Monday, March 12, 2007

March 2007 Newsletter

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Visioning the Dream Awake – March 2007

Short and sweet this month and running a tad late, that’s this month’s newsletter. We’ve just come out the other side from yet another Mercury Retrograde, and for me that meant my hard-drive had to go to computer hospital for a while. However now it has come out cleansed, cleared and feeling all brand new! Such is the way with astro happenings. Whatever they sweep aside or crash to the ground happens for a reason – relationships, jobs, homes, and yes even computers break down when we least expect it, providing an opportunity for overhauls, upgrades, renovations, transformations, or the entry of a completely new reality depending on how much change and improvement is needed! It can also be exciting as things you have been wanting forever suddenly appear magically right before your eyes. Right now we are in the middle of the eclipse season – the lunar eclipse happened on 4 March, whilst the solar eclipse is right around the corner on 19 March. If you feel like you are being swept up in winds of change, feeling like you have no control over what’s happening and no clue as to why it is happening then you are right on path and on track. Eclipses come along to pick you up from your old world, and set you down in a new one, just like the tornado in the Wizard of Oz. Be like Dorothy this week and embrace the interesting surreal events that may be occurring around you right now. They are taking you back home.

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