Tuesday, April 28, 2015

5 Tips to Increase your Intuition

No matter how large or small, every decision plays a part in creating your life. 

My article is up on Lifestyle You now, talking about 5 simple ways to tune into your 'true self' channel and get in touch with your inner GPS.



Also check out the Alphabet Intuition Exercise.

Alphabet Intuition Exercise

I always like to investigate new ways of accessing my subconscious and intuition. Our beliefs, feelings, fears and desires can override our own natural knowing, creating foggy filters over our otherwise clear lens - especially when we have an emotional attachment to the answer or guidance.

My question of the day was about balancing my hormones which are doing much better since I changed a whole bunch of stuff in my diet recently. I asked if there was anything more I needed to be totally balanced, and asked for the answer to come via the numbers of the alphabet so that I knew I wasn't consciously influencing the answer. I think I expected the name of a vitamin or certain food to come through, but instead I got this:

10: J
15: O
25: Y

Okay then!

Anyone else want to try this? Find a quiet space, get clear with your intention, ask a simple question and ask to receive the answer via the numbers of the alphabet. One by one, trust each number as it comes into clear focus and write it down. Share here!

P.S I tried this again with a query I feel more emotionally attached to and it didn't work so letting go of the emotional attachment to a desired answer is key. For that reason you may want to start with a question that doesn't generate a huge emotional trigger.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015


Monday, April 27, 2015

Earth on the move

"A massive block of Earth's crust, roughly 75 miles long (120km) and 37 miles (60km) wide, lurched 10 feet (3m) to the south Saturday over the course of 30 seconds. Riding atop this block of the planet was the capital of Nepal – Kathmandu – and millions of Nepalese." - What a description of Saturday's earthquake by University of Colorado geologist Roger Bilham, a world-renowned expert on Himalayan earthquakes.

In recent days there has been, and continues to be, a lot of volcanic and seismic activity along with some extraordinary extreme weather events* and land movements**. It feels like Earth is exhaling, expanding, cracking open layers of her old skin as her new form emerges, releasing energy in the process.

In some areas, either where the infrastructure is sturdy, or the activity ends up being relatively low, buildings and homes receive minimal impact. In other areas, like Nepal and Vanuatu, where a high grade event merges with simply built homes, shops and structures, the devastation is huge. 

We are praying tonight for all those, in affected regions or otherwise, who are without food, warmth or shelter that those things find their way to them. Thank you to the humanitarian workers who are always there on the ground helping.

Please post links in the comments section to any reputable donation fund that can help someone in need right now. If you know other ways to help, please post those links or ideas too. Thank you x


(C) Dana Mrkich 2015

Where are the results of my inner changes?

So often when we make inner changes we want to see the outer results fairly quickly. So when we don't see change we get frustrated, upset and angry, which can take us right back where we started! When our mind and emotions are in a constant battle with our physical reality, it sets up a two steps forward and one or two steps back groove.

Here's a tip if you are looking at some aspect of your life that you have wanted to change and are doing all the 'right' things but it's yet to shift: Think of this aspect as simply being a result of your many yesterday's. Kind of like a cake you baked a few days ago when you happened to be craving a certain flavour, but that flavour just isn't doing it for you anymore. It doesn't reflect who you are right now. 

Realise that right now you have shifted....great...and a new cake is in the oven. You shifted the second you realised you want a whole new cake and set about planning or getting the ingredients for that new cake. Stop thinking about the old cake, or staring at it berating yourself for why you spent time making such a thing. Think about the new cake. Breathe it in. Think about how it will feel to have this new cake ready. Soon it will come out of the oven, represented by physical changes in your physical life and circumstances.

You have the power and ability to start to feel this change right now emotionally and mentally if you allow it, and actually you can insist upon feeling and visualising your new circumstances. Mantra tip: "That was yesterday, I am now moving into a new today and fabulous tomorrow's."
Ask to see physical evidence of inner change, and let go of how/in what form that evidence may show itself to you.

If you are feeling heavy it is often because you are being dragged down by thoughts and feelings that belong in the past - or are worrying and fearing about an unknown future. We all do this, it is our old human conditioning to do this. But we don't have to keep doing it. We can catch ourselves in the act and think hang on, this isn't actually helping me!

Find the thoughts, feelings and visual images that feel light, fantastic and fabulous - they are usually the ones most in alignment with the direction your Soul truly wants to go in. x

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Earth Changes: Cleansing and Gratitude trump Fear

Two themes are emerging in almost every conversation I've had or overheard in the aftermath of this week's Sydney/Central Coast/Hunter storms: Cleansing and Gratitude. People are saying they feel as if a big cleansing has happened, and how grateful they felt this week for any small thing: some warmth, candlelight, a hot shower at a friend's house.

Over the years people have often written expressing concern about potential Earth Changes events. What I've written about that topic in the past is that our fear of a future event is usually vastly different to the reality. 

Our fear imagines something with the worst possible most scary scenario where we feel totally helpless and powerless. Yet history alone shows us that humans are resilient. Whatever comes our way we deal with it as it happens - sometimes it may feel like you are in a surreal bubble, not quite realising what has happened until it has happened. Our energy has a way of protecting us during the reality of something, that our projected fears have no way of doing.

Our fear lens doesn't show us all the positive things that are happening simultaneously during extreme events, weather or otherwise. It doesn't show the support that shows up right when we need it. The peacefulness and calm that arises in both you and others. The normalcy of day to day life that continues right along side the chaos.

We are on a living planet and while the jury is still out regarding which global weather event is natural vs which has been influenced and even created by humans, the fact remains we are on a living planet. She moves, she breathes. She shakes, she quakes. She storms and floods. She burns and erupts. She doesn't really care that we have power lines or jobs to go to. Not her problem. She shifts, she transforms, she purifies, she sheds, she cleanses. That's what Earth has done for billions of years and will continue to do.

I think it is a good and healthy thing for us to be reminded that we live on a living planet. If it makes us more grateful, more appreciative, more humble, more patient, more inclined to take care of our planet, our selves and each other, then things like Earth Changes events are ultimately a positive thing. I think it is good to be reminded that life isn't guaranteed or forever. It makes you stop and think: am I living life in the way I want to be living it? It makes you reflect on your priorities. None of this dismisses the devastation that occurs....rather, we can honour that devastation by emerging with some new insight or wisdom gained.

Sending prayers to all who need them tonight x

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Feeling grateful: Sydney storms

Thinking about all members of our community, here on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and up the coast in and around the Hunter, that have now been classed as natural disaster zones.

The rains started on Monday, accompanied by winds that just didn't let up. Then a crash on what sounded like our roof - I went outside and a giant tree lay right across our driveway. Thank God no-one was out there, and our home and cars were safe, but others have not been so lucky and they are in our prayers right now. 

The tree did bring down the power lines, so electricity and internet have been out since then as they have been for hundreds of thousands of people here. Our neighbour has power so he has kindly put an extension cord from his place to ours so at least we can have the fridge running, and phones charging, and lent us a lantern giving us great light. 3G from our phones gets us online when need be. We have a gas heater, so we're just feeling super appreciative of everything right now. I said the other night "We have all the power and light we need." Haha...indeed :)

I've shared for a few years now to be prepared for a few days without power, and so got out our little gas cooker I'd bought especially for such an occasion. We made chicken soup by candlelight and lanternlight while the winds and rain continued to rage outside. I have to say it has felt really good to have so much silence in the evening. Dim lights, no tv or other screentime make for a very early night to bed. I want to make this a regular part of our family's week, it has been so good to just sit in the quiet, talk and get to sleep earlier.

Today the daily sirens continue outside, fallen trees are everywhere, and the beach sand is in the beach carparks. I went to the local shopping centre which is running on a generator, and it was so quiet, barely anyone there. Everyone seemed to have more patience. There is a sense that Mother Nature has humbled people like never before, and as always happens during times of disaster people have come together to help each other out and also think about what really matters in life.

Our thoughts are very much with those who have lost a loved one, their home, car or business. Our deep gratitude to all those who are working tirelessly day and night: especially the SES and all emergency service workers.

Prayers to all that you are kept safe and warm.

Lots of love, Dana, Christian and Jax xox

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015

Thursday, April 09, 2015

If it feels like a solar flare....it usually is a solar flare

Well as it turns out, if it feels like a Solar Flare it usually is a Solar Flare. The Sun had an M Class one a few hours after I wrote my last post .

What happens when you merge a coming Solar Flare with the energy of Uranus (that has been infused with a recent opposing Lunar Eclipse and a visiting Mercury)? It feels like your hand is in an electrical socket and you've had way too many cups of coffee. It feels like your computer (and emotions) are going haywire. 

So if you've been feeling frazzled and fried, this Flare will act like a release and a relief of sorts. Imagine all that energy leaving your body, going out of your arms and hands, legs and feet.
A lot of us were sure there was a Solar Flare yesterday so familiar were those feelings, so it was strange to see there wasn't - until there it was hours later. It is fascinating to me how often this is happening now in the hours - even 24-48 hours - leading up to a Flare.

We know that animals are hyper-sensitive to natural events - they know a storm or tsunami for example is coming. We know we are becoming more sensitive as humans, so it makes sense that we too are now starting to feel natural events before our satellites or space websites tell us they are happening.

Our inner energy technology is more powerful than external technology. Slowly at first, and now more quickly, we are catching up to that realisation. As we surpass external technology, it will eventually either become redundant or we will have created far more advanced systems that are beyond anything we can comprehend right now.

Wishing anyone who has felt frazzled some relief today!!!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Electricity in the Air and Christ/Mary Magdalene Healing

Over the last couple of days it has felt like there is erratic, jittery electricity almost like static, running through the air. There are strange computer/technological goings on, and feelings of heightened anxiety, scattered mental energy, and difficulty feeling totally settled and grounded. You may also feel the heart pumping more than usual and adrenals going, very similar to solar flare energy.

The energy has felt very Mercury/Uranus in nature and sure enough Mercury and the Sun are both on/moving through the same degree that Uranus is sitting on (16 Aries if you know your chart).

This helps explain why everything feels a bit Mercury retrograde even though we are not in one, and why the Sun feels like it is flaring like crazy even though solar activity is technically low. When a planet touches the same space as Uranus it is like it receives some extra zhoozh, a bit of an electric shock or jolt, and of course we feel it down here especially if we have significant planets or points on or near that degree in our natal chart. (You can check out www.astro.com to see if you do)

Aside from this we are still feeling the after-effects of a Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Relationships-oriented Libra that occurred during Easter weekend opposite all this Uranus energy. The timing of this Eclipse feels to have triggered a lot of Christ/Mary Magdalene wounds and healing (that we are only now coming to some sort of awareness around) related to the events/stories that created what our culture now celebrates as Easter.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene had a sacred, divine union, and that was broken in the worst of ways: betrayal by those they trusted, and massive projection by others who felt threatened by their messages and truth. It was and is a very heavy story*. Many people feel this heaviness at Easter all the time, but to have a Lunar Eclipse on this date expands the number of people who feel it, and adds intensity. A lot of people feel deeply connected to that ancient story be it on a conscious or subconscious level, and some are physically connected with their cells via the bloodline.

So a lot has come up this Easter around grief, fear of what happens when one speaks their truth, loss of the beloved or fear of loss, judgment, issues around trust, and wounds/memories/insights related to our true spiritual/divine power: the power to heal ourselves, the divine right we all have to express our Soul's truth, and the pain that comes when we feel that part of us that has not allowed us to do this, or has been actively repressed from doing it. The power of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine has also come up strongly over, and since, the weekend. We are being called to rise up, to remember and embody that Divine Power. It is time to let go of the past, to let go of stopping ourselves from owning a greater fullness of who we really are.

As we let go, we simultaneously let in that which we have had at arm's reach. Our Shadow will often then be in our face: those aspects of us that we haven't owned. Some are uncomfortable because they reveal where we have held ourselves back, and others are uncomfortable because they show our true potential. If we can find it in ourselves to move through the discomfort, there is gold there for us in all those aspects as we re-connect with more of who we are.

*As we know, the Christ/Magdalene story is one of many similar stories across many cultures, yet this doesn't mean we should discount any of the stories, nor assume that all but one of them are copies of an original. We humans are prone to repeat history over and over again. I say this because even while some people dispute that the Jesus/Mary story even existed, it is certainly being triggered right now in people's cells who have a strong connection to that time and/or lineage.

How are you all feeling? Is anyone feeling the electric zhoozh in the air? Is anyone having huge revelations/triggers particularly around your Divine Power/Christ consciousness/Mary Magdalene/Divine Feminine etc?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Healing Easter/Eostre/Eclipse

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend enjoying the Easter/Eostre and Lunar Eclipse energies. There was a palpable shift in energy on Thursday, as if the tension earlier in the week cracked open (like an egg we may as well say), with a lot of fluid, warm, loving, supportive, nurturing balm oozing out. 
It feels like a lot of healing is happening on subtle and obvious levels over this period. Connections that were frayed or frazzled, whether related to your physical health or emotional wiring or regarding a relationship are receiving a repair or rebirth of some kind. I have the image of a wire whose outer casing was all worn receiving a new, healthy, strong casing. 
There are multiple mythological stories about the root of Easter, and while we can philosophize and debate for eons about which ones are true, the fact remains that they all share a common, if not same, theme: that of death and rebirth. 
So maybe you are letting go of something or someone right now, be it in a physical or emotional way or both. Know that something new is being born in its place; a new form of relationship, a new awareness, a new solution, a new beginning. The influence of Libra is assisting to make this process as gentle, easeful soothing and harmonious as possible. 
Wishing you and your family a safe, loving and joyful weekend. 🐣How are you feeling? X

(C) Dana Mrkich 2015