Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tribute to Dolores and all who've passed

I just found out that Dolores Cannon passed on Sunday. I found 'home' in her work in so many ways. Sending so much love to you dear Dolores. 

When great people, great teachers, great artists leave this planet, so many of us feel the impact. Their huge presence is physically gone and so it feels like a big hole has been created on Earth due to their departure. Yet actually I think what we are really feeling is not so much a hole but our strong focused awareness of ALL they did, of all they contributed during their time here, of all the ways they touched us. And we wonder who will do that now?? 

There is only one Dolores, one Dr Masaru, one Oscar de la Renta, one Gough Whitlam, one Sam our dear friend. All passed in these last few days. All lived big lives. All have left behind so many gifts for us and in their own ways have raised the bar of our possibilities and potentials. 

Thank you to them and to everyone who leaves their soul print here. It is humbling and inspiring beyond words. 

Be well over there xxx

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

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