Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Power of Humility

Book Endorsement – The Power of Humility: Choosing Peace over Conflict in Relationshipsby Charles L Whitfield M.D, Barbara H Whitfield R.T, C.M.T, Russell Park, Ph D, and Jeneane Prevett Ph D

Barbara Whitfield first contacted me a couple of years ago in response to one of my articles, asking if she could reference it in an upcoming book due to be released in 2006. I could feel Barbara’s immense knowledge and compassion for others from the email alone and that, combined with the title of the book “The Power of Humility” was enough for me to know, yes this is a book I would be happy and honoured to be a part of.

Barbara sent me a copy of the finished manuscript earlier this year, with a request to provide an endorsement if I felt guided to do so, once I’d finished reading it. As I browsed the content and author details I knew it was no accident that I was being asked to read a book written by four of America’s top experts on emotional healing (including issues related to childhood trauma, addiction and inner child healing), titled: The Power of Humility: Choosing Peace over Conflict in Relationships. All of these areas were highlights of my own emotional healing process, and issues I’d particularly been getting to the root of over the last few years. My guides, as usual, were making sure I faced every nook and cranny of my self.

The book deals with the unhealthy patterns we repeat, within ourselves, and with each other, until we take responsibility for our healing and make the connection with our Heart and True Self. Of particular interest to me was the section that talks about taking a “Spiritual Bypass’. As someone who has been spiritually aware from a very young age I have had the benefit, and challenge, of seeing most things in my life from a higher perspective. The benefit of being ‘awake’ is that you usually know why certain things happen. The challenge is, unless you are in touch with your feelings, you have a tendency to repress, avoid and deny those feelings. Just because you know the higher reason for something doesn’t mean your natural instinct isn’t to feel angry or betrayed or hurt, yet many people bypass those feelings en route to ‘everything happens for a reason’ land. When we don’t give voice to our feelings they stay hidden within us, subconsciously affecting us and coming out in unexpected and inappropriate ways. A certain level of spiritual evolvement doesn’t automatically bring on emotional growth and understanding.

The Power of Humility will help you to see how you may be re-creating pain and conflict over and over again by reacting to situations from your unresolved stuff, and how you can respond to life in much more healthy and authentic ways.

Dana’s Endorsement (as in The Power of Humility, page 2)
"Reading The Power of Humility has left me with a feeling of peace, and that all is well. I have had the experience of childhood trauma and know what it is like to repeat unhealthy patterns until you take responsibility for your healing and make the connection with your Heart and True Self.
The triangle levels is powerful information, reminding me that until we make a conscious effort to move on to the freedom of Level 2 we live with the painful conflict of a Level 1 triangle everyday in our own head. As someone who moved into spiritual awakening at a young age I also took a "Spiritual Bypass," which you explain so well. This term highlighted for me a lesson I have been working on for the past few years -- that a certain level of spiritual evolvement doesn't automatically bring on emotional growth. It is a profound part of the journey to finally allow ourself to be with our feelings, hear our own true voice, and experience a connection with our True Self, Higher Self and Higher Power that feels deeper and more real every day. Readers will be helped on their life's journey by reading this book."

The Power of Humility:

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