Monday, March 03, 2008

March Energies: Feels like Crunch time!

What’s Happening this Month

Embracing Global and Cosmic events to help Create your Reality,

by Dana Mrkich

March Energies: Feels like Crunch time!

We have become accustomed by now to the ups and downs of the rollercoaster ride as we make our journey to the new reality, but wow what a dhoozy of a ride the last month has been! Sharp jerks to the left, sudden drops, unexpected stalls and carriages that twirl around in circles have left many feeling dizzy, sick and as if they are barely hanging on! Many are asking, “Where is the beautiful, rainbow filled happy ever after? Why is this so hard? Why do I feel like *%&#? Why am I so angry/tired/frustrated/over it?
Issues that felt as if they were long gone have raised up more intensely than ever before, along with any remaining irritations, resentments and insecurities within us. Our inner children are having a field day, standing up to be counted. They are raising their voices, chucking tantrums, drawing lines in the sand, strengthening their boundaries and declaring “no more!” at the thought of being hidden, ignored, not listened to, avoided or abused anymore.

If you have mainly been paying lipservice to your path then this last month may have shown you the difference between your talk and your walk loud and clear. If your mantra is ‘everything happens for a reason’ but you get frustrated at any small upset in your routine or expected outcome then the control ogre that resides within you likely triggered a few earthquakes to bring him or herself to your attention.

If you have been talking about the kind of relationship or work you would like for years, but somehow keep attracting (ie saying yes to!!!) the complete opposite of that, then things are going to start feeling mighty uncomfortable as your authentic self and ego battle for space. There is only room for one of them on your seat into the new reality, and they are going to fight hard in an attempt to squeeze the other out. Decide which one you want as your traveling companion and offer your 100% unconditional support to them all the way. Not just lip service support, but real life following your instincts doing what you feel guided to do no matter what support.
“How can I tell the difference between my authentic self and my ego?” is a really common question. Well the ego usually guides us from a place of fear, while the authentic self guides us from a place of love.

When we follow the ego we usually learn our lessons the hard way, we resist change or changing, we try to control others, and are left feeling exhausted, depleted, as if we are swimming the wrong way against the current of a river. We ignore the signs that say wrong way, go back. We make all the excuses in the world but deep down know we are going against the grain of our most authentic self, and are not treating him or her with dignity and respect. The ego sucks us back in the direction of the old reality.

When we follow the authentic self we are pulled along the river in a good way, going with the flow of the current. Our authentic self is headed in the direction of the new reality and ultimately, whether we feel excited, scared, challenged, joyous or inspired by that, we have a good feeling about it. Perhaps not knowing exactly where we are going, but trusting that we are being led to a good and right place. We follow the signs and synchronicities that come our way, pointing us further in the right direction. We allow others to live life their way, respecting their choices and decisions, because we are respecting and following our own.

We can’t give out any more mixed messages to the universe, asking for one thing but saying yes to another thing holding fear or doubt it will ever come. We are terrified of the gap in between asking and receiving, and do anything to fill it. Ironically, our saying yes to the other thing from a place of fear or doubt can stop the one thing from coming!! Stop saying yes to what you don’t actually want, and the universe will get the message quickly and give you what you really want. Now this doesn’t mean you ask for your dream job and then sit back waiting, saying no to other job offers while the bills and rent pile up. It does mean to hold your vision and let it call you toward it, staying true to it anyway you can, while still doing what you have to do on a day to day basis to live. If you have to say yes to another thing temporarily, do it with gratitude, thanking it for supporting you while you are ever moving toward your desired one thing. Even if for now you just have a vision board pinned up on your wall, then that is what you have. Hold your vision!

So it’s crunch time. We have been allowing our authentic selves and egos to share the space within us for a long time now, but it is getting more and more difficult for them to do so. The energetic vibration of each is so vastly different that they literally cannot co-exist together. You may have noticed that whenever you drop into an old emotion, issue or pattern it immediately causes tension, pain or temporary illness in your physical body. It just doesn’t feel good anymore to drop down into old reality realities. When we keep our vibration high, and commit to supporting our authentic self, we feel lighter and clearer. It can be hard to keep our vibration high. It’s not easy to let go of things, people, jobs, homes, relationships, patterns, habits or anything that has been with us for a long time. But if these things now feel toxic or unhealthy more often than not, or are not serving our best possible path forward, then let go we must.

Know you are not alone. Know you have a team of dedicated guides supporting you through this process. Know you have hundreds of thousands of soul family all around the world, all right now going through the same process you are going through. This isn’t an easy time, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult time. Surrender to your authentic self. Let her or him go where she or he needs to go. Support your authentic self with everything you’ve got, and you will surely be led to your rainbow filled happily ever after.

© Dana Mrkich 2008