Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Truthseeking: Some info to chew on

These days it can be challenging to sort out fact from fiction, regardless of whether you are reading mainstream or alternative news. Recently I came across this blog written by an alleged "illumanati insider" covering everything from 'the big plan' to our galactic history going back millions of years. Over the years I've read a lot on these topics written by all kinds of people, as well as personally and intuitively receiving my own information. Some info you come across is complete rubbish, some is insightful whether based on fact or myth, while other info is bang on the money truth.

There is enough in this blog for me to know it falls somewhere in the latter categories. What I particularly like is even though the writer lays it all bare on the table, it is empowering to read rather than spreading fear, and if you stick with it to the end you'll see that our power really becomes the whole point: as a whole (and as individuals) we all have the power to change this reality we find ourselves living in.

If you do read it, I highly recommend you read it in the order in which it is written from first to last post, otherwise certain blog posts, taken out of context, won't make sense. I also highly recommend you read all the comments, which contain a wealth of information on their own. Think of it more as a mini book, rather than a usual blog, with a start and a finish and an order to the flow of things. It took me at least a few weeks to get through whenever I had a moment, and you often need time to digest something just read. I'm not here to say it's all true, but there is definitely lots of interesting stuff to chew over and it certainly sends a big message to us to wake up, get up, and do anything we can and all we can to create the reality we all know this world and humanity are capable of.


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  1. Www.thegreaterpicture.com resonates more with me tbh. Go to all pages on the top for more about atlantis, moonlanding etc