wakey.

It is like someone is coming along with a giant broom and sweeping away all the cobwebs so that everyone can see clearer. We are realizing - real eyes-ing - releasing old patterns in new ways, feeling them slide off us with ease after years of stubbornly holding on. We are having healing conversations, insights and epiphanies. People are owning previously unacknowledged stuff. The most unexpected apologies and forgiveness's are happening. Loved ones, beloved spiritual elders/teachers and dear pets are leaving the planet in what feels like a mass exodus, and I don't say that as any kind of prediction, rather just a statement regarding the last 10 days of soul departures.

Static is being replaced by clarity, and with clarity comes truth, freedom and empowerment. I don't know how long the sun will continue to flare, nor how long we will continue to have days like this that feel like one shift after another. What I do know is this: this past week has been something special. It has changed something for all of us, for the better - even if it has done it via challenging events and emotional outbursts.

Thank you to the Sun for being the portal of this energy for us. Thank you Sunspot AR2192, for flaring and flaring and growing and growing and flaring some more.

It's not all dancing in the streets with happy flags - light brings everything to the surface and so we will see eruptions of violence and anger, we will see those in resistance try to regain a sense of power and control in any way they can.

Yet, this time, finally, finally, the light is flaring back, all cylinders firing.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014


  1. Woo hoo! Keep those sunspots and flares a'coming! Let's launch this puppy.