Monday, December 29, 2014

Money in the 5th dimension

An interesting question was asked on my youtube channel about whether money will exist 'in the fifth dimension'. The fifth dimension, as I know it, and perhaps as you see it also, is not another place, it is another frequency in this same space. It is a frequency that any one of us can, and do, tap into anytime.

When you 'manifest' something just as you need it - without going out to buy it - you could say that you are manifesting from that higher space of consciousness. That is, someone gives you their spare couch that they no longer need just as you really needed a new one.

Now, manifesting a couch is a long way from money no longer existing or no longer be required, but I do think there will come a day when money as we know it won't exist. I don't know how soon or far away that day is for the collective, but definitely I am seeing more people having a different experience around money.

Nothing to do with having more of it, rather living from the knowing that you can truly receive that which you most need when you most need it be it money for a bill, or a much needed couch, or whatever the case may be. This knowing is very liberating, and empowers you to unplug from the 'grip' that the system has most people living in.

I feel 'abundance in the 5th dimension' is more about receiving what you need, and creating what you want more easefully - as well as sharing and giving more freely. I don't know if money will or won't be around, but if it is I do feel the 'power' it has had over us is changing, where it becomes the tool/servant as opposed to being the master. 

Have you found yourself having a different experience with money?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014


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