Monday, October 20, 2014

Breathing through these strong waves

If you felt like staying under a blanket today, or have had 'came out of nowhere' emotional releases, you are possibly being triggered by the X grade Solar Flare yesterday, (X is highest grade), followed by an M Class today (not as mammoth as X but still mega huge).

This is on top of the fact we are coming up to the Solar Eclipse in 0 Degrees Scorpio on Thurs afternoon/Friday morning depending on your time zone. Ron Laswell of AstroChakras informed me that 'this degree represents the point where the 'veil' is the thinnest' so anything is possible: pay attention to your dreams, visions, insights, nudges and be conscious of what you are calling in from the Universal Field of Potential with your thoughts and feelings. Ron says: "the whole month of Scorpio has a thin veil. Notice how we have Halloween which is more near the center of Scorpio, which I feel explains why we celebrate All Saint's Day during this time."

Not to mention we are still in the fire and water emotional aftermath of the recent Lunar Eclipse in Aries that was both conjunct Uranus and a Grand Fire Trine.

The energy is electric, and potentially explosive (emotional or otherwise). Yesterday I lit the gas on the outdoor burner and wooshka up shot some flames!! To say I had an inner freak out would be an understatement. Christian rushed over to turn the gas off but more flames kept shooting out! So part of me is thinking 'oh god this could explode, please don't explode, oh my god what if it explodes!' while the other part was feeling "'this is so the energy right now."

It wasn't a 'normal' fire that you could just throw some water on (as umm, my non-logical Pisces self discovered).  Being gas, there was an element of unpredictability about it which for a few seconds there was very scary. It was a reminder, as I have been reminded many times, that anything can happen anytime - life can end just like that. Life can change, just like that. We try to control and manage everything, we are all consciously creating as much as possible, but even so: life has a life-force than is bigger than us, and we don't always know what it has in store for us.

We can't always control what happens, but we can to the best of our ability choose how we respond to what is happening. Unpredictable emotions and events are happening everywhere right now. It is part of our human nature to react with fear or panic or an angry bout of words when we are feeling out of control, or feeling that some sort of power has been taken out of our hands. I can't count how many such outbursts I've had lately, some completely irrational inner child moments while others are valid parts of my consciousness seeking to be heard. (This is after not only two decades of inner work, but also after years of feeling pretty calm thinking 'thank god I've moved on from those emotionally explosive days'!!) Yet, once that initial wave of strong emotion has washed over us (as is happening faster and faster these days), we are left with the trust we have developed over the years. We are left with the core truth of how we really feel about something or someone. We find ourselves in a quiet place of calm, clarity, or renewed appreciation.

We are feeling everything so intensely because a)  these energetic waves are releasing ever deeper aspects of ourselves, so that we can shift ever higher into more of who we really are and b) we are feeling other people's states as we move into increased sensitivity and experience a greater experience of unity consciousness. Sometimes it is hard to know the difference between what is ours and what is not, or what is ours and serving us, and what is not, so a general good affirmation to say is: If this is not mine, I let it go. If this is not serving me I let it go.

The waves are stronger than ever, yet our trust, truth, calm, clarity and appreciation is stronger than ever too. My fabulous cousin-in law, mother of four, once gave me a really great visual to help with the contractions of labour. She said to imagine that I'm in an ocean with waves, and that my baby is in a basket out there on the waves, and as each wave washes over me that the basket is coming closer and closer to me. We are all getting lifted and slam-dunked by energetic and emotional waves - and even if those waves aren't 'ours', we are feeling the splash from those around us. We are in this together, we are a collective and more than ever we can feel what so many others are going through right now. One thing to remember as we're bobbing up and down, is that each wave is taking us closer to our 'baskets'.

It doesn't look like it if we only look at the mainstream news, but with each wave we are uniting collectively for, and thus moving toward, global peace, healthier food production, more sustainable housing, environmental and corporate practices, and greater awareness around a multitude of social and health issues. With each emotional outburst, we get clearer about our feelings, we get clearer about the kinds of relationships and lives we want.

It can feel like you are drowning sometimes, or fit to burst, such is the intensity of these times. Ride the waves as they come, or lift your head up and take a breath (literally) to feel the quiet break point between waves where you can find your peace, stillness and truth - and see your baskets all around you more clearly.

How are you all feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014


  1. Well as of today I am feeling much better but yesterday was as you said, emotional upheaval! And can I also borrow your words, "thank God I've moved on from those emotionally explosive days", because I like to think that but I fell into meltdown despite my assertion of emotional balance - human after all! But I have to admit I do bounce back much faster so I am coming right along on a path of love, not fear. I love the basket analogy, and I hope to see my baskets much more clearly from a place of trust.

  2. Had a dream earlier that i was in the beach of an island leaning against a wall
    holding the hand of a kid when suddenly huge tidal waves washing over us
    again and again, crystal clear green blue waters several meters high
    bordering to deadly as i can barely hold my breath for the duration of each one wave
    yet i am in no fear whereas the kid is scared
    and me trying to calm him down saying is just water, it will pass.

  3. Hello again Dana. I appreciate your wise and empowering perspective and advice. It's just the sort that I would recommend. Glad you're here for people.

    I knew I spoke too soon about feeling good. No, actually, I still feel good but this weekend, well, we musta kicked it up a notch. I'm very isolated, but of course that's only outwardly and not energetically. Dang it anyway. ;-)

    Saturday, I had a very subtle and brief feeling of wanting to chew out people who are not doing their inner work. It's like all I needed to do was just acknowledge it and it passed. Poof. Later I then felt grief and mourning for those same folks. It was really for someone in particular who has been gone from my life for a little while (along with most everyone else who have been gone longer, lol, thank God for my sense of humor or this would be just downright depressing) but this person has always epitomized (and has served as a stand-in for) the folks who have SO much potential to make this transformation and yet just can't seem to turn the corner. That feeling of grief / mourning lasted a little longer.

    Sunday... well, wth happened to Sunday?! In the 30 hours from 6 am Sunday to noon today (Monday), I slept about 25 hours of that. Thankfully though, I'm still not feeling the exhaustion like I have for most of the last 5 years (with a few welcome breaks).

    Today though, I had to run errands and I felt like I just wasn't all here and yet it didn't interfere with anything at a mundane level or make it tough to focus on what I was doing, everything went smoothly.


  4. Very interesting, this explains a lot. Glad to know i'm not alone :) I'm grateful for you and your posts. Love and Light from me in Northern Norway.

    1. Gunnar, are you seeing some amazing aurora's right now??!!

    2. Dana, On Monday evening/night there was a lot, and it was spectacular, "dancing" and changing rapidly.