Friday, October 17, 2014

In between the Eclipses

The irony of growth is that right before a leap forward, you can often feel a heaviness or restriction. If you can imagine energy trying to expand beyond the space it has previously been confined to, before it can bust out of those walls it has to breakdown or breakthrough them. 

As we find ourselves in the midst of two eclipses, you may be feeling like you are halfway between leaping free of something finally, yet full of frustration, anxiety, mood swings and heart palpitations as the old comes up to be released first - and it keeps coming, and coming and coming.  And this isn't just in the midst of any old eclipses - this is eclipses 2014 style.

We are picking up speed now in our new evolutionary cycle, and as much as you might look around and wonder if anything positive is actually going on with regards to our evolution, it's safe to say we are not in Kansas anymore. Our inner and outer worlds are spinning, picked up by the tornado that is this evolutionary process....where it will set us down and when is anyone's guess.

You may have experienced some restless nights and fatigue filled days lately as these latest energy waves are pushing us like never before to finally break free of yet more stuff - or more accurately at this point, finally break free of any remaining illusions that we even have stuff! In the process this energy is pushing our faces and bodies up against any remaining walls holding up our illusions.

This can feel like physical pressure coming up from within you and surrounding you, and you can often feel it around the chest area, literally like there is a tightness there. (Obviously see your health practitioner for any health concerns).  Our heart, our soul, our entire energy field is expanding, and we can feel it: we feel it physically and emotionally via the parts of us that are being pushed against, being called to expand, break, collapse and transform.

Your soul is saying "Woop, I am coming up and out!!!", meanwhile your mental and emotional defenses are on over-drive, saying "What the heck is she/he doing?????!!! Doesn't she/he know she is going to get herself/himself killed/persecuted/killed/abandoned/fill in the blanks?" Meanwhile the soul is on a roll now, high on high-vibrations, "I'm coming out and I'm talking all your fabulous, owned and disowned aspects with me, woooohoooo, freedom and expression here we come, yee-ha!" 

We have all outgrown our old versions of our selves. Hey, we've outgrown who we were last week, let alone old beliefs and wounds that have their roots in our childhood, in our ancestral DNA, in our collective stories and past lives. Our energy is expanding rapidly, wanting to head out into that big, open, limitless meadow where anything is possible, free of our restrictive stories.

Yet, in the process, we keep bumping up against these walls. They are thinner than they used to be, but strangely enough the frustration and emotion they trigger is tsunami-worthy, because we can see so clearly what lies beyond them! We know now that our beliefs are just tapes we choose to keep playing. We can press stop anytime. We know that our wounds are born from the way we choose to perceive something we experienced, but we can adjust our lens of perception anytime. We know that many of our emotional reactions are old habits and addictions that are holding on for dear life. We know that we no longer have to be defined by anything that doesn't feel good, or right or true for us. We are, at this stage, a little bit like the elephants who have long outgrown their tiny chains - but after so long being chained up we haven't quite realised just how free of our 'stuff' we can be if we choose it.

It is natural for all that isn't in alignment with who we really are to come flaring up for a last hurrah as we shift up and into who we really are. The challenge is this: not to get sucked up into all that dust, believing that the existence of this dust must be evidence that nothing is changing, or that clearly you really are identified by that dust. The dust is a good sign. It's a sign that you just smashed a big hole in some wall, or even demolished one fully. The dust is an opportunity to turn to those suffocating thoughts and emotions that have come up and say: Hey, I don't choose you anymore...thank you for leaving now.

May many of your walls come down at this time.

May you blow the dust away with your breath. I mean that literally, just stop, inhale, exhale, let it go.

Breathe freedom in and out of your heart and chest. Feel that area opening and expanding.

Repeat if you resonate: I am free now on all levels, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, cellular, DNA, ancestral and etheric, across all time, space and dimensions. Thank you.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014


  1. You have just described exactly what I have been experiencing. I even described that to a friend of mine, that I felt like I was in a pressure cooker. Thank you for this awesome post!

  2. Hello Dana,

    I'm an ascension forerunner who did my own personal ascension work a few years back where my own "walls" were knocked down / wiped out. Since then I've been pretty much used as an energetic human antenna doing transmutation and anchoring work for this planetary ascension effort. Anyone else who has been on this like me, you know. My physically got really trashed. I'm healthy, but it has been very exhausting. But it's had a very "held back" feeling to it on top of being totally wiped out most of the time.

    Well, since the fall equinox, the energies have been very gradually but definitely lifting and expanding. I initially kinda kept waiting for that to drop out the bottom, but that hasn't happened. It feels like I'm finally being allowed to lift and expand into frequencies that I have been ready for for years and yet wasn't allowed to move into.

    I see others thrashing about with these energetic opportunities, which is a good sign in itself that things are definitely moving forward, things finally being released.

    But for me, these past few weeks I've felt better than I have for years. My body is as out of shape as can be, having been used energetically instead of physically, but I just don't feel so completely trashed now. Mentally and emotionally, it's just so light. I'd almost forgotten what this feels like when it's around for an extended period of time.

    I do indeed sense we are moving forward in much bigger and more definite ways now.


    1. So great to hear how you are feeling Cathy, thank you for being the inspiration for others. Love Dana x

  3. Hi Dana! Perfect timing, I am so feeling all of this :-) All these new opportunities in between the 2 eclipes, the clearing out of these old beliefs and energies. It's just great!!! Haha, freedom and love, we are coming!
    And thank you so much, dear Dana, for your absolutely wonderful work for this World! It's always a great help to better understand what is going on on a bigger level.

  4. I really needed this, thank you so much for sharing. Love and Light from me.

  5. I have an appointment with my doctor because of a previous medical concern but the physical symptoms as you outline are what I've been feeling. I pray that's what it is!

  6. Thanks Dana , I very much relate to the expressions in your blog having gone through three significant "shocks" last year resulting in a profound "shift". I sense that my spouse is going through this process now with violent emotional swings...any idea how long this period of shift exists during which time - I guess - one decides one's final polarity..? can you point me to any of your blogs which provides suggestions on how to assist others in this process? Thanks

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      RE how long it lasts - this particular window is until around the weekend with the solar eclipse energies easing after that time. However there is a general evolutionary shift happening in this era of time and it is anyone's guess as to when this will ease up!

      To the right of this blog you will find some tag words that will lead you to relevant blogs eg Emotional Intensity, that may help you with what your husband is going through right now. Generally speaking though, we are all being called into greater alignment with who we really are - anything not in alignment within us (and outside us) is coming up for healing, release, collapse or transformation. In the process, a lot of resistance can come up which feels to be the case if the emotional swings are 'violent' (whether literally or metaphorically).

      To assist, keep your centre as much as possible during a release (I am referring here to general emotional releases, not cases where one is in an abusive/dangerous situation). As much as possible, know that something has been triggered that ultimately has nothing to do with you, and as such try to stay out of 'reaction', Once the storm has passed, then is a good time to talk about what came up as it can be very helpful for someone such as yourself, with a higher perspective and awareness, to ask a few questions and even share some insights, if he is open to that. It's also helpful to talk openly about the energetic shifts going on, again if he is open to that. During these times it's a challenge to not take things personally - of course I'm not suggesting to put up with very real relationship issues - but when it is mainly a matter of a person going through their shifting process, definitely not taking things personally is a good thing to keep in mind, and being the calm influence around them is very helpful.