Friday, October 31, 2014

Dodging bullets and catching waves

Okay, so 9 M-class Solar Flares in the last 24 hours is hardly a 'break in intensity' but the Sunspot responsible is creeping its way to the other side of the Sun for a couple of weeks right about now so that's about the best we can ask for in terms of 'conditions easing!'.

It will still be flaring, and we'll still feel it, but these extreme conditions where it has felt like we're dodging bullets constantly (or being hit by them) will hopefully pave the way for a 2 week period of integrating the immense shifts and changes we have experienced over the past few weeks.

I say 'hopefully' like I'm tired of the flares, and in one way yep I could use a break, but on the other hand the absolute priority of the universe, of our souls, of 'the divine plan' as it were, is our evolution and growth.

These Solar Flares are playing a crucial, important, so welcomed and so appreciated part in our awakening and activation process, so most of the time I am very 'bring it on!" I say 'dodging bullets' but of course it's all Light, revealing everything, and for every time we've felt punched and slam-dunked we've also received huge waves of insight, and with insight comes truth, empowerment and freedom.

And ultimately, that's a huge part of this process: to see our greater truth, to remember our power, and to realise we are free so we can do something here with that truth, power and freedom.

Thanks Solar Flares, and thanks for the breathing spaces in between!

How are you all feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

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  1. Had a massive catalyzing event occur - very painful - but revealed the big kahuna belief that's been secretly running the show in my life. I could use a reprieve now!