Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Solar Carwash

So much for our solar flare break! Sunspot 2205 has come around the bend into view with a strong M class solar flare a couple of hours ago - not quite X class but close.

That is the 5th M class from that spot in just over 24 hours, so it seems he's playing tag team with his brother Sunspot AR2192 who is still on the non-visible side of the Sun doing whatever he is doing, unseen by us. (Yet felt on some level!).

The flares of the last 24 hours have felt very different to the ones of the past few weeks. We've been through quite a wash, spin and rinse cycle (and repeat), while today I've felt very clear, energised and focused. 

We're integrating the multiple realisations we've experienced recently, and I'd like to think this sunspot is coming in to support that...kind of like the Polish part of a carwash cycle! Here's hoping.....!!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014


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