Friday, November 27, 2015


It's been a big week - this fabulous new online space was finally launched woohoo!! 

I've been working away on this for months, and have had the idea for a conscious lifestyle new kinda media site for YEARS, at least a decade and longer if you count offline versions of this very same idea!!!

It was an idea that kept tapping me on the shoulder and just would not go away, but for some reason it always either felt too overwhelming, or the timing wasn't right, or I had no idea how or where to start. By the beginning of this year things started coming to a head with what my Soul wanted for my future direction. Pluto has set up camp in my life for 3+ years, transiting my North Node, Ascendant and Mars. For those who know Pluto, no explanation is needed. For those who don't, imagine a Building Inspector demolishing anything in your life that has past its use by date, but as compensation hands out a 'Phoenix rising from the ashes' voucher, gifting you with something that you perhaps didn't even know you wanted, or did but didn't think it was possible. 

I've had 2015-17 circled in my mental diary forever, knowing Pluto as I do, and just quietly I was a little apprehensive (okay, bit terrified for a while there), as to what he had in store for me. I knew his speciality was demolishing the outgrown, and so I intentionally made sure my life was as true to my heart as possible. "Ha, take that Pluto, nothing here to demolish, is there?!!" But, Pluto loves a challenge, and, well, you can't outsmart Pluto. 

So far he has vacuumed his way through my health and wellbeing department en route to fertility central, transforming everything from the ingredients in my pantry to the time I go to bed. 

Work and purpose wise, the little taps started to become big nudges.  I had a general idea of my overall vision but I didn't know how to organise all that was in my head into a brief that I could give a web designer. And to be honest I wanted to play with it in much the same way as an artist paints a painting, or a writer writes a book. I knew I would be chopping and changing all over the place until I got into the flow of my new flow. "Build the site yourself!" said Christian. "Build the site yourself!" said my sister and brother-in-law. 

"I can't!" said I. A) I'm not a website designer, or technically minded in the least. B) In what spare time, of which I already have none, might I be building this new site?

The taps and nudges just got louder. I started playing around with it, telling myself that this was just going to be the draft site, something I could show a real web designer once I had finished so that they could replicate it with their savvy design skills.

I started having a lot of fun with it. Once I got the hang of it on the technical side I was like a kid with a new pack of coloured markers at the beginning of school term. Turquoise here! Fertility, Birth & Parenting section there! 

What unfolded was, and is, an absolute online expression of who I am and what I'd like to share with the world. 

One day in the future I may need to call on someone with more tech-savvy savviness to expand where expansion is needed. But for now, I am so proud of myself for perservering, and for just fricken doing it! And for creating something that I absolutely love, and I hope you do too. It is just the beginning, and I am so excited to start unfolding and evolving it. 

If there is something tapping and nudging you, then JFDI. If you feel it is out of your comfort zone, take one step at a time. At the beginning I had no idea how I would be able to do things like the registration form and directing people from paypal back to the site, and all those things that look like they just happen but really there is SO much work involved! Work that my former web designer for 10+ years Jelena Mrkich had always done for me! 

I just kept doing it one step at a time, and whenever I came across something I wasn't sure how to do (which was often), I found out how to do it.  One step at a time - that is key!!! Have your big vision to inspire you, but don't stay focused on only that otherwise you will get overwhelmed as to how to get there.  I once asked a runner how on earth they kept running for so many hours in a marathon? He said "One step at a time. I just kept imagining a line in front of me, only a few steps ahead, and I never looked beyond that line. I just kept putting one foot in front of the other and had my eyes on that line just a few feet ahead." 

To create the time and creative space I needed, I made the emotionally (and financially) huge decision to let go of my Soul Sessions. I knew it was time, and I could hardly tell thousands of people for years to 'jump and have faith' and not do the same myself!

So jump and have faith I did. 

Something that I also want to address is: very often when you see someone come out with a new idea you think 'oh damn, I had that idea! Now I can't do that because someone else is doing it!"

Throw that myth in the rubbish right now if you are holding it. There is more than enough room for all of our dreams. And there is only one YOU who will express your dream in the way that only you can express it. If everyone reading this who has felt the urge to create an online space, or conscious media platform, or run courses, or write books, JFDI, we would still not have too many of those things in the world!!! It is all hands on deck time, and if your hands are creative hands, conscious hands, hands that desire to make a difference, then it is even more important that you get cracking!

Onward and upward!!

Love Dana x


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